Birthday Cakes and Creampies Ch. 01

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It’s here! It’s here! It’s finally here! Today’s THE day—it’s my birthday! And it’s not just ANY old birthday, no sir! It’s the most important one of them all! Today’s the day I turn 18 and finally become an adult!

So what’s an 18 year old to do on her most magical day? Breakfast in bed? Manicures by the pool? Smoking a cigarette while scratching off lottery tickets?

Well, instead of spa day for the birthday girl, I unwillingly opted for high school algebra class. Despite the teacher spewing fascinating things about fractions or whatever, my mind was devoted to daydreaming about Mommy and me.

You see, this morning in the kitchen, when I was pouring some coffee for Daddy, Mommy came up behind me and placed her hands around my waist. She pressed her thumbs into my back dimples while her fingers tickled my hipbones. Tee-hee!

But then my giggle became a gasp when Mommy pulled me tight against her body and burrowed her face behind my ear. I could feel Mommy’s breath on my neck as I got goose bumps all over! But then a new sensation arose when Mommy wiggled her hipbones against my backside; it was this warm and wet and tingly feeling between my legs that I had never felt before!

With a flick of her tongue, Mommy started to whisper, “I have a big surprise for my birthday girl…but keep it a secret from Daddy…because I know how much you and Daddy love surprises…right?”

I couldn’t breathe; the way she said “right” caused my lips to tremble and my voice to grow hoarse. Oh boy, just thinking about this now brings a HUGE smile to my face…but it also brings me back to algebra class. Geeze, isn’t school over yet?

As soon as the school bell rang, I ran out the door and rushed towards the car loop. I could see Mommy’s SUV shimmering at the edge of the parking lot. I sprinted as fast as I could and practically cartwheeled inside, bouncing on the leather seats within. Mommy snickered loudly through her lovely red lips.

“Happy Birthday, Baby Girl!” Mommy cheered as I bounced in my seat. Mommy leaned over to kiss me lightly on my slightly sweaty forehead as I struggled to clasp my seatbelt. “How’s it feel to finally be an adult?”

“It. Feels. AMAZING!” I giggled as I clicked my seatbelt securely. Mommy drove away from school as I threw my belongings in the backseat. The frigid AC made me realize just how hot I was; I pulled down the sunshade and opened the illuminated mirror. Oh man—I was such a hot mess! After closing the mirror, I noticed Mommy pulling onto the freeway onramp…wait a second, home’s in the other direction…so where is she taking me?

Sensing my question, Mommy responded with: “We’re going to the mall!”

WHEEEEEE! I love shopping! Oh boy oh boy—I hope we’re going to Macy’s! They always have the cutest clothes!

Some 20 minutes later, Mommy and me were skipping hand-in-hand towards revolving entrance doors. I couldn’t contain my excitement as I bounded down the marble hallways lined with what seemed like hundreds of specialty stores and high-end shops. I’ve never even been to this mall before; it was super fancy!

“Where to first, Mommy?!”

She nodded towards a makeup boutique festooned in fluorescent light and cosmetic-clad counters. “We’re gonna get you all dolled up, my love. How does a makeup makeover sound?”

“EEEEEEP! Really, Mommy?!” I squealed and squirmed in delight. Ohmygosh! A makeover! I hope I’ll look as beautiful as Mommy!

Mommy perched me on a pretty leather pedestal next to an elegant beautician, who eagerly eyed me up and down while nibbling the end of her makeup brush. She leaned in towards me, tucked silk strands behind my ears, and examined my facial features close-up.

The beautician hummed happily while poking my eyebrows and freckled cheeks, getting the feel of my face. Mommy pulled out her phone and showed the beautician something on the screen; the lady nodded an obligated approval before spinning me around in the chair to begin her masterpiece.

After what seemed like forever, another store clerk walked by and gave me ‘one of those’ winks. Oh boy, I can’t wait to see what I look like! I wanna see! I wanna see!

The beautician breathed a sigh of relief before fluffing my face one final time. She then whirled me around in the chair and—OH MY GOD!

Is that…me?!

I couldn’t help but squeak in delight at my reflection. Never before had I been THIS pretty: sparkly golden eye shadow and pitch-black mascara made my baby blue eyes pop; my once bushy-brows now darkened and defined in a perfectly manicured curve; my cheeks were brushed with ambrosia blush while ivory highlights accentuated my bone structure. But my lips—oh boy oh boy!—my lips were the best of all: bright red beauties the color of crimson and as plump as a juicy pomegranate!

“Mommy! Mommy! Mommy!” I squealed as I bounced in the chair, my unblinking eyes fixated on the mirror in front of me. I look soooo pretty… just like Angelina Jolie! Oh my gosh…I never thought I could look…like…THIS! casino oyna I just had to be sure:

“What do ya think? How do I look, Mommy?”

“Beautiful,” Mommy sighed with watery eyes and a beaming smile. “Simply beautiful, Baby Girl.”

I giggled again and hopped off the chair, eager to continue my birthday adventures. Mommy pecked my cheek, paid the clerk, and led me along down glowing corridors. We were walking straight towards a glamorous store with glistening models, gleaming lingerie, and a gilded marquee that blazed: Agent Provocateur.

“Yes, darling,” Mommy purred as she took my hand and guided me into the opulent boutique. “Yes, my love… lingerie.”

I saw a little smirk form around her glossy lips as she led me deeper and deeper into high-end intimates. My newly painted eyes gawked at all of those glistening garments I’ve only ever seen in Daddy’s browser history.

Mommy tells me to pick out my favorite thing—I already had my eyes locked on that super sheer nightgown over there! She tells me to go try it on while she goes off to talk to the sales clerk who’s eagerly eyeing us from the register.

I hop in the dressing room and disappear behind a velvet door drape as I start to remove my clothes. I rip off my tank top and shimmy my shorts down. I kicked off my sneaks and pulled off my socks with my nimble toes, wiggling my toes on plush shag carpeting. I whirled around to see my reflection in the full-length mirror. My face was that of a Victoria’s Secret model… but OH GOD—my bra and panties made me look like a kid!

Oh gosh, I know it’s super embarrassing, but… I was wearing white granny panties. And an off-white bra with flappy straps and no support whatsoever. I blushed as I brushed my fingers in front, unlatching the bra clasp before quickly tossing it aside, allowing my B-cup breasts to bounce in freedom. Ohh—I think they’re so pretty! My perky pink nipples began to harden from the cool air whirling around the dressing room walls. I arched my back and extended my arms above my head, admiring this new dolled-up face on my young firm body.

I reached for the nightgown and fiddled with the straps that were tangled around the ribbed hanger. That’s when my fingers found the price tag:


Oh. My. GOD. I couldn’t believe it—this little thing is TWO thousand dollars?! Holy crabapples—that’s the down payment for a car! I can’t believe Mommy wants to buy me something THIS expensive for my birthday! Ohmygosh, she must really love me! And, hehee, won’t all my friends be jealous when I wear THIS to our next sleepover?

I was just about to slip the gown over my head when suddenly—

“Can I come in?”

“Oh? Yes, Mommy!”

Mommy entered my fitting room with a pile of intimates stacked on her outstretched arms. A huge smile appeared on her face as she stared at me all starry eyed. Mommy murmured something—too quietly for me to hear—before placing the intimates down on the plush pouf. But she never took her eyes off me—she was looking at my boobies! Like, looking-looking! For a long time, too. Maybe…a little too long?

“Wow, Mommy! That’s alotta stuff!” I chimed, finally breaking the silence while breaking Mommy’s stare. “These can’t all be for me? Right? Some are yours, right?”

“Hmm. Well, I do suppose we’re almost the same size…but first…” she gasped, pointing to my private parts, “let me take off your panties.”

Mommy lowered onto her knees. She slipped her fingers behind the elastic strap of my undies. Mommy’s hands felt cold against my warm panty-parts. She slowly started to pull my panties down…slowly…carefully…methodically…as if taking her time to reveal a surprise…all before a final forceful tug pulled them all the way down my little legs. Suddenly, my bald pink pussy was exposed—right at Mommy’s eyelevel! Oh dear! She plucked the panties and tossed them aside, eagerly eyeing up at her smooth daughter from a most provocative angle.

Look! Another twinkle in Mommy’s eye! She raised a brow and bit her bottom lip. Hard. As if resisting the urge to tell me something…something secret…

“Is something wrong, Mommy?”

She could see me breathing heavily. I could see her staring at my body. At my bare chest…and my toned tummy…and my smooth little cunt. Mommy inhaled deeply as I proudly presented my squeaky clean parts right in front of her face. She raised her index finger and rotated it clockwise.

“Now…spin around.”

I whirled around like the Tasmanian Devil. Wheee!

“Slowly, Baby Girl,” Mommy moaned and grinned. “Spin slowly…for Mommy…”

Always eager to please my parents, I followed the orders and tenderly turned in front of her. Mommy started breathing heavy as she examined my firm thighs and round ass only inches from her upturned face. She reached her hands up and placed them on my butt…but I had to stop spinning, because Mommy started squeezing my cheeks!

“Oh my…” Mommy purred as she pressed slot oyna her fingertips into my tight ass. “So soft. So supple. So perfectly…perfect. I’d kill for a tight bubble butt like that.”

Mommy leaped to her feet suddenly—and spanked my ass! OH MY GOD!

“Mommy!” I gasped—so shocked and surprised and somewhat…excited?

“Quit dillydaddling!” Mommy retorted, picking up the nightgown I had picked-out. “Hurry up and put this on—we’ve got tons of things to try.”

Mommy helped slip the sheer gown over my head. I closed my eyes so I could feel all the folds of the silky fabric cascading down my bare-naked skin. Once the ruffle of the gown tickled my tops of my thighs, I opened my eyes and looked in the mirror and saw…ohmygosh…that’s ME!

My blonde wavy hair toppled over the tiny shoulder straps that joined with the lacy semi-see-through top. Intricate lace plunged past my breasts and towards my tummy while sheer fabric outlined my toned hourglass figure. The bottom of the gown had a ribbon of real rabbit fur with cute little bows nestled atop my thighs.

Mommy started to finger the fur at the bottom of my gown…before slowly sliding her hands up my thighs…over my bony hipbones…up my tummy…and towards my protruding chest. I held my breath. I bit my lip. She was still staring at me—staring at us—through the full-length mirror. I saw her silently say a “shhh” as she took my breasts in both hands and pushed them up in place.

I started to say something but—

“It’s okay…Baby Girl. Let me…let Mommy…adjust…you…a bit better…”

I looked at Mommy looking at my breasts as she kept…adjusting…them…beneath my sheer gown.

“Ohhh okay Mommy, I think that’s good!” I nervously laughed, wiggling around Mommy’s lingering fingers. As Mommy slowly slid herself from underneath my gown, I tousled my hair and struck an exaggerated pose: “Do I look beautiful, Mommy?”

“Beyond beautiful, Baby Girl,” Mommy gulped. “You are…oh my god…so, so sexy.”

“Yippie!” I cheered, twirling around like a ballerina before curtseying in the mirror. “Hmmm, but Mommy…did you see the price tag? It’s—”


“Yeah…maybe too expensive, Mommy…”

She calmly approached me and gently brushed her hand across my beautiful face, locking her eyes onto mine. I could feel her warm breath tickle my cheek as she wholeheartedly assured:

“There is nothing too grandiose for my little girl.”

She leaned in a bit closer. A lot closer. Electric pressure filled the air. My heartbeat raced. Mommy’s eyes twinkled. Her breath became hotter and heavier. I bit my lip as she quickly licked hers. As the tip of her tongue titillated towards the corner of my lips, I felt an involuntary smile spread across my face…I could taste Mommy’s breath as it entered my mouth…my lips began to part further…a little bit further now…

“Here’s the sizes you wanted!”

Mommy leapt backwards just as the store assistant poked her head inside. “Th…thank you,” Mommy quickly stammered as she collected a few more things from the wide-eyed assistant. The assistant presented an outstretched hand to my mom, who was then led to the adjacent dressing room…leaving me all alone with my unsteady thoughts and unexplainable feelings.

For the next hour or so, we tried on a bunch of outfits with overpriced tags in separate dressing rooms. We ended up buying a few things each—I cringed at the final receipt!—before departing the mall to beat rush hour.

Despite my racing thoughts, the drive home was in complete silence. Only when we pulled into our driveway was the stillness finally broken:

“Why don’t you run upstairs and slip into something pretty? We’re going to surprise Daddy with out new outfits when he gets home from work!”

I bolted inside and ran up the stairs, proudly toting tissue-topped shopping bags as I hurried to my parent’s master bathroom. I could hear Mommy’s footsteps as she trotted up the stairs—but I just couldn’t wait any longer! I tore off my clothes and ripped off the price tag to slip on my gorgeous nightgown. And that’s when Mommy walked in—and immediately started undressing in front of me!

First she removed her pink satin blouse, revealing a pair of large breasts snuggled within a pale-pink push-up. I watched her intently as she started to unzip her skin-tight pencil skirt; she struggled to wiggle it down past her silky pantyhose before kicking it aside. While I’m busy admiring the faint outline of Mommy’s black thong beneath her stockings, she takes a seat on the vanity stool pouf, extending her leg and pointing her toes towards me. She smirks and curls her index finger rhythmically, beckoning me to “come here.”

I kneeled down by Mommy’s foot and slowly started to tug at the seams by her toes. I pulled gently and witnessed the stretch of her pantyhose—then I pulled harder and nearly fell backwards! Mommy laughed as she latched her fingertips on the top elastic band and pulled canlı casino siteleri it past her butt cheeks, so I could continue pulling the rest off with much more ease and grace.

Stockings aside, Mommy points to the bag and coos:

“Can Baby Girl help dress Mommy?”

I eagerly nod and retrieve a black pleather bodysuit with a long silver zipper down the middle and all the way down to…oh my gosh…um…where does the zipper end?! From the corner of my eye, I caught Mommy wriggling around on the chair, as if her bare-body was telling me “that’s the one!” I bring the bodice to my Mommy, unzip the zipper ALL THE WAY, and help guide the leather-like delicate up my mommy’s fresh-shaven legs. She stands up as I slip the suit up her toned body and up towards her breasts.

“Wait!” Mommy yelped, “I forgot to take off my bra.”

“Do you…” I gasped, “Do you want me to do it for you?”

Mommy tossed her head back and started breathing heavily. I let go of the suit and guide my hands towards the middle of her back. I could feel Mommy’s hot breath tickle my neck as I encircled her tiny figure. Goose bumps grew on Mommy’s nape as my fingertips fondled and fiddled with her back bra-clasp. Five failed attempts later…I suddenly felt a tingle arise as I finally felt my success!

Mommy wiggled her shoulders so her bra straps would slide off. And when they did—oh my GOD, Mommy’s boobs bounced in front of my face like a pair of volleyballs! I gawked at her tits and witnessed her bright-pink nipples grow. Her smooth areolas became rigid and firm as her long nibbly nipples became fully erect. WOW—those were the longest nipples I have ever seen! And…the prettiest ones I’ve ever seen, too…oh my…

The sight of my nearly naked Mommy caused my toes to curl on their own. Warm tingly sensations began to brew between my legs. My breathing was getting faster. I could feel the flutter of butterflies below my beating heart. My legs began to shake. My eyes rolled back. I reveled in this feeling that I’ve only ever felt when playing with my panty-parts at night…

“Baby Girl?”

I snap back to reality—I quickly remove Mommy’s bra and continue dressing her in the sexy pleather suit. Mommy slips her arms in and points down to the zipper; I grasp the clasp and carefully zip her up…all the way from her lady slit to the bottom of her chest.

I take a step back to admire my Mommy—ohmygod, my pussy just spurted! Mommy takes a step forward and runs her hands through my hair—oh god, my asshole just clenched! “Mommy needs to brush your hair,” she purred as I felt her fingertips fondle through my wavy mane. I squirmed in delight as Mommy buried her nose in my hair and took a great big whiff. Tehehee—that tickles, Mommy!

But…this feels…this also feels…dare I say, sexual?

Now she’s guiding her fingernails softly over my scalp. I utter a soft moan as Mommy pulls me against her body. Hard. Mommy’s hands are quivering and moving from my hair and down my neck…I could feel her grasp tighten slightly around my throat…her fingertips pushed themselves harder and harder into my neck…I could feel Mommy’s mouth nearing my ear…her hot breath causing chills down my spine…

“OH MY GOD, Baby Girl. You’re so FUCKING hot!” Mommy wails while whirling me around. She grabs my hips and through clenched lips lustfully moans, “Mommy can’t keep her fucking hands off you!”

A car alarm chirps. Mommy freezes. I scream.

“Daddy’s home!”

Mommy rushes out the room and I can hear her yelling down the stairs, “Welcome home, Honey! Why don’t you take your shoes off and take a seat on the couch. We’re doing Baby Girl’s birthday presents soon!”

“Alright!” I hear my dad yell from downstairs. “Hey Honey: I picked up the cake and some candles—where’d you want ’em?”

“Coffee table’s fine! We’ll be done here soon!”

Mommy rushes back to the bathroom—with a bright pink box in her hands. I hurriedly unwrap the present as Mommy slides on thigh-high stockings.

“WOAAH!” I nearly scream, pulling the present out from the box. “Mommy…are these…are these stripper heels?”

“Yes, Baby Girl,” Mommy whispers as she helps me strap on these 6-inch platform stilettoes. “Everything’s simply perfect: your makeup’s done, you’re rocking that lingerie, and now you’ve got the sexiest shoes to complete the whole ensemble.”

Mommy grabs my chin and brings my face close to hers; my eyes trace the outline of her lips while I watch her whisper:

“Let’s go surprise Daddy.”

Mommy and me rush to the top of the stairs while looking the top of our game. Mommy mouths “wait your turn” and devilishly demands:

“Daddy…close your eyes!”

Mommy walks down the stairs and into the living room; I could hear the squeak of the leather couch against Mommy’s exposed ass as she sits down! I hear Mommy say, “Now, open your eyes.”

I sneak a peek downstairs—I can see Daddy’s eyes widen and his mouth drop open as he admires my beautiful mother. “Oh my GOD! You’re so fucking beautiful! That outfit is sexy as fuck. Oh my FUCKING god!”

“If you think THIS is sexy,” Mommy moans, rubbing her ass around the leather sofa, “just wait until you see our gorgeous Baby Girl.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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