Beautiful Assets

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Brisk, autumn days like these simply don’t come around too often in Texas. Anyone who has ever lived in Texas will tell you so. The weather here is almost opposite of the norm, with randomly-extreme hot and cold days here and there. But not today…today was perfect.

I pulled into my driveway at around 4:15, and proceeded to enter my house. It wasn’t very large, but nice, considering my income. I’ve been doing quite well for 28, I tell myself everyday. I still pressure myself to do better. I take off my coat and hang it in the entry-way closet. I turn through a series of corridors (with newly-installed wooden flooring), and enter my room. It was around that time that I heard the first sign of a great evening.

I should have known when I noticed the brisk weather. I should have noticed that today would have been great. However, when I heard the rev of a car pulling into a driveway, I smiled a wicked smile. My next-door neighbor was a goddess. She’s seven years younger than me, mind you, and that’s fine with me. She has to be the most beautiful woman I’ve ever known. As I hear the car drive into her driveway, I look through my window, just to see if I can catch a glimpse…

Her name is Julia, and sure enough, I could see her brilliantly from my bedroom window, as I had so many times in the past. She exited her crimson-red Corvette, her blonde hair shimmering, wearing her usual attire: a nice-fitting short-sleeved shirt, and her trademark tight, light-blue denim jeans. Julia had the greatest ass known to man. I didn’t know her friends or who she hung out with, but I had a feeling that every guy who hung out with her simply wanted to fuck the living daylights out of that perfect ass. As if on cue, Julia bent over, pulling something from the inside of her car out, revealing a pink thong. Her jeans only tightened (if that was possible) as she searched her car, and the thong seemed to be peeking out at me, teasing me, taunting me. I could feel my cock stir. I reached into my pants and began to massage it…but why? She’s right next door, I thought. And it was at that very moment that I knew why today was going to be such a great day. I had to have her.

Jacking off to her was over. I was going to fuck her, and she was going to let me. I tried to hide my raging erection as I walked towards my front door, exiting, and walking coolly over to Julia’s house. I had just caught a glimpse of her front door closing. Perfect timing. I strode past the Corvette and up her driveway onto the porch. Julia’s house was very similar to mine, in that it was nice, while remaining a one-story house. I approached her door, straightened my coat, thought for three or four seconds, and rang the doorbell. Julia opened the door, and, looking surprised, greeted me.

“Good afternoon, Nick.” She stated calmly and politely. I started to think she was treating me like a superior.

“Hello, Julia.” I responded awkwardly. Without letting another uncomfortable moment pass, I started to think about the plan I had made in the few seconds before I rang the doorbell, but my thoughts were focused completely on Julia and her sexy body.

“You wanna come in, or would you rather stand out here?” Julia laughed, opening the door further. I let out a forced laugh, and entered the house.

It was a beautiful little home. The first thing I noticed was the scent. It smelled like someone who fit Julia’s description, if that makes sense. I sat down on a nearby sofa, and glanced at Julia, now making a beverage in the kitchen.

“So, we’re neighbors, but don’t talk often,” Julia semi-yelled from the kitchen. She walked into the room with a cup of what appeared to be a kind of tea. “Why is that?”

I accepted the tea, and drank, illegal bahis stalling my time before an answer.

“I’m not sure. Perhaps it’s the age difference, different lifestyles…” I began, but was interrupted.

“Oh, that’s no excuse!” she laughed. “As a child, I talked to my next-door neighbors every day, and they were an elderly couple!”

“I suppose…” I began to speak, but I found myself glancing over Julia’s body. Her jeans were tight as skin now that she was sitting, her legs crossed. I could see an almost perfect outline of her legs in those jeans…

“You suppose…?” she interrupted my thoughts suspiciously.

“I suppose we just never have time,” I stated, not missing a beat.

“Should we make time?” she asked, countering my fitting response. I was not expecting it.

“Absolutely,” I smiled, again admiring her beautiful assets. “We should go to dinner. I know the owner of an incredible Italian restaurant out in…”

“Nick.” It was a sentence all in itself, a command.

“…yes?” I questioned.

“We’ve been next door to each other for nearly three years.” She explained. “We should be honest with each other, don’t you think?” I wasn’t quite sure where she was going with this.

“You’re right. I don’t really like Italian food. What about Thai foo…”

“Nick.” Another command.

“…yes?!” I was now confused.

“I know you watch me from your window.” She stated. My heart skipped a beat. I was stopped dead in my tracks, my body cold, my face flustering with redness.

“You watch me all the time. But you never come over.” She added. I didn’t know what to make of this. I took a few deep breaths. I felt like I was in middle school, getting in trouble with my principle.

“I…” but the words would not come.

“I watch you too, Nick.” She provided inspiration for my words. “But I don’t go after the things I want. I let them come to me.”

I could not believe this was happening.

“It’s been three years, and you’re just now getting here.” She said, very plainly. I placed my tea cup on a nearby table.

“I’m a very…”

“Shy person? I can tell.” She was talking for me now. “But if you really are going to let that take over choices…”

I wasn’t sure if she wanted me in or out of the house.

“What do you say, Nick? Are you going to go after what you want, or be shy?”

Without another word, I slammed my lips onto hers. We kissed like mad, our tongues dueling, dancing, and exploring every inch of our mouths. I licked her luscious lips, and she licked mine. I pulled her closer, and she switched positions, leaning on me. She broke the kiss and gasped for air.

“Now we’re making progress,” she smiled.

She pounced on me and mounted me sexily. She slowly moved her hands up and down my chest. She bent down to kiss me again, and I slapped her ass. Hard. She gasped.

“Mmm…I see what we’re after…” she seductively whispered.

She resumed her bent over position, kissing me while removing my shirt. My hands stayed on her perfect ass the entire time. My shirt flew somewhere, and she licked my chest, and played with my nipples like a child playing with a new toy on Christmas morning. I pulled off her shirt as well, and threw it into the abyss with my shirt.

I assumed her ass was the best part of her body. Her breasts were very nice as well. She wore a simple, pink bra that was obviously too small. She looked like she was about to burst out of the bra. She easily looked to be a size C. I removed the bra, and instantly licked and sucked her lush tits. She moaned and began grinding her hips into mine. It caught me off guard, and I bit down on her nipple, causing an arousing illegal bahis siteleri gasp to escape Julia’s lips. I continued to play with her beautiful breasts, and she continued to enjoy it. Her hips moved back and forth slowly on top of me as I sucked, urging me to continue. I attempted to take an entire breast into my mouth, which resulted in utter failure, but a successful moan from Julia. I sucked until her nipples were the brightest red I’d ever seen.

Julia moved off of the couch and onto the floor on her knees. She unbuttoned my pants and yanked them off with precision. My erection was throbbing against my boxer briefs, ready to emerge. She teased me for a while, tracing my upper thighs with her fingernails, and scratching at my hips. I bucked my hips up, motioning for her to get on with it. She did just that. She stripped me of my boxers and deepthroated all 8 inches of my cock. I almost screamed. I felt my head knock against the back of her throat and moaned loudly. She moved up, my cock emerging from her mouth, until she reached the head. She placed her lips only around the head and sucked as if she were trying to get soda from a straw. It was the most amazing feeling I had experienced. Her tongue flicked and lapped all around the head, and eventually moved to the entire shaft, moving up and down my length slowly. She took me in completely a few more times, then moved down to my balls. She took one into her mouth and sucked lightly. Upon hearing my moan, she sucked harder, then sucked the other. She made sure every bit of my cock and balls was wet with her saliva. She then did something I still get off to this very day. She took my cock all the way down her throat again, and when she reached the hilt, she lowered her bottom lip and took my balls into her mouth with my cock. It was apparent she had done this before. I bucked my hips so hard, she began to gag. I felt powerful when I heard her gag. I was so consumed with her wonderful blowjob, I didn’t care about how she felt. She came up for a breath, and I pushed her blonde head down onto my cock once more. This time, she moved her mouth up and down my cock very rapidly, fucking my cock with her lips. I moaned and began to buck my hips, fucking her mouth in unison. I felt my orgasm approaching, and, I pulled out, and flipped her over into my position.

I was now on the floor, staring up into Juila’s eyes. Her lips were cherry-red. I began to remove her tight jeans, exposing the pink thong I saw earlier. I kissed the inside of her thighs, and instantly licked every single inch of her creamy skin I saw. I removed her thong with my teeth, and threw it over with my pants. I didn’t intend to give it back. I then began to eat Julia’s sweet pussy. She tasted like a rose smells, if you will. It was wonderful. Every lick caused a wonderful reaction from Julia. She would thrash about on the couch, throwing her head back, pushing my head into her pussy with her hands, or simply bucking her hips. I bit down lightly on her clit which made her gasp. I then began fucking her pussy with my tongue, which she loved. She fucked my tongue as best as she could. I continued to fuck her when she stopped me suddenly.

“Sean, I need your cock now, sweety!” she gasped.

She moved off of the couch and I sat down. She positioned herself to straddle me, and then lowered herself into me slowly. Shivers went up and down my spine her walls closed in on me. She was now on top of me, completely naked, with my cock in her pussy. I pushed upwards, going deeper, and she moaned loudly. She didn’t fuck slow at first, as is the custom. She fucked me rough and hard from the start, bouncing up and down on my cock. She gasped and moaned every time my cock head would slip canlı bahis siteleri by her clit. I got off on the slapping sound of her skin meeting mine in between each thrust. I began to lick her tits, and she groaned approvingly, fucking me faster.

I pushed her off of me, causing her to whimper.

“All fours, please.” I stated, as if ordering a coffee. She instantly did what I commanded, and I got a wonderful view of that perfect ass I had wanted for so long.

I slid into her pussy from behind, and, mimicking her actions, fucked her rough from the start. My balls smacked her skin every time I thrust in to her, and she screamed, pushing herself back onto my cock. I slammed her, hearing the “patting” of my skin against her ass. I loved watching her ass bounce when I would thrust in deeply. I couldn’t resist, and I slapped her beautiful, creamy ass.

“Mmm, baby…do that again…” she played along.

I spanked her harder, receiving an even louder moan. I continued to fuck her, although she seemed to want me to slap her more.

“That gets me so hot.” She groaned, pushing back onto my cock again. She stopped briefly, and I followed.

“Take my ass.” She moaned.

My cock sprang to a level of erection I had never though possible.

“You’ve looked at it for years, so just fuck it senseless! Do it, Nick!”

I lubricated my cock and licked her asshole a few times, making her squirm. I slid my cock slowly, centimeter by centimeter, into her tight anal chamber. My head was barely into her ass when I knew it would be the tightest fit I’d ever experienced. I slid in further. She yelled. I finally entered all the way with one, final thrust. She roared with pleasure.

“My….god….” she barely gasped, her body collapsing on the couch in front of her. She stuck her ass out further in the air, teasing me.

I fucked her ass slowly, rhythmically, as if performing a slow dance. She would push a little bit backwards, but not much. I could tell it was somewhat painful for her. I took it easy until she loosened up a bit. That’s when I began the ass-fucking that I had always wanted with her.

I grabbed her hips and slammed my cock up her butt. She groaned. I growled as I pulled out, and thrust in again, a battering ram to knock straight through her castle gates. I fucked faster and harder with each new entry, and she did the same with her moans. Her ass literally trembled with each thrust, which turned me on tremendously. I hammered into her beautiful ass, imagining all the times I had wanted this. I felt my orgasm close, and I wanted it badly. I wanted to fill this gorgeous, legendary ass with my cum. I spanked her hard and relentlessly, and fucked her twice as fast. She gave up on keeping up with me, and just stuck her ass up in the air and fingered her clit madly.

“Julia, your ass is about to be filled with cum,” I let out.

At that moment, I experience the greatest orgasm of my life. Jets and rockets of semen flew into her ass, and I kept on pumping full speed. Four jets…five jets…I kept pumping, moaning, and slapping her ass. The whole situation kept me going. Six jets…and a little extra…I was spent.

I pulled out and collapsed onto the floor. Julia had collapsed on the couch similarly.

“…Julia…?” I breathed, gasping for air as soon as I finished speaking.

“…yeah?” she asked.

“We need to spend…more time together…”


It was very rare to have brisk, autumn weather such as this in Texas. It was just about as rare as me getting to fuck Julia’s ass. Although I would want to fuck her again, I could now rest easy, knowing that those beautiful assets were not going to waste.

Author’s Note: Thank you SO much for reading. If you would, please comment and give me suggestions. I’m not sure if I want to continue this story or begin a new one. Thanks again for reading. I enjoyed it almost as much as you, I’m sure. Happy Holidays!

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