Big Taboo Pt. 02

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Nick was happy he could finally have some time to himself. That wasn’t to say he didn’t enjoy the sensual ping-pong with his mother and sister. He would never tire of that. It was just – he couldn’t exactly remember the last time he just sat at his desk and played games on his PC. It felt like weeks but was probably months. The fact he struggled with remembering his password certainly didn’t help. Was it NickBoy_95 or something else?

He got lucky with NickyBoy_95 and sighed with relief as his desktop wallpaper appeared – a bikini-clad big-breasted blonde, back when he hid his lust for muscular women, back before he and Janet had their first racy encounter in the basement gym. Back before his life changed, for better or worse. He played some Tetris at first to help wake his brain up, even though he was never really any good at it, always getting stuck by the fourth or five line. Still – at least he got to playing it. He remembered the last time he and Zoey played a multiplayer match of it before she set off for college, then remembered the day they slept together, and the night she came back all jacked up and beefy.

Nick’s dick lurched at the memory, tenting up in his pants so fervently it was like they would burst at the seams. As much as he liked his “moments” with her, this was one of those rare times when Nick wanted to think of something other than his dear, beefy sis. It didn’t really matter what, so long as it wasn’t a blonde slab of muscle who coddled and sucked him off on a daily basis.

He sighed dejectedly.

The torrent of emails Nick had was, frankly, embarrassing. Sure, he could’ve checked his phone to keep tabs on them, but Janet was stickler for making sure their lovemaking was entirely uninterrupted, and by the time he was free, tiredness came over the poor guy. It was an endless, constant cycle too. As usual, most of the emails were a bunch of scams. No, he didn’t want a mail-order Russian bride, nor did he trust the validity of that Nigerian prince offering him five hundred pounds. It was all just a bunch of—

“Shit. Shit. Shit.” He rolled his eyes. He began to wonder if there was really any point in returning to his PC, if all there was to do was sort through his stacks of scam and spam emails. He had more interesting things to do, more meaningful people to interact with.

One email stood out from all the rest though, at the top of the list, meaning it came in rather recently. An hour ago, actually, at ten o’clock. The depressing thing was it came from his grandma Ada, whom he hadn’t seen since the sex with his mother and sister started. The email’s subject line was certainly interesting, like the hook to a book: Some Developments.

For some reason, Nick rushed to open the email even though he had no idea what to expect. It could’ve just been about developments in her love life since Nick’s grandfather left to bonk a woman far younger than him. At any rate, Nick was interested. He got to reading the email carefully, like going over the lines of dialogue in a play he’d been cast in.

Hey kiddo, hope all’s well with the family. Just sending one of these email thingies letting you know how I’m getting on since your grandpa left. You know I took the news hard at first, but you were all there to help see me through it. I thank you for that.

Your mother and I have been keeping very close since then in our weekly meet-ups. She tells me you’ve been particularly “good” with her of late since your father’s failing in that regard. Incest, I think they call it.

Nick stopped reading. He felt there was a need to, considering his grandmother knew what was going on behind closed doors at his home. Guilt filled him, knowing how his grandmother often reacted when bad things happened. He even considered deleting the email right there and then, but it wouldn’t remove the memory of having read the first few lines. That was cemented, seared into his brain at this point, forever part of him.

However, he did muster enough courage to continue reading.

Don’t worry, I won’t tell. I can’t blame you for wanting to pork a woman as muscular as she is, your mother or not. And Zoey too? You naughty little boy. I even hear you’ve grown a bit yourself over the months! You’re, what, fourteen inches long now? Without an erection? That would make you significantly larger than your grandpa, sweetums. And you’re young yet, so there’s no reason to think you have to stop growing. There’s no secrets with me, boy. I know everything about you now.

Speaking of secrets, your mother’s been sharing a few of her own with me.

When Nick scrolled through the email further, the revelation that came with it hit him like a brick to the face. His grandma had enclosed a JPEG of her in a glitzy purple bikini, barefooted and buff beyond belief, arms big as watermelons swollen to the point where their veins just might burst like water hydrants, salt and pepper hair draped over her barn door back, the room’s mood lighting emphasizing the collective beefiness on display. Nick felt his dick lurch again, casino siteleri becoming more erect in mere seconds. He never thought he’d be attracted to his own grandmother, but that was ironic in the face of the fact he was sleeping with his mother and sister.

He continued reading the email, specifically the string of text directly underneath the photograph he got hard over.

This is me after a month of training and dieting. I’m eating around five hundred thousand calories a day, training five times a week for six hours a day, and my sleep time has drastically cut down. I’ve also been having sex for far longer. Pat Hughes, the poor soul had no idea what hit him a few nights back. I have little to no intention on stopping since it’s just too much fun.

The chances are you’re getting hard from all this and no doubt have your hand in your pants. Again, can’t say I blame you. I had some fun with myself last night, you know. But we’re not done yet.

Nick had to resist the urge to whip out his cock and jack off to the leathery slab of beef who was his grandmother, as much as the desire to do otherwise was strong, but that last sentence was a powerful hook.

I knew you’d get hard over me, so set up a Camable account so we can chat later tonight. Look for AdaSwole70. Who knows? I might even give you glimpse of my rather beefy snatch 😉 Make sure you’re wearing your tightest pair of boxer shorts – I really want to see that cock of yours bulge! If you’re lucky, I might flex hard enough for it to burst out of them!

She ended the email by enclosing a JPEG of her underwear that appeared oddly dark at the crotch. That certainly got Nick a little harder, but he’d trained well enough to keep himself from coming, at least until he was told to do otherwise. He was particularly lucky to already have a Camable account, owing to paying for live sessions with other muscular girls months earlier.

It was just a matter of waiting now.

Meanwhile, Janet was preparing what had to be her fourth protein-crammed breakfast that morning, the first two of which came in the form of an especially tasty BJ and creampie from Nick. The need to wear clothes was starting to become more a trivial matter than a necessity, owing to her continued growths. The smell of mushroom hung high in the air, delicately wafting to her nostrils, exciting the gargantuan woman – quite literally.

Zoey sat close by, texting someone. Her shoulders alone outgrew the chair she sat in, so it was by sheer luck she could still sit. It wouldn’t be long before the smell traveled upstairs and get Nick’s attention, if it hadn’t already. Even if it didn’t, the two powerhouse women certainly would.

Nick’s father Frank sat at the opposite end of the table staring intently at his daughter’s bulging six-pack, more in utter shock than admiration. How was it possible for her to become so muscular in such a short time? It had only been a few weeks since she returned from college, yet she’d easily tripled – potentially even quadrupled – in width. Every breath she took, no matter how gentle or heavy, caused her abs to push out and throb like they tried to force themselves free from her skin.

Frank had become aware of his wife and daughter’s special arrangement with Nick just by being smart enough to connect the dots: it had been months since Frank even simply slept with Janet, let alone porked her; Janet had become increasingly more affectionate towards Nick, who literally had the bigger pair of balls in the family, so naturally, he was the alpha male now. It might seem a little depressing, not to mention morally wrong, but Frank wasn’t going to argue with someone who could probably crush him into submission.

Nick appeared from the hallway, and the first thing he was graced with was a chuckle from his mother. It wasn’t condescending, rather something he expected considering the circumstances. She looked at his erection quite intensely, almost close to staring at it before coming out of her trance-like state, mustering the strength to speak. “I see your gran’s email got you going.”

Nick couldn’t resist the temptation to flex his cock in agreement, the sheer size of his manhood forcing the fabric of his underwear to almost strain and pull, press against the front of his jeans. He could even hear it a little. Frank was jealous, to say the least. In time, he would only become more so. “She seems pretty eager to get a look at me, so we’ve arranged to chat on Webcamable at seven.”

Janet was pleased to hear that. She just hoped Nick wouldn’t forget he was to be shared amongst the family, not exclusive to any one member of it. Her mother Ada could be quite greedy at times. Janet also supposed Nick would want to keep his load until then, which saddened her dearly – admittedly, she hoped Nick would want to—

Zoey burped loudly, interrupting the moment. The burp wasn’t necessarily rude in the mother and son’s eyes, but— “HNNNNGGGHH!” Her shoulders popped out of her top, bursting the seams as her deltoids rolled with growth, rumbling slot oyna lightly as she tried fighting the swelling, exciting sensation filling her. Veins pushed forth, bringing themselves into the burning sunlight— the spurt of growth certainly was exciting in them.

Predictably, Zoey’s growth compelled Nick’s dick to lurch and stiffen even more, audibly straining his underwear. If it weren’t for the jeans covering them, he’d have noticed the slightest of tears showing his shaft. Frank didn’t feel the same way though, contesting the display with deliberately loud infuriated grumble.

“What’s the matter, Dad?” Zoey raised her arms into a triumphant, almost belittling flex that forced her shoulders to rumble with growth yet again, although not as powerfully. Even so, it was still enough to twist the knife in her father’s back. She followed up with puckered lips. “Jealous?”

Jealous: of course Frank wasn’t jealous. He knew all-too well what his family was wrong in every possible way, even if it didn’t stop them from seeing it in an entirely different light. Frank wasn’t jealous, he could live with the kissing and incestuous sex so long as it didn’t go too far. “You can fuck each other all you want, don’t mind me. More power to you if you do. Just don’t get pregnant.”

Frank shuddered at the thought of being the grandfather to Zoey’s kid through her brother. It wasn’t unheard of, but certainly didn’t offer any benefits to them or the baby. Frank understandably found the potential case of his own wife carrying Nick’s kid even more frightening, like something out of a horror movie. A devil child. Still – it was more a nightmarish thought than reality.

Janet slapped two forms down in front of him. Truthfully, he thought this was one of those rare moments in life where his wife was going to divorce and leave him, but there was no pen handed to him to suggest something needed to be signed. They were already signed, one by Janet, the other Zoey. No, it wasn’t a divorce paper. Rather, something much worse.

A pregnancy test? No, two of them? Frank tried understanding where his gargantuan wife was coming from, but had no idea he’d already connected the dots without realizing. at least until the last minute. It struck him like a knife to the heart; painful & gut-wrenching, like his insides had been ripped out. He wasn’t going to be a grandfather to Zoey’s incestuous kid with Nick. He was going to be a grandfather to hers and Janet’s through him!

“We’re about thirteen weeks in, which is funny considering we’ve only been banging for six.” Janet hid her anger in Frank’s shock. Frankly, she didn’t care what he thought or planned to do with the revelation made to him. Maybe if he performed better in bed she wouldn’t have to carry her own son’s child in her belly. Not that she didn’t like the idea anyway. “Chances are high we’ll both deliver on the same day.”

Nick had become frozen from all this news. He was going to be a father? It was always one of his goals in life, but didn’t expect it to be through his own mother and sister. All those nights banging clearly caught up with him, making the guy wonder where he truly stood in this grand equation. Would he cut and run, inform the authorities of his sins? Or would he do the right thing and be the father he was, frankly, destined to become?

Janet knew this news would be hard on him. She’d been a mother twice already, so knew what to expect, would take his hand and help him through it. Things would be different for Zoey though. This was her first pregnancy, and through her brother no less. Normally a girl would be emotionally scarred by this revelation, but she was ecstatic, like it was a hope she had.

“Don’t worry about the doctor telling anyone, sweetie.” Janet held a finger to Nick’s chin, bringing his eyes up to meet hers. There was so much truth to the woman’s words, one would even suspect her of pathologically lying. Even so, she smiled in such a way that her neck bulged. “Let’s just say he won’t be pissing straight for a month.”

Like his son, Frank was still trying to figure out where he stood in all this, a flurry of emotions and thoughts hazing his mind. A part of him wanted to scream in anger, pack his bags and leave, but— looking at the behemoth woman who was his wife made him think twice. The least he could do was pretend the kid was his when visitors came by, and that Zoey’s was through an old boyfriend in college who left – or something. They would figure it all out in time.

Janet looked up at the wall-mounted clock and smirked. Six-thirty. That meant Nick only had half an hour before he’d have to chat with his grandma. Admittedly, Janet felt a tinge of jealousy fill her, wanting to take Nick for herself, but her delicate condition would prove a hindrance surely.

“Sweetie, it’s almost seven. Knowing how long it takes you to shower, you’d best do it now. And make sure you wear your tightest underwear when done.” Janet pulled Nick towards her and stuck her tongue down his throat. Zoey wasn’t the slightest bit annoyed or jealous canlı casino siteleri of the display, unlike her father. In fact, she just might’ve gotten a little wet from watching, seeing her mother’s tongue literally bulge and roll down her son’s throat, fighting for air before she pulled him free. “That’s a father’s kiss you got there.”

Nick straightened up as best he could in spite of his hindering hard-on, venturing for the staircase. Then the realization came back to him: he was going to be a father. He was proud of that.

It didn’t take Nick long to find his tightest pair underwear. Ironically, it was the pair his grandmother bought him for Christmas last year. He tried other pairs on just to be sure, but the navy blue extra stretchy nylon boxers were destined to be worn, carefully taking his new girth into account. He was lucky they still fit, even if being tight was purposeful.

He logged into his Camable account and immediately caught eye of the contact request from his grandmother; AdaSwole70. There’s was just something about the name that made his dick tingle. He paused to think for a moment, trying to mindset for whatever kinds of events that would surely follow. Anything could happen, from them just talking one-to-one, to her baiting him into masturbating by flexing. It was a minefield of possibilities – unpredictable.

Nick didn’t expect his grandmother to already be on, as if she’d been patiently waiting for him, nor the noticeable changes in her appearance. She wasn’t any bigger than in the photo, but her hair had been dyed a vibrant shade of blonde dangerously close to Zoey’s. She sat the computer in a bikini not dissimilar to the one in the photo, with the exception of a more stand-out shade of purple. Nick could feel himself getting hard already, so deliberately thought about horrible things to keep him flaccid.

In spite of his efforts, Ada didn’t waste any time.

“I’ll be frank here, kiddo: I’m not here to chat, but for a thrill.” She adjusted her seat, her weight compelling the wooden frame to groan in protest. It seemed even that was enough to excite both her and Nick; her nipples gently poked through the bikini’s fabric, whilst he reached for his cock, only to pull his hand away at the last minute. Not yet. “So thought we could play a little game. I call it the honesty game.”

The honesty game? Nick hadn’t heard of that before, but then, was too interested in other things to care about that. Wordlessly, nodding in agreement, he watched Ada adjust her bikini to allow more of her chestacular beefiness be shown.

“The object of the game is simple: I ask a question, and if I’m right, you stroke your cock at least thrice and I flex.” Ada knew Nick hearing the game’s rather simply instructions were enough to get him going a little further and faster, but she wasn’t finished yet. “But if I’m wrong, you have to resist for a whole minute. Keep your underwear on though. Fail, and I’ll end the chat. We clear?”

Nick caught onto the last string of instructions being a tad strange, but was eager to comply with them nonetheless. Not only that, he was pretty certain he’d ejaculate regardless. “Uh-huh.”

Ada smiled. Let the game begin.

“You’re hard right now, aren’t you?”

Nick obviously couldn’t lie about that. Even if he managed to say the words, his actions would betray him; gentle sweating from his brow, heavy breathing, his cock bobbing with excitement. There was only one logical thing to do: three strokes, slow and gentle. Ada followed up with a bicep flex, forty-five inches of mountainous mass packed onto the frame of a seventy-year-old woman, a network of veins gliding across her arm, thick and full of energy. Three strokes became six.

“You wanna feel these mighty muscles of mine, right?”

The sixth stroke was followed by another three, deliberately drawn at a slow pace to prevent the fun from coming to an abrupt end, even if the thought of feeling Ada’s muscles did, in fact, burn its way into Nick’s mind. He could feel his cock nip from the build-up of semen slowly rising within. In fact, he could even feel his manhood violently push against the fabric of his underwear, start tearing it at the sides! Ada followed with a pec flex so epic it compelled her bullish neck into involuntarily do the same.

“You wanna oil me up, kiss my muscles – my lips?”

By the eighth stroke, Nick was starting to drool, but his mind was too numbed by the desirous intention of oiling his grandma up to notice, the fabric of his underwear tearing even more, started showing his visibly bulging balls of steel to her, who returned the favor by flexing her muscled clit under her bikini, eating away at it. The rhythmical rolling of her deltoids was what Ada offered in return, visibly pushing themselves out wider and thicker!

“You wanna put yourself inside me.”

It didn’t come down to a ninth stroke. Instead, Nick’s cock literally tore through his underwear before a torrent of cum burst from it, launching upwards to paint the ceiling, smudge his face and chin, and stain his desk. By the time he’d managed to process just what happened, Ada stained her bikini bottoms in a similar fashion rather violently, the outline of her pussy muscles implying they throbbed with excitement.

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