Becky and Robbie Ch. 03

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Chapter 3 – Our Birthday Party

Usually a nineteenth birthday party is somewhat significant, but I can say without a doubt that Rebecca’s and mine was way more than special, it was earthshaking, astounding, incredible, wonderful, amazing, super fine, etc. It was literally the beginning of our lives together.

We had the usual family party with presents and special dinner and lots of family talk and we had a pool party with all our friends. It was really cool.

But the after party was the real party, if you get my drift. The whole time I noticed that Abby was hanging back and didn’t once come near me. I couldn’t understand why, but found out later that Sharon had told her in no uncertain terms that we had a family crisis on our hands and that she better stay away from me or else. So she did. Thank you Sharon.

I didn’t really miss Abby, since I was so busy with Becky and our other friends. I had been in lust with Abby, but I was more than in love with Becky now, so Abby wasn’t on my mind.

The relationship between Becky and I was really something special. How wonderful it is to be in love with your best friend, your real soul mate. We already had such a tight bond for each other and now we had real love for each other. And this wasn’t just a brother sister love, although the brother sister love was the solid foundation upon which our unbridled love between a man and woman manifested.

Becky and I were together during the party almost the whole time. I was happy that Becky seemed to have gotten over her sadness. She even seemed to be a lot happier than her old happy self.

Of course I now knew that her previous sadness had been my fault, so I did all I could to let Becky know how I really felt about her. I had told her earlier in the day how sorry I was that I had been such a fool and that she was the most important person in the whole world to me and that I really did love her, much more than anyone else. I told her, “Sis, I could never care for anyone as much as I care for you. And don’t worry about Abby, she doesn’t come close to you. I just want to be with you.”

Sharon had informed me of the cause of Becky’s unhappiness, and I wanted to make sure that, especially on this day, Becky was happy. So I stuck with her like glue and made a point of touching her a lot, feeling a tingle every time. I knew this would please her. We both relished touching each other and our closeness.

The highlight of the pool party was when we decided to go swimming and play some water polo and then volleyball.

As soon as Becky removed the light robe which was hiding her incredible body, which was then only slightly hidden by her small bikini, everyone there was astonished with her ravishing beauty, which included her perky breasts, which were very large and firm with pointed nipples, but not saggy, her hot firm muscular ass and strong toned legs.

You could almost hear the gasps, and definitely you could see the appreciative looks at Becky. She was totally hot beyond comparison! And she was mine. Well, at least I was thinking and hoping like that.

Abby was stunned as she stared at Becky. I am sure she was jealous, as she knew that at least part of the problem in our family was between Becky and I, since we had always been together. I was sure she knew right then that she couldn’t even start to compete with Becky in the body department.

I was so stoked that my best friend was a full-blooded hottie and I kept feeling my love for Becky grow and grow. I was so in love at this point that I hardly knew what I was doing. It was overwhelming, so I just tried to go with the flow as best as I could. The euphoria kept me sailing and I just relished it.

The games and swimming went on for several hours of great fun, with lots of bouncing breasts and twisted bikinis revealing the previously hidden jewels of these beauties and everyone had a blast.

I spent most of those hours with my eyes locked on Becky’s incredible body as she jumped and moved about — her unmatchable breasts jiggling and puffing out of her tiny bikini top. I was most definitely more than a little attached to her newly illegal bahis revealed body. She was so hot!!

Finally the party thinned down to couples and Abby vanished along with most of the guests. That only left our family and a few odd couples around the pool. Our family went inside to do the family thing, letting the others do their “teen couple” thing outside and wander home later.

Our parents were cool that way, not intruding and giving everyone the space to relax and do what they wanted. I found out later that a couple of cherries were popped that night in our backyard. As for my dear sister’s cherry, I was definitely thinking about that. Well, a guy can hope can’t he?

After the dinner and presents were finished, Becky and I were told separately to come to Sharon’s room just before we were ready for bed, to get our special presents. Sharon said she had the perfect present for each of us.

Little did we know that our present was each other and that Sharon was arranging that. When I arrived in Sharon’s room Becky had been there for a while and they were grinning slyly at me. “What?” I said. “What’s going on?”

Sharon told me to lock the door, which based on my recent experience with Sharon, immediately started me thinking that something very, very interesting is about to happen here. ‘Oh my god,’ I thought, ‘what are these stunning beauties going to do to me?’

Sharon then explained that she really wanted to help us understand our relationship with each other and that she also wanted to help us understand our newly found sexuality, which she knew (as the last few days demonstrated) was really bewildering us.

And, “You guys really don’t know much at all about sex, but I’ll show you everything.” She said, ‘Show?’

‘Does that mean what I think it means? Show time!! Oh, yeah!’

After explaining to Becky (again) how guys are ruled by their dicks half the time and let it think for them too often, she explained in detail how this had affected me. It was really only a bodily necessity taking control. She felt it was important to reiterate this to Becky.

She went on and on about all sorts of sexual situations and various relationships and Becky was a very eager listener. Gradually she went into the things that are part of the dating process and said she wanted to teach us all about them.

Since Sharon had already given me head the night before, she said she wanted to start the demonstrations by giving me head. I was stunned to think she would do this in front of Becky, even more shocked that I was going to be getting such a very personal thing in front of Becky.

I had never exposed myself to Becky and was very shy to do that, but Becky broke the ice herself by saying, “Robbie’s cock is the only one I have ever actually seen and I saw it twice.”

Yeah, wow, a major shocker. This was surprising news to me.

She said, “The first time was when Robbie took a piss once and thought I couldn’t see him in the bushes, but I peeked and checked him out. You know, I really wanted to see his dick.”

“The other time was when he was sleeping.” She said, “I could see Robbie’s huge hardon with his boxers pulled really tightly around it.” Speaking to me she said, “So I checked you out as you slept, watching you for a long time. And it was a real turn on. You were really out of it, so I wrapped my hand around it and held your dick for a long time. As it did that, it got a lot bigger. It was really exciting for me. I had to get myself off afterwards. It made me so hot.”

“So, what’s the problem? I have already seen it brother,” she said.

I was still nervous. I didn’t want to screw up our great friendship, but realized things were quickly escalating to a much better situation anyway, so what’s a guy to do?

Sharon then reached over and started stroking the very hard lump in my pants. “Brother, lay on your back and close your eyes.” So I did, thinking that this was getting really exciting. Sharon made it a whole lot easier to just go with her flow.

I realized then that I am going to have my cock on display to Becky and Sharon, the two hottest girls illegal bahis siteleri on the planet, who also happen to be the two most important people in my life. I wasn’t sure about being exposed just like that, but couldn’t say anything to stop Sharon.

She was in control, very much in control. And I did want it to happen, but I was painfully shy.

Next thing I know, she opened my pants and pulled out my throbbing cock and I was going out of my mind with the excitement, knowing that Becky and Sharon are so focused on my sex organ, hunched over staring at it and talking about it as if I was a specimen on display in a museum.

To call it a ‘hard on’ is an understatement. My dick was pulsating with surcharged excitement of things to come and was painfully hard.

Just like she did on the previous night, Sharon slurped her puffy lips all over the head of my cock, only this time she kept a running dialogue going with Becky, explaining everything expertly to her like a cooking lessen, so Becky would know what to do and how to do it.

When I heard, “Now you try it,” I about blew my wad right there, but somehow held it in.

Becky gingerly took me in her hand nervously and oh so sweetly stroked me back and forth for a few minutes, feeling my dick all over, getting used to it for the first time. It was the most incredible experience to feel Becky so lovingly fondle me so intimately for the first time. It felt so damn good. I was in ecstasy.

I opened my eyes a little and loved the smile on Becky’s face and the total look of love she exuded as she gently stroked me with great concentration. This really was heaven.

Sharon warned Becky that when she took my loaded member in her mouth that I would probably immediately go off and shoot my load. I definitely knew that she was right — I was real close to losing it.

Becky then sucked me so nicely that I was even more in total ecstasy. Yup, right again. I came buckets of cum in Becky’s mouth and she swallowed it for the first time, surprised at the whole intense experience.

Becky continued sucking and licking all over my cock and then looked up into my eyes with this dizzy dreamy look of intense love, so much love, that it totally melted and captured my heart. I could only respond with my own dreamy look of love.

Sharon watched with amazement at our exchanges of love and smiled a really nice smile, “You are really two lovebirds, aren’t you?” We didn’t reply but just held onto each other tightly.

After sometime, we talked for a while, and then Sharon said that, “Seeing you getting off so well had made me horny and I want you to eat me out and get me off too, brother.”

I got down on her real fast and devoured her tasty cunt, much to the astonishment of Becky, who had never seen anything like this before. But I could tell that she was really turned on by the fact that Sharon was so into it and experienced so many orgasms as I licked and sucked her dripping slit and puffy clitoris so expertly.

This was Sharon’s idea to get Becky really curious to try the same, to want to experience the same ecstatic orgasms and of course she would want me to do this to Becky. That was the whole point. Sharon was too cool.

As she finished her orgasms, she turned to Becky and said to her, “Now its your turn to get licked,” and before Becky could say anything, Sharon started to rub Becky’s eager cunt mound through her shorts to ease her into it.

Sharon knew Becky would also be very shy about exposing herself to me, or at least she thought she would. Becky was definitely shy and unsure of herself sexually, so Sharon just kept rubbing her burning hot pussy until Becky got really worked up. Before you knew it, Becky had an intense orgasm, her first real orgasm ever.

Just as she peaked, shaking and spasming all over the place, totally overwhelmed and disorientated, Sharon ripped her shorts and panties off exposing her perfect bare vagina to me for the first time.

If I was stunned before, it was nothing compared to now. It was so beautiful, so luscious. I was in love with her perfect pussy, it was so awesome. canlı bahis siteleri I couldn’t wait to dive in and eat her alive. I had never seen anything so sexy and inviting.

Her puffy lips were surrounded by bare skin inviting me to “come lick me.” Sharon had told me the previous night that she had shaved Becky two days ago, so the bikini would fit better and not show her hair around the edges of her cuntal mound.

This wasn’t the Becky that I knew, but I wasn’t complaining. On the contrary I loved it and looked forward to more of the new Becky.

I was in love with her beckoning pussy, I was in love with Becky and I was in love with Sharon. I was in love with life itself. It was just so wonderful. And I was totally worked up in my extreme lust for Becky.

It was overwhelming. I was drooling and Sharon smiled wickedly seeing my bewildered looks. She kept rubbing as she flicked Becky’s clit, keeping Becky in a trance so she wouldn’t feel self conscious, but she need not have worried, for Becky was in another world, relishing the most intense pleasure she had ever felt.

She writhed, moving her head back and forth as she breathed deeply, experiencing all these new and intense sexual emotions. Sharon hinted with a flip of her head that I dive in and start licking Becky’s cunt before she realized that it was me slurping her. I did immediately and sprayed my pants, overcome with the intense erotic emotion, as I worked the beauty of Becky’s perfect sex.

Every superlative description you could use would not have described my happiness and emotion at that time, what to speak of my awe for this beautiful bare vagina which was all mine to do whatever I wanted with. I was really blissed out, intoxicated and giddy with my good fortune.

Meditating on this unique opportunity to give Becky a good first sexual experience, I decided to put everything I had, all my love, my lust, my friendship, and desire to excite her, into our first oral sex together.

I did, and she really appreciated it. As I licked and sucked on her hot slick vagina, her first erotic experience, and moved up to suck and nibble on her clitoris, I stuck my middle finger into her love hole slowly and moved it in and out, twisting it as I did so. I could feel her virgin cherry narrowing her hole as I pumped my finger in and out, and she moaned in great ecstasy.

With my other hand I rolled her nipples, squeezing them roughly, as I palmed her erect breasts. She soon went over the top and had what seemed like one continuous orgasm after another, blurred by their frequency.

I continued sucking and licking and fingering for a long time as Becky stayed up and out of sight in her frenzy.

Finally she started to come back down and put her hands on the back of my head lovingly, “That was so wonderful, dear brother. I never imagined sex could be so good. Oh thank you Robbie. And thank you Sharon.”

Then she pulled me up and gave me the biggest sloppiest kiss of intense love imaginable and just held onto me with a tight grip for the longest time. We melted together into the oblivion of our love for each other, happy just to be together, forgetting everything else.

Sharon still hadn’t told us that the grand finale was the losing of our virginities to each other, but somehow that just seemed to be part of the whole plan and we were enjoying everything so much that it just flowed from one thing to the other, like one giant orgasm.

We just held onto each other, basking in our mutual love, until Sharon surprised us by telling us that there was one more thing that she wanted us to do for her. After she got our attention she told us that our birthday presents were each other’s cherry and we should fuck each other now.

She told us that this was the best time of Becky’s cycle (right after her period) and the chance of pregnancy was very low, so I could just go ahead and cum inside Becky.

She said that tomorrow she would take Becky to see Dr. Holden and get her on the pill so she wouldn’t have to worry about that from here on out, only that after today we would have to be careful for a little while.

This was far more than I could have ever expected. Sharon must really love us to do all this for us. She is so damn hot. I said, “So we should do this now?”

“Now,” Sharon said, leaving me shaking in anticipation of the greatest moment of my life.

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