Beverly Ch. 01

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Bev stepped into the large shower stall and sat on the bench attached to one wall. She took the bottle of Nair and rubbed it on both legs all the way to the top. She spread her legs and applied more part way over to her full vaginal lips. She spread the rest from hip to hip and up to above her pubic hair line. She knew the instructions said not to use it in this area but she had been doing it for years with no problems. She waited the appropriate time in her head and turned the water on and using a washcloth, removed the lotion and body hair. She rinsed herself good then washed her body with liquid soap.

When she finished her hair she sat back on the bench and took a razor and some shaving cream and touched up the area immediately around her pussy until it was also nice and smooth. She had a hot date tonight and wanted to be ready. She knew her lover loved a shaved pussy and smooth legs. Hers were long as she was just above 5’10”. She ran a lot, so her legs were very muscular but not large. She dried off and applied lotion to her legs that made them shine. Another turn on for her lover. She ran a comb through her short hair and did not put any makeup on; she never wore any.

Bev went out into the bedroom to get dressed and just as she walked past the bed a man walked into the bedroom. He startled her as she was not expecting anyone. She immediately recognized her lover and they stood looking at each other. She dropped the towel she had wrapped around her body and slightly spread her legs; she could see him looking her over from top to bottom as she just stood there. After a few seconds he started undressing and as he removed his pants and jockey shorts at the same time, she could see his rigid dick standing up. As he was removing his shirt and tie she stepped back to the bed and sat down.

Her lover finished undressing and started towards her. She moved back onto the bed and down on to her back. Bev drew her knees back to her breasts then grabbed her knees and spread her thighs open as far as she could get them. When he got to the foot of the bed he could see her pussy wide open and liquid draining out of it. Looking between her spread legs Bev said come fuck me NOW. Put you dick in me and fuck me good. He asked if she wanted him to use a rubber and she said no, she wanted to feel him running out of her at dinner as a reminder of more to cum.

There was no foreplay, he got between her legs and guided his hard dick into her slopping wet pussy. With one thrust he was in all the way. Bev put her head back and yelled fuck. There was not really any love making, just pure sex and screwing. Bev locked her legs around him and pulled herself into every thrust he gave her. Her hands played with her medium sized breasts and large nipples. They rode very firm on her chest with no sag to the side as he pounded her slit. She could feel him hit her cervix with every stroke. This added to the stimulation he gave her.

As she started saying fuck me with every thrust he changed his position so that the base of his dick hit her clit every time he got in her all the way. All of a sudden she threw her arms around him and pulled tight with both her arms and legs as she came and came yelling for him to cum in her pussy. He did and with gusto. He was the type that did not thrust deep into her and stop as he came; he kept thrusting hard as he deposited his cum all along her tight sheath. After she felt his spasms and thrusting stop she relaxed her grip on him and he lay on top of her gently. As he went soft and slipped out of her, she felt their juices flow out with him.

Shortly he moved down to her still stretched open pussy and lapped at it enjoying the reward. Bev grabbed her knees again and pulled herself open to him. Within five minutes she came again giving her lover more to feast on. He moved up along side of her and using his finger tip played with one of her nipples. Bev had other things on her mind and pulled away from him wanting to taste his dick as he had done to her. He was soft so she took all of him in her mouth up to his balls and cleaned him good. She then moved up to his mouth and they shared their treats. She finally said welcome home. He grinned and said her welcome home greetings were getting better.

Sandy, her husband, looked at the clock and said they had better get a move on and not be late for their dinner reservation. He had a quick shower while Bev used a washcloth to wipe herself off. She knew she smelled like sex and wanted to stay that way. She slipped her dress over her naked body and put some high heels on. They were high enough to really make the calves in her legs stand out and they still were shiny from the lotion. The skirt on her dress was pretty short so she knew she had to remember to keep her legs closed at certain times. The dress was also low cut so she did not want to fall out either.

Sandy had been watching her get dressed as she did and grinned at her. Bev saw he was hard again as he zipped his pants up. canlı bahis şirketleri He also was naked under his pants, shirt and coat. Even though they had been married over 3 years they still had their special date nights. This one even more so as Major Beverly Sims was leaving for Iraq tomorrow afternoon.

They finished getting ready and went out to his car. He opened the door for her and as it was low, she pulled her skirt up some and spread her legs as wide as the skirt would allow letting him see her pussy. After she got in he leaned in and kissed her as he put his hand down her dress and pinched her nipple. She yelped and slapped his hand. On the way Sandy ran his hand up her leg and a finger into her vagina. He withdrew it and licked it off. He told her that her legs looked fantastic and the he had a hard time deciding which were better; her legs or breasts.

Dinner was fantastic and since the table cloth hid everything, Sandy had his hand up her skirt again and Bev had his hard dick out. They were careful to avoid the server. On the way home they went up to the top of the garage where Sandy worked and parked like two high school kids. He got her off with his fingers and she sucked on his dick but did not make him cum. She wanted for him to screw her again after they got home. They finally did and got naked and into bed. This time they made love slowly. Bev kissed him for some time then played with his balls and dick. She finally straddled him and he played with her breasts.

She guided him into her wet pussy and sat quietly on him while he pulled on her nipples. She started very slowly moving in a circle then up and down. She then started gripping him with her vagina. Sandy moved one hand down between her legs and used his thumb to rub her clit. After about 10 minutes Bev came and Sandy followed. She fell forward on him, told him how much she loved him and would miss him and they fell asleep that way. She woke up later needing to go to the bathroom and slipped off him and did so. Sandy was right behind her.

They went back to bed, slept in some more and then got up, showered together and had brunch. Bev got her uniform on and packed her overnight bag and got ready for him to take her to the airfield. The rest of her stuff had already been packed in a container and taken to the unit.

Bev was a helicopter pilot (Blackhawk) and also the B unit commander. They were a medical unit and flew wounded soldiers. She got to fly some but not as much as she wanted. Some of the members were flying over in a very large cargo plane that had some helicopters and other equipment loaded aboard. Bev was in the charter plane with the rest of the troops. She had Sandy take her early so she could be sure things were organized and ready to go. When the time came all of the military people and their loved ones had a last hug and kiss and they boarded their aircraft. They were soon airborne and on their way.

The charter beat the cargo plane because it only had to stop once for fuel. The cargo plane had to do several midair refuelings which slowed it down some. They got off the plane and were transported by busses to a rest area. The next day they were transported to their field assignment area by the field hospital they were to support. The team got organized quickly and efficiently. They were soon doing transfers to the main hospital about 45 minutes away after the soldiers were stabilized. The A & B units did 12 hours shifts and each month switched doing either the day or night shift. Each shift started at either noon or midnight.

Bev was able to get more flying time in when they had the noon to midnight shift as she was usually done with her administrative work around 6 pm. About 4 months into their deployment, Bev had flown a patient to the main hospital. Just as she was landing at the field hospital, someone on the ground opened fire on them with a rifle. A lucky shot hit the rotor hub on the chopper causing it to malfunction and stop providing lift. They were about 30 feet from the ground and dove into the ground. The right skid folded up and crushed the cabin and other things into Bev’s legs.

Everyone lived but suffered some type of injury(s). Luckily there was a doctor on board who was not badly injured. When he was able to get out of the rear, he rushed to the front of the chopper and found Bev unconscious and bleeding badly from severe leg injuries. He applied tourniquets and saw that her foot was gone on the right leg. He knew she had lost a lot of blood before he could get it stopped. It was going to take help with the proper tools some time to get there. He used his knife to amputate that leg at the knee as he would not have been able to cut the bone any place else. He and another crew member were able to get her away from the chopper in case of fire. Another medic started IV’s.

Help got there from the field hospital quickly as someone happened to see the ship go down. Bev was taken to the field hospital for evaluation canlı kaçak iddaa and treatment. Her left leg was also mangled but the tourniquet was keeping the bleeding under control. Her only other injury was being unconscious which they did not understand at first. After her helmet was removed they found a large dent in it on the back side. Later when the chopper was examined, a large EKG unit was found by her seat. The unit had broken lose during the crash and flown forward hitting her. The helmet saved her life.

There was a lot of foreign material in both leg wounds from the aircraft and her being on the ground in the sand. The legs were flooded with normal saline while another chopper was readied to transport her to the main hospital. The doctor that saved her was too shook up so another doctor went with her on the transfer. This chopper took off in a different direction, and just as they did, word came that the enemy had been found and taken care of. They got to the main hospital in record time and they were ready for Bev. Except for severity of injury, preference was usually not shown to anyone but since she was a member of the “family” rapid procedures were done in x-ray and pre-op and she was in surgery.

Because of the types of injury and the dirt in the wounds, it was decided to amputate what was left of her legs about half way up her thighs. The stumps were not closed with sutures but just packed with dressings. Large amounts of antibiotics were given to her by IV. The x-rays showed no bleeding in her brain; she just had a bad concussion. After being watched closely in the recovery room, she was added to the priority list of people to go to Germany on the night flight.

Just after the huge Air Force medical evacuation plane lifted off, Bev started to awaken. She was still very confused and the doctor on board determined she was moving all of her extremities. He then had them give her medication to keep her unconscious for the rest of the trip to be sure there was no brain swelling. She had been given three units of blood with a fourth dripping now. Her blood pressure, pulse and respiration were within normal limits.

After they landed in Germany all of the patients were put in large, mobile intensive care busses and taken to the large military hospital. This had been a great flight for the crew as no one had expired this trip.

Bev was examined again as she arrived in her ICU room and the dressings on her stumps changed. Her left one did not look good. A blood and tissue cultures were done. If her leg did not improve in the next 5 hours it would be back to surgery for her. Three hours later the nurse reported to the doctor of a foul smell. There was an open OR available and Bev was taken to surgery. Her left leg was removed at her hip, a hip disarticulation. The hip socket was exposed and the ball joint separated from it and all of the leg tissue cut away. Nothing was done to the pelvic bone or hip socket.

A stop was made on at the MRI and a brain scan done and then she was taken back to her ICU room. The MRI showed no brain injury. The next day gas gangrene was found in the tissue cultures. It was a good thing they had already removed her leg.

By this time Sandy had been notified that his wife had been injured and on her way to Germany. The extent of her injuries was not given. He was pissed to say the least. They had fought several times over the years that he had known her, about her wanting to stay in the military and fly. He had been advised to wait until he could talk to someone at the hospital before he did anything. The military did not want him to start flying there and Bev be immediately on her way to the US and miss each other.

Bev was allowed to awaken the next morning and seemed to be coherent. She had no memory of anything happening to her and was then informed about her injuries. She was also told she was not out of the woods yet and it would be several days to know what might still happen. She was asked about the pain and she said it was ok for now. Bev seemed to take the news ok. She asked if her husband knew and yes, he was told that only she was injured and here. When would he be told the rest and the answer was later today. She knew what his reaction would be.

Bev drifted off to sleep and it was dark when she woke up again. A nurse was gently shaking her shoulder calling her name. Bev looked up at her and said hello. How are you feeling the nurse asked. Bev said OK and did anyone get the number of the truck that hit her. The nurse laughed and said it was good she was feeling better. She explained about the button Bev could push that would give her pain medicine. She could only get one dose every 4 hours but at least did not have to wait for the nurse to get it ready. Bev said she understood.

The nurse asked her some questions to see how much she remembered but she still could not remember what happened. Earlier in the day was as far back as she went. The nurse said she canlı kaçak bahis needed to check her dressings and Bev asked if she could see and the nurse said not yet. When she pulled the sheet up it was piled on her abdomen to block the view. The nurse noted the left hip area was good but the right stump did not look so good. Bev said she felt like she needed to pee and was told that she had a catheter in to drain her bladder so there was nothing to worry about.

Bev did not even remember the nurse putting the sheet back down over her. A doctor had called Sandy and given him all the information about his wife. On the one hand he was glad she was ok and alive; on the other hand having lost both of her legs infuriated him. It seems that Sandy was thinking only about himself and how HE would look being with a wife that did not have legs. He decided there was no way he was going to Germany to see her.

Bev was awakened again by someone calling her name. It was still dark, even the room barley had any lights on. It was a different nurse this time asking how she was. She apologized for having to wake her up but it was necessary because of her brain injury. Bev said she felt ok and understood needing to be awake. The nurse asked her several questions and again the answers were the same. Bev asked if she could have some water and the nurse said only some ice chips. She also said her name was Tina. She spooned a few chips into Bev’s mouth but would not give her very many. Bev was off asleep again.

The next morning several doctors came in at once. One introduced himself as Captain Winfried and she noticed he had eagles on his collar so he must be a naval doctor. He said he was in charge of her care and they needed to check her hip and stump. He put gloves on and removed the bandages. Both wounds were still open (not sutured closed). He said the hip area looked very good but he leg did not. He said they needed to take her back to surgery for another revision. Bev asked how much they were going to take this time and he said as little as possible. She then asked if he took it at the hip like the other one, might that make sure it was all over.

Captain Winfred seemed a little surprised at the question and thought a minute. While he was thinking Bev added she wanted to get it over with. She would just as soon have things matched and would not mind if she had no legs at all. She had thought about it and it might even make things easier to manage. He nodded his head indicating he understood her thinking and that he had no problem with doing as she requested. He added he also would close her left hip area up. He asked the nurse to prepare the paperwork and have her sign it. He smiled at her and said they would do it after lunch and did she have any more questions. Bev said no and thanked him.

They left and the new nurse came over and introduced herself as Becky. Bev asked for some ice chips and she said she could only have a couple because of the upcoming surgery. She also said she could only have one more hit of the pain med. Bev said she was ok without any. An x-ray tech came in with the machine and took an x-ray of her stump and right hip area. She left the machine while she went someplace and developed them. When she came back she said they were fine and took the machine and left. Becky read the operation permit and asked if there were any questions. Bev answered no and signed it.

Just after noon some medical corpsmen came and took her to the operating room. They moved her to the table and took her bed out. The anesthetist explained what he was going to do and gave her a chance for any questions. He told her he was going to put a mask over her face but it was just oxygen and would not put her to sleep. He did and after five minutes said he was going to inject some medicine into her IV that would put her to sleep quickly. Bev heard a rushing sound and the next thing she knew she was in the recovery room. A nurse came over and asked how she was. Bev said groggy but ok she thought. The nurse asked if she had any pain and Bev said not now. The nurse said good just let her know if she did.

A little later Dr. Winfried came in and took her hand. He asked how she was feeling and if in any pain. She said no and he said he had injected the whole area with numbing medicine and it would probably be 12-14 hours before it wore off and she did. He then told her that the infection was much worse than expected after they got going. He had to remove her leg at the hip, like the other side, anyway and was glad they had discussed it before hand. It made his decision much easier to go ahead and do it.

He also explained that since there was so much infection on the right side, he did not close her left hip area to be safe. They would do both of them later after they were sure it was all gone. Bev said she understood and thanked him for being so good to her. He smiled and left.

The nurse came back over and knowing what the surgery had done to Bev was surprised at the smile on her face. Bev told her she was great and no pain. After the nurse left Bev thought about when she was growing up as a teen, she had wished she was an amputee. Now she had her wish! She had thought about it in later years also.

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