Best Birthday Ever

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All characters are 18+ and the story is entirely fictional.

This is my first story on the site. It is super short, but I do hope you enjoy it!


Ian’s birthday landed on a weekday this year, so he was spending it at home in the city, which vibrated with the buzz of life. The apartment buildings and complexes surrounding home glowed brightly in the dark of a frosty winter night.

He and his father, Damien, were seated at the dining table, which was filled with steaming hot dishes and pots of food. Damien was a bald-headed man with a beard and he was presently wearing a grayish T-shirt and long blue jeans.

Ian’s mom, Monica, was standing next to Damien with an apron tied around her waist. She was pouring him a drink from a bottle of his favorite wine into his empty glass, which he held up in his hand.

“Was work good today, dear?” She asked Damien with a smile.

“Mhm” he replied with a mouth stuffed full of Monica’s delicious home cooked dinner.

For once, Ian’s father came home early. Ian was super surprised that his father was not late as he usually was every day. It was quite unexpected for his mother too although she seemed to act delighted.

As Ian was stabbing vegetables in his plate with his fork and chewing food pieces in his mouth, he looked out the window that was across the table and saw that it was snowing outside.

“Do you want a bit to drink too?” Ian’s mother turned her attention towards him after she poured his father a glassful.

Ian smiled and nodded his head. “Just a bit.”


2 Hours Later

“Hey, don’t fall asleep here, go to the bedroom.” Monica said as she squeezed and shook Damien’s shoulder with one hand while holding a plate with the other.

After dinner was over, Ian and his mother had begun clearing up the table, but his father had laid his face down on the table and quickly drifted off to sleep.

“You need a hand with dad?” Ian offered as he carried a stack of plates, bowls, and cups to the kitchen, which was just a few feet away.

This was not the first time Ian’s father slipped into a deep sleep shortly after he consumed alcohol. In fact, as far as Ian recalled, it was what always happened. No matter how much you shook him, when Damien reached that state, he would not wake up until as late as noon of the next day.

“That’s alright. I’ve got this,” she assured her son with a warm smile, “You’ve helped me enough even though it’s supposed to be your special day.”

“Ok, then I’ll head off to my room first.” Ian told her.


Later that night Ian’s bedroom door slowly opened, then suddenly stopped as his mother stepped into the room. She silently shut the door behind her and locked it.

Ian’s eyes fell to the canlı bahis curves of his mother’s boobs. With her apron no longer on, her large full breasts were bulging out from the top of her dress more conspicuously than before.

“Sorry for the wait, love.” She said with a semi playful voice as she drew towards him.

They stood still, facing each other, as if time itself had paused before Ian closed the gap between them. He slipped an arm around his mother’s waist, and then he kissed her. He was kissing his own mother on the lips! As her two arms went around his neck, he parted his lips and used his tongue to embrace hers. They were soon french kissing passionately, swiping their tongues against each other.

“Dad being here was quite a surprise…” His husky voice breathed in her face and she inhaled deeply.

Monica giggled a little. “But it kind of makes it exciting, doesn’t it?”

She then quickly undressed, freeing herself of all the material that was hugging her. She finished by lifting her legs and sliding her panties off. For the first time in Ian’s life, his mother’s body was fully unconcealed before him. She laid on his bed and threw her legs wide apart.

“Now, before your father wakes up, let mommy make you a man,” Monica said, stretching her pussy lips apart with her fingers to show him the hole he had long awaited for, already dripping with her juices.


It was only a year ago, on Ian’s last birthday, when Ian and his mother were conversing while his father was in a deep alcohol-induced sleep as usual. Ian and Monica had also been drinking so their conversations led to aspects of their lives that they usually would not talk to each other about. Monica was surprised to find out that her son was still a virgin, and never had a girlfriend. She also revealed to her son how sexually frustrated she was as his father had not been sexually active for years. They both made a vow together that if neither of their situations improved in a year, they would each be the solution to the other’s problem. Ian was not sure if his mother remembered what they agreed on as she gave no indication or hint that she recalled anything about the conversation they had that night a year ago, until tonight that was…

“AH! AH! AH! AH!” Monica loudly cried out in great pleasure, letting her son fiercely pound her missionary-style as her pussy was stretched apart by his massive girth.

Monica’s head was resting on her son’s pillow and a ripped condom wrapper laid next to her near the corner of his bed. Her wet face was flushing pink, her lips were open in a sensual manner, and her big doe eyes were staring deep into Ian’s eyes as she repeatedly eeped with pleasure. As her body gathered heat, beads of perspiration rolled down the bare flesh of her abdomen. bahis siteleri Ian enjoyed watching her sweat-soaked breasts jiggling with his every thrust. Her entire body was glistening, the sweat shining in the moonlight coming through his window. Her hands pressed back against her thighs to keep her legs stretched wide apart in order to help ease her son’s deep hard thrusts. Even with a condom on, the friction of the inner walls of her vagina along the surface of his glans penis shot delicious embers to the pleasure centres of his nervous system. Her wet pussy was soaking its juices along the entire length of his dick.

He initially started fucking her at a steady pace, then he grandually began to go faster and harder until it became more and more difficult for Monica to stifle her screams.

“Hey mom, keep your voice down or you’ll wake up dad,” Ian hissed, motioning to the door.

“Whoops, but you’re making me feel so good, love!” Monica said before letting a little choking cry escape her mouth once again. She panted though her open lips as her breath quickened.

She wrapped her arms around his neck to pull him closer. She began kissing him eagerly all over his face.

“K-Kiss me to cover my mouth,” she said.

“If it can’t be helped…” Ian said with a sigh as he proceeded to muffle her screams of pleasure with his mouth.

As their kiss deepend, their breathing increased and their mouths opened, allowing their tongues to tangle. The more the seconds passed as they kissed, the more intimate their kisses grew. She closed her eyes and reveled the taste of her son’s lips, moaning in his mouth and giving herself up to his caress.

Monica’s mouth expelled animal-like noises as her hands came up to hold onto him. The fingers of her right hand had interlocked with the fingers of his right hand while her left hand had wrapped around his back, pressing their bodies tightly together and feeling each other’s heat.

His cock was not only stretching her tight tunnel wider than she thought possible, but it was also accessing the deepest regions that had never been explored by any other man until now. Her juices were dripping down the condom’s latex sheath all the way to the uncovered base of his cock, pooling in his large nuts.

“Mom, I’m gonna cum like this!” Ian announced as he felt his mother’s pussy tighten around himself, his body tensing. He could feel his balls swelling with cum production in overdrive.

Monica looked at him with a gleam in her eyes before leaning back into his bed to give him more room.

“YES YES! CUM! LET IT OUT, IAN!” She screamed his name with bliss and ache, feeling that her pussy was about to come any second now too as she felt his cock swell, throb, and twitch inside her.

Seconds later, with bahis şirketleri one final thrust, Ian buried his dick balls deep into her hot sopping cavernous cunt all the way to the root before spraying rope after rope of jizz, flooding the condom with his creamy white load. Her pussy milked him in its death-grip as he spilled his final drops into the condom.

He pulled out his dick then removed the cum filled condom, tied it up, and tossed it over to the side of the bed.

Monica’s eyes widened as she began to notice that her son’s cock was slowly getting hard again within seconds of cumming.

“It looks like one time won’t be enough to satisfy you, huh,” She said.

“You mean satisfy us. But you know what will be even more satisfying? Sex with no condom.”

As Ian waited with anticipation for his mother’s response, his cock had reached a state of full erection once again.

Monica simply let out a breathy laugh before saying, “Be an adult and put on a condom.”


Several Hours Later

The box that was filled with condoms on the bedside table was empty.

Ripped condom wrappers and tied-up, cum-filled condoms were scattered all over Ian’s bed.

The couple in the room were like one whole mass of flesh as their sweat-coated skins rubbed and stuck to each other. In fact, what turned Ian on the most was having his mother’s boobs rubbing against his chest.

Ian gave one last thrust before he, for what felt like the millionth time that night, shot out a stream of sperm, which poured out like a tidal wave. At the same time, Monica gave a small scream as well as she experienced her own orgasm. She felt the warm sticky juices leave her pussy. She rubbed her belly, feeling her son’s cum as it gushed inside her. He held still in her tight, wet pussy as they both settled down.

Monica glanced up at Ian and they both realized that they were done. She gave him a smirk that said something like, “How did you like mommy’s birthday present?”

“This was the best birthday ever!” Ian exclaimed out loud as he pulled his now flaccid unprotected dick out of his mother’s creampied cunt, which dripped with his plentiful semen.

In the middle of the night, they had run out of condoms, which left them with a decision to make. Monica agreed to have bareback sex on the condition that he pulled out at the right moment, and he agreed, but when the time came, of course he did not keep his word.

After an initial scolding, Monica let him blast into her repeatedly as much as he wanted for the rest of the night as according to her, the “damage was already done.” However, Ian had a feeling she secretly enjoyed having her womb being filled with his spunk even if she would not openly admit it.

As his mother snuggled into his chest, he knew he would sleep well that night. The last thought he had before drifting off to sleep was that they somehow had got to clean up in the morning before his father would wake up.


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