Black Magick Ch. 04

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Amber went off to the shower to begin her ritual cleaning while Elisabeth sat with her brother in his bedroom as he changed into his swim trunks. Nick was nervous, with his sister’s eyes on him like that, and despite getting off twice in the last fifteen minutes, first by getting his first blowjob from Amber and then just from seeing his sister eat his cum out of Amber’s mouth, his cock swelled to erection again.

“Do you have to stare?” Nick protested, pulling up his trunks in an attempt to hide his bulging erection from his little sister. He succeeded only in making a tent out of his swimsuit.

“Oh, come off it,” Elisabeth laughed. “I’ve already seen your cock and I know you think I’m the sexiest thing on Earth. You don’t have it hide it from me anymore.”

Nick blushed.

“So… Tell me about this taboo you that Amber violated,” Nick said, pulling his drawstring and adjusting his cock in his trunks in a futile attempt to make it fit better.

To Nick’s surprise, it was now his sister’s turn to blush as she covered her face with her hands to brace herself while she spoke.

“Amber and I took an oath a month ago when we started doing magick,” Elisabeth replied nervously. “We’re not supposed to have sex with anyone either of us cares about unless the other one is there to participate. It’s a bond that’s supposed give us a head start with difficult rituals that require two people. Of course, a proper coven is supposed to have three witches, but two is enough for most sex magick.”

“Sex magick!” Nick stammered, nearly tripping over himself in his eagerness for information. “You mean you… you… you’re having hot kinky lesbian sex with that… That…” he motioned towards the wall that his bedroom shared with the hall bathroom, where Amber was showering. “That sexy creature.”

“Amber’s my best friend and she’s smart, so she was the perfect choice for a partner. I do have to admit, I expected her to have a little more self control.”

Nick turned red, remembering how eagerly Amber had pounced on his cock a short while ago, when she caught him alone masturbating. It was so damn hot! But he didn’t like that it made Elisabeth angry with Amber.

“What if I join your coven?” Nick asked nervously. “I could be your third witch, assuming men can be witches. Then you could go on with your ritual without having to punish Amber and everything would be ok.”

“Nice try,” Elisabeth replied, absent-mindedly tugging on her bikini bottoms to make them cling more smoothly to her body. “Amber broke the taboo and that won’t be erased so easily.” She stepped forward and grabbed Nick by the erection.

Nick gasped. His sister’s touch made his cock burn. He wanted to be fucked so badly that it hurt.

“You have some potential, though,” Elisabeth whispered seductively in his ear. “And Amber seems to like you. I’ll tell you what. Tonight, after you steal Mom’s sex toys for me, you can come in and observe me and Amber perform the ritual. If you still want to join us, we’ll consider initiating you.”

Nick’s cock twitched. He was being offered every man’s dream. Hot sex with two beautiful women at a time! He nearly erupted in orgasm. And tonight, he’d get to watch the two at them have a go at each other! He could hardly wait.

“Can I watch you punish Amber?” Nick asked, grabbing a towel and wrapping it around his waist. “I feel somewhat responsible.”

“Of course,” Elisabeth said. “You know enough that we don’t have to keep it a secret from you.”

“But what will you do to her?” Nick asked, his brotherly instincts running wild. Could he stand by and let Elisabeth do it if it turned out to be something really awful and violent?

“I’d fuck her up the ass with a strap-on, if I had one,” Elisabeth replied musingly. “But since I don’t, sixty-nine whacks on the ass with a ruler, and then forcing her to go swimming with her bikini stuffed up her pussy sounds like a good idea.

Nick nearly soiled himself. He ran to his desk and pulled out the old ruler he used to hide his used tissues.

“Use this,” Nick said in a ragged voice, handing his sister the implement.

Elisabeth accepted it gladly.

“You know what, Nick?” she said, tucking the ruler under the side of her bikini bottoms. “I think you’re going to be fun to work with.”

She picked up her things and, grabbing Nick by the hand, stepped outside into the sunlight.

Elisabeth set her towel down on the cement near the pool to sun herself while she waited for Amber to join them.

Nick was so nervous that he couldn’t sit still, so he dived off the diving board and began swimming laps to burn off some of the anticipation. Any fear he had harbored about Amber’s punishment was now replaced with the lucid desire to see something so kinky with his own eyes, and the erection in his swim trunks stubbornly refused to dissipate. It felt like ages before he saw Amber walking to the pool, wearing her little pink bikini. Nick was shockingly aware of her casino siteleri body underneath the material of the swimsuit, as though the bikini acted to emphasize the swell of her breasts and cunt. The way she moved her body was both proud and demure, as though she was bracing herself for some difficult ordeal.

Elisabeth rose from her towel and walked towards her friend, grabbing her by the breast and kissing her briefly on the lips in a sign of greeting. Nick gasped. It was so hot! He pulled himself up out of the pool by the metal ladder and walked over to the couple, who were engaged in a conversation he couldn’t hear.

Amber laid herself down on the diving board and Elisabeth slowly began to inch her friend’s bikini bottoms down over her ass and down her legs, exposing Amber’s soft brown skin to everyone’s view.

Nick moaned in appreciation of Amber’s tight round little bottom. Oh, how he would love to rub his cock against it. Even thinking about it made his cock twitch excitedly.

Elisabeth pulled the old ruler out from the side lace of her bikini, handling it carefully as though it was something of great importance. She raised the ruler and struck her partner. The sound of the slap rang across the yard. Amber began to cry out and then covered her own mouth to so that Elisabeth’s mother wouldn’t hear her. Elisabeth stuck again as Amber writhed uncomfortably. Nick moaned and began fondling his cock. He couldn’t help it. It was making him so horny. Elisabeth continued slapping her friend’s ass with the old ruler, Amber’s brown butt quickly reddening. Nick’s cock began to twitch and his balls began to tighten. He gasped for air, counting the blows. 63, 64, 65. It was too much for him. He knew that he was going to cum. He pulled himself quickly up out of the pool and rushed into the bushes, fertilizing the shrubbery with his hot white cum in time with the 69th slap.

Nick looked up to see his sister spreading Amber’s legs apart and rubbing her clit to get her friend’s pussy soaking wet, before starting to stuff her pink bikini bottoms into her. Nick moaned as inch after inch of the material disappeared into Amber’s shaved pussy. Finally, the entire article vanished into her filled hole. Amber moaned wildly and Nick’s cock hardened again as he began to stroke it frantically. Without missing a beat, Elisabeth unclasped Amber’s top and began to insert it also into Amber’s pussy. Amber’s breasts were slightly larger than his sister’s, probably a D cup, while Elisabeth was just a C, and the soft brown color contrasted deliciously with her bright red nipples. Nick squeezed the head of his cock in appreciation. Amber, looking at Nick out of the corner of her eye, gasped suddenly and began to struggle against her punishment, but Elisabeth would not yield. Nick moaned.

Finally, simply no more bathing suit would fit inside of Amber’s tight pussy, and Elisabeth had to give up, leaving a trail of fabric hanging out like a tail. She pounced on Amber, giving her clit one long lick before toppling off the diving board and into the pool with her.

Nick dropped his cock and quickly jumping in after them. If something was going to happen, he wasn’t going to miss it! He swam underwater next to Amber and tried to press himself against her naked body, but Elisabeth intervened, wedging herself between the two of them so that her clothed nipple landed on her brother’s lips. Oh, that felt so good! Nick began to suck, his teeth nibbling slightly, savoring the sensation of his sister’s breast. It was like magic.

Elisabeth slapped him gently. It was all underwater, so it didn’t hurt, but Nick decided to pull himself out of the pool anyway. He was far too horny to be swimming with girls!

Nick heard the sliding glass door close and felt a shiver run down his spine. Shit, shit, shit! He had completely forgotten that his mom was still at home. She had changed into a little yellow dress, which seemed to kiss her thighs as she walked, her hips swaying side to side. Nick moaned.

“No time to be drooling!” Nick thought. His mother was carrying a tray of lemonade and heading their direction. Nick’s cock slowly began to shrink in his swim trunks. Any moment, his mother would realize that Amber was swimming around naked, with her swimsuit stuffed almost completely into her pussy, and all hell would break loose! She’s tell Amber’s mom and Amber wouldn’t be allowed to see them anymore, plus they’d all be grounded, maybe even sent to a psychiatrist!

Nick leapt from the ground. He had to do something! He dashed off to intercept his mother, grabbed the tray from her, perhaps a little too quickly, and told her she ought to go back into the house and watch a movie.

If Susan suspected something, she didn’t let on. She simply handed her son the tray and went back into the house.

Nick felt a little guilty, as though he had disrespected his mother, but he had to hide Amber’s state. He watched his mother leave with mixed emotions, enjoying the way her butt swayed slot oyna as she moved. God, he was turning into a total pervert!

He set the tray down on the white plastic table by the pool and called to his sister and Amber, who were both bright red.

“That was a close call!” Elisabeth exclaimed, pulling herself out of the pool, the water dripping off her body seductively. “Can you imagine how amusing it would be if Mom saw?”

Amber blushed and covered her face with her hands, but since she wasn’t wearing any clothing, this modest gesture was awkward and very sexy. Part of her bikini stuck out of her pussy, like a tail between her legs.

“You probably should put something on,” Nick said, draping a towel over Amber’s shoulders protectively. Amber smiled brightly and Elisabeth eyed her suspiciously. Nick took a step back, feeling instantly embarrassed. He didn’t want to cause any more discord between his sister and her friend. They all took their lemonade and drank it quietly, consumed with their own thoughts.

“Why don’t you two go hang out in Elisabeth’s room before dinner and while I check on Mom? I’ll see if she’s suspicious of something,” Nick said, suddenly putting down his lemonade glass on the plastic table.

“That sounds good,” Amber said, slowly drying herself with the towel Nick had handed her. “It would give Elisabeth and me a chance to talk about a couple of things.”

Elisabeth took Amber by the hand and led her into the house. Nick lagged behind, not really knowing what to do. He felt very horny and oddly let down, as though he had expected something exciting to happen that didn’t.

“Get a grip,” he told himself, straightening significantly and drying himself off with his towel. He had cum watching his sister spank her best friend’s ass with his ruler and almost came again while she was swimming around in the pool. The whole thing might have turned into an orgy, if his mother hadn’t come and interrupted, but it wasn’t by any means certain, so he had no right to feel disappointed.

Nick trudged into the house, still feeling strangely dismayed. He thought he heard an odd sound coming from the living room and decided to check it out.

Yes, it was definitely the television. Nick supposed his mother had taken his advice and decided to watch a movie. Maybe he could even sit down and watch it with her, that way he could make up for having to mislead her in the backyard.

He walked closer to the couch. The noises coming from the TV were sounds of women having sex! His mom was watching porn! And he’d stupidly thought it was some sort of action movie. He crept around the couch, trying to catch a glimpse of the screen without his mother noticing him. He crept a little closer. He could almost see it. Oh, there it was. Standing right behind his mother’s head, he saw the image of a woman with a humungous strap-on whipping the ass of another woman, who was on her hands and knees and was ravishing a third woman’s pussy with her mouth and tongue.

Nick gasped. Susan jumped up three inches and flicked off the TV.

“Oh Nick, I thought you were still swimming! What are you doing here?” she said in a would-be calm voice.

“Oh. Elisabeth and Amber decided they were done swimming for now, so I thought I’d come keep you company,” Nick replied, trying to keep his voice equally steady.

“You remembered to dry yourself off properly before going inside, didn’t you?” Susan asked sharply. Nick noticed her adjust her skirt and saw, to his surprise, the end of a large green dildo sticking out underneath.

The bulge in his swim trunks instantly expanded and he had to take extra care not to slur his words when he spoke.

“Of course I did, Mother,” he replied evenly. “You know I’m the perfect son.”

His mother patted him on the head and then gave him a gentle slap on the butt.

“Ok. You wander off now, and tell your sister and Amber to wash up. I’ll have dinner on the table in half an hour,” Susan said, walking off seductively.

Nick moaned softly, watching her skirt kissing the back of her legs, thinking about the dildo working its way in and out of his mother’s pussy. He found himself wondering what his mother’s pussy looked like. Did she shave or trim it, or did she keep it natural? His mother’s hair was a soft brown and completely straight, but the hair down there would be curly.

Nick mentally shook himself. He was fantasizing about his mother! That had to be wrong. He went quietly back to his room and took a handful of tissues from his desk. He sat on his bed and pushed his swim trunks down past his cock and testicles.

He loved his mother, she took good care of Nick and his sister. Even though she sometimes acted like a total bitch, he couldn’t help but like her.

“Damn, that video was hot!” Nick thought, stroking his cock as he remembered it. It was totally hardcore. Nick would have never thought his mother would watch such a thing. Not Susan Stuart, mother of two, who walked canlı casino siteleri through life as though she had a long, hard stick up her butt.

Nick remembered the glimpse of the dildo between his mother’s legs and moaned heavily, his pace quickening on his hard cock. Oh, that had been so heavenly! And the feel of his mom’s hand on his ass when she had swatted him playfully, had it been his imagination, or had there been a little lust in the touch? Had he really imagined his mother’s hand on his bare ass this morning? Or was she really the sort of woman who’d get pleasure from her son’s body?

Nick squeezed the head of his cock and erupted in orgasm, spilling the contents of his testicles into the clean white tissues.

Oh, that felt good!

Nick fumbled into his clothing and walked down the hall to his sister’s room. He knocked on her door but didn’t get an answer, so he eased the door open, and then gasped. Amber was lying on top of his sister, frantically eating her pussy, while Elisabeth spread her friend’s butt cheeks apart and was tonguing her hole.

Even though he had just come, Nick’s cock quickly hardened. He felt embarrassed.

“I thought you two would be talking!” Nick said nervously. “I didn’t mean to… Um… I didn’t mean to intrude.”

“We are talking,” Elisabeth said, turning her head so that Amber’s butt collided with her cheek, leaving a large wet spot from all the pussy juices. “You know, not all forms of communication require words. Especially if you know someone well.” She stopped talking for a moment to have an orgasm as Amber continued ravishing her pussy.

“Mom told me to have you two wash up before dinner,” Nick said, trying desperately to ignore the bulge in his pants but absent-mindedly fingering his cock above the waistband anyway.

“Gotcha,” Elisabeth said and went back to working her tongue into her friend’s asshole. She then proceeded to ignore her brother entirely, completely absorbed in her task of eating Amber’s ass.

It was exactly like watching a porn video. Nick wanted to touch Elisabeth desperately, but it felt as though there was a TV screen between them, an impenetrable wall he was powerless to cross. He listened to his sister moan, the rather slutty noises of pleasure she made as she feasted, and Amber’s softer, more pure sounds of intense satisfaction that she emitted as she ran her tongue hungrily along Elisabeth’s juicy clit.

Nick stroked himself more quickly. He had quite a show. If only he could break through the barrier and touch them, to stick his hard cock in Elisabeth’s hole or run it across Amber’s back to make her squirm. Oh, it was so irresistible.

He pulled his cock out of his pants and began to play with it more actively. He pinched and twisted the head slightly to make his cock pulse with pleasure and slapped his flesh against his hand, pretending that he was striking it against Amber’s ass. He stepped an inch closer. It wasn’t so hard, all he had to do was reach out and touch them. There was nothing stopping him. He inched a little closer, pumping his cock with his fist, just a little closer.

There was a loud knock on the bedroom door and everyone jumped to cover themselves. Nick stuffed himself back into his pants and Amber and Elisabeth struggled to shift their bikini bottoms back into place.

Susan opened the door a moment later, as Nick, Elisabeth and Amber tried to act as though nothing had been going on.

Mrs. Stuart looked at them skeptically and said simply, “dinner’s ready.” Then she left.

Elisabeth let out a sigh of relief and went to her closet to find a dress to put over her swimsuit. Amber reached into her bag and pulled out a pair of cropped pants and a little tank top that fit snuggly over her bikini. While she was messing with her things, Nick noticed that the contents of her bag included four long, fat candles. Probably for whatever ritual they were planning to perform tonight, he thought with a slight blush.

If he managed to go through with stealing his mother’s sex toys from her bedroom tonight, he would be invited to observe. Maybe he’d even get a chance for a little action afterwards!

The whole family and company ate dinner quietly, each and every one occupied with their own kinky thoughts. Susan’s mind was still on the video she had been watching this afternoon and the big fat dildo she still had in her pussy, hidden underneath her skirt. Elisabeth was fantasizing about stripping Nick of his clothing and making him walk into their mother’s bedroom. Nick of course was generally horny, and Amber was regretting not getting to swim around naked in the pool longer.

Nick, Elisabeth and Amber helped clear the table and wash the dishes and then went off into separate rooms to do homework.

Nick was in a state of panic. As he watched the minutes tick by on the corner of his computer screen, the idea of fulfilling his promise to his sister became more and more real to him. Was it really possible to sneak into his mom’s room naked and not get caught? He didn’t even know where his mother kept her sex toys, though he was now sure that she had at least one. Would Elisabeth let him keep the dildo he’d seen his mother wear today?

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