Blossoming Ch. 02

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Standing up Nicole offered an outstretched hand to her lovely Anna.

“Come with me,” she said smiling a little, pulling her lover to her feet “let me show you my bedroom.”

And with that she began to slowly walk towards the semi-darkened hallway. Anna watched as she moved. Her body swaying with a rhythm that always turned her on her back shiny with just the slightest hint of sexual arousal.

Anna was transfixed by Nicole’s overt sexuality and uninhibited demeanor mainly because she had always thought that Nic was more introverted. She wasn’t about to complain though.

Pausing in the shadow, Nicole turned and asked, “Coming, my love?” hoping that Anna would pick up on the blatant double meaning in the question.

“I am all yours,” Anna said in a throaty whisper, “Do what you will.”

Nicole kissed her lightly on the lips. God she loved kissing thanks to Mark….he loved it too. Shame he wasn’t here now.

Moving down the hall the two women made their way to the bedroom.

Nic entered the room and turned on two bedside lamps giving the room a warm inviting feel making the feeling of being naked all the more enticing.

She then, moved to the large set of folding doors that opened onto the ocean allowing the warm night air, to fill the room, Anna was now drunk with the sensations filling the room and filling her head.

Nicole gestured for Anna to sit on the bed and just relax while she poured them both a glass of wine that had been chilling in a silver bucket .

“Just relax baby, have some wine while I go and get a few things” Nic told her with a mischievous smile on her face.

Anna got up and walked over to the large open doors where she could smell the beautiful clean salt air rolling in off the Tasman Sea and where she could hear the sound of waves as they crashed onto the beach. The soft soothing sounds of AIR singing All I Need caressed its way to her, heightening the whole experience.

Anna stood there, eyes closed, legs slightly apart and let the warm ocean breezes float over her body, enveloping her in pure bliss. Her hair moved gently she was so thankful for friend like Nicole who never judged, and who also, it seems had an ever emerging sexual energy that turned her on to the point of insanity.

Anna could hear Nicole moving around inside partly wondering what she was doing and partly not caring. She just loved where she was right now.

Opening her eyes, Anna noticed that Nicole had walked quietly up behind her and had started running her hand up the back of her legs and up and over her back causing her to bend ever so slightly forward in an involuntary attempt to open herself up to Nicole more. That ever familiar feeling of wetness was now starting to appear between her legs. She smiled.

“Do you know what I’m going to do to you now?” Nicole asked mischievously.

“Well” answered Anna, “I imagine that it has something to do with me telling you that you could do whatever you wanted with me?”

“Clever girl,” Nicole said smiling, “have you ever been shaved?”

“Once I tried it but it was too awkward and I cut myself a little so never tried it again” relied Anna.

“Would you let me do it to you?”, “it’s ok if you say no….”

“I on the contrary, I’m all yes tonight…..anything you want me to do or do to me…’s a yes” Anna said.

“I’m sure you’ll like it,” Nicole said. “just lie back on the bed and let it happen”

Anna did as she was told and closed her eyes while Nicole got herself comfortable and ready to tend to her lovers grooming. Nicole loved shaving her pussy, she always had…well ever since Mark had suggested it and done it for her.

The two women were naked on the bed together and it took all of Nicole’s strength to keep her from just burying her head between Anna’s legs.

Anna opened her eyes ever so slightly and watched as Nicole busied herself in preparation for what was about to commence. Her breathing had shallowed somewhat and her nipples had stiffened and grown (if that was at all possible) with arousal. Nicole noticed all of this, and she also noticed the familiar aroma of arousal that she herself experiences when she’s horny. She smiled, knowing that things were about to get hot.

Closing her eyes again, Anna surrendered to her surroundings and parted her legs, giving Nicole a much better view of her glistening sex. Now the wetness between Nicole’s legs was starting to increase and the sexual perfume from the two women started to mix and fill the air.

She felt Nicole as she moved closer, her hands brushing gently against her skin moving closer to her pussy. Nicole then began to gather tufts of Anna’s pubic hair and cut it with a small pair of scissors.

Anna was loving it, the attention, the arousal, the mere fact that she was alone here with Nicole leaving open the endless possibilities of what the rest of the evening might bring. She opened her legs even wider and both girls just smiled to themselves.

Anna could feel her pussy becoming more and more naked with each passing minute that Nicole spent on it. She also realised güvenilir bahis that her legs were now really wide apart and that Nicole was right in there close to her pussy lapping up every minute of being so close to this gorgeous pussy that she too had begun to pant.

After a few minutes Nicole stopped, and there was a brief moment of silence, followed by the sound of a cloth being soaked in the water. Within seconds, Anna could feel its warm wetness between her legs –teasing her labia, and making her clit swollen and hard.

All Anna could do was lie there and try to breathe normally, but it was difficult. The more Nicole focused on her sex, the more turned on Anna became and could swear that she could cum just from this attention alone.

Once again, Nicole just smiled.

Anna could now feel Nicole applying the shave cream to her pubic area and slowly and gently rub it in making sure that no spot was left without some cover. The cream was really doing its job both as a lubricant for the razor as well as being a pseudo massage oil allowing Nicole to run her hands all over Anna’s pussy with ease.

Nicole’s attentions were driving Anna wild. Her pussy was so wet and open, and every sexual nerve was on fire and begging to be let loose.

Her hips began to move ever so slightly and her pussy became so open and in need that Nicole could actually see inside.

“Be still Anna, be still, I don’t want to cut you” she whispered.

Anna was sure what was next, and it took every ounce of her strength to keep still she was so aroused.

Nicole spent the next twenty minutes concentrating on Anna and seeing just how smooth and hair free she could make. It was turning her on just as much as it was Anna.

Eventually it was all too much for Nicole as she slowly but surely found herself getting closer and closer to Anna’s wetness. She could smell the arousal emanating from Anna’s gushing pussy and couldn’t resist from exploring it with everything she had, fingers, tongue, dildo…DILDO???

Where the fuck did that come from. Anna’s eyes flew open as she felt the all too familiar sensation of her pussy lips parting like the Red Sea in a bid to get as much of the faux cock into her as possible. She absolutely loved loved loved being penetrated by cock. The feeling of it slowly making its way into her inch by inch, then withdrawing as it prepared to invade her again. And so it would continue until her sex had sucked the very life out of it and was filled with hot sweet cum.

Anna looked up at Nicole who had a big grin on her face as she slowly pushed the hand held cock in and out of her. She bit her bottom lip to keep from screaming and looked directly into Nicole’s eyes with a look that said….”now THIS is what I wanted from you”

Nicole looked directly back at her with a similar look of lust and desire, pounding her girl lover with the newly introduced toy. Anna came, not once, not twice but three times before Nicole pulled the long phallus from her lover’s quim and wrapped her lips around it removing every trace of Anna’s pussy that was left on it.

Anna lay there in the addictive feeling of post orgasmic bliss that she had experienced many times. Her breathing slowly returning to normal, small after-shocks of orgasm slowly subsiding, sweat running down her brow. Nicole then got up from the bed and disappeared into her walk in robe and returned a few minutes later. Once again, Anna looked in surprise as she was now staring at this “apparently” shy and reserved girl standing in front of her wearing the most delightful strap on cock that Anna had had the pleasure in feasting her eyes on.

Then, moving closer, Nicole lowered her head between Anna’s legs, her long hair flowing over her belly and between her legs. Lightly she allowed her tongue to play over her belly and hip bones — moving ever lower until it discovered her bare swollen lips. Delicately she moved her tongue down one side and up the other, sending exquisite sensations shooting into Anna’s pussy. Spreading her lips wider with her thumbs, she tasted Anna’s salty sweetness — slipping the tip of her tongue inside just for an instant.

Her body overwhelmed with sensations, Anna began to thrust her hips against Nicole’s probing tongue — seeking to drive herself over the edge, but as she did Nicole pulled back.

Opening her eyes to look at the beautiful woman poised between her thighs, Anna begged her to bring her to that place between heaven and earth where there is nothing but physical, emotional and sexual bliss.

“We’re very close baby,” Nicole said tenderly, “but I have two special toys that will make the moment even more satisfying for you.”

Anna couldn’t give a damn about what Nicole had in store. She was hers. The way Nicole had made her feel…..Anna no longer wanted to be in control of herself…..

Reaching under the towel Nicole produced a strap on cock similar to the one Anna had used before, and a small silicone plug with a small hose connected to it, with a bulb at its end. Standing in front of her Nicole quickly strapped the flesh colored dildo into türkçe bahis place.

Moving the ottoman away, Nicole kneeled between Anna’s legs and slowly spread the cheeks of her arse exposing the delicate flesh of her tiny, pink rosebud. Slipping an oily finger inside, she stretched and twisted, preparing her for the plug. When she was sure Anna was ready, Nicole gently eased the plug inside her exposed arse — allowing the small bulb to rest on the floor beneath her.

Anna had never experienced a plug before, and the feeling was delicious…..certainly not the pain that she had imagined, in fact, it was really quite nice…..not as large as a strap-on, it just teased the sensitive nerve endings inside — sending currents of sensation streaming into her pussy.

Next, Nicole positioned herself, crouching, between Anna’s legs, gently pulling each of Anna’s legs over her shoulders — placing the strap-on at the entrance of Anna’s now hairless and very wet pussy. Never taking her eyes off the delicious blonde, she slowly slipped her rubber cock inside – a little bit at a time – watching Anna’s reaction as the big organ made its way inside her moist, twitching pussy. Finally, Nicole had it buried deep inside, and she began to slowly twist and turn it — making every nerve ending that had been teased and tickled for the last half an hour scream with desire.

Anna thrashed and moaned under her, panting and whimpering. Her nude white body covered in a sheen of sweat. Her arse flexing, teasing the plug, her hips driving and twisting against Nicole’s cock buried deep inside her.

Bending over her Nicole allowed her scarlet red nipples to brush against Anna’s, as she stared deeply into her lover’s gorgeous brown eyes.

“Do you like it when I fuck you Anna?” she asked mischievously, “do you like me inside you?” When Anna didn’t respond Nicole pulled the strap-on out causing Anna to scream in frustration.

“Oh PUT IT BACK IN PLEASE….!!!,” she howled

“Tell me Anna, tell me what you want.”

“I NEEEED you to fuck me……. NOW!”

And with that Nicole plunged the big hard rubber penis inside her lover’s pussy, and began an intense powerful thrusting — never taking her eyes off of Anna.

“Ohhhhh fucccckkkk yessss,” Anna shrieked as she grabbed Nicole’s arse and drove herself hard against her lover’s relentless pounding. “Yessssssssss.” And within seconds, waves of intense orgasms wracked her body. Closing her eyes she could see stars exploding behind her eyelids, as every nerve ending in her body screamed.

They animals — screaming and moaning, as Nicole slapped Anna’s arse really hard and she screamed, “HARDDDDDDEERRRRR.” Any shred of subtlety was gone as Nicole drove to satisfy the wild sexual hunger she had unleashed.

And, as a second wave of orgasm washed over her, Anna felt Nicole reach for the bulb — and now she knew!!!! Squeezing it hard Nicole injected a stream of warm creamy liquid deep inside her arse — as if she had cum inside her. The feeling was unexpected and incredible — heightening, if possible, the orgasms that were sending shudders throughout her body.

Nicole thrust her cock into her a few more times, and then settled on top of her — still.

For a minute or so, Anna just lay there, eyes closed, silently listening to the surf, smelling the scent of their bodies, and enjoying an occasional diminishing spasm — emanating from between her legs. Finally she opened her eyes and looked into Nicole’s.

“Never,” she began….

“Shhhhhh,” Nicole said lightly kissing her lips, “you do not need to say anything.”


“Not right now,” Nicole insisted, “we have all night.”

“There is more?” Anna whispered incredulously.

“Oh fuck yes,” Nicole said smiling as she raised herself slightly so as to be able to look into her lover’s eyes.

“Are you inviting me to stay the night?” Anna asked seductively.

“Well baby that’s up to you,” Nicole said, “but I was hoping you would. Why don’t you crawl into my bed while I clean up a little?” With that, she slowly withdrew the dildo, and kneeling down, gently removed the plug from Anna’s arse. Standing, she seductively removed the strap-on, and delicately licked the honey that coated it.

Pulling herself out of the chair Anna walked over to the bed, standing for a minute in front of the open doors — allowing the warm night air to wash over her body. In the distance, a full moon was slowly rising. She was mesmerized by the night — by Nicole’s wanton sexuality, and by the inspiration she brought to their lovemaking.

Turning to the bed, Anna pulled the doona back, uncovering a single, lemon colored sheet. At the head of the bed, a half a dozen large, soft pillows were scattered across the simple wooden headboard.

Anna spread herself comfortably across the centre of the bed, and watched Nicole move around the room — picking up the tray and towels, the razor and the scissors. Anna could never remember being as hungry for a lover as she was for this woman. She couldn’t take her eyes off of Nicole and she could see traces of sexual güvenilir bahis siteleri arousal glistening between her legs and thighs. They had been fucking for two hours and Anna still wanted more. It was crazy.

Looking over at her, Nicole smiled as if she could read her mind.

“I love the way you look there,” Nicole said sitting down on the edge of the bed — reaching out to run a hand over Anna’s heaving breasts.

“Come closer,” Anna said reaching her arms out.

Nicole moved closer and pressed her body against Anna’s. Bending over, she lightly brushed her lips against Anna’s, allowing her tongue to taste her sweetness.

For a few minutes the two women lay in each other’s arms, awash in a deepening sequence of slow, passionate kisses. While the urgency of the last couple of hours had passed, the need to continue was unmistakable in both women.

“I have a confession love,” Anna said softly.

“Yes?” Nicole answered dreamily.

“This is my first time.”

“Your first time, what?”

“My first time with a woman.”

“Whhhaaaatttt??” Nicole said, shocked out of her dreaminess.

“I’ve always wanted to, but somehow it never happened. I mean I have fantasized about it for years, watched videos, masturbated endlessly while imagining going down on a woman and vice versa…..but….then tonight, you made it so easy……so….right.

“Well babe, my lover, Mark introduced me to the pleasures of a womans flesh some years ago. We had been at a party, the wine was flowing, we’d smoked a couple of joints, which by the way, makes me incredibly horny, and a girl who was at the party also, came up and just started dancing with us both. Mark smiled at her, introduced us both and the next thing we knew we were heading back to our place with her. I wasn’t really sure what was happening, I was just enjoying the whole feeling of the wine, the pot, the music…everything that night was just ……right”.

“Let me guess,” Anna said running a finger between the crack of Nicole’s arse and allowing it to tease her sensitive rosebud, “you were sitting in the back of the taxi with……what was her name?”

“Rachel”, Nicole replied.

“OK, so there you were, in the back of the taxi with Rachel…feeling horny…..right so far?” Anna asked.

“You’re on the money sweetheart”, Nicole said. “Would you like me to go on??”

“Please” urged Anna.

“Well, we were in the back of the taxi, with Mark in the front talking to the taxi driver. All of the sudden I found myself just looking straight into Rachel’s big blue eyes which were looking intensely back at me”.

“Yes….go on” pleaded Anna.

Nicole went on….”We just sat there in silence staring at each other. I looked at Mark and found that he had turned around and was just looking at the two of us with a big smile on his face”

“This is hot Nic,” Anna said slipping her finger inside her lover’s arse pushing it in up to her third knuckle.

“Mark mouthed the words Kiss Her to me, I just giggled.”

“Oh lord you didn’t,” Anna said twisting her finger making Nicole squirm. “Did you kiss her?”

“No” Nicole said beginning to pump her hips. “I was nervous all of a sudden, but I knew I wanted to and I could feel my pussy start to get wet” she said increasing her rhythm. “Mark certainly got me thinking though. I hadn’t been with a woman yet….but, fuck I wanted to. Rachel could sense it too, in fact I think we all could including the taxi driver because there was just silence and I looked up to see the taxi driver smiling back in his mirror. I needed to cum….and soon”.

“How delicious,” Anna panted as she rolled Nicole onto her back, “but now it’s my turn to fuck you.”

“Oh Anna,” Nic whimpered spreading her legs wide, opening herself more to Anna’s probing finger. “I love that sooooooo much.”

Anna was working her hand back and forth now, slowly introducing a second finger into Nicole’s hungry arse, but it was not her intention for this to be quick. Pulling it out she ran it up and down Nicole’s wet swollen labia, brushing her clit and running it across her belly. Nicole arched her hips off the bed making every possible effort to suck Anna’s fingers back inside her – deep inside her.

“Slowly baby,” Anna whispered, “very slowly.”

“Oh Goddddd,” Nicole moaned.

Anna then picked up another dildo that Nicole had retrieved from her bedside drawer and slipped the dildo into Nicole’s open, wet pussy….and then pulled out. With every motion Nicole became hotter and hotter, writhing on the bed under her, doing everything she could to take the dildo all the way inside her. After ten minutes she was thrashing and groaning, mesmerized by the pleasurable, erotic torture.

“Please Anna,” she begged thrusting her hips towards her, doing everything she could to capture the rubber cock,”please fuck me NOW.”

Anna could no longer continue the torture of her lover and reached under her, grabbed the firm cheeks of Nic’s arse in her hands and spread them wide. She then bent her head down and ever so gently started to lick Nicole’s gorgeous pink opening, running her tongue around and around, pausing every now and then to gently jab her tongue into Nic’s arse. Nicole’s pussy was now a river of arousal and the heady smell was driving the two women slowly over the top.

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