Birthday Present Ch. 02

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Thanks to all the readers (my critics are included too) who gave me an overwhelming response to my earlier story. This is the second and final part of the earlier story.

……….when I opened my eyes, Dad was still inside me, though he was getting soft inside me, he was looking at my face and caressing it then he bent down and kissed my lips and said — “Happy birthday darling.” And moved out of me, I had tears of happiness, and looked at Mom, she moved over me placed herself on top of me, her cunt just pressing my cunt, her tits pressing mine, and she kissed me full on my lips and said — “Happy birthday darling, hope you liked your present!”

Part 2

I smilingly responded while trying to hold dad’s soft cock in my hand. “Yes mom, I liked it very much! Now I want to have this present always available to myself.”

“Look at her Mac. This girl is stating her demands while drooling over your cock. I think I am going to starve for a hard cock at least for a couple of days.

“Now I need to find an alternate cock to fill me!” My mother was doing her best to tease me.

Now, I began to feel dad’s cock getting hard in my hand. He added his own version of teasing by saying “Girls, time to catch a wink. Let’s go to bed. Tomorrow is Sunday and we can do many more things. Sue, you can get ready your special package for tomorrow.”

“Package? What’s that mom, please?” I surprisingly responded. I was excited to know that there was one more presents for me.

“You are going to love it honey. It’s a surprise. No amount of pleading is going to make me reveal it,” mom responded. Through past experience I knew mom was not going to budge, no matter how much I pleaded with her.

That night I slept like a content kitten between dad and mom. My dreams were filled with all kind of ideason what my surprise could be!

I began the following day by waking to the music of hearing mom and dad moan. My eyes opened to the view of dad on his back with mom riding him. She was fucking him at full throttle. She had closed her eyes and her tits were swaying with the tempo of their lovemaking. Dad also had closed his eyes. He was holding mom’s ass in both his hands and pulling her to meet his stroke.

As a result of watching that hot scene, my pussy caught fire. I began my quest for their attention. I moved over to a position facing mom. I held on to mom’s shoulder and squatted on Dad’s face. My pussy was suspended above his mouth. He must have felt my soft wet pussy on his lips as a result of his instant response. He began by his tongue licking my cunt lips. His tongue began a search between them in order to find my swollen clit. Upon his discovery, he sucked on the clit in a rotating hard fashion!

By now mom had stopped herself moving to give ample time to dad and myself. She began to hold my tits in her hand and squeeze my nipples. I returned the favor by massaging and squeezing her nipples between my fingers. I felt a delicious pain as mom began to suck my nipples harder, such as a baby would do to a bottle in order to not miss a drop!

Mom took my face in her hand and gave me a wet kiss on my lips and said “Good morning, sweetie.” I heard dad mumbling the same as he devoured by pussy! I responded, “How could you guys start the show without little old me? I had to interrupt casino siteleri both of you in order to join the fun. Talk about feeling left out in the cold!”

Mom’s response was almost apologetic in tone. “No baby. You were sleeping so beautifully. We did not feel like waking you. I think our moaning was so loud it woke you up. Honey, since I saw you being fucked by dad, I have been horny and very badly wanted to have your dad’s hard cock in me. I could no longer control myself.”

“Mom” I teased. “No explanation is necessary. To teach me that sharing is important in life. There is plenty to go round and I will not be happy until I cum” I started to gyrate on dad’s face. Mom started to fuck dad.

I only wish I could have taking pictures of this hot threesome. I wonder how many dad’s wish they could enjoy the fantasy of a threesome with the two loves of their life, namely their daughter and wife! Talk about hot!

We heard dad moan. I felt dad’s hand spreading my cunt even wider to apply more pressure to my swollen clit. He took them between his lips and pressed it hard and continued to lick at the same time. I applied my own level of pleasure to both of moms tits. I took them in my mouth one by one. Of course that was a challenge for me since mom was moving and fucking dad so hard. I found it difficult to hold on to her tits.

The way we were moaning, the pressure was building up in all of us. To no ones surprise, we all shrieked in unison, as we all began what had to be the biggest and sweetest orgasm of our lives!

I spotted dad’s face as I floated down to earth. It was glistening with my own cum. He had the most adorable content grin on his face!. I kissed him. Each one of us started to give each other a big hug!

We held each other in our arms. We ended this session by rolling over in bed and dozing off due to our exhaustion.

Mom woke up first and made a journey to the kitchen. She returned with a tray of sandwiches and milk.

After we had our breakfast I went back to my room to have a shower. When I returned, dad and mom also returned fresh from their own showers. I was surprised to see a plastic sheet spread over the bed where we just had our mutual orgasm. Curious I asked, “Why the plastic spread Mom? Is there any small baby over here not to soil the sheets?”

“Its for you baby!” she replied. “It is required for what we are going to do.” I noticed a level of suspense in her voice!

“Now come out of your clothes and lie down on the sheet.” , she commanded.

I was confident there was more pleasure in store for me. As a dutiful daughter, I did as I was told to do.

Mom approached dad and asked, “Mac, are your tools ready?” Dad went to the washroom and returned with a mug of warm water and his shaving set. It included a heavenly amount of scented shaving cream!

Mom held my legs wide. She kissed my cunt, insuring that it was extra wet. Then she said to dad, “Mac, she is all yours. But please, be extra careful.”

Knowing that I love Cliff Richard’s soothing songs, dad headed to the stereo. The music began and I heard the words “Like an evergreen tree…” starting to play. My parents thought of everything to make me comfortable and the moment special!

Mom announced, “Daisy baby, dad is going to give your pussy a nice clean shave. slot oyna He will make it look beautiful. Would you like dad to do that for you?”

As my pussy started to ooze, I responded, “Yes mom. I want dad to give his baby’s pussy a nice shave. I am going to love it when dad gives my pussy a clean shave.”

Dad applied the aromatic shaving cream over my pussy, and left it to soak for a while. The coolness was heavenly. I felt his razor moving over delicately over my pussy with clean and delicate strokes every time he moved it. Mom started helping him every time he had some difficulty. She held my cunt lips carefully when dad moved his razor near them. She held my legs wide. She choreographed his effort by instructed him with her fingers.

Once finished shaving my pussy, Dad gave a wash with the warm water and wiped it clean with a towel. Dad held a mirror near my pussy and asked me to look down. I was shocked and pleasantly surprised by the results. My pussy looked so beautiful! The small heart shape patch just above my cunt lips looked like an adorable finishing touch to my dad’s artistic touch! The bald clean look it had all around could not be described in words. I think I myself fell in love with my own pussy! I saw my cunt glistening with wetness. Dad bent down and kissed all over his effort, providing me with a new sensation. I totally lost myself in the ecstasy of the moment!

Suddenly I was startled to feel something hard pressed against my lips. I opened my eyes to see mom standing with a black strapped dildo. She announced that its size was nine inches in length and one and one quarter inches in diameter. I realized this was the surprise package they had in store for me. She began pressing the tip of the dildo into my mouth. I was really fascinated with this monster of a cock. I opened my mouth. Mom started to push it in. I should have realized that I could not take all of it inside my mouth. I felt it touching my larynx. Mom started to fuck my mouth with her strap-on dildo. Dad began to feast of my cunt. He inserted his mid finger inside my cunt. He complimented his effort by licking it as well. Suddenly mom removed the dildo from my mouth. She pushed my head back and asked dad to move over.

She asked me to lie face down on bed and to bend over in a crouched position with my ass up in the air. I was holding the bed with my hands for support.

“Honey, mom is going to fuck you doggie style with her beautiful big hard cock. Do you want mom to fuck you baby?” she asked me holding her big black cock menacingly in the air!

I was pushing my ass as near to the cock as possible I almost begged her to fuck me. I responded to her question. “Mom, please fuck me with that monster of a cock! Fuck me mom. Fuck me now like there is no tomorrow. My wet, dripping clean-shaven pussy is all yours. Dad has made it so beautiful just for you mom. Fuck your baby mom. Please fuck me.”

Mom held my back tightly. Since my pussy was shaven, I had the best view if it entering me! The way the monster cock started to slide inside my cunt was a new experience for me! It stretched my cunt muscles wide while it penetrated deep into my cunt in untouched virgin territory. It explored my cunt in every possible place. When I thought it can not go anymore further, I almost felt it touching my womb!

I canlı casino siteleri began to imagine another fantasy. I imagined a big black man making love to me and attempting to impregnate me with his virile seed. That was a fantasy that I may want to include in my sexual experiences on the future!

Mom held her cock there without making any moves. She wanted me to savor the fullness of my current experience. I made mom know that the cock felt so great. It was too good. I felt it everywhere. I wanted to be fucked hard and fast. I was shocked to realize that my small tight cunt had taken all of its nine inches deep inside. That final thought resulted in my first cum but not last orgasm of this session.

Dad moved over and stood in front of me holding his hard sexy cock near my mouth. My mouth started to water. I wanted to hold to grab it immediately. With one hand, I held it and bought it to my mouth. I took him deep. I held both my hands on to his ass. I started to bob my head up and down and slid my tongue all over his cock. I also took both his balls in my mouth and sucked on to it. It was no surprise to hear dad moan in response.

Mom started to fuck me harder and harder, one again with her dildo. She began her assault by bending me over me and caressing my tits while she was fucked me into oblivion. I started to moan as I sucked dad’s cock. I was getting doubly fucked by the world’s most beautiful cocks. One was in my mouth as the other as in my cunt.

Our session continued. Both mom and dad started to fuck me harder. While the fucking continued, mom started to slightly slap my ass, giving it a fresh tingling sensation! Dad held on to my face and was fucking it furiously.

I began to lose all the sense of time. I lost count of how long and how many times I came. My pussy was continuously on fire. Once one orgasm stopped, the second shortly followed like a wave! I was floating in air and being fucked at the same time.

I felt Dad’s cock beginning to throb in my mouth. I realized that he was going to shoot his daddy seed in his daughter’s mouth in moments! I did not expect to miss one drop of his virile sperm that created me!

All the three of us were perfectly synchronized. It appeared to be a choreographed movement! Mom was fucking me with her strap on big dildo. I was pushing my ass harder into her groin wanting more of her cock.

Dad was fucking my mouth harder. I was all the more eager to take him still further inside using my mouth muscle. I wanted so much to provide him with the feeling that he was fucking my cunt.

Then all hell broke lose! Mom clutched my ass hard as she began to cum. Dad came in my mouth giving me a mouthful of his sweet and pungent essence. I had a fresh wave of cum filling up my cheeks. I came longer and harder than my earlier experience.

The last thought I remembered was collapse on to the bed. I closed my eyes and slipped off into a blissful sleep.

“Liked the surprise baby?” mom and dad asked, as they woke me early in the morning.

“Does I need to give you an answer, mom and dad? I responded. “The way you guys made me cum and the way I begged you to fuck me is proof that I liked it so much. Thank you both of you, and I love you both. I love you mom, I love you dad.”

I felt so fortunate to have such caring parents. They never thought of just themselves. They wanted to provide their loving daughter with such pleasure and happiness. I surely must be blessed! I slipped back onto my pillow and returned to a restful sleep!

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