Becoming Anne Ch. 01

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Michelle stood on the doorstep, waving as John’s car reversed down the driveway and then headed off down the road. She kept watching as her husband drove away, the car getting smaller until it turned the corner onto the main road and was gone. She checked her watch, saw it was not quite ten o’clock, giving her plenty of time to get herself ready before Katrin’s plane landed.

She stepped back inside and closed the door behind her, taking a moment to look around and check everything was neat and tidy downstairs before heading up to get ready. Once there, she took off the old and now rather baggy jeans and sweater she had been wearing and put them away along with the plain underwear she’d been wearing. She showered, then took the time to shave her armpits and wax her legs, just as Katrin had told her to, leaving her full bush untouched. She paused for a moment, examining herself in the mirror, still getting used to the slim body she’d earned over the last six months of regular gym visits, the folds of fat she’d been developing burned away. Before she’d started working out, people had regularly thought she was the wrong side of forty, but now she felt she was looking younger than her actual age of thirty-four.

That was something else she had to thank Katrin for, along with the package of clothing waiting for her in the closet and everything else that had changed about her since they’d first encountered each other. Michelle had gone to the chatrooms to explore her fantasies of being with another woman, rekindling those moments of experimentation from her youth, something to make her feel good on those nights when John had gone to bed without her again.

She hadn’t expected to get the attention of a twenty-one year old like Katrin, still less when they’d exchange pictures and posed for each other on webcams to prove they were real. Too late, she’d realised that was what had made her so susceptible to Katrin’s plans, so desperate to see more of her that she’d agreed to whatever she wanted. Katrin had taken that advantage and pressed it hard, breaking down all of her defences, her words and her voice teasing and pleasing Michelle again and again until she surrendered herself totally to her young lover.

Under Katrin’s tutelage, she’d remodelled her body, her style and her attitudes. Even her name had gone. Katrin had decided she didn’t like the name Michelle, and had insisted on calling her Anne, her middle name instead. She hadn’t protested it and instead made becoming the Anne that Katrin wanted her to be her priority. Anne was slim and supple, eager to wear clothes that were tight and revealing but what Anne wanted most of all was to give herself to Katrin.

The clothes Katrin had sent her, along with a note saying illegal bahis they were for their first meeting, fitted perfectly. The dark blue skinny jeans, gripped her legs and showed off her firm rear, the lace trim of the bikini panties just visible above them. The matching bra lifted and displayed her c-cup breasts, while the scoop-neck sleeveless top framed them perfectly. Michelle would never have displayed herself like that, but Anne loved it, rich red lips smiling as she stepped into the four-inch heels and checked herself in the mirror. She checked her hair, brushing the light brown strands back from her face, then headed out, ready to meet her lover.

Her heart was just about ready to explode when she saw Katrin emerge into the arrivals hall. She’d been waiting for this moment for two months, ever since she told Katrin about how John was going away for a week on one of his ‘conferences’. Before Katrin, she’d been frustrated when John had gone away, feeling herself less attractive than a set of golf clubs, but now she didn’t care about what he did, only the fact that it gave her the chance to meet her lover in the flesh. Almost as soon as Anne had told her the news, Katrin had booked her flight from Germany and she knew there was no turning back at that point.

Anne stood at the end of the walkway watching Katrin approach her, butterflies fluttering in her stomach and her heart beating hard. She’d seen pictures of her, watched her on webcam so many times over the past few months, but now she was there in the flesh she only wanted her more. Her dark blonde hair was long and straight, flowing out behind her in the breeze as she walked, deep blue eyes staring directly at her, just the flicker of a smile playing on her blood red lips. She wore a long black coat over a short black dress, hiding some of her slim frame, her long legs clad in black tights that disappeared into thick black boots. She strode purposefully towards Anne until she was standing right in front of her.

“Kiss me.” Were her first words, and whatever remained of Michelle’s reticence disappeared. She leant into Katrin’s arms, feeling her hands rest on her hips, sliding under the thin material of her top, then their lips were pressing together and she was tasting the sweetness of Katrin, feeling her own lips part as Katrin’s tongue pressed between them. Anne eagerly accepted it, letting it probe and explore her mouth, closing her eyes and forgetting where they were, wanting nothing more than to give herself totally.

“Good.” Katrin said, leaning back from the kiss and licking her lips. Her hands slid down, caressing Anne’s rear through the tight jeans. “You look very hot. Well done.”

“Thank you.” Anne stammered. “You look amazing.”

“I illegal bahis siteleri know.” Katrin said. “I can see how much you want me. I bet you’re already wet.”

Anne nodded, blushing. The tight jeans had stimulated her, and seeing Katrin had added more to that.

“If I told you to, you’d kneel and eat me here and now, wouldn’t you?” Katrin said with a grin. “But we’re not going to start this week by getting arrested. Take me home.”

Anne took Katrin’s bags from her and led her to the car, wondering already if she’d be able to make it home without embarrassing herself.

Katrin didn’t touch her for the entire journey back, and Anne knew better than to try and do something herself. Instead, she tried to concentrate on the road and ignore the heat between her legs, though that only grew as Katrin talked to her, her every word dripping with the promise of what is to come.

“It was such fun going to the toy store at the weekend, picking up everything I need for you. I was almost going to show them to you the other night, but I think it’ll be much better for you to wait and see them when they’re going to be used.

“There was a very hot stewardess on my flight. She reminded me of you, probably around the same age, wedding ring on her finger, but very happy to flirt with me. I could have had her on the plane if I wanted, got my fingers completely covered in her scent then made you suck them dry when I got here. You’d have done it too, wouldn’t you?”

“Yes.” Anne whispered, gripping the steering wheel tight as she listened to Katrin laugh.

“You’re such a slut, Anne. You’re lucky I found you and gave you some direction. I’m so going to enjoy this week with you.”

Her footsteps up the driveway were slow and careful, the heat in her groin now thick and heavy, her eyes focused on the woman in front of her, desperate to please her. Katrin had taken her keys from her and opened the door, ushering Anne into her own house like a visitor.

“Leave the bags there, we’ll deal with them later. Remember how I want you.”

“Yes.” Anne said. She closed the door, put the bags to one side, then walked over to where Katrin stood at the end of the hallway, lowering herself to her knees, head bowed, feeling the tight material of her jeans press even harder between her legs.

“Good.” Katrin said. “You know your place. You’re mine, aren’t you Anne?”

“Yes. Yes Miss.” Anne said, feeling only warmth flow through her as she said that, no fear at all.

“And for the next week, you’ll do whatever I say, let me use you however I want and give you all those pleasures you’ve been craving for so long.”

“Yes Miss.”

“If you disobey or fail to please me, you’ll be punished canlı bahis siteleri however I see fit.”

She shivered. “Yes Miss.”

“Look up at me. Tell me what you are.”

Anne looked up, saw Katrin’s face staring down at her, calm and impassive. “I’m yours, totally and completely, Miss.”

“Good.” She reached into her pocket, drew out a long piece of black satin ribbon. Anne kept still as she leant down and wrapped it around her neck, tying it off in a bow. It felt snug and warm against her skin. “Wearing that shows you’re mine. Now, come with me and prove it.”

Katrin turned and headed into the living room, and Anne followed on her hands and knees. She watched as Katrin shed her coat, dropping it to the floor, then took a seat in an armchair, spreading her legs and beckoning Anne to her with a finger. Anne shuffled along the floor, feeling the warmth of the carpet against her hands and knees, but her focus was solely on the space between Katrin’s legs, watching as she lifted the short dress up, her hands then sliding her tights and underwear down over smooth slim thighs.

Katrin had teased her with glimpses of her sex over the camera before, but now it was displayed fully to her, Anne knew she wanted to taste it more than anything she’d ever encountered before. The lips were small and tight, just glistening slightly with moisture beneath a neatly trimmed short bush. As she kissed up Katrin’s bare thigh, she caught the first few scents of it, a rich and musky smell that lured her in.

“That’s it, my girl. Pleasure me.” Katrin murmured, her hands reaching out to stroke through Anne’s hair and then pull her in. She didn’t resist – couldn’t resist – as her lips were pressed to Katrin’s sex, her tongue instinctively slipping inside the soft folds, slowly lapping. She brought her hands up to stroke the undersides of Katrin’s thighs as her tongue began to move more, eager to please the younger woman, to show how worthy she was of this position between her legs.

Anne revelled in the taste and feel of her, tongue alternating between the wet lips and the rapidly swelling bud of her clit, hearing Katrin’s sighs become purrs and then moans of pleasure, all the time her hands gripping Anne tightly, urging her on until she finally cried out, her body jerking as her climax rushed through, rewarding Anne with more of her delicious taste and scent.

Anne was reluctant as she was pushed away from her lover’s sex, wanting to stay there until she could do no more, but Katrin’s grip was firm and strong, putting her back into a straight-backed kneeling position, smiling at her as she redressed herself.

“Not bad, my girl.” She said, leaning back in the chair as she straightened her dress. “You have a very good tongue. “Now it’s time to see what the rest of you laugh.”

Katrin smiled at her, her eyes looking over Anne’s body as though she was a predator assessing her next meal. She shivered as Katrin said it, but the heat between her legs only grew.

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