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Thank you LadyVer & Bilko98 my editors.

The gift, the wrapping paper all-that had been simple and easy to pick. Alex Turner sat around his kitchen table hovering a pen over the birthday card. He was a software guy, words were never his thing. He doubted she’d pay attention to his scribbles, but still nothing even mildly coherent came to him.

The ringing of his cellphone broke his concentration. He looked at the display seeing the name Amy Glenn. “Hey baby, how’s work going?” Alex asked his fiancée.

“Good. I’m just calling to say I’ll be working late again. The team and I are working late on layouts.”

“Still working on the posters for Inception 2? I thought you finished that when you worked late last night?”

Amy laughed nervously before saying, “Advertising consulting isn’t all fun and games, but at least you get to attend a Christopher Nolan premiere. What are you up to tonight, working and hanging with the guys?”

“Yeah the guys, that’s rich. I had guys in Palo Alto. I had friends in Texas. I have zero here in Los Angeles. Two places I moved from, for you I might add,” Alex said, not noticing that she hadn’t answered the question by a mile.

“And I love you for it, honey bear.”

“I’m going to Lilly’s house for her birthday. I may not have any guys here but I have my best friend so I guess you’re off the hook,” Alex said preparing for Amy’s bound to be hostile response. Only seconds earlier he had reminded her that she was the reason he had quit his dream job in Palo Alto, leaving twice their current combined income to be with her here in Los Angeles, so she could have her dream advertising job.

“You don’t need to go her party.”

“I want to and I need to.”

“Why? Alex, tell me, why?”

“Because, she’s my cousin and it’s her birthday,” he said, with matter of fact laughing. Laughing that just increased Amy’s tone.

“She’s a pornstar!”

“She’s family. I’m only going to be there for an hour or so. You’re working late either way. Besides, I’m the only family she has out here.”

“She… You know what? It’s okay.”

“No, you can’t stop now. Spill it.”

“I don’t want her at our wedding.”

“It’s done, so what are you talking about?”

“I never sent her an invitation in the first place…”

“Amy, what the hell, we never talked about this. I know you don’t like her, but Christ, she’s family. She’s my blood. No discussion.”

“Don’t pull that family bull. It’s not because she’s in Los Angeles. Even if she was back in Texas she’d be just as isolated from family. No one in your family wants to even hear her voice. The slut will ruin my wedd….”

“That’s uncalled for Amy. God, I can’t believe you just said that.”

“Okay. I’m sorry, but she can’t come,” Amy said pleadingly, pouting over the phone.

Alex sighed as the conversation ended with his unwavering defense of Lilly. He lowered the pen, making a cursive swipe. With that, his remarks were complete and the card was sealed. He took the present and letter, exiting the kitchen and the house all together.

He got into his Volvo, slowly pulling out of his garage, now driving through the heavy traffic from Burbank to San Fernando rocking his head back and forth to the tunes of Green Day; anything to distract himself from the argument with his future wife.

She was right though. His cousin Lilly hadn’t been invited home to Texas last Christmas and both her parents and his had cut off all contact with her. Sure, he wasn’t happy with her choice either and had been happier when she was simply a swimsuit model. But unlike his evangelical family, he understood the simple fact that she had a right to make her own decisions and live her own life.

As the Volvo pulled onto her street he recalled the morning when they were together sitting in Starbucks when she nervously broke the news that she had switched over to the more financially lucrative, adult modeling contract gig. His understanding and guarded reaction had given her hope that her parents would accept her decision. They didn’t, and Alex recalled the dual pressures of both his mom and Amy attempting to force him to detach from Lilly.

Alex stood his ground with unwavering loyalty to the cousin that had been more like a younger sister. Alex stopped the Volvo on Lilly’s car-filled streetand taking hold of the present, he headed towards her front door.

He waited at the front door and stood there with his image reflecting from the front door’s glass. His well-kept, wavy, medium-cut dark brown hair and strong jaw were soon replaced by more feminine traits as the doors opened to a woman with long light brown hair and unforgettable blue-grey eyes.

Alex smiled at the sight of his beautifully fresh-faced cousin. Being tall was something that ran in their family which was why Lilly had been an excellent candidate for modeling. Her height was topped off with an ageless allure that would have eventually landed her next to the likes of Heidi Klum and Gisele Bundchen.

“Hey, you casino siteleri made it,” she said, hugging and pulling her cousin inside. Her full bust pressed against his chest.

“How the hell am I going to forget February twelfth?” he said, as the hug eased and they walked together toward the sounds of the gathering guests.

“It’s you. I know you would never forget. I just wasn’t sure whether or not Amy wanted you here.”

“Amy’s fine with it, she sends her apologies. She’s just really busy.”

“Sure, she’s fine with it,” Lilly said sarcastically.

“No, really. This present’s from the two of us. Happy twenty-third birthday, cuz.”

Lilly lit up as Alex presented her with the poorly wrapped gift. “What is it?” she asked.

By the time she looked up from the wrapping paper Alex had crossed over into the room full of guests, mingling with his cousin’s friends and colleagues, some of whom he’d had the privilege of meeting previously, to Amy’s chagrin.

From the other side of the room Alex watched as Amy’s eyes widened, the red and green wrapping paper fell to the floor, revealing a present that only someone who really truly knew and loved Lilly, would have given to her.

Through the roar of the room he looked on to see her pink lips form into a circle as she mouthed, “thank you.”

The party moved forward as the rapping’s of Snoop Dog filled the room. Alex started knocking back a few as he talked with the other guests. The more he talked and moved around and drank, the more at home he felt and the time seemed to fly by.

Alex continued to mingle and soon was surrounded by a petite blonde named Holly and a raven haired beauty named Karen. He treated the moment with a cool calm as they asked him what he did for a living. He tried to make software engineering seem exciting, but it seemed to him like he didn’t really need to try that hard as they giggled and smiled at all he said.

Lilly came by and pulled him away from Karen and Holly. “Amy wouldn’t be too happy seeing you flirting,” she said, as she guided him to an empty adjoining room.

“I wasn’t flirting.”

“Then you need to be careful because these girls are just a bit too…. horny.”

“Ha ha, actually I should actually be going.”

“No! Not because of this?”

“Of course not, Amy should be home from work now is all.”

“Oh, well, before you go,’ she said kissing him on his cheek. Your gift was sweet. I love the Jungle Book.” She froze as she flipped inside the book, reading the date on the century old text. “A first edition, too! God, Alex, you didn’t have to,” she said, almost nearing tears.

“Well, I know Aunt Charlene confiscated the copy that grandpa had left you in his will.”

“You remember that?”

“Of course I remember. Every week you saved up your allowance to buy books. Forget the porn now. You weren’t a normal kid, then,” Alex said as she laughed. “Which ten year old does that? I always said she’s either going to be President or a Porn Star.”

“Hah, thanks for the contrasting imagery,” Lilly said, looking longingly at the blue and gold book in her hands.

“You’re welcome.”

“This must have cost a fortune. You shouldn’t have. I don’t even know that I can accept it. I really want to but I can’t,” she said, pushing the book toward Alex as they walked to the front of the house.

“Of course it didn’t, plus, I’m not taking it back, and tag you’re it!” Alex ended mockingly, jogging toward the front door.

She giggled before adding, “Okay, are you sure I can’t pay you back?”

“Don’t worry. Just enjoy it. You’re worth it, Lilly Flow…” Alex said, almost saying her porn name.

“What?” Lilly questioned.

“Oh my God. I am so sorry. I must have seen it written on the cake.”

“No, it’s okay. Seriously, Lilly Flower was my nick name when we were kids, remember? I just perverted it by adding an s to the end of it and using it as my alias.

“Yeah, I just want you to know. I mean, of course, I wouldn’t watch you’re….” Alex said, hugging his cousin longingly before leaving the house

Standing at the door with him, she began to laugh. “Yeah, I get that. It’s cool. Drive safely, okay?” she said hugging him tightly, her nostrils secretly taking in a deep inhale of his musky scent.

“I’ll see you next week,” Alex said, oblivious to his cousin’s masked shows of affection as he stepped beyond the door.

“Well happy Valentine’s Day, then.”

“You, too. Yeah, I’m taking Amy to the Four Seasons for the entire weekend.”


“You know me.”

“Yes, I do,” Lilly whispered as her older cousin stepped into his Volvo. She waved him off as he pulled away in his Volvo.

Driving home he had a realization. When they were kids, he was the one that had started calling her Lilly Flower. He must have been eleven and she around seven.

Arriving home, Amy’s car was in the garage which put a wide smile on his face. The smile receded as he ventured upstairs to see that she was already fast asleep. slot oyna

“I hope this project is over soon,” Alex told himself as he headed for the shower to take care of two needs. It was a long shower.

He climbed into bed, pulling back the tightly wrapped sheets and laid his tired body down. Still deeply sleeping, Amy shifted her full frame, his heat drawing her in subconsciously. Alex smiled as he brushed away her short ash blonde strands, giving her a kiss on the forehead before he closed his eyes and drifted off.

Alex awoke with a morning need, his still sleepy lids rising to the sounds of the shower. “Ah,” he exhaled, lifting up his hands stretching them out. He climbed out of bed stripping his boxers down, tossing them into the hamper.

To the washroom he marched while scratching his firm bare ass. He opened the shower to her smile, “hey,” he said.

“Hey, to you too. I’m sorry about how we ended things on the phone,” she said, speaking over the water that was flowing through her hair down her toned body.

“It’s okay, Amy. You’re honest and you speak your mind. That’s why I like you so much,” Alex said, stepping into the shower.

“Like me? Is that all? Are you sure you just like me?” she said, while her eyes directed her attention to his raging cock. She gripped his member into her hands. “Something big tells me you love me?”

“Ahh shucks, how’d you know?” he said, as the both of them laughed.

She got within an inch of him using soap to rub his lengthy shaft, her face just below his. “Tell me what I want to here, honey bear.”

“Ugh,” he groaned as her hands quickened.

“Say it.”

“God, I love you so much, baby,” he said, while his hands rubbed over her soapy breast.

She looked up at him, giving him a wide smile, her lips moving to greet his.

He stuck out his tongue as her head craned upward. Their lips locking over each other’s, her right leg propped up on the side of the shower as her left hand slowed its rotation along his cock, her hand now moving his cock to her pussy. Pressing her against the wall, Alex slowly put an inch of his cock inside her unyielding trimmed entrance.

“Come on honey bear, “she begged, her fingers and nails bearing down on his firm cheeks, attempting to push him in further, his tip barely at her entrance. She dripped in anticipation of more while he inched forward into her pussy.

In a sultry whispered tone she declared, “I love you, honey be…” With that his hips pushed forward knocking the wind out of her.

Her back glided upward with every heated inward thrust, making her bite down on her lips. With every thrust Alex made, Amy bit down harder.

He drove in faster and faster, just to have her confirm he was driving in the right direction. She gasped: “Yes, yes!”

His hand propped her left leg upward for better access as he thrust in deeper than before, her back gliding further up the wet wall with every thrust.

“Turn me around, baby,” she said, after which he twirled her around like a ballerina.

Her hands were pressed against the showers walls, as her husband-to-be drove in even deeper than the last time. “You okay, baby?”

“Yes, just!” With that he pushed in further, lacking the gentle easing motions of before, thrusting in his fully engorged length, feeding all of it into her hungry pussy. Alex pounded his entire cock into her, his balls rapidly smacking into her flesh, over and over again without relent.

Seconds later she began yelling. “Oh Gawd, Alex!” Amy screamed, her legs shaking. His cock drove in with three more strokes before succumbing to her erotic arousal.

He picked her up, kissing her as they seductively soaped up and washed each other off.

Soon they were walking back to the bedroom where they both saw the time and realized they had precious seconds before needing to leave for work.

In the kitchen they zipped past each other. With coffees in hand, they were both on their way.

Amy exited the driveway first as Alex gave her passage to do so. If this happened today, what would happen tomorrow on Valentine’s Day? He asked himself.

He watched her Acura LX drive off and couldn’t wait to surprise her at the office that night. Alex had the whole day worked out. He’d go home and pack their bags after work, then surprise her at work and from there they would drive to the five star hotel where they would stay in the large Love Birds suite he had booked.

The entire weekend, just the two of them alone! She’d been working so hard. This morning was the first in a long time that they had had sex. As Alex walked into his workplace, Capricorn Computer Inc, he swiped his ID along the security scanner while Chuck the security guard observed, “Thank God it’s Friday!” Alex agreed.

For the entire day Alex watched the clock. Time seemed to stand still. He wondered if he might be able to invent an alternative way of measuring time.

Soon he was leaving his desk and passing Chuck on the flip side. His tires screeched as canlı casino siteleri he headed home to pack the bags and head out again in the Volvo.

On the way to pick up Amy, Alex made a quick stop to purchase flowers. Minutes later he arrived at the large studio complex where Amy worked. Oddly enough, just as he pulled up to the movie studio’s gate, he received a call from her. “Hey, look who it is,” he said. With her not knowing why he was so chipper, he was just about to tell her why, and to call down to security to give him access when she stopped him in his tracks.

“I’m going to be working late again, baby. The colors need tweaking for our online banners.” Alex wasn’t sure how to respond. It was the night before Valentine’s and his plans appeared to be heading south.


“I’m sorry, honey bear.”

“Ugh,” he mumbled, clearing his throat. “I’m not happy, Amy!”

“Look, you’ve been great about this, Alex. I’ll make it up to you.”

“Do what you have to do, I guess, but we’re going to need to figure this out.”

“I understand.”

“I’ll see you at home, Amy.”

“Don’t wait up. Love you,” she said, ending the call. Alex began to turn his Volvo around, but then he saw Amy’s Acura exit the opposite gate.”

“What the fuck is this?” he said to himself, turning his Volvo around chasing after the Acura. Alex followed Amy for a short while before she stopped at Kev’s Motel, a seedy establishment on the outskirts of Burbank.

He pulled in seconds after her, turning down his car’s beams he sat waiting for her to exit. Instead, a Mercedes pulled in next to her Acura.

Alex had hoped that he was being paranoid. His head began to pound as his mind ran rampant with anger, only to be mellowed with confusion. “Okay, nothing happened; this could be nothing.

His reason was thrown out the window as Amy stepped out of her Acura while the balding driver of the Mercedes stepped out of his. They then hugged each other. “No foul,” Alex thought, lying to himself.

Amy and her Mercedes “friend” began to walk off together and then Alex saw it, what he knew was a kiss. He was too shocked to even blink. Temporary paralysis came over him for a bad two minutes. He knocked his head on his wheel before jumping out.

Passing the Mercedes, Alex kicked out the left rear lights before moving forward, angrily hunting down the cheating couple. He looked at the row of generic looking doors wanting to kick each one in, but he knew it was unrealistic.

Alex walked nearer to the doors he thought Amy had entered and he pulled out his cell phone and dialed her number. He heard her Beyoncé ringing tone. Alex stopped and focused on room 12, from where it resonated.

Alex wasn’t going to knock, that was for sure. He pulled his body back, fiercely driving his weight forward into the wooden door, smashing it on the first try.

Amy was on all fours getting drilled from behind by the older man, Alex recognized him as Charles, her Studio Head Boss.

“That’s right, fuck me!” she screamed to Charles. Alex wanted to slap the hell out of her and kick Charles’ balls to hell and back.

Amy saw Alex and jumped to the very top of the bed. “No, oh God, Alex, I’m so sorry!”

Without thinking, without listening to the curdling screams of a pleading ex-fiancée, Alex marched toward Charles who stood up with his hands held up in surrender.

“Look Alex, it’s not what you think!” Charles pleaded, backing up and looking to Amy for guidance as she too begged for mercy.

“Alex, please?” Amy begged.

Not saying a word, Alex ran toward Charles winding his arm back to land a clear punch across his jaw, dropping him to the floor where he mercilessly wailed on his old ass. Standing up Alex gave Charles five swift emergency room kicks to the ribs and crotch, before making his exit.

“Alex, please no!” Amy yelled, now covering her nakedness with a sheet and chasing after a leaving Alex.

“Baby, I’m sorry, Alex!” she cried, screaming her lungs out, following Alex to the door as he walked to his Volvo. He drove enraged, hearing Amy’s screams in the background.

Alex didn’t go home. Home is where the heart is and his was no longer there. He drove toward the Four Seasons(?) where he had booked the Love Birds package, knowing no one would be able to find him there. He just wanted to be alone.

After tossing Amy’s overnight bag in a dumpster, Alex carried his into the hotel and checked in, then went to bed. He lay there fuming. He set his phone on vibrate then his anger took over sending it airborne into the wall. The phone crashing into the wall and breaking apart calmed him, steadying his heartbeat.

Alex then somehow managed to drift off to sleep but woke up not feeling any better. A knock came to the door with the pre-planned Champagne Breakfast for two.

“Happy Valentine’s Day, sir, and thank you,” the waiter said, after receiving his tip.

Alex took his plate and the bottle of champagne to the couch in the spacious suite. He finished eating his breakfast and lay down on the bed, guzzling most of the bottle by the afternoon, his head was spinning. Lunch came just the same as breakfast had. He had planned what was supposed to be a romantic weekend perfectly.

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