Bob , Angie Pt. 06

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This is the story of an older couple who shared building a business but ran into trouble with their relationship and are getting back together but in a more open manner.

Edited by WindySwimming

Angie and Lucy do a video for Bob

The next morning Bob was gone before Angie got up. He left her this note on the refrigerator, ‘Had to get into the office early and could not bring myself to wake you. You looked so beautiful sleeping. I am really enjoying our relationship renaissance and I hope you are. See you tonight. Love, Bob.’ Angie was almost in tears thinking about Bob writing her this note early this morning.

After her workout with Mark, she had to rush home to meet Lucy to see the clothes she had purchased. Angie had been looking forward to this for several days. It would be interesting to see what Lucy had picked out. Angie showered and was just drying off when the intercom buzzed from the doorman saying she had a visitor. Angie decided not to worry with makeup or dressing and simply put on a robe to see Lucy.

“Hi Lucy,” Angie greeted Lucy. Lucy was followed in by the doorman carrying bags and boxes. Angie tipped the doorman.

“I know it looks like a lot of stuff,” Lucy started, “but I wanted you to have some choices. So feel free to return what is not to your absolute liking. It looks like you just showered, so let’s do underwear first.”

“Fine,” Angie said. “It is about eleven, want to do underwear and then let’s have some lunch. I have made us a salad. Is that okay?”

“Sounds good. I think this will take a couple of hours. Do you have any else today?”

“I have a student in the building at three, so we should be good.”

For the next hour, Angie tried on a lot of sexy bras and panties. The bras did do a lot more for her than the ones she had. They all were far more revealing and sheer than anything she had and in many different forms and shapes. Lucy also had brought a couple of bikinis to try.

As she tried on one of the new bikinis looking at herself in the mirror, she saw a lot of flesh. Both were cut to show most of her ass cheeks and did not come close to covering her large breasts. They were both standard cut bikinis, one black and the other yellow. “Don’t you think these show how big I am?”

“Yes they do,” Lucy defended. “But you have a big beautiful body, why not show it off?”

“I guess, to me, well, …, I just don’t know. Maybe something that is a little more conservative.”

“Do you really want to go that route?” Lucy said. “I thought you said Bob wanted you to dress more provocatively.”

“He does and so do I,” Angie demurred. “But maybe hide a little more of my big ass.”

“Ok, I will take these both back and try again.”

“It is noon,” Angie started, “let’s have lunch.”

They sat down to their lunch. “How much did Bob tell you about our situation?” Angie asked.

“Some. He said the two of you were kind of starting over and this was part of a plan to resurrect your relationship.”

“Well, he caught me cheating on him. As a result, he wants me to pay a price and that price is to become a more sexually active person not just with him but others. But he wants me to share those experiences with him.”

“I see,” Lucy said. “I have failed at marriage twice. Both times because they cheated on me. So I have decided to have casual open relationships. I have one main man now that is very open to a sexually liberated lifestyle and I have never been happier. We are sexually active with several couples and have participated many times in swaps or shared experiences. It can work and be very exciting. I think the key for it to work is to make sure you are committed to each other.”

“Good advice,” Angie said. “Here is why I am bringing it up. You suggested you would be open to a girl on girl session with me. I have been thinking about it. My thinking is to make a movie for Bob with myself and another girl and surprise him with it. I think it would really turn him on and be a plus for me. And honestly, I am curious about it. Would you consider something like that?”

“You mean making a movie between the two of us and showing it only to Bob?”

“Yes. I can assure you no one will see it except Bob and I.”

“I want a copy and will assure you that it will never be made public. I will show it to my boyfriend for the same reason you want to show it to Bob. I have done girl on girl several times for guys to watch so nothing new for me.”

“Then let’s do it after we finish with the clothes,” Angie concluded. “I have decided to keep the bikinis. If you think I don’t look like a fat pig in them then I may wear them.”

“Angie you are big in all the right places. I mean look how small I am. I always think I could be larger and am envious of your size.”

“Ok, I will take your word.”

They finished the clothes fitting. Angie did send back several outfits but kept most of them. They made the movie together.

As Lucy left, Angie said, “Thank you so much for helping me today. Can I pay you extra for your, hah, time?”

“Absolutely not, it was my pleasure. I will be back in contact. I want to know what Bob thinks. Maybe casino siteleri the four of us could get together. Like I said, I have a boyfriend that likes this kind of thing.”

“Let’s talk,” Angie said. “Bob has been a little secretive about when our trip to the Caribbean is but a double date sounds like fun. By the way, do you know where Bob plans to take me?”

“I do but can’t tell you. Bob made me promise.”

“Okay,” Angie said disappointed. “Thanks again for your help.”

Bob got home at seven. Angie had the movie ready to go. She was wearing one of her new outfits. It was a thin flowery cotton sundress with spaghetti straps and a bodice with a push up feature which made a bra unnecessary and cut low enough to show lots of cleavage and breasts. It slimmed her waist with a skirt that ballooned out over her hips accentuating her hour glass figure.

“You look mighty pretty tonight!” Bob said to Angie.

“Thank you, Lord,” Angie said smiling. “Your servant has a treat for you tonight.”

“What is that?”

“Well first I have a nice dinner for your pleasure,” Angie said with delight. “Then I have a movie for you to watch and hopefully you will allow your poor servant Penelope to pleasure you.”

“That sounds like a good evening,” said Bob. “Let me get more comfortable.”

Angie and Bob had dinner together. After dinner and straightening up the kitchen, Bob and Angie went to the TV room. Angie put in the DVD. Angie explained, “As you know Lucy brought the clothes she had purchased for me. Lucy had implied when she did the fitting that she would like some girl on girl action with me. Honestly, I was curious. I also thought it would be a treat for you to watch me try. So I asked Lucy if she would let me record a session. She agreed provided we assure her no one would see it but you and I plus she wanted to show it to her boyfriend. I agreed.”

Angie waited for Bob to agree. “I absolutely agree.”

“So I want this to be for extra credit against my servitude, if you enjoy it. If it disgusts you, then we will stop it and I will throw it away. But if you enjoy it I was thinking maybe you would let me pleasure you while you watch. What do you think?”

“I think Penelope is about to get a ton of extra credit and have a great evening.”

Angie removed her dress leaving her wearing nothing. She removed Bob’s clothes. With that Angie hit play. As the video started Angie was sitting on the bed with Lucy removing her robe. Lucy was already naked. She was cute all over. Small compared to Angie. She was just a little pudgy for a small girl. A nice rounded ass and pert B cups.

Lucy was in control. It seemed strange to Bob to have this girl so small compared to Angie being the one in control. She laid the robe back leaving Angie completely exposed. She French kissed Angie as she fondled her big tits. She kissed down Angie neck to the top of her breasts. As Bob was watching he fondled Angie’s breast.

Lucy kissed down Angie’s large breast to the brown areola to her nipples. Lucy hands were so small compared to Angie’s breast they could barely be seen supporting them. She sucked on Angie’s nipples as her hand went between Angie’s legs. Bob maneuvered Angie where he could nibble on Angie nipples and still glance at the TV. Angie spread her legs so he could put a finger in her pussy much the way Lucy was doing on the TV.

“That is really turning me on,” Bob said.

“I’m so glad you aren’t disgusted,” Angie stated.

Lucy pushed Angie back on the bed. The camera was angled at the foot of the bed. Angie laid back as Lucy was on all fours kissing and rubbing from Angie’s breasts to her pussy. This angle allowed Bob to see Lucy’s butt and her spread pussy from behind. Lucy had a pudgy little butt and a little girl looking pussy covered with a light colored fuzz.

As this scene played out on the screen, Bob was twirling his finger around Angie’s wet clitoris. Angie was stroking his hard dick in her hand.

Lucy lay face down on the bed between Angie’s legs with her face in the V of her legs. Lucy’s mouth was working up and down Angie’s slit. Lucy’s butt was nice and rounded clearly in the center of the picture. Angie’s hips were beginning to flex up and down on Lucy’s mouth.

Bob watched as Lucy licked up and down Angie’s slit which Angie obviously enjoyed. Angie bent over and sucked Bob’s hard penis. “Oh my God that feels so good and I am so excited from watching Lucy suck on your beautiful fat pussy. It is amazing the contrast between your two bodies.”

Angie worked up and down Bob’s dick as he watched Lucy get on her hands and knees again, taking a vibrator and shoving it in Angie’s pussy. Angie was bucking on the vibrator deeply imbedded in her soppy pussy as Lucy had moved to the side and was kissing her breasts. Lucy then raised up and said something to Angie.

“What is Lucy say to you?” Bob asked Angie.

Angie looked up and explained, “She asked if I would suck her clit. Watch and you will see the answer.”

“Sit on my lap sideways, put it in so I can watch,” Bob commanded.

So Angie sat on his lap with an arm around his neck and his hard dick slot oyna in her wet pussy. Bob could now see that Angie had agreed to suck Lucy’s slit. Lucy was on her hands and knees with her pussy over Angie’s mouth while fucking Angie’s pussy with the vibrator. The angle of the camera showed the vibrator being pounded hard in and out of Angie’s pussy while Angie sucked on Lucy’s clit.

While Bob watched the action between Lucy and Angie, Angie was rocking her hips back and forth on Bob’s penis. “Oh baby that feels so good. Your pussy feels so good.”

Bob then grabbed her waist, raised her up slightly and raised and lowered his hips so his penis was going straight in and out of her pussy. Angie large ripe mounds were rippling from the force of Bob’s thrusts. “Oh my Lord, you are giving me so many orgasms,” Angie said with tension in her voice.

“It is turning me on so much to see your pussy taking that vibrator all the way while you suck Lucy pretty little pussy.”

“Oh baby, can I straddle you and you still watch?” Angie asked.

“Yes, my wanton whore.”

Angie straddled him facing him. She could now pound her hips up and down plus back and forth and have his dick inside her to the max. Bob was watching Lucy and Angie masturbating the other and both having quivers from the pleasure they were experiencing. Bob had both hands on Angie’s big breast while she absorbed all of his elongated member.

“Oh baby, I am about to cum, cum with me,” Bob said loudly.

“Oh yes, oh yes, …,” Angie said over and over as Bob erupted in her quivering pussy. On the screen Angie and Lucy had finished and were hugging each other as they came down from their high. Angie kept moving back and forth until Bob’s ejaculation finished. Angie hugged him between her mammoth mounds with his dick softening inside her.

She kissed him hard and long on the mouth as his dick softened enough to escape her pussy lips. “Did you enjoy that?” Angie asked.

“Oh baby, you know I did. And I am pretty sure you did also. But how did you like the action with Lucy?”

“It was okay but I like a penis better,” Angie said with a smile. “I would do it again if you wanted me. Does Penelope get extra payment against her debt?”

“A lot,” Bob said smirking. “She is close to having her debt paid. I think one more night will do it. I have one more event planned Saturday night.”

“Penelope is ready for whatever. I thought we were going on vacation?”

“We will soon.”

Angie thought, “When are you going to tell me where we are going?”

“You will know when we get there. Remember Gunnison Beach worked out well that way.”

Angie gave the DVD to Bob saying, “To watch at your pleasure.”

“Thank you, babe,” Bob said. “That was great.”

“You know Lucy wants us to double date with her boyfriend and herself. Would you like that?” Angie asked.

“If you would.”

“I think it would be fun. Maybe after we get back from wherever we are going.”

Angie was happy to have a couple days to recoup before the next challenge. She was looking forward to meeting the challenge of whatever Bob had planned.

The girls entertain a business prospect for Bob and DeShawn

Friday morning at breakfast, Bob was ready to tell Angie about her final challenge. “Everything’s ready for your final challenge. Do well on this one, the servitude will be over and we will revisit our agreement. This week DeShawn and I have been discussing how we can do business together. We are potentially going to merge his business in New Jersey into our firm and make DeShawn a partner in the combined firm. One of the tests is to determine if we can attract a larger firm to his operation in New Jersey. We have one potential Jersey client that is close to signing on with DeShawn. DeShawn thinks that having the business combined would make it happen. So we are entertaining three of the decision makers Saturday night here in the city.”

Angie smiled and said, “You want my help entertaining the decision makers.”

“Yes. Of course you know that we usually hire pros but DeShawn and I decided that you, Sam and Shan would be better for this opportunity. We will introduce you two as high end call girls. Of course you will be Penelope and Shan will be Cherry. We will have dinner, and then the three girls will go back to the penthouse suite Sam has arranged for the clients. Sam is in charge of entertainment and has agreed to participate. What do you think?”

“Well, ah, has Shan agreed to this?”

“Yes. It turns out Shan has been providing entertainment for DeShawn since before they were married. Now she usually arranges pros but for important prospects takes care of it herself.”

“So you and DeShawn will come for dinner, while Sam, Shan and I will entertain the guests after dinner?”

“You got it. DeShawn and Shan are driving into the city Saturday morning and staying with us through Sunday afternoon. DeShawn, Sam and I are meeting with the client Saturday for lunch at the office. We will work though the afternoon and meet you at the Four Seasons. Shan wants to go to lunch and shop in the city with you. Call Lucy, she has arranged spa treatments canlı casino siteleri and shopping for you and Shan. Of course you can buy whatever you think is needed for the evening.”

“Okay I’m in and to be honest it sounds like fun. It will be great to spend the weekend with Shan and DeShawn. But how will you determine that I pass?”

“If we get the client,” Bob said smiling. He paused and then said, “Just kidding. I think you will know.”

“I think you just want some more of Shan’s ass,” Angie said with a laugh as she hugged Bob. “I am up for the challenge My Lord.”

“And you want more of DeShawn’s large cock,” Bob said hugging her back.

“Who is the potential client?” Angie asked.

Bob explained that it was a large manufacturing firm with operations all over the Northeast, doing business internationally and headquartered in New Jersey looking for a minority owned firm that has enough depth to handle a complex organization accounting wise. Bob added, “I will meet them for the first time Saturday at lunch. According to DeShawn, Mort, the CFO, is about fifty and seems to be a hard ass. He will be your charge. Earl, about thirty, is the Director of Compliance and Diversity. This is a new position at the firm and this will be an important first step for him. DeShawn thinks Shan will be best for him. Sam will take the Marketing executive, Tony. He sounds like a middle aged cad.”

Bob went off to work as Angie went to the gym. She had tutoring sessions all afternoon before going home to fix dinner for Bob. She was so anxious and excited about the weekend, she could hardly focus on the tutoring sessions. On Saturday morning Angie was still very excited especially about having Shan and DeShawn in their home. They arrived about 10:30. After settling them into the guest bedroom, Bob and DeShawn went into the office.

“How do you feel about doing this?” Shan asked Angie as they sat with a cup of coffee.

“Well, this is new for me so I am a little anxious,” Angie answered pensively.

“You know DeShawn and I met at a party for athletes at our university. He was a wrestler and I ran track and it was not unusual for the male and female athletes to attend parties together and for lack of a different description it many times turned into an orgy.”

“I am not surprised you were and are both athletes. DeShawn is so ripped, I thought football player. You have such muscular legs and gluts; track makes perfect sense.”

“Well my butt is fleshier than back then but I still work at it.”

“You have a beautiful ass,” Angie responded. “Bob certainly likes it.”

“Anyway, we got into the open life style and did swaps before we were married. Many of our dates were with married couples who wanted to swap. DeShawn paid me to entertain some of his potential clients before we got married. I have been doing it for free since we married. Well I get shopping sprees for a job well done and DeShawn’s gratitude.”

“I figured something like that Sunday at the beach. It was clear this was more normal for the two of you. Bob and I are close to deciding this is what we want. He caught me cheating on him and has blackmailed me to be well more like you. Much to my surprise I am enjoying the attention. I really enjoyed our day at the beach. I do love Bob and think he loves me, in spite of all that has happened.”

“I think he does,” Shan agreed. “Besides, Bob is really a good fuck.”

“DeShawn is pretty darn good himself,” Angie said slapping Shan on the shoulder. “And what a dick.”

“To die for,” Shan said shaking her head.

They had lunch and continued discussing the day and their relationships. Lucy had arranged shopping first and then a session at a salon to do hair and makeup.

Angie and Shan needed to be at the Four Seasons at seven for cocktails. So Angie and Shan showered making sure not to muck up their makeup. The dress Shan had selected was a blue sapphire knit bandage dress that perfectly fit her body. It had a high neckline with cut out over each tit that gave a nice peak at her perky set. It was a crossover design below the waist that made a V in front below her crotch. The dress hemline was above mid-thigh and with the V at the crossover came close to showing off her crotch. The cut of the dress accentuated Shan’s muscular legs and big muscular ass. She had selected white high heel strappy sandals that had straps all the way up her calves almost to the knees accentuating her muscular calves.

Angie wore a strapless black button front sheath dress. The top had a square neck that started well below the swelling of Angie’s breasts. The material did not meet between her breasts and was held together with four gold brads with gold button on either side, leaving a good four inches uncovered from her neck to the waist of the dress. The dress had built in support for Angie G cups making her giant tits look even bigger. It pushed the most amount of flesh possible in the open area making it look like Angie’s breasts started at her neck and continued to mid stomach, the dress was meant to accentuate her breasts. Angie wore three heavy gold brads as a necklace and earrings that were three gold brads that hung to her shoulder. It also had gold buttons around the waist. She matched a short waist black leather jacket with gold buttons to cover her shoulders and arms. She wore a pair of high heel black velvet pumps.

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