Being Neighborly Pt. 08

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The story of two neighbors and their friendship. There are scenes of one-on-one romantic sex (MF), group sex and bisexual sex (MM and FF). If this is not your thing, move on. Otherwise, enjoy, comment and vote.


The paddleboards skimmed the surface of the calm sea. It was only about a quarter mile to the little island. While neither of us had ever paddled before, there was nothing to it. In addition, Sam was thrilled to paddle naked for all the world to see, not that anyone, except me, cared. This woman had spunk. We pushed our boards up on the beach and took our paddles. I’d worn a waterproof backpack filled with supplies that the resort happily provided. There was a small bar and a grill on the island, which was no more than a narrow acre or so; it was like a big sandbar.

We walked through the palms and found a spot to put down our stuff. There was a bin nearby with large fresh beach towels, lounges and umbrellas available. We spread out some towels and ran into the water like little kids.

We had silly fun splashing each other and wrestling in the slightly choppy water. This little sandbar actually calmed the water in the lagoon but here, where the Caribbean Sea was unhindered, it felt more like the ocean. After a while, we were somewhat exhausted so we swam back onto the island. As we were toweling off, a waiter came up to us and asked if we would like drinks or some fresh fruit. We went for both and I gave the waiter our room number plus a good tip.

As we lay and rested, we realized that there was only one other couple there and they were on the opposite side of the island. The silence was broken by the waves. We spent several hours making out and swapping spit. This was heavenly and all we could do was relax.

By midafternoon, we’d had enough of relaxing so we paddled back to the resort. By this time of day, the tide had reversed and it took a bit more effort, but was not difficult or wearying. Back at the villa, we showered.

“Let’s take a walk to get my legs working again, but not too far as I’m still sore from Lenny.” Sam suggested.

“Next time, be careful what you wish for.” We walked down the empty beach.

“Why is the hotel so deserted today?”

“I think it’s get-away day for a lot of the folks who took the mid-week package. It will fill up later as the weekend crowd comes in, I’m sure.”

We walked the few hundred yards to the edge of the property and then turned around. It was hot so we walked in the shade, along the border of palms. We saw no other people. It was truly a deserted beach. What a fine place to be naked.

Back at the villa, I suggested a late lunch. Sam declined saying that she would save her appetite for dinner. Being totally idle, we lay down to read and nap. I proceeded through the article I was reading until my eyes shut. We slept for an hour into the late afternoon.

Sam woke first and suggested that we get ready to go to the restaurant. I thought it was too early but, as we were going into town, she thought we could peruse the local shops first. I thought that was a great idea.

Grabbing a cab into town, I commented to Sam that she looked fantastic and she preened at the compliment. She really did look great. She wore a low cut floral sheath and her black curls flowed around her shoulders. “When we get back home, I’m going to the beauty parlor,” she said.

“Why? You look perfect, baby.” She preened again.

We walked through town and surveyed most of the shops. There was nothing we saw that we wanted to buy. It was mostly tourist crap. We were heading to the restaurant when we passed a jewelry store. “Let’s check this place out,” I steered her in.

After twenty minutes, I asked her if there was anything she liked. “No,” she whispered, “It’s mostly junk.”

“I agree. What do you say we have some dinner?” We walked a few blocks to the shore and entered the place. It was very fancy and I was glad we were dressed right. It was a ritzy, white tablecloth place with about twenty indoor tables and five outdoor tables, all Covid distanced. We were ushered to a window table tucked into a cozy niche and looking out on a sunset over the ocean. Talk about romantic!

We waded through our delicious meals. I had a Surf and Turf and she had Spicy Lobster Salad, which could have fed two. As we were sipping our coffee and eating Duckanoo, a popular Jamaican dessert, I heard, “Oh my God, is that you, Ray?”

I looked up and it was Elaine, an old girlfriend from my days in East Hampton. (Note: You can read about my adventures with Elaine in my story “Somebody’s Got To Do It, Part 2”.) She startled me but after a moment of shock, I regained my composure.

“Elaine, I’d like you to meet Samantha. Sam, this is an old friend from when I lived up north. How are you, Elaine? You look terrific!”

“I’m on my way to the Ladies Room. I’ll stop by on my way back, okay? Wow, it’s amazing to see you!” She hurried into the Ladies Room.

“So, give me the scoop. Who is she?”

“Elaine casino siteleri is a woman I dated for a while. She was a friend of another girlfriend and we had some juicy times together. It was a long time ago. She has aged well.”

“I’m sure that there are some juicy details.”

“And every one, good. I have only good memories.” At that point, Elaine returned. I offered her a seat and almost immediately, she began to bubble. The two women seemed to have an invisible bond. I suppose it was I.

I interrupted them. “Wait, I have some questions, Elaine. For example, I left East Hampton for Boca Raton to tend to my father who was dying. When I returned, you were gone. Where did you go? What happened?”

“I had to rush down to Washington when my father died. I tended to my mother for several months but eventually, I had to place her in a hospice. She died soon after and so I stayed in Washington to tend to their affairs and deal with probate, which was filed in New York. It was a very hectic year. When I moved back, you were gone. You moved to somewhere in Florida and that was it. I got married a few months later but it didn’t work out and we were divorced within in a year.”

“Thank you. That clears a lot up. I have a couple more questions.”

“Well, I’m sorry but I have to go back to my table. My colleague is probably wondering where I’ve gone. Where are you staying?”

We told her and her eyes flew wide open. “The clothing or non-clothing side?”

“What do you think?”

“Ray, you were my teacher and the best sex I ever had. I’m hardly surprised. Can I stop by tomorrow and we can fill in the rest of the blanks. You know, I have some questions, too.”

We exchanged contacts and bid Elaine a good evening. She hurried off.

“Well, that was a nice surprise! After all these years, she still looks great.”

“Uh-huh. I have a few questions, too. You know, I realized that we don’t know a lot about each other’s past. Now, I’m sure curious about yours.” I proceeded to fill her in about Elaine, about how she sent a note up to the bandstand, about her friendship with my ex-girlfriend, Gabby, about her super-wealthy, politically powerful father and about her wealth. “No, I want to hear the good stuff!” I told her about those times, too. “Now, I’m all excited to talk to her tomorrow.”

“She’s good people.”

We finished our dinner and stopped at her table where she was talking business; she kissed us and said we would see her tomorrow. He caught our ride back to our hotel. Our conversation about Elaine started in the car, continued in the cart and delved even further in the villa. It didn’t matter that there was another reggae party on the beach or that small fireworks were going off. Sam pried every nugget from me. When she had finally exhausted the subject, she went into the bathroom. I stripped down and grabbed a half joint that Lenny had left in the ashtray. My brain was tired. I sat back and toked up, drifting into a dazed somnambulance.

Sam woke me. “Come to bed. Come on, come on. It’s getting cool out here.” I let her lead me to bed and I was out again within minutes but this time really asleep.

I felt little kisses as the morning light hit my eyes. I didn’t know what time it was but it didn’t matter. Within moments, I was in the moment, luxuriating in her love. It was a very tender yet somehow torrid hour we spent rolling around. It was refreshing to walk out of the bedroom hand-in-hand and fall into the pool. That’s where we were when our breakfast arrived. Steeping Blue Mountain coffee and pastries. A perfect morning.

After breakfast, we dove into the ocean. The beach seemed more populated today. A survey of naked bodies heavily weighted the beach on our side. A heavily tattooed couple walked by, they seemed to relish showing themselves off. And why not? Her tattooed 40EE’s and his tattooed ten-incher led the way.

Sam wanted to go back, shower off and lay in the sun. I wanted to run. I put on my jock and running shorts and ran toward the clothing side. I ran through the beach without seeing many people all the way to other side and the property line. I saw a group in silent meditation and another small group practicing Tai-Chi. About this time, my endorphins kicked in so I crossed the property line and came upon a temporarily closed-for-Covid hotel. I ran to the other end of the deserted beach before turning around. This run was euphoric, running in the sand, in the rollers and in the clean warm air. I made it back through our hotel’s property line and continued onto the nude side. Here the eye candy snapped me out of my reverie. All this naked flesh, boobs of all sized, hairy, bushy and bare genitals, penises of every shape and size…ah, wilderness. I ran around the pass into the mostly deserted “sex” beach. There was one couple standing in the water fucking. As I reached the end, I saw my heavily tattooed friends in en flagrant ass fucking with another couple. What a resort! I turned around and headed back, semi-hard slot oyna and a little worse for wear.

When I arrived at the villa, I found Sam and Elaine having coffee on the terrace in the nude. I walked over to the table and beheld Elaine. I hadn’t seen her in years and her body was still lush and inviting. I recalled all her best features and, goddamn, if she looked the same. Same large puffy mound with full labial lips, same apple ass, those same long legs… And, oh those tits! She had a rack standing proud, nipples pointing…you could almost use it as a lectern. “You look good enough to eat,” I said smiling.

“You used to tell me that all the time!” I knew that and I smiled again. I meant it.

“Elaine has been telling me all about her adventures with you. I never knew that you were a musician and played in a band!”

“Just part of my many lives, darlin’. Yes, I played in Davy Harper’s band for many years. In fact, Davy produced my two records. When that ended, I played as a pick-up and did session work, wherever I was needed.”

“Wow, I am so impressed.”

“It was fun. However, that was then.” I changed the subject. “So, Elaine, what brings you down here?”

“I interested in investing in some real estate so my friend, who owns a mortgage company, suggested I come down here as suddenly there are opportunities opening up. I understand that you two just bought a condominium together.”

“Actually, we bought two. We move in when we get back.”


“Southwest Florida. Just south of Sarasota.”

“Wait a minute. I heard about these. Are these villas? Two together, very private, in an artist community? Jane, my friend, told me that she had just sold them in a private deal.”

“And is this Jane from Brooklyn Mortgage?” I asked.

“Yes, why?”

“Because, she’s my sister, that’s why!” Sam nearly fell over laughing.

“No shit! Well, I’ll be damned. What a coincidence! It must be a cosmic connection. Serendipity! Ain’t that something! I’m coming down there in a couple of weeks to see a house on the key across from where you live!”

‘Well, now you have someplace to stay!”

I was hot and sweaty. I peeled off my shorts and my jock and I dived into the pool. I got right out and toweled off as Sam poured me a cup.

“Now there’s my favorite cock of all time. It’s still beautiful.”

“That it is,” said Sam. “You can say hello to it.” Elaine reached over and took it in her hand. She caressed it reverentially. She leaned over and kissed it, taking it into her mouth.

“Hey wait! Before we get into this, let’s take a swim.” The three of us walked out onto the beach and directly into the water. After a bit of touchy-feely, we ran back to the villa and the shower. Having these two women in the shower was like a festival of flesh. Hard nipples were pointing everywhere.

“You know, I’d never dabbled in bisex before Ray. He guided me through my first time.”

“You didn’t need any guidance, Elaine. You enjoyed it right away.”

“Ray helped me through my first time, too. It released all sorts of inhibitions.”

“Well, let’s get out of here and explore that subject. What do you say?” It took Elaine all of one second to get out of the shower, dry off and head toward the bed.

“First, I have to feel your cock in me again after all this time. I’ve lived on memories and now, I need the real thing. Let me feel you all over.” At first, Sam watched as Elaine caressed and felt me up. You could feel the passion mounting in the room. Sam began to caress Elaine by rubbing her palm along Elaine’s back and tush.

I could smell their distinct aromas. Elaine’s scent was just as I remembered it, deep and earthy. Sam’s was more flowery. I inhaled deeply.

Elaine had made it down to my cock, caressing it and stroking it. “Can I taste it,” she asked Sam, who nodded. “Sure. Will you share it with me?” Sam moved to my other side. The two began to lick and stroke the shaft. Several times, the rose up its length and shared a kiss. Then Elaine took the head while Sam placed my balls in her mouth. They were a good team and soon, I felt my orgasm bubbling.

“I’m going to cum.” They continued unabated until my dick began to pulse. They shared my cum until I could shoot no more. Then they licked off each other’s face.

“That taste is just like I remembered it. Very delicious.”

“It is, right?” Sam added.

“Now, I want to feel you,” said Elaine. It was my turn to watch as Elaine lay down on Sam, scissoring their legs and making out as they tribbed. They were kneading each other’s breasts and groaning. Elaine moved down Sam’s body and began to taste her pussy. Her long tongue moved up Sam’s slit and each time, Sam arched up and moaned. Elaine pressed her tongue deep into the canal and slurped. She moved down to Sam’s ass and dipped into her rosebud, Sam was losing control. Elaine went back to Sam’s clit. Her lips surrounded and pulled at it. Sam began to pant, juices were flowing copiously. I placed canlı casino siteleri my hand on Sam’s breast and played with her nipple. Sam let loose a cry and started to cum as Elaine took her over the edge. She collapsed and panted until her regular breathing returned.

“Wow. That was great, Elaine. Ray taught you well. Now, it’s our turn. Roll over.”

Sam and I began to feast on her. It was a slow and sensual repast. Talk about being in the moment. Here I was with two women that I love and both love me. As we suckled Elaine’s breasts, she pushed our heads into her bosom and I could feel her ardor. When Sam and I licked her pussy, I could feel our heat. We came together to share a kiss on her clit and I could feel passion.

We coiled and wound around each other, kissing, penetrating and devouring each other. My dick inside Elaine’s sugar walls was like a warm mink coat whereas being inside Sam was like the finger of a down glove. When they shared my cock, they were also making love to each other. It was a long leisurely dance to emotional as well as physical satisfaction. At one point, when the women were in sixty-nine and I was rimming Elaine, Sam said that she was cumming. Elaine said, “I’m close. Let’s come together.” I got at their side and stuck my cock between their undulating bodies. Both women were moaning with urgency. As they came, my penis began to squirt along their stomachs. We seemed to blend as one. The three of us reveled in the feeling of a penis sandwich. I went to move but they both stopped me. We were stuck together.

Elaine spoke first, “I don’t remember when I have had better sex. It is always with you. That was extraordinary. I will always remember when you taught me to ‘be in the moment’, ‘be here now’, you said. I think all of us were in that moment. How can I ever thank Gabby for bragging about your skills? She wasn’t lying.”

“That is so true, Elaine. I felt loving and loved. That was so sensual. You know, Ray also taught me to ‘be here now’ and I certainly was. That was wonderful.”

“Yes, I agree. There was a lot of love shared. I really love you both and I can feel that love being returned. That was great, real ‘gourmet sex’!”

Both laughed and agreed. We disentangled and began a session of three-way kissing , sharing spit and swallowing tongues. After a bit of this, we decided to shower again. There was a lot of soap, loofa fun and laughing.

“I have to pee,” said Sam. “I’ll show you my new thing for me. I pee on Ray.”

“Oh, wow,” said Elaine, “I’ve never done that. Sounds kinky.”

“Here, watch.” Sam mounted my leg and pee began to flow down my leg. Elaine mounted my other leg and began her urine flow. They giggled as they did this.

We toweled off and sat outside to drink and smoke. “I have to fly back to New York tomorrow. With the exception of meeting up with you two, this trip was a bust.”

“What was your intention?”

“Jane has been talking about investments but I didn’t see one here. All the really good lots are taken.”

“Oh yeah, Jane. So how do you know my sister?”

“I met her years ago when she was still with The Saunders Agency. She was helping my parents with their real estate portfolio. When they died, I let her continue and thus far, my real estate portfolio has zoomed. I love Jane. She is my best friend.”

“Amazing,” said Sam.

“How much real estate do you own?” I asked.

“Lots. I own office buildings in New York, D.C., Alexandria as well as resort properties around the world. On some deals, Jane is my partner.”

“Do you still own that Victorian Mansion in Sag Harbor?”

“No. I donated that to the village to turn it into an art gallery with my parent’s art. The first floor is all local art. It’s a beautiful place and it’s thriving. I’m very proud of that. Oh! And I just remembered! I bought your old house when it came up for sale a few years after you left. I still have it. It’s my hideaway on the beach.”

“That house was great. I’m glad it’s in good hands.”

“So, I’m coming down to your area in a couple of weeks. There is a house that I want to see on the Gulf. I’ll see if Jane can come with me.”

Eventually, evening was coming on and we all got dressed, as Elaine had to return to her hotel and pack. “I have an early flight.” We drove her back to the main building where her car was waiting. We bade goodbye and a ‘see you soon’ and went to dinner.

“That was fabulous, Ray. She is so cool. I’m crazy about her. The connection to my sister is also amazing. Such a small world, I swear.”

“Yes, it was a real treat to meet up with her. I always liked her.”

“She’s very funny, too. When she gets going, she’s a riot. She told me all about her roommate, Gabby, the actress, and how she would describe the sex you had together. She said that her stories made her crazy.”

“Yeah, Gabby was an actress, all right. You never knew what her role in the play was she was playing them all. Nevertheless, she was inventive, I will say that. You know, she’s well known on cable TV these days, an aging starlet married with two kids. She was exhausting then and I’ll bet she still is.”

“Well, I liked Elaine. You were right – she’s good people.”

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