Betrayed By My Body Ch. 01

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Shanna, my girlfriend can be pretty sneaky sometimes. Like today, for instance, when she came home early from school and caught me watching porn.

“Baby! I was going to be home in like an hour. You couldn’t have waited for me?” Fuck. That extremely eloquent phrase was about all that went through my head when the door to our bedroom suddenly opened and she walked in. I hadn’t been expecting her for another hour at least, she was supposed to be in class right now, English 1150 or something.

I hurriedly tried to close down the browser window. It wasn’t that I was looking at anything kinky but I was pretty embarrassed that she’d caught me with my shorts around my ankles and my dick in my hand.

“Wait, why are you closing that down? Are you looking at weird stuff?” Shanna demanded, storming over to try to catch a glimpse of what I was clicking on.

“No babe, I’m just… I wasn’t… it was just normal porn, nothing weird,” I stammered out, trying to quickly open up another program and pretend I’d been doing something else while at the same time pulling my shorts up my legs. I only half succeeded in either case, my dick ended up trapped by the waist band, jutting up against my stomach obscenely, and I couldn’t quite get all the windows closed. The pop up add showing a teaser from a webcam show with a busty MILF touching herself was still centered on my screen. “Besides, I’m done, I’m working on homework now. See?”

“Done? Your dick is still hard. You just say that because I walked in. Show me what you were trying to hide from me. Let me see your history.” She glared down at me, her hands gripping her hips. An expression that said I’d better shower her or else the only hand on my dick would be mine for the next month.

“Fine,” I said, flustered that she was making me pull up the video I’d been stroking off to. “See? It’s just a video of two people fucking, nothing weird.” She didn’t say anything for a moment as she read through my browser history. I took a moment to thank god I hadn’t been looking at anything weird this time. The video that loaded was of a petite blonde bent over the arm of a couch and getting slammed from behind by some muscle bound guy with a shaved head. The guy annoyed me but I had to admit that the sight of her tiny pussy stretching around a cock that was almost half as wide as her waist was pretty hot. My penis agreed and started pulsing. My girlfriend noticed the movement as she looked on over my shoulder.

“Oh my god, are you getting off on this again?” Shanna gasped, reaching down my chest to grip my cock tightly. I moaned in reply. “I shouldn’t be so nice to you,” she said, dragging her nails down my cock until she was cupping my balls. She gave them a quick but firm squeeze. “But I will be today. So if you want to watch porn and jerk off thats ok but it’s going to be on my terms.” She released my and went over to the closet, pulling one of my ties off of its hanger.

“Put your hand behind your back,” she ordered. I obeyed, pushing them through the gap between the back of the chair and the seat. The soft silk of the tie bit snuggly into my wrists. She grabbed the waistband of my shorts and pulled them back down to the floor. Since I hadn’t been wearing a shirt I now sat naked on the chair, my hard cock jutting up towards the ceiling, twitching in anticipation.

“Alright, let’s see what we can find for you to watch.” She knelt by my side, using her left hand to hold my cock, idly stroking it as she moved the mouse with her right. She navigated to the porn sites main page, browsing through the newly added videos to see if there was anything worth watching.

“Oo, that one looks hot, the one with the asian girl,” I tried to volunteer, indicating a softcore looking video that featured a skinny asian woman licking a purple dildo.

“No we need something else, something… nasty!” she grinned evilly up at me before turning her attention back to the monitor. “Hmmm, what’s this category? Femdom? Do you illegal bahis know what that is?” My dick twitched when she named the category. I definitely knew what it was but I’d kept my interest in it a secret from her.

She’d always been a pretty vanilla girl. Not innocent, mind you, she definitely love having sex. But before now the kinkiest sex we’d ever had was doing it doggy style. She’d definitely never tied me up before. I was forced to quickly come to the realization that she may have been keeping some fantasies secret from me too.

I kept my eyes on the screen and shook my head in response. Unfortunately she’d picked up my cock’s movement in her hand and called my bluff. “No, huh? I think your cock is saying something different. Do you like this stuff? Guys getting spanked by girls? Whips…? Strapons!” My dick twitched again and a drop of precum oozed out of the tip, leaving a glistening trail as it slid down the head to Shanna’s hand, definitive proof that I did indeed like this stuff.

“Looks like someone’s getting excited by it.” She used her thumb to rub the precum into the sensitive underside of my cock. I moaned in appreciation and my cock throbbed and pulsed in response. “Yeah, watch this video baby. You can’t tell me you don’t think it’s hot.” She clicked on a video that showed a tanned young girl with an eight inch blank strapon jutting from her waist. Her breasts were about a C-cup, huge on her small frame.

Her costar was a slim man, his nipples were concealed by a pink bra and his hard dick was held against his stomach by a matching pair of panties. He had a wig and makeup on and looked surprisingly feminine despite the hard cock.

The young dominatrix was kneeling between his legs, one hand guiding her toy into his asshole and the other holding his panties to the side. Her black platform leather boots were braced against the baseboard, giving her something to push off of when she began to fuck him.

“No, put something else on. I don’t like this stuff.” But Shanna wasn’t believing me. She had the evidence to the contrary in her hand.

“Liar! You’re rock hard, harder than you’ve ever been with me. I think you love this actually. I think you want to be him. Look at what she’s doing. Look at that strapon. Do you like it? Do you want me to get one? Should I dress you up like that and fuck you like a bitch?”

“No, no, no, I’m not into thaahhhhhh….” I moaned as she squeezed tightly and stroked me slowly. The moan ruining my attempt at protesting.

“Oh my god. Your cock is leaking precum like crazy.” I could feel the slickness as she scooped it all up and used it to help jack me off. She rotated her hand in a slow corkscrew motion on my cock that felt amazing. “Look,” she nodded towards the screen. “She isn’t letting him jack off! Not that there’s much there for him to jack off anyways, his cock looks a little smaller than yours and I barely need one hand to do you. She’s making him receive all his pleasure from the dick in his ass and it sure looks like he’s enjoying it. You can see the precum slicing down his little cock.It’s like her cock is forcing it out of him.”

She moved her other hand to my balls, letting the movie play by itself. With her other hand she massaged my balls, pulling them away from my body and squeezing them softly. Her left hand kept up it’s slow twist on my cock.

As I watched the movie I slowly became aware of a different sensation too. She was using a finger to massage the area under my balls. I could feel her touch causing a pleasurable sensation as she caressed the area, moving closer and closer towards my asshole.

“Baby, don’t… stop… don’t touch me there. I don’t want my ass played with.”

“No? Ok, if you prove you aren’t enjoying it I’ll stop. If your dick goes soft I’ll move my hands, promise.” She said with a smile while she kept up the slow jacking motion. “Not getting soft? Alright, I’ll take that as a sign you really do like it.”

“No fair! illegal bahis siteleri You had your hand…”

“Oh my god,” she interrupted me. “Oh my god, he’s doing it! Watch the screen baby. He’s cumming without touching himself! That’s so fucking hot.”

I couldn’t help up lock my eyes on the screen as the man’s body started to twitch and his dick began oozing a thick load of cum onto his chest. With every thrust the girl made more cum oozed out until is spilled down his sides.

Then I felt her touch directly on my asshole and I left loose a low, drawn out moan as I too came. My orgasm ripped through my body and out my cock, splattering cum across my chest and legs.

“Yes, cum for me. Cum thinking of me fucking your tight little ass with a strapon! Oh my, there’s so much cum. I don’t think I’ve ever seen you cum this much. And you’re still hard!” she giggled joyously, while she ran her fingers along my cum covered chest. “Do you want more?”

“No baby, I’m tired and sensitive, I don’t think I could take anymore,” but Shanna kept going despite my protest. She loosened her grip and lightly brushed her hand over my cock, keeping it hard and wet from all the cum that had pooled around the base.

“I’ll be gentle with you love.” She wiped her hand on my shorts on the floor and went back to looking through the porn, browsing through the femdom videos to find something else to watch. “We need something nastier. I can’t believe I didn’t know you were into femdom. I wonder what else you’re hiding from me. Wanna watch some shemales?” she asked, going through the list of categories on the site. “Gay stuff? Wanna watch two guys fucking?” she said with a grin.

“Fuck no, there’s nothing hot about two guys.”

“Unless they’re dressed as girls but then that would be like two shemales I guess. Interracial then? Hey, what’s this… cuckold? Do you know what that is?” I did but once again I kept my eyes away from her lest she realize I was hiding this fantasy too.

“No, sounds weird though. What about some hardcore lesbian stuff. Backdoor lesbians or something like that?” I tried to steer the search in any direction away from the cuckold category.

“Maybe,” she replied. “But I want to find out what this cuckold stuff is first. Weird could be good, could be nasty!” She clicked on the category and began looking through the videos. “Huh, this is odd, It’s like interracial, sorta. Like wives getting fucked by black guys. Is it a like threesomes? Or… no I see. It’s like about husbands who watch their wives fucking other men! Oh that is nasty, real nasty! What do you think babe? Want to watch me fuck other men?”

“No, that’s wrong, you’re my girlfriend. I don’t want you fucking anyone else. Look, babe, I’m tired. Can you untie me? If you want I’ll help you get off but I think I’m going to take a nap now.” I wasn’t really tired but I didn’t want her to make me cum while watching cuckold porn.

“Ahh, you mean you don’t wanna see a big black guy plow me? Shoving his giant cock into my little pussy?”

“Hell no,” I protested. I tried to scoot away from her but my movements only succeeded in calling attention to the fact that I was rock hard again. The image of some black guy fucking Shanna had indeed been a fantasy of mine.

“Don’t you try to move away from me, you little liar! You’re rock hard again. You love this shit. You really get hot thinking of see me fuck other men? Black guys with bigger cocks than yours?”

I closed my eyes and shook my head, muttering no’s and tried to rid my mind of the images that threatened to make me spill another load. I couldn’t do it though. I couldn’t push the thought of Shanna, my sweet Shanna, riding a massive black cock from my head.

“Watch this one you nasty boy. Look at how she’s worshiping that massive black cock. That could be me, you know. Do you want that? To see my mouth spread around a huge piece of meat like that?” She continued running her hand up and down canlı bahis siteleri my little cock. Tighter now and faster, trying to push me towards the edge yet again.

“Oh fuck, this is getting me so hot. I need my relief first baby,” she said, getting up off the floor and slipping out of her skirt and panties. She lay back on the bed and spread her legs. “Eat me little man, eat my fucking cunt!”

I stumbled up off the chair, my hands still tied behind my back and my cock dripping precum. I’d been close to orgasming but Shanna wasn’t in the mood to be argued with right now.

It looked like she’d been turned on for a while now. Her labia was red and I could see her clit starting to peak out of its sheath. I sank to my knees at the side of the bed and leaned forward to lick up her glistening pussy.

“Oh yeah, that’s right baby, worship my pussy, let me tell you all about this video while you lick my cunt like a good little cuckold. Is that what you want to be? My cuckold? Don’t answer, just keep licking me slut.” I eagerly bent to the task, the sooner she came the sooner she could finish me off too. My rock hard cock demanded I give her my best effort.

“She’s on her back now on the bed. The black guy, he’s so hot, is stroking his giant cock as he positions it at her pussy. He didn’t eat her at all, that’s for the husband to do to make his wife ready for this big cock. Oh, he’s not going to… oh that’s so nasty! He’s making the husband come over and hold the guy’s black cock against his wife’s pussy! Do you wanna do that baby? Hold a cock against my tight cunt?”

I groaned into her pussy because that was exactly part of my fantasy. I wanted badly to help Shanna take a huge cock. I busied myself by trapping her clit in my mouth and lashing it with my tongue. I was rewarded with a loud moan from Shanna. She pushed her pussy harder against my face and one of her hands snaked through my hair, gripping me tightly and holding me in place.

“Yes, just like that baby! You eat me so well. He’s fucking her now, the black guy. He turned her over and he’s pounding her doggy style. Oh god she looks like she’s enjoying that huge cock so much. It looks like their almost done, the black guy is slowing down. I think he’s cumming inside of her. Oh that’s so hot. All that cum dipping out of her married pussy. Wait… what’s going… oh wow. The husband is eating her now! He’s licking all that cum from her cuuuuu…”

She couldn’t finish the word as she crashed through an orgasm. Her screams filled the room and she snapped her thighs around my head, trapping my face against her pussy. I couldn’t move away with my hands tied behind me.

Her pussy shot juices into my mouth and all over my face as she road me, bucking against my lips and nose. I tried to breath through my nose but the only air I got was a brief gasp every time she arched her body off the bed.

Finally, just before I thought I was going to black out she released me. I fell back gasping, fighting for breath while she continued twitching in the afterglow of the best orgasm I’d ever seen her experience.

After a moment of rest she sat up with a contented sigh. “Well that was fun. We’re going to have to explore this some more. I think you should go make us some dinner now while I take a shower and get cleaned up.” She stood and began straightening the room, picking up a towel and throwing her dirty clothes into the laundry hamper.

“Wait, what about me? I’m so hard it hurts, can you make me cum, please?”

“It looks like you already did,” she said, gesturing at the floor. I looked down and found a pool of clear liquid between my knees. A strand of precum still dangled from the tip of my hard dick, swinging back and forth as I moved. “Without even touching yourself it looks like. Oh well, I think that’s enough for you today. Go to the kitchen and start dinner. And I better not catch you playing with yourself again either!” she called out as left the room, walking down the hall to the bathroom.

Fuck, I thought once again. My cock had betrayed me and it looked like this wasn’t going to be the end of it. If I read the tone of her voice right, I’d say I was soon going to experience things I’d only dreamed of.

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