Belinda Ch. 02

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I had a phone call from Belinda, she was looking to meet up again as she’d thoroughly enjoyed our first meeting; we agreed a date; I booked a room and made the arrangements and finally the day of the meeting arrived. We met in the car park of the hotel, hugged and kissed like reacquainted lovers then walked hand in hand to reception with our overnight bags. We checked in as Mr & Mrs Jones and were given the key to our room.

The lift was broken so we had to take the stairs, it was only 3 flights up, but being the gentleman I am, I let Belinda go first and took in the glorious sight of her stocking clad legs as she climbed the stairs ahead of me; her tight fitting skirt riding up a little as she did, showing me a good glimpse of her lacy stocking tops and the slightest hint of her peachy arse as she went. By the second floor landing I had to stop her and guided my hand up her skirt and stroked the soft skin of her cheeks underneath and slid my fingers between her legs; running them over her lacy briefs, before pulling her in close to me for a deep sensual kiss. I whispered in her ear

‘I have a surprise for you sexy’.

‘Mmmm’ she purred and I took her by the hand and led the way up the final flight of stairs and along to our room.

We stopped and I unlocked the door and held it open for her to go in first, followed her through and closed the door behind us as she found the light switch. We put down our bags and I took her in my arms and kissed her again, gently on the lips at first then more forcibly; feeding her my tongue which she greedily devoured and gave me hers in return. I slid one hand down her spine, stroking gently over first her soft white silk blouse then down over her arse, taking a firm grip on it, feeling the shape of her briefs underneath her black skirt. My other hand went up to caress behind her neck, my fingers working their way slowly up into her hairline, stroking and massaging her, our tongues writhing together like two mating snakes.

Belinda raised one leg, bending it at the knee and wrapped it around my waist, pulling us closer together. I moved her head slightly to the other side and broke our kiss; but kissing instead down her neck as she let out a gasp taking in air finally and locked her leg tighter around me. My hand moving along her thigh seeking out the lacy top of her black stocking, my face moving down her chest; she undid a button on her blouse allowing me to bury my face between her lovely soft breasts and kiss them lightly. I could feel her breath under my kisses, heart quickening she looped her free arm around me to keep her balance as she wobbled slightly on her standing leg; four inch stilettoes, one forcing her onto almost tip toe, the other digging into my arse through my trousers.

She continued to unbutton down her blouse as I kissed gently at both of her full breasts, feeling her breath on my neck which she began to kiss. Her blouse was soon completely unbuttoned and she loosened it and let it slip off one shoulder then the other and to the floor; exposing her full black lacy bra, her nipples hardening underneath it. I stroked my fingers down her neck, trailing them so softly down her spine, just the tips lightly touching her skin and finally found the clasp on her bra which I expertly undid allowing it to drop to the floor. ‘I want your cock; I want my surprise’ she spoke gently in my ear as her nipples hardened against the cotton of my shirt. I slid my hand back up her thigh and reached around behind her, unfastening her skirt and lifted her gently onto the bed, her leg still looped around me, and my body now on top of hers.

I kissed her again, deeply this time, our eyes locked on each other, and I slowly started to kiss down her neck, then chest, pausing to take each nipple in my mouth, nibbling it between my teeth, running my tongue over the top, but not for long. I continued down her body, slowly sliding myself off the bed between her legs. Down her stomach, my tongue lapped gently at her navel as my fingers slid under the waist band of her skirt and slid it slowly down over her hips and thighs. My lips pausing between her hips, kissing each in turn then illegal bahis between her legs; I slid her skirt down further, my face pausing, taking in the sweet aroma between her legs. Slowly I stood up and she wiggled her hips allowing her skirt to slide over her sexy legs and off over her black leather heels.

Taking a couple of steps backwards I dropped the skirt,

‘You want your surprise now baby?’

‘Yes’ she replied smiling as she slid a hand under her briefs & between her legs, slowly stroking herself, ‘you make me so horny baby’ she drooled. Smiling I slowly unbuttoned my shirt leaving it open, showing off my hairy chest and chiselled stomach then started to tease Belinda by running my fingers over the waistband of my trousers and the buckle of my belt.

I kicked off my shoes carefully and told her ‘you’d better come help me with this’. Eagerly she got up and stood in front of me slipping her hands around my waist then lifting my shirt up off my shoulders letting it drop to the floor.

She kissed over my chest and down my stomach as she got into a kneeling position and started to feel up my arse, grabbing it between her soft hands and squeezing my cheeks before moving around to my belt buckle which she undid and quickly pulled the waistband apart exposing my naked hips and as she slid my trousers down. First my hardening cock appeared and then as my trousers slid down my thick muscular thighs the tops of a pair of hold ups appeared underneath, then rapidly the rest of the black stockings I too was wearing appeared as my trousers were soon around my ankles.

‘Surprise honey’ I grinned as she looked up at me smiling broadly.

‘Mmmm lovely’ she replied as she took my cock between her fingers and ran them along the length of it, then cupped my smooth, freshly shaven balls in one hand and gave my cock a playful slap with the fingers of her other hand.

Sticking her tongue out she teased the tip; licking first just the slit, then the head while she rolled my balls gently between her fingers. I moaned, it felt good but I needed her warm mouth all over my cock which luckily wasn’t too long in happening as she greedily parted her lips and started to slowly suck me into her mouth; running her tongue around my head then shaft as she did; covering my hot cock in her saliva, her lips pushing my foreskin back over the head as she went. Gently I put one hand on her neck then worked my fingers back up into her hairline stroking her as my breathing deepened; her warm hot mouth engulfing my hard cock fully. Our eyes constantly fixed on each other’s as she looked up at me, stroking my balls and working her lips up and down my shaft as she started sucking my length; covering me in her saliva; her hot mouth heaven on my cock, slurping noises coming from her, moans of pleasure from me.

She shifted her hand from my balls and around over my arse cheeks, stroking as she went; parting them with her fingers, my eyes widening as she did. She circled my tight arse hole gently with one finger tip, still looking me in the eyes as she sucked me in and out of her sweet mouth. Her saliva started to dribble down my balls and her chin, she worked the finger between my cheeks under me and wet it in her saliva, stroking it back around my hole, wetting it, circling ever tighter over it until she touched it and made me gasp a little. My cock started to ooze pre-cum and she tasted it on her tongue, but stopped sucking me, teasing me with the tip of her tongue now as she slowly licked the pre-cum from me before licking her lips and standing up to kiss me deeply. I took the opportunity to slip a hand between her legs; her briefs were soaked as I pulled them to one side and slid two fingers easily inside her. She gasped and we both nearly came on the spot.

‘Fuck me’ she begged

‘I need you inside me now!’ I spun her around and pushed her over the end of the bed, pulling her briefs down, exposing her, spreading her feet wider with mine between them. I needed her too and quickly, so pushed roughly inside her; trying not to hurt her too much but causing her to gasp as I fed her my full length. Our stocking clad thighs illegal bahis siteleri met, the nylon rubbing together, feeling good. I grabbed her hips and pulled her back towards me then forward again as I pulled almost fully out of her hot wet pussy before slamming back into her; my smooth balls slapping against her sexy arse, she felt so good. We both moaned as I kept thrusting in and out of her, she was pushing back against me; I no longer needed to grab her hips so slipped one hand around and onto her clit, rubbing it gently between two fingers as we fucked.

‘Fuck me you bastard, fuck me hard!’ she demanded as I increased my pace, my cock slamming into her, my hand spanking her arse as she pushed back onto me. Our hearts pounding as one, my cock twitching and throbbing as her muscles tightened around me, squeezing then flooding me as she gushed hard almost forcing me out of her, flooding her sweet hot juices over my balls and down both our thighs.

‘Uh, uh, Oh my god!’ she wailed

‘More, more!’ as I continued, feeling her juices soaking my fingers now and sucking them greedily into my mouth; enjoying her flavour as another wave of orgasm hit her and she came again causing her legs to buckle and slip. I pulled out of her and helped her slowly onto the bed.

I quickly got onto the bed too; panting, my balls aching to empty, my cock hard.

I want to ride you’ Belinda drooled, so I lay on my back as she quickly straddled me, facing me and started to ride me roughly, hard and fast, her breasts bouncing in time to her rhythm. My hands reached down and stroked her stockings as she bounced harder and harder on my cock. My balls tightened, I couldn’t hold on any longer and came deep inside her as a third wave hit her body and she shivered with pleasure falling forward on top of me, kissing me, eating me. Our fingers found each other’s and we lay there, coming down from the ecstasy, kissing and holding each other. Finally she spoke

‘I loved my surprise baby, thank you, I’m so glad you did that for me’. She smiled and rolled off of me and the bed; reached for her bag and declared

‘I have a surprise for you too actually’ as she opened the bag she pulled out a bottle of lube and a strap on dildo and harness. A cheeky grin on her face she said

‘your turn to bend over baby and I’m so glad you came dressed for the occasion.’

I swallowed hard thinking ‘Oh bugger!’ Belinda had already begun to fasten the buckles around her waist, then over her hips and around her thighs; she adjusted it and soon was standing over me. Grinning wickedly she teased me,

‘look its bigger and harder than yours too’.

‘You’re not kidding’ I replied, ‘that must be all of 8 inches and thick!’

She giggled, ‘No, it’s only seven, quite big enough, and bigger than you bitch, now be a good boy and bend over the bed for me, I’ll be gentle, honest’ and she started to stroke her cock.

The memory of the morning my old friend Bea had slipped a finger up my arse while she gave me a blow job came flooding back at this point; that it had actually felt quite pleasurable plus I knew Belinda was going to have some way of making sure she got her way in the future so why not now? A little reluctantly I got of the bed and positioned myself at the end of it.

‘You had better be gentle’ I warned her. She stood behind me and put her arms around me, gently rubbing my chest, kissing my neck.

‘I will’ she spoke gently in my ear before playing with my nipples like they were a woman’s, rubbing them and gently pinching them between thumb and finger. One hand then down my chest and over my cock then balls, searching out my arse, parting my cheeks, stroking between them,

‘are you going to bend over for me then baby?’ as she worked her feet into position between mine.

I shifted my feet a little further apart and slowly bent forward over the bed. I heard a squirting noise then a cold sensation on my arsehole which was a shock at first and made me clench my cheeks;

‘It’s ok’ she spoke gently

‘Relax, it’s just lube, I told you I don’t want to hurt you’ as she slid her finger canlı bahis siteleri between my cheeks and rubbed the lube against my hole. I shuddered a little and tried to relax as she ran her nails over my balls with her other hand. She circled my hole with her finger, gently wetting it, relaxing me, stroking my arse and balls; slowly a little pressure on her fingertip as she circled it and I relaxed a little as the tip worked its way into my flesh. A sigh escaping my lips as I relaxed; more coldness as she squirted more lube, and gently worked her finger into me, my muscles fighting to not expel the finger, or clench around it.

‘Relax’ she whispered stroking my balls some more and finally my muscles gave up and her finger slid gently into me, causing a moan to escape my lips.

‘Mmmm, there that’s better’ she cooed as she slowly and gently massaged my insides with her finger; relaxing my muscles, getting me used to it in there, my cock stirring again. Slowly she started to remove her finger, then slowly back in again, not taking it out; slowly finger fucking my arse bringing more sighs from me, exploring me further, relaxing me more. I felt more stretching as I realised a second finger was joining it; forcing my tight hole to open further and relax, gasping a little again; my thoughts confused at the sensation, was it pleasure or pain? Belinda spent a few minutes longer toying with me there before slowly slipping her fingers out of me making me sigh with relief or was it a gasp of pain?

I heard the squirt of lube again behind me; but no cold feel this time; looking back I saw Belinda stroking her ‘cock’ smearing the lube all over it; it now looked huge. I squirmed, thinking of escape but she parted my legs further with her feet, and slapped me firmly over the arse taking away any thoughts of escape.

No way baby! I’ve been wanting to do this to a guy for ages there was no stopping her now; I tried to relax as she applied pressure and slowly pushed into me. Oh my god! It felt huge too; there was no way it was going to fit. She paused, then applied more pressure and it started to move into me spreading my hole as my muscles relaxed a little, allowing the first half inch or so into me.

I tried to slow my breath, and relax as slowly she added pressure and paused, slowly feeding it into me until the head was in and I already felt there wasn’t any more could fit. Then another push and suddenly my muscles gave in and the head was past them and in my anus, forcing me to exhale deeply; then another push and fully four inches were inside me. My cock stiffened, betraying my thoughts, this wasn’t, couldn’t be, shouldn’t be enjoyable! Belinda paused again and withdrew as far as the head again, before slowly pushing deeper inside me; hitting deep as far as it was possible, fully six inches at least inside me; it felt like I was being split in two for a moment but she held it there, stroked my cock and gave a sigh. ‘Mmmm, feels like we are both enjoying this’, the harness pushing and rubbing against her clit,

‘God I’m sooo turned on!’ she crowed.

I let out a little moan as she pulled back out of me a bit before plunging slowly back into me but with a little more force this time, both of us moaning. Grabbing my hips Belinda started to fuck me; slowly and deliberately at first, but increasing her pace as she got more turned on; we both gasped and moaned together as her thrusts became more forceful.

‘Damn I going to cum real soon’ she complained, ‘now I know how hard it is for you guys to hold back’;

‘Argh, yes mine more desperate, my eyes now watering, confused, turned on but not hard.

Finally she thrust as hard as she could and came; her juices gushing down her thighs and onto the back of mine as she collapsed on my back, her nipples hard against my skin her finger nails dug into my hips. She managed to give my balls a squeeze and milked my cock into dribbling a huge load of cum all over her fingers even though it was far from erect. As her orgasm subsided she started to regain her composure and started kissing my back and neck.

‘That was fucking amazing!’ she whispered in my ear ‘thank you for being my first’ and she slipped her cum covered fingers towards my lips. She pulled out of me slowly, causing me to gasp again as my arse was left gaping open and sore. As I gasped she slipped her fingers into my mouth feeding me my own cum.

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