Big Sister Summer Ch. 01

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The three kids watched the car slowly drive off, pass the corner and down the road until it quickly left their sight.

And with that, Jean-Luc le Coq was alone and on his own. He ran a hand through his short, dark brown hair, already feeling exasperated.

That’s right, he wasn’t on his own, he was with his two annoying big sisters who happened to be standing next to him. He looked them over; Mickey was getting ready for her morning jog but was already distracted by her phone, quickly texting one of her friends before taking off. Damn she was fine; she had short, strawberry blonde hair, pale skin and freckles, with a round face and bright, emerald green eyes. Her body was toned and lean but she still had her fair share of curves, with a decent little booty and nice, DD cup breasts. Her white jogging bra and tight jogging shorts almost gave the impression that she wasn’t wearing anything, but even in the warm summer morning air, her slight abs were evident. At 5’8″, she stood a good 3 inches taller than Jean-Luc. She was 20 to his 18.

Jean-Luc then looked over at his other sister, the 23 year old Kyle. Standing at a solid 5’9″, Kyle had a somewhat intimidating look. She had a leaner, more cut face that only accentuated her finely feminine features. Her lips were full and her brows lovely, and she had striking, dark gray eyes. Her hair fell to her waist, straight and with a gleaming chestnut color that was cut with streaks of deep black that had been freshly dyed-a good look. She was wearing red yoga pants that tightly hugged her body as well as a light and loose, longsleeve shirt that was patterned with Van Gogh’s starry night on it’s front. Her ass and hips were full and she also had plump, DD cup tits as well. Between the three of them, Kyle seemed to be the most forlorn as their parents left, though she quickly pepped herself up.

And now, Jean-Luc had to share the house with the both of them. For three months. Oh, sure, to the average passer-by they may have indeed looked lovely enough, but looks could most certainly be deceiving.

“Well, I’m going for my run,” Mickey said with her surpisingly melodic voice, as she began a quick jog in place, putting her phone in her fanny pack. “Still got that run through the park coming up soon.”

“Okay,” Kyle spoke to her sister in her own uniquely course but still clearly young and feminine voice. “There will be breakfast for you when you come back, Michaela!”

“Thanks. Although, the shrimp here still needs to join me for a run,” she while eying Jean-Luc with a somewhat hungry look; her workouts were intense and while Jean-Luc wasn’t not in somewhat good shape, Mickey’s workouts were far too intense for him. She knew this, and knew that most of the time, Jean-Luc would have preferred to just actually die.

After Mickey took off, Kyle went inside, with Jean-Luc shortly following after her. Standing behind her, he found himself openly checking out his eldest sister’s big booty. After 18 years of only barely being able to get his when he could (which wasn’t very often-probably in no part due to his shorter stature and dour attitude), he had no qualms about checking out his big sister from behind. In fact, both of his big sisters were totally banging, but that still didn’t change the fact that he was dreading spending three whole months of summer with them. He wondered how long it would be until the blaming or arguing would begin. For you see, Mickey was too intense and Kyle was too air-headed.

“How’s work been?,” Kyle asked.

“Uh, good,” Jean-Luc said as amiably as he could, but it was a lie; he worked at an overrated cafe, The Sweetest Sin, as a closer. While it wasn’t the worst place to work, he had been doing it for awhile now, long enough to hate everything about that stupid restaurant. And between the three of them, he was the only one working, which did nothing but piss him off. As far as he was concerned, his two big sisters might as well be bums, for all he cared. He quietly grumbled to himself.

“Will you be working there today?

“Yeah,” he sighed.

“Well then,” Kyle said, fairly cheerfully. “You know how much I love cooking. So sit down and let me cook a big breakfast for you.”

And so, Kyle then got to work in the kitchen doing her best to keep track of the big breakfast she wanted to make for her brother. But the food ended up taking longer to make then she had originally thought, and so Jean-Luc had to leave for work early, having to settle with nothing but a dry Clif bar. Fucking nast. Typical Kyle.

At work, his boss, a big bald guy with a harsh mustache named Philbert, was an extra dick today.

“Jean-Luc!” Philbert shouted from his office, a dingy corner in the back that reeked of sweat and messy food that had long since hidden itself in deep hiding spots. Jean-Luc shuffled in to the room to talk to him, not quite ‘dreading the worst,’ but definitely wishing he was almost anywhere else in the world.

“Yes, boss?” Jean-Luc asked as honestly as he could.

“What the fuck happened yesterday? casino oyna Why weren’t the fucking chairs brought up on top of the fucking tables, ya fuck?” Oh yeah, Philbert was from LA and fancied himself like a character from an old Tarantino movie, especially in the way he talked to his employees.

“Boss, I called you Yesterday; I started suffering from some bad food poisoning, from a muffin I ate earlier.”

“A fucking muffin? Really? That’s no fucking excuse!”

“But boss, I called you about it while I was wretching on the floor; you said I could go home as soon as I felt better.”

Philbert frowned, as he started to remember. “Fine. Sorry, I’ve been so busy as of late, I forgot. But still, you need to show a bit more pep in your step. Your uncheerful presence is starting to bring everyone down!”

“Yes boss, I understand.” After that, Jean-Luc was allowed to go back to his work, sweeping out from under scattered tables. He was immensely pissed off; the bad muffin he had eaten had come from a box of storebought pastries that Philbert himself had brought in to work, but for whatever stupid and lucky reason, hadn’t eaten. But actually, everyone who had one had gotten sick from them; but as the closer, Jean-Luc was the only one who had gotten sick at work. Of fucking course. Whatever.

A few minutes later, Jean-Luc was sweeping in the back kitchen, when he saw someone approaching him. It was ‘Neck,’ real name Ned, but as he was fat and bearded, well, the reasoning for the nickname was apparent. Apparently, he was on his 5 or some shit.

“Dude, have you banged anyone yet this year?,” he asked Jean-Luc.


“Why not?”

“Because I’ve been working. Now, leave me alone you fat fuck.”

“Ah, don’t be like that Jean-Luc; I just asked because your last name is le Coq after all.

“I’m not the only one you know, there are le Coqs all over Bonville. Hell, I probably have cousins I ain’t even met yet. You’re from here, Neck, you should know this-the town founder being an exile during the Napoleonic wars or what not. Spread his seed all over ye olde Bonville-great story. Wait, you know what, I don’t have time for this, what the fuck do you want?”

“I was just asking because I found some good torrent sites that offer lots of sex games. You should play some.”

“I… Neck, can we talk about this later?”

“Oh dude, what about your sisters?” At this, Jean-Luc suddenly paid Neck attention, wondering if had indeed just heard that.

“I beg your pardon?”

“Dude, I’ve seen your sisters come in before, and dude, they’re so fucking hot! You should totally bang them!”

“Dude, the fuck is wrong with you?”

“I’m just saying, why go to another orchard to pick fruit when the trees of your own are already in harvest. In fact, you should knock them up!”

“Neck, shut the fuck up. I hate my sisters, they’re total bitches.”

“They didn’t seem that bad, to me; Mickey, maybe, but Kyle is one of the nicest people I’ve ever met. But if that’s how you feel about them, then who am I to judge? But here, let me give you something.” Neck than reached into the pockets of the apron he was wearing and pulled out a tiny little notepad and pen. The notepad itself looked soaked and there might have been brown gunk on the pen. Somehow though, Neck happened to find the sole piece of paper that happened to be dry. He quickly wrote something down.

“Neck, what are-“

“Here,” Neck said, placing the paper into Jean-Luc’s hand. “Just look up this site and this will teach you everything you need to know on the topic of wincest.”


Jean-Luc went to immediately throw the paper away, until he saw Philbert rounding the corner, most likely coming to berate him some more. Reflexively, Jean-Luc placed the paper into his back pocket and went back to work.

The rest of the day passed most uneventfully, but whether good or bad, Jean-Luc was always just thankful to just get the fuck out of that place. He was especially thankful to get back home so that he could always take a well needed shower. And even though Mickey still needed to clean the bathroom, he was just happy to be able to wash away all the sweat and foodstuff off of him. It really was his sole solace.

As Jean-Luc took off his clothes, he noticed a piece of paper sticking out of the back pocket of his pants. He then remembered the exchange he had had with Neck, and realized he still hadn’t checked the paper. Pulling and unfurling it, he saw that it read:

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” he said aloud. This was gross; yes, he knew that that sort of shit was pretty popular these days, and he would even admit that he had in fact seen one or two of those videos. But all of them that he had seen had been of pretty poor quality and most of the actors, even by porn star standards, weren’t exactly winning any beauty contests. And so, without wasting a moment, he threw the paper away into the small trashbin behind the toilet. Lo and behold, the rest of his slot oyna shower was nice and delightful.

Before he went to bed though, he decided to nab an extra bit of some spare chocolate from downstairs. While going through their somewhat spacious house, he passed by the living room. Mickey was there, wrapped up in a blanket, watching some shitty fucking anime that had her in tears. Jean-Luc hesitated, not exactly looking to interrupt her while she was watching her show, but knowing that he still had to say something.

“Hey, Mickey, can you please clean the bathroom tomorrow?” Mickey said or did nothing. “Mickey?”

“Bro, shut the fuck up, I’m watching my shitty fucking anime! Yes, I’ll clean the fucking bathroom tomorrow.”

“You’re such a pleasant person,” Jean-Luc grumbled, while he went and grabbed some chocolate. Mmm, chocolate with almonds.

“Oh, bro?”


“Can you get a piece for me as well?” Jean-Luc threw a peanut butter cup at her head. “Ow!” Mickey yelped. “Ugh, thank you! Love you!”

“Love you too, sis,” he said, while promptly heading up the stairs to his room, so thankful to finally be getting some well deserved sleep.

“Jean-Luc!” he heard Kyle call to him, just as he was about to enter his room. He turned and saw her walking towards him; she was wearing a beautiful, purple nightie. “Jean-Luc, I’m sorry about the breakfast fiasco this morning. Hopefully the dinner I made was worth it?”

“It’s fine,” he grumbled. “And yes, the dinner was delicious.”

“Good,” Kyle said, shuffling and wiping a few bangs from her brow. “The other thing is, I mean, I know that you and me sometimes clash. I know you and Michaela also clash, much more than I wish you did. And finally, I know you aren’t exactly looking forward to hanging out with us for this extended amount of time while we both try to figure our own shit out. But don’t misunderstand me; we’re here for you and if you need us, talk to us.”

Jean-Luc sighed. This wasn’t exactly the type of conversation he was wanting to have, especially before going to bed; he really was tired. But he knew that Kyle meant well and he wasn’t going to begrudge her for that.

“I understand. Thank you,” he said softly.

And then, something happened that hadn’t happened in a long time. Pulling some of her hair from the side of her face, Kyle leaned in and pointed to her cheek. Jean-Luc blinked, knowing what she was indicating. He did distantly remember that this was something that she liked to do when they were kids, but she hadn’t made this notion in years. He understood the notion, but it was just such a surprise to see it again after so long. But really, it was just a sweet, innocent gesture, nothing wrong with that.

Jean-Luc gave his eldest sister a light peck on her cheek.

“Night, little bro,” Kyle said, before she gracefully walked back to her room. He caught himself still instinctively staring at her ass while she left.

Jean-Luc felt the most mild of stirrings in his loin but he quickly silenced that shit fast. The exchange was random, but sweet, a nice way to end the day. And so, he shrugged and quickly turned in for the night.

A few days had passed and in the meantime, Mickey had somehow miraculously cleaned the bathroom. And so it was on an otherwise normal Friday that that summer really began to heat up for young Jean-Luc.

It was a surprisingly brisk morning and Jean-Luc, still wearing his sleeping clothes, was at the kitchen table, sipping on some cold, black coffee. Only a few minutes ago, Kyle took off to spend another day job hunting, good for her. As for Jean-Luc, it was a day off for him and he was enjoying the quiet calm of the early day. Or at least, he would’ve been, had it not been for the mad tapping sounds coming from the couch that Mickey was laying on. Texting away at her phone, Jean-Luc noticed that she was still dressed in her jogging clothes-the same white pair that she had worn a few days ago. Apparently, she had been effectively distracted yet again by, well, whatever the fuck she was looking at on her phone.

“Do you have to type on that thing so loud?”

“Yes! Of course I do!”

“Do you really?” Jean-Luc asked after a pause. Mickey suddenly stopped the mad texting, and gave a big sigh.

“No,” she moaned, gently tossing her phone away from her. She then just lay there, sprawled on the couch, face in-between the cushions. Jean-Luc smiled, thinking that he now had a moment to himself, to calmly and fully wake up, to seize the day, and to collect and gather his thoughts. Really, he should be following Kyle’s example and also be going out to look for a new job. It was summer in Bonville, which meant most of the students were gone, so now was a good time to-

“Oh shit, there was one thing I meant to ask you about,” Mickey said, raising her head again.

“Yes?” Jean-Luc asked with a wince, thinking that he had been too hopeful too soon.

“Yeah, so, I was cleaning up the bathroom, and when I was throwing the trash away, I saw canlı casino siteleri a piece of paper that mentioned a certain, ‘wincest’ content site.”


“Yes?” Jean-Luc asked with some trepidation, having no idea where this was going.

“Well, shit,” Mickey continued. “You down?”

There was another pause, while Jean-Luc gave his older sister a wary glare.

“What the fuck are you talking about?”

“Are you down to bang me?” Mickey said with a wry smile, and he noticed that her green eyes had a strange gleam to them that he had never quite seen before. Playful, but also serious.

“Are you fucking joking?”

“No, I’m not. Shit, if you want, we can get it going on right now; it’d be a great way to warm-up before my morning jog.”

“Where are the cameras?” Jean-Luc asked while his eyes started darting all over the living room. He looked and waved at a random but high cabinet. “Yo camera dudes, or whoever the fuck you are. Can you just give me the million bucks now instead of later?”

“Dude, this isn’t, like, a prank show. If you’re down to bang then so am I.”

“Where the fuck is this coming from?” Jean-Luc said while putting down his now especially cold and bitter drink.

“Ugh!” Mickey said while rolling on her back, sounding like an ungrateful teen. “Dude, we have the whole summer ahead of us, and it’s going to be boring as fuck.”

“So what? Quit pulling my leg; if you wanna bang someone, go out and get yourself a boyfriend,” Jean-Luc curtly responded. Mickey crossed her arms.

“I don’t want a boyfriend, I’m not interested in that shit right now. But I still want to get my fucking freak on. Toys are lame and frankly, I miss being close with you. So shit, you scratch my back and I’ll scratch your back; or should I say, you eat my puss and I’ll suck your dick.”

“You’re fucking disgusting.”

“And you’re the pot calling the kettle black, you little hypocrite,” she said, now sitting up and still crossing her arms while it was her turn to glare at him. “Oh, what, you don’t think I’ve seen you staring at mine and Kyle’s asses? Yeah, I’m glad to see that you still decided to show up to the low rider show.”

Jean-Luc now began feeling very flustered. And to his own surprise, he did start to feel a rising in his crotch. He accidentally stole a quick glimpse at Mickey’s decent bust but then quickly looked back at her.


“Ha!” Mickey said while now pointing at him. “Don’t think I didn’t see that. But instead of being a little coward and trying to peek a glance, why not act like a man, come over here and slap these pretty girls. Am I into that sort of thing? You won’t know if you don’t try.”

“Mickey, what you’re saying right now is disgusting and illegal. Frankly, it sounds like you’ve been watching more porn than I have, and I think it’s gotten to your head, you crazy bitch. And if you must know, fucking Neck wrote that scrap of paper for me, and the last thing I want to be is a fucking neckbeard.”

“Neck? Ew!”

“Yes, see!”

“Look, porn has nothing to do with it and I almost never watch that shit anyways,” Mickey said, gritting her teeth. Her voice now actually had an edge of genuine anger to it. “But it’s 2020 and as far as I can tell, you can bang a family member and you don’t have to be a neckbeard to do it. Besides, for all we know, this might be the last summer we have to spend time with each other. I’m bored, you’re bored, but it doesn’t have to be that way, so let’s get our freak on and bang this shit out, caveman style.”

“Mickey, don’t be a crazy bitch. Look, if you really want to reconnect with me, we can play some boardgames or do some puzzles or-“

Mickey stood up, like a vengeful spirit. Her brow was furrowed and her fists were trembling with anger. As she stood there with her toned, hourglass body in the late morning sunlight, she made for a sexy and intimidating figure, all the more so considering that she was taller and fitter than Jean-Luc.

“Call me a ‘crazy bitch’ one more time,” she asked in a low, challenging voice. “Go on, I dare you. And in that moment, the whole universe seemed to freeze in place between them. “Go on, see what happens, you little pansy.”

Alright, fine then.

“You’re a crazy bitch,” he swiftly told her. He wasn’t angry when he said that though, and in fact, he sounded more cautious than anything else. Alas though, he had now been fully seized by fate, and nothing he said or did could save him now.

Mickey went up to him and pushed him away from his chair, causing it to slide on it’s legs. He went to get up, but she slapped him and pushed him back down.

“Ow! Mickey,” Jean-Luc went to say, before she reached down and in a swift motion, pulled his morning sweats down to just above his knees.

“Ha!” she laughed. “Look at that!” she said, while staring at his cock. “Looks like you had a little friend who was getting all warmed up, just for me” she said while licking her right palm. “You fucking liar, you were getting hard during that exchange!”

“Mickey,” Jean-Luc went to try and speak again, before she gave him another sharp slap. She knelt down to his cock and spat on his decent sized balls, grabbing his lengthening shaft and forcefully jerking him off.

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