Beth’s Night of Mistakes

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Behind her closed eyes, Beth’s distress began welling up.

“Damn, damn, damn! You’re twenty eight now and those days are supposed to be well over,” she agonised to herself. “What on earth made you do that?”

Rehearsing at least three profuse apologies at once, she eased her guilty eyes open. The flaring off the open fire was dancing all over the beautiful startled face, now a good two feet away. Serious startled dark circles stared back. The foundation brush began shaking in her right hand. Panicking, Beth wished she could go back an hour and start again.

She’d just had what seemed like the longest afternoon in her salon making up five teenaged girls for a debutante ball. At the time, the frantic juggling had made it seem more like twenty. Towards the end, she had forgotten that morning’s gloomy realisation view that she was being deserted again tonight and was looking forward to a peaceful Friday evening at home.

She recalled just two hours ago being already in her flannelette pyjamas and a thin robe, phone to her ear, trying to hear over her husband James’ clattering in the neighbouring storeroom. At the other end had been Vanessa’s oafish husband, Brian, whinging that she had been held back at work and was refusing to come home by public transport.

“In the dark? Sure, you idiot!?” she remembered interjecting mentally.

He had asked if Beth would be a dear and tell James he had to pick her up and bring her home and explain he’d be at least an hour late because of her.

Why not bring her straight here instead, she’d suggested. Check with Vanessa first of course, but she’d be most welcome to stay here overnight. Provided she’s okay about just staying indoors and having a quiet evening. Just a pizza or nibbles and a glass or two of wine. I can easily rustle up a set of pyjamas.

When Vanessa herself had rung shortly after, Beth had quickly dismissed both her apology and her profuse thanks, explaining they would both benefit by not being alone at home on what was a freezing Friday night.

“Jeez, women! It’s getting like a bloody furnace in here,” were Brian’s first words as he burst inside the front door. As he hurtled off in search of James, the young woman trailing behind Beth flashed her usual vivacious smile as she unbuttoned her coat.

“I’m really well Brian, thanks. And you?” Beth had muttered in his wake as she hung the coat up, rolling her eyes. “Women? Men!”

Gratefully, Vanessa had sidled over to the fire and turned her back to it, palms outspread. Beth shook her head that the girl could look so fetchingly beautiful in a bank uniform. She had got an eager nod from Vanessa as she held up the bottle of sparking white wine.

Just as Beth had finished pouring, James and Brian rampaged back, putting two cartons of beer stacked inside the front door to their shoulders.

With a joint “See ya,” both husbands sped out the front door and two car door slams later, Brian’s car was whisking them off to Eric’s farmlet in the country for their usual fortnightly Friday all-night session of darts, snooker and cards.

Beth had passed one glass to Vanessa, raising the other. “To a quiet night alone,” she ruefully toasted. “Yet again,” came Vanessa’s resigned response as the glasses clinked.

“I’ve got an idea first up if you don’t mind being a guinea pig,” Beth had suggested after a sip. “I’m thinking of adding a brand new line of foundation powder for use in the salon. It’s meant to make your face glow. Want to try it out?”

“Would I? Great!” had come the eager acceptance.

“But in case it gets on your work clothes …” Beth had added, pausing there. Standing her glass on the table, she’d purposefully fled from the room, emerging back a minute later with a neat stack in her hands. She’d passed the large white business shirt on top of pyjamas to Vanessa’s free hand. “The shirt’s an old one of James’,” she’d explained. “Put the pyjama bottoms on, but throw the canlı bahis şirketleri shirt on instead of the top, just while I do the application.”

“You change while I’ll grab the powder and a brush,” Beth had continued over her shoulder pausing on her way out again. “The lounge room light’s a bit full on, isn’t it? The dimmer’s over there if you think so too. But remember, I’ll need some light to be able to see your face.”

Beth had let out a low wolf whistle on her return at the smiling long-limbed girl facing her in front of the fire, delicate fingers doing up the last shirt button over her shapely bare legs. Only the very top button was undone.

“That looks so much better on you than it ever did on James, even before he got too big for it,” she had complimented Vanessa as she drained her glass in a single gulp. The words brought on a blush and that charming shy smile Beth found so fetching about her. Putting her hands behind her back, Vanessa resumed warming them in the subdued lighting as Beth refilled both glasses.

“Oh, I rarely wear pyjama bottoms,” Vanessa had gushed when she saw Beth glance at the neat pants beside the hearth. That was when Beth became aware the girl only had a pair of briefs on her hourglass figure underneath. Unbeknown to Vanessa, the long cotton shirt was almost transparent in the light from the fire behind from where Beth stood.

Touching soft bristles to the powder, she had closed the distance to Vanessa and offered her the small jar to hold. Cupping the young woman’s shoulder with her left hand, Beth had carefully begun brushing the fine powder on the exquisite face opposite.

“Nearly done,” Beth could recall herself saying minutes later as she reached the top of Vanessa’s slender neck. She’d leaned back for a look. “Lovely,” she had reinforced dabbing the brush into the small jar for the final applications.

Beth had begun stroking the soft bristles down into the tiny V of the shirt. With her free hand, she had casually undone one more button. As she had been begun brushing the small area of newly exposed skin, Vanessa’s eyes had shyly dropped. Beth had looked down too. She could tell the young woman was disconcerted by the two telltale tips starting to push their way outwards under the shirt material. When their eyes had slowly raised and met, the embarrassed look on the innocent face had touched Beth deeply.

And even right now, despite her deep regret, the light touch of her mouth against Vanessa’s and the taste of her new friend’s lips were still imprinted in her mind.

Humble now though, she stood silently, awaiting an outburst, condemnation.

The lovely face continued to stare, the mouth trying to talk but nothing coming out. Then it stopped and she saw Vanessa blink.

Silently, the girl before her slowly stooped and carefully placed the jar on the hearth, her eyes never leaving Beth’s. As she rose, her hand briefly caressed the fingers holding the shaking brush. Then five fingers drew back and began an unhurried journey down, unbuttoning the thin shirt on their way. Beth stood hypnotised as, drawing back one side, Vanessa liberated her pointed left breast.

The squat jutting nipple arching slightly upwards caught Beth’s attention. Her trembling fingers warily inched the soft hairs forward and started a light dusting around what was left of the pink-brown aureole. It instantly disappeared as the thankful thick nipple tried to swell out even further. Absorbed, Beth lovingly brushed along and around the fleshy goose-bumped offering. When she began subtly working a few soft bristles around and just inside the nipple slit opening, she heard Vanessa give a soft cry of joyous surprise.

Encouraged, Beth brushed the other half of the shirt aside. Her free fingertips enclosed the excited fingertip like bud there and began watching them gently massaging it. A prolonged “Oh!” later, she let the brush drop completely. Taking the topless girl’s canlı kaçak iddaa slender waist with both hands, she stooped.

She felt the girl take a breath as her mouth gradually engulfed the whole pointed tip. The young woman began running a hand through Beth’s hair, arching back slightly. Beth didn’t know which part of what followed was better: the feeling of Vanessa’s erect nipple grazing back and forth along the roof of her mouth or the young girl’s violent shudder as it did. Beth felt the hand clutch the back of her head. Closing her lips to pin the whole breast tip inside, she began a quietly suckling, imagining the beautiful girl’s face behind closed eyes looking down at her.

After what seemed like ages later, she reluctantly released herself and stood up. Wild eyes flashed wantonly into hers looking for guidance. The two adoring faces met.

The prolonged kissing became more lusty and prolonged until they breathily parted. Vanessa’s fingers began struggling away at Beth’s pyjama top before being able to slide it from her naked shoulders. Beth watched the look of lust intensify on the beautiful face as Vanessa took one of her larger breasts in hand.

She savoured the expressions of wonder on the stunning face watching her own hand softly squeezing Beth. Its release to allow a trembling finger to begin tracing around her increasingly sensitive aureole became the trigger for Beth. She bent and sent her pyjama bottoms and panties to her ankles in one motion, kicking them away, and fell to her knees before the long legs. As she teasingly began lowering the panties, a modest hand darted inside and cupped the crutch.

Leaving them at the slender ankles, Beth’s hands rose up the calves behind and cupped each side of the firm young behind. She leaned forward and ensured she reassuringly kissed each shielding knuckle. She felt the hand hesitate so she ran her tongue tip suggestively up the tight gap between the guarding fingers. Vanessa’s hand slowly inched aside. In triumph, Beth buried her face into the curly down and nuzzled her lips and chin appreciatively into the mound beneath.

Encouraging arms guided the young woman down to the plush carpet. Adoringly, Beth looked deep into the trusting deer-like eyes, then bent down and kissed her mouth greedily. Both clutched a breast as damp tongues writhed, chased and mated madly across both welded mouths.

Beth’s fingertips landed on the hooded area between the slightly parted legs and as she kissed, the expert deliberate rubbing began. Framed by Beth’s silky hair, the girl beneath began a helpless whimper. Beth felt the rapture growing in Vanessa’s response as, eyes closed, she eased her wedding ring finger down the gash and slowly introduced it into the tight opening. Inching it along the moist passage and curling it upwards, she knew she’d found the desired spot when the slender hips began churning. She heard a deep moaning from deep within the girl echoing in the mutual space of their locked mouths.

Opening her eyes, Beth drew her head back to watch this beautiful girl writhe and twitch in closed eyes ecstasy. Looking down the delicious undulating body, she watched Vanessa’s left hand affectionately stroking back of the hand working away inside her. Beth noticed the young woman’s wedding and engagement rings flash at times as they occasionally caught the fire, and realised that her own were in the girl’s body. God, she wanted this lovely body.

She bent and kissed deeply into the girl’s neck and put her lips to the small ear. “It’s definitely time to taste you,” she purred.

Finger still working, Beth kissed deeply into the girl’s breast then let her lips skim down to her trembling belly. Feeling excruciatingly excited, she extracted the finger. Easing her body around, she took her time to lie on her chest on the carpet between the smooth parted thighs.

She could see the mesmerised girl lay still, face turned slightly to the side, waiting, canlı kaçak bahis silent, uncertain.

Beth kissed along the firm thighs as her eyes ran down the visible slit. She found what she was after. Lodging the very tip of the tongue into the curls, she wondered how apprehensive Vanessa’s thoughts might be right now. Two hands arriving either side of her mouth to part the fleshy lips for her answered that immediately. Without further hesitation, she squeezed half her tongue inside.

Aah the glorious feel of the inside of a woman! She felt the initial distinctive savoury tang, and settled down to enjoy the scent and taste of the beautiful area laid out before her. Pushing her chin closer, she rejoiced at the feeling of the moist walls around her tongue pressing back around it, and felt small contractions starting under her hands on Vanessa’s belly. Sliding it smoothly out, she kissed both assisting hands before working the broad top of her tongue across the tiny exposed bud. Pinning its surrounds within her lips, she let her tongue tip dab at it for a while before beginning to loll it all around and across the small erect surface.

The moaning had started again, more urgent now. Beth ramped up the tempo of her tongue and felt the belly muscles start to spasm even more urgently. At full speed now, her tongue tip whipped away at the fleshy protrusion. She felt the thighs beside her cheeks start to shake more and more violently until the piercing scream erupted as the girl’s jerking hips rose, bucked then slowly sagged..

Lying on her side, Beth opened her eyes, feeling her mattress move. She felt behind for warm skin in the warm bed immediately behind.

Nothing. No Vanessa. And no James.

Her hazy mind confirmed her first thought that all of last night had been a dream. Such a hard day. Lord, what a sensual dream. Obviously her unconscious had been recalling a few incidences of experimenting with girls in her early twenties before James.

Whew! She let out a relieved sigh. God, that had been so lovely. She wasn’t surprised that the subject of it all had been Vanessa. She had found her so beautiful from the first time they met and was thankful for being able to remember the way Vanessa had looked back at her so adoringly even if only in a dream. She felt sleepily beautiful inside.

Still only just awake, realism set in and reflections began. That had been just wonderful.

The good thing about dreaming was that there would not be any hassles or dilemmas if the aftermath meant awkwardness or shame. No endless apologies in the dark, the more innocent fleeing in a taxi leaving the simple excuse of having had too much to drink. No guilty wondering about what might be confessed to James or Brian on their return. No blame to be accepted.

This way, there was no possibility either of a sorrowful morning comforting a regretful innocent young wife full of self-loathing. No dark unsaid insinuations that someone had seduced someone. This had been glorious even if just a fantasy.

And best of all, she would get to keep enjoying seeing her recently found friend rather than knowing Vanessa would not be religiously trying to avoid all future contact, ruing her one-off event of shame.

Mid thought, she imagined she sensed the mattress move ever so slightly again. In the pitch dark, Beth held her breath. Not a sound or movement followed though. She could hear her heart begin racing.

She could feel the hair on the back of her head start to rise.

Eyes widening, mouth soundlessly opening, she lay still, listening intensely. Again, just more dark silence. Uncertain, she felt her hair rise even further. She was about to softly whisper James’ name as a query.

Suddenly, there was a strong surge behind. Teeth gently gripped the back of her exposed neck and playfully held on. Beth felt goose-bumps erupt on her upper thighs as the naked body enthusiastically spooned up against hers.

“Awake or not, I’m rolling you over. I’m awake now and sick of lying way over there wanting to my turn to eat you out too,” she heard Vanessa’s breathily murmured warning, thrilling as the eager moist tongue tip tried to invade her tingling ear.

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