Beech Mountain—Chapters 24–25

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Chapter 24 –The Party & the After Party.

I caught up to Eric out on the floor and made what I thought was a good suggestion.

“Eric, you know most everyone here don’t you?”

“Yes Dano I do. I brought many of my friends here in fact. Most of us were going clear over to Boone to a gym there for workouts..”

“Please gather four to six members in a group to discuss the party this evening, and close the discussion by suggesting they leave now, instead of waiting till the last minute.

We need this place empty within an hour.”

“Sounds like a plan–I’m on it!” He quickly spotted a group by the juice bar and began there.

I found the twins were way ahead of me in passing the word along. There were people leaving every few minutes it seemed.

Sandra had taken her reserved seat at the bars end and was on her phone with someone.

Donna was doing her part to remind members we were closing soon to clean up for the anticipated crowd this evening.

Connie seemed to be in deep conversation with three guys near a treadmill.

They nodded about something and turned and left the building as well.

It took less than thirty minutes to empty the place. I was impressed!

I walked back upstairs to unwind a bit and have a few drinks as I waited for nightfall.

Hearing the vaccum cleaners whining I knew things were getting done that was a ritual every night after closing. Floors were cleaned- trash emptied, equipment wiped down, coolers restocked and ice machines emptied to fill quietly as the time slipped by.

I heard the steps being climbed and immediately saw Shannon peek her cute head around the corner.

“Hi –Ms Connie told me to come up and see if I could serve you in any way.”

I patted the couch next to mee and said “Sit here Shannon.”

“Yes Sir”, and almost sprinted to be at my side.

“ You are really the ‘newbie’ here and I wanted to make certain you are comfortable with the position you are in. Speak freely and honestly always to me.”

“ Yes Sir.. First I’d like to say how grateful I am that you spent the week at Hilton Head with me.

It was the most sexually thrilling fuck I’ve ever had with a man-ever!

Then I get brought here by my sister to be a part of this adventure.

Happy is not even close to how I feel being among my own kind.

I feel much safer here.”

“ That’s great. Just wanted you to understand that there’s a pecking order in here, and you are near the bottom. You must accept that I am your Master and Ms. Connie is your Mistress.

When I’m not around you will obey her wishes without question.

You will address her as Ms. Connie or Mistress as she desires.

Sandra, Donna and the twins have the gym pretty well covered, but up here and in the playroom is Ms. Connie’s world.

Your submissive nature needs to be fed daily and she is perfect to train you. Donna can also help in those area’s as she is a Dom also.”

I reached and brushed her hair back from her eyes and it visibly seem to turn Shannon on.

Her nipples hardened against her thin tank top and her breathing seemed to change a bit.

I decided to give her a little lesson since she had one of the last straw’s heh heh.

“Go get me a large bath towel from the bathroom.”

She almost ran to bring the towel back and gave it to me.

“Kneel at my feet Shannon–eyes down.” I said just above a whisper. She was in front of me kneeling in two seconds.

“Remove your tank top. I want to see those perky nipples.”

As she did this I stood and removed my thin shorts and wrapped the towel around my waist, keeping the opening to the front, and sat back down.

I reached out and pinched the erect stone hard nubs as she moaned her approval.

“You may rise and remain very still.” She obeyed and I let my hands slowly slide her shorts to the floor and remove them. Her light pink thong looked as if it was painted to her it was so tight.

I left it for the moment.

Moving her slightly I placed her so her knees were inside my spread ones.

“You must not move Shannon till I give permission.”

“Y-Yes Sir.”

“Close your eyes and lock your fingers together at the small of your back.”

She obeyed and I began her lesson.

My hands moved to her tight exposed ass cheeks. I cupped them softly and spun her around.

Her ass cheeks defied description, each very well toned and well defined..

I began to lightly spank each one, increasing the force over the next twenty slaps of each cheek.

From previous experience with her at Hilton Head, I knew she got off on spankings.

Each cheek glowed bright pink by the time I was done, and I leaned in to knead and kiss my way all over them. Shannon was moaning very quietly as my fingers slipped into her perfect thigh gap and stroked the well defined camel toe that was trapped in the silky material.

Her thighs trembled and her thong was getting soaked very fast.

I used my fingernails, spreading both hands to rake her ass cheeks hard from top to bottom, marking her for the next few days. I grabbed the thin thong in her ass crack and pulled it up with enough force bring her to her tiptoes.

“Thank you Sir!”she said with a shaky voice.

Giving each cheek a final hard slap I spun her back around and yanked the front of the thong up as well–it pulled in between her labia, letting them show on each side of the thong.

I then ordered her to kneel again.

“You may pull up the front of your thong to stimulate your pussy, but you may not touch it and you may not cum without my permission.”

“Yyyyess Sir!!” Shannon was already very close to cumming with the assault on her sweet ass.

Her hand grabbed the thong and pulled it up it a twisting motion, moaning a bit louder with each pull..

Now the real torture would begin.

I eased back into the couch in a half sitting/laying position and spread my towel slowly open.

My cock had swelled only slightly, and still lay on it’s side on my upper thigh. The dark veins were well defined along it’s length and I saw Shannon lick her lips in anticipation.

I stood it up with my thumb and two fingers, and began to slowly tease it and Shannon as it grew.

Shannon’s mouth stayed open and her tongue kept moving around her lower lip. Her breathing was labored now, a sure indicator she was very excited.

My cock began to thicken first it seemed, then slowly lengthen to it’s full readiness of 7 + inches.

My ball sack still lay on the couch, the balls inside well separated and defined.

I flexed my prostrate muscle and the balls divided even more and climbed my shaft an inch.

This was likely the first time Shannon had witnessed a cock getting hard and it seemed to hypnotize her, her sweet lips open and almost drooling. Her hand jerked at the thong even faster.

I waved it side to side only inches from her face… her eyes locked on the head.

“Remember when I had this cock buried inside your tight pussy Shannon?”

“Ohhhhhh My God Yess Master!! I have thought of nothing else since then.”

“Don’t casino siteleri you dare try to suck it unless I give permission. Now–stick your tongue out!”

As she complied I wiped the wide head across her upper lip first, then made a circle around her tongue and wiped the lower lip. I used my hand to ‘spank’ her tongue with my cock, and the head made a satisfying smack at each move of my hand. I repeated this three more times.

I leaned back again to relax my back and spread my thighs more.

Shannon’s eyes were watering and single streams of tears rolled down each cheek.

“You may lick my balls now my sweet sub, but no use of your hands are permitted yet.”

I pulled up on my shaft, making the skin and my ball sack rise off the couch.

Her face strained a bit but soon her little hot tongue licked each ball very well as she grunted and jerked and pulled at her thong.

I used the head of my cock to tap on her forehead as she worked.

She soaked my ball sack after a few minutes and I told her to stop.

As her head came up I asked the question.

“Would you enjoy it if I let you suck my cock?”

“Oh yes Master I would love to do anything that gives you pleasure.”

“In that case you may stand–remove your thong and kneel again and suck my cock.

You may also use your hands to cup and roll my balls as you play with your clit.

“Remember no cumming without permission.”

Shannon squealed like I’d given her a Christmas gift. Her soaked thong rolled off her and she quickly assumed her position and took my cock to her hands.

She sucked the wide head inside her lips with incredible tongue action and suction.

Using one hand to roll my heavy balls she used the other to jerk off what couldn’t fit in her mouth. She fed on my cock like she was starving. After a couple of minutes my balls began to tingle, and I knew I could not take much of her suction without blowing a load.

“Stop Shannon and stand up.”

She almost whimpered at that command as she let me go and stood.

“Go into the playroom at once.”

She quickly made her way to the door and went inside as I followed.

I lit a couple red candles as I steered her to the St. Andrews cross.

Backing her onto it I shackled her ankles first to the widest adjustment it had at the bottom.

I shackled her wrists more carefully at the top so as not to stretch her very tightly.

Shannon smiled sexily.

Moving between her wide open thighs, I place my throbbing hard cock at her pussy lips and pushed roughly into her.

The smile vanished immediately as inch after inch of my cock invaded her tight pussy.

I was pinching both nipples roughly also, to increase the pain/pleasure experience for her.

Her mouth formed a sensuous “O” as her breathing labored.

“Oh Yes Master!! Fuck Me hard with your thick cock! Make my pussy cum over & over for you please!!”

I had buried my cock right up to the even thicker root of it at my pubic bone. She had never taken it that deeply before. I reached behind Shannon to bury my two middle fingers deeply in her tight ass.

“AHHhhhhhhgh!!!!!!! –Please–oh please let me cummm…I’m sooo close!!”

“Remember that the pleasure of your Master or Mistress always comes first.

When you feel my cum spurting into you–it’s your signal to cum yourself.”

I suddenly withdrew my cock since she was so close and chose a cat-o-nine tails from the wall nearby.

Backing up a few feet I began at her breasts–flogging them very slowly at first but building up to a faster pace as she writhed and moaned on the cross. The red stripes appeared evenly and as I moved to her tender tummy she winced a bit, but bore the discomfort well.

Up the insides of each soaked thigh, the presence of any liquids or moisture on her only intensified the floggings sting. She jerked and nearly cried as I flogged away.

When I reached her pussy I changed directions and brought the tails in upward strokes on her pussy lips and ass crack behind them. Her head thrashed side to side as she hunched her crotch towards the flogger.

She moaned like a whore –and said she was about to cum and she couldn’t hold back any longer.

I stopped the flogging and moved back inside her trembling thighs and again pushed my stone hard cock in to the hilt.

I grudge fucked her silly this time-my cock driving deep with blurring speed as my own orgasm boiled over into her gripping pussy.

Shannon was shaken to her core and exploded as soon as she felt the heat and the pulsations of my hot cum.

She said nothing, but went into convulsions as I continued to pound into her with jet after boiling jet of my semen bathing her fully inside. I grabbed her face and frenched her fiercely as her own massive orgasm blended into another, and another.

She sucked my tongue as if it were a cock. Suddenly without warning she passed out.

I slowly withdrew my happy cock and watched as streams of our cum flowed freely down both thighs to her ankles.

I unshackled her ankles first then her wrists. Carrying her like a baby I took her to my room and lay her on my bed.

By the time I got myself cleaned up Shannon stirred back to life.

“Wow –How long have I been out?”

“About fifteen minutes or so. You can use the guest room to clean up if you wish, or hit the sauna downstairs.” I smiled as I said-

“I couldn’t find a straw on you anywhere, but you may consider that as your goodbye fuck!”

Chapter 25

Later I completely changed my attire to reflect the mood of the upcoming gathering.

Light blue cargo pants and a simple white dress shirt with a light blue button down collar.

My black leather vest contrasted sharply against the lighter colors.

An old pair of well worn scotch grain penny loafers was my choice in shoes.

The sun had set and I could hear the caterers downstairs setting up their tables and equipment.

Smelled like BBQ beef & pork with all the trimmings if my nose was correct.

I fixed myself a double Jack and wandered down to watch it all unfold.

At the bar I slid in beside Sandra at the end. She was glowing in a drop dead red mini skirt and halter top, as was the rest of the girls. She had ordered them all matching outfits it seemed.

Eric was behind the bar rigging up a makeshift sound system with microphone.

Sandra had managed to find him a large polo shirt with the word “Security” across the back of it.

He seemed very proud to wear it.

Sandra finally spoke.

“I’ve got the twins setting up at the doors tonight to collect a $20 ‘contribution’ from each one passing inside. It’s to let them know they will be contributing to your severance package.

Some may even contribute more.”

“This is embarrassing Sandra. You know I don’t lack for money.”

I downed my double and motioned for Donna to approach us.

“Donna please slip upstairs and put my fifth of Jack in a bag and bring it down here.

I plan to stay glued to this bar stool for a good long while.”

“You got it Sir.” slot oyna She was back in minutes and had me another double fixed.

The air was filled with the smells of an outside BBQ feast-but inside, as it was only April and still approached freezing at night.

The caterers were all decked in white and were very co-ordinated in their preparations.

Shannon appeared and was a vision of loveliness in her red mini skirt and halter top.

She worked the small groups and took orders for drinks. Sandra had arranged for a big keg of draft beer and we also had bottled wine coolers in several flavors. I was the only one drinking the hard stuff.

The eating began promptly at 6:30 pm and continued till 9 pm. As everyone had eaten their fill, Sandra took the mic and stood on a small stool to speak.

“OK everyone we all know why we are here. We thank you for coming out and showing support for our fitness center and Dano in particular.

He must leave us now as his job requires him to travel.

He has also declined to give a speech, but will be near the bar here to speak with when you depart, should you wish to say a goodbye. Oh yes- We raised about $3700 dollars tonight as part of his severance package.”

Sandra stepped back down amid the applause and whistles.

It had taken over an hour to give those that wished the chance to say goodbye to me.

A very humbling experience to know I was so well thought of in the area.

I eventually begged off as I had consumed nearly half the fifth of Black Label Jack Daniels in the space of three hours, and I had barely eaten.

The guy in charge of the catering noticed this and prepared me a huge covered plate with BBQ sandwiches and the slaw, hush puppies and baked beans.

I had Connie take it upstairs as I waved a last goodbye to several more that had lingered.

I made my way upstairs carrying my bottle openly since everyone else was gathering their things to leave.

I went straight to my bedroom and undressed, and pulled on my favorite camo shorts and wife beater tee shirt. Walking barefoot on the pile carpeting and feeling pretty good I sat on my couch and finished my drink.

Replaying my last twelve hours I realized that technically speaking, I still had a few more of my girls to fuck, and another day to get it done.

Connie appeared from the playroom and took a seat beside me.

“I did a little clean up in the playroom Dano. Shannon told me of the session she had with you.

I’m both happy and sad.

Shannon needed to learn respect and complete submission, and you left no doubt that she will grow in leaps and bounds as our submissive. She showed mee the nail marks on her ass like they were medals. She seemed happy that you marked her.

For that I’m extremely happy. I suppose I’m only sad that I wasn’t there to watch and participate.”

I held my arm out as a loving Dad would and Connie nuzzled up into my side and hugged me.

“I want you happy here Connie. You know why I must leave.

I cannot promise when or if I will return at this point in time.

I have it set up so you’ll have the same respect that I’ve had here over the past eight months.

If you would consider riding down to Columbia with me, it would please me for you to bring the Miata back here with you to drive and enjoy. I won’t need it while I’m there.”

Connie pulled my head into a very sensual french kiss, and melted into my embrace.

There were steps again being made as I heard another coming our way.

It was Sandra and Eric. She had peeked around the door in case we might be fooling around.

I motioned for them to come on in.

Sandra had her briefcase and sat in at the end of the couch as Eric took a side chair next to the window.

“We’ve locked the place up and the girls are all in the sauna or pool area. I asked Eric to hang around also, since we didn’t yet know your plans tonight.”

She lay the briefcase on the coffee table.

“This is yours now, and everything in it. Your severance package from all of us.”

I was tempted to open it, but chose to play it cool and just smiled and said ‘thank you’.

“”I’m glad you brought Eric as I have an idea he may or may not like. It’s about his office.

It’s as big as the rest of them and has a couch and full bath. I would suggest he consider just moving in here since he’s single anyway, and save the money he spends on rent and utilities.”

Eric and Sandra’s eyes met and they smiled.

“She’s already offered that to me Dano and I accepted it.

She also gave me $1000 as a sign on bonus to help decorate my new living quarters.”

I’ll replace the couch with one that has a hide-a -bed in it and put in a fridge and microwave.

I can save $650 a month in rent and utilities living here, and provide 24/7 security for the place.”

“OK–very good Eric. Now tell me- just how much you know about what really goes on here.”

He almost blushed and he glanced at Sandra, then Connie.

“I’ve heard this place is like a legal brothel…and that you somehow figured out how to run it without being busted.”

I couldn’t help but laugh at that statement. I decided to school him a bit on the operations here.

“Now that you are part of the team–inside the inner circle I’ll lay it out plain for you.

Downstairs is a true fitness center and the adjoining weight room Sandra built for the guys.

A monthly fee is paid to be a member for the basic membership. Massages are extra.

Once a member gets a massage they pay for it up front before it happens.

In other words you are paying for a service in getting a massage.

Sex is not implied nor expected at that point in time.

Any sex that might take place is between two consenting adults and not included in the price.

THAT is the catch. No money changes hands for sex.”

All these girls are very bi-sexual. They likely have as many women as men who desire some form of sexual release. As to bi-sexual men, I’ve yet to meet one in the eight months I’ve been around. You just don’t see it here in these mountains.”

“There’s a gay bar over near Boone I think. Seems to be the watering hole for their type.”

Eric was no doubt completely heterosexual.

“I’m also very curious as to what you’ll want when you get your playroom time each Saturday, since I won’t be around to hear about it. Also which of the girls you want to experiment your fetishes with.

Don’t be shy-you are among friends now.”

Eric was beet red now that I had called him out in front of the women. heh heh .

“ I’ve always wanted to try out the fuzzy handcuffs thing and be dominated by a woman. I saw a video of that several years ago and it just stuck in my mind as highly erotic.. As to the partner any of the women here are 10‘s in my book and highly desirable.”

My mind was forming a true going away sex party–an orgy involving myself and Eric as the males and the six females that worked here.

Imagine that for a moment—- six women and two men naked together in one room.

Now fast forward to Friday night canlı casino siteleri – the place had closed and cleanup had began.

It was about 9 pm that night when Connie began her devilish tricks which were actually my instructions for her to carry out.

She called Shannon first upstairs and had her stand in front of us at the couch with her butt turned at us. She rolled Shannon’s tight red mini skirt up to the waist and had her bend over and spread her ass cheeks.

Moving the thin strip of her thong aside she produced an eight inch vibrating butt plug that had been well lubed. She slowly worked it into Shannon’s tight asshole as the sub moaned.

Once in past the wide part it seemed to be sucked in further by Shannon’s ass muscle.

It was firmly seated and no way it could slip out.

Then Connie turn on the vibration mode of the plug on low and told her to stand up straight.

Shannon was visibly aware it was gonna be tough to wear this and walk without moaning and twitching in pleasure. She was dismissed and told to send Donna up and say nothing.

Donna took to the plug like a duck to water. Connie rose to pinch Donna’s nipples as she frenched her before sending her downstairs. My stupid cock began to swell.

Next were the twins .

They were both my anal sluts anyway, and actually backed up onto the plugs when bent over.

Little moans of delight were heard as they went back down the steps.

We were out of butt plugs and Sandra would feel left out no doubt.

I had a couple more surprises in my Jethro bag however. I told the twins to tell Sandra I needed her up here.

As Connie fixed us a double Jack, I stepped to my bedroom and opened my bag.

Inside a velvet draw string bag I had four Ben-Wa balls.

I dumped them into a cup I used to rinse my mouth with and set it under the faucet and ran it full of hot water.

They were made of surgical stainless steel and very heavy for their size.

Each were about quarter sized.

When pushed up into the vagina and held in place by the muscles, they produced a clicking feeling at the slightest move.

After a couple minutes I drained the hot water, grabbed my Jethro bag and returned just as Sandra came up.

I gave Sandra two and Connie two.

“Push these up inside your sweet pussies as far as you can.

Use your pussy muscles to keep them from slipping out.”

As they did this, I told Sandra of the other girls being stimulated anally.

“Trust me, it will turn everyone on knowing they are sharing in a foreplay fetish of mine.”

Sandra kissed me fully on the lips as she ground her crotch in mid air.

“I can feel them–sooo warm too.”

She then kissed Connie, but more passionately it seemed.

Sandra turned and walked back downstairs. We could hear her moan about halfway down.

Connie drained her double and asked what was next in my head for the evening.

“I’ll need you to keep things in perspective in the playroom once we get started. One or more may get sidetracked and I wish to see everyone either giving or receiving pleasure. Personally–I think you and Donna should handle Eric as it’s his first experience at being dominated.

The cross or the table–doesn’t matter to me.”

“Very well-if I’m to run the show in there maybe I should get my good bye fuck now” she said sexily.

I just smiled and let her do her Dom thing.

Connie stood and peeled down my camo shorts and removed them, then slid her black mini skirt over her hips and stepped out of it. Her red thong was rolled slowly down as well. Her top fell next.

“I wish to fuck you–right here!! With the Ben Wa balls still in mee.”

With that said she straddled my growing erection and sat down on my legs as she grabbed my thick cock and stroked it lovingly.

She took control , of course and rubbed the head of my cock into the slight part of her wet labia.

Once centered she sank down till it entered her inner lips. It was there she trapped my cock head, sucking it with her incredible cunt muscles.

Inch by slow inch Connie began to impale herself on my stone hard cock.

I felt the steel balls on my way through as she drove me deeper into her depths.

Then she was withdrawing till only the flared head remained inside, and did it all over again–but a bit faster as she established her posture. Keeping me pushed back fully into the couch I had the room to roll and pinch at her engorged nipples.

Her strokes were bottoming out now as she sped up. The balls were clicking every time she hit an upstroke, adding to our pleasure. I could feel the intense click they made also. The minutes ticked by as Connie slow rolled her crotch against my wide cock’s base and moaned that she was already very close to cumming.

My hands were free to roam and I kept them busy spanking her ass cheeks as she rode me. I also used my nails to leave long red marks on her ass as I had Shannon’s. I used a free hand to feel around in my Jethro bag and came out with a vibrating probe I had used with great success in the past.

The vibrating end of it resembled an oblong capsule over an inch wide and four inches long.

The bendable one quarter inch shaft was another six inches in length connected to the handle that had the controls in it. It’s range of vibrations were six speeds from low to extremely high.

I brought it to Connie’s mouth and told her to suck it, and leave plenty of saliva on it.

She complied with sexy sounds as she mouthed the sex toy.

I then asked that she reach her hands behind and spread her ass cheeks for me.

I took the probe and gently slipped it inside her tight anal muscle,

She was smiling as I went deeper and pressed number three on the vibration mode.

It hit us both like being shocked. The vibes were fast and intense and it set the ben wa balls to vibrating against each other.

I could feel the bulb sliding along the underside of my cock through the thin membranes between her ass and pussy.

She rode me hard for several minutes as the vibe and ben wa balls brought new and better sensations for us both. It made my cock head flare widely, creating suction inside her tight vagina walls.

“I’m gonna cum all over your cock Dano!! I can’t take this anymore.”

Connie let loose with a primal groan as her pelvis ground down onto the root of my cock, her pussy pulsating and milking me as her cum enveloped my shaft in warmth.

Her release triggered mine also and I pushed deeply and held the head against her cervix–spraying it three hard times with my thick warm cum.

The vibrations continued and held us in it’s grip, prolonging our orgasms to the point of pain.

I switched off the probe and gently removed it from Connie’s spasming asshole.

My whole cock was numb and still giving little spurts as I slowly relaxed.

I let Connie’s head rest on my shoulder as her pussy continued to contract over and over.

She whispered in my ear how much she loved me and would really miss not having me around.

I hugged her tightly as she released her grip on my cock and it finally slipped out and the feeling began to return.

It was a memorable fuck we would never forget!

More chapters coming!!!

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