Beat-Off Buddies Ch. 01

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author’s note: I have about a dozen chapters in mind for this series, if there is interest out there. Please let me know if you think it is worthwhile for me to pursue it. Thanks a bunch!…..Carney


Jane was sitting on her dorm room bed, naked, furiously rubbing her clit with her middle finger. Her perky breasts were jiggling on her chest, and her pussy was glistening with her moist juices. Her gaze was focused: she was staring across the room at my erect cock.

I was sitting on the other dorm bed, also naked, and stroking my stiff dick with one hand while squeezing my balls with the other. My eyes were glued to Jane’s beautiful, slender body, and the longer I watched her, the stiffer and longer my cock grew in my grasp. I feasted my eyes on her as I pounded my pud, from her beautiful face, to her long brown hair, to the way her breasts hung and swayed on her chest, to the milky skin of her thighs, the pink lips of her pussy, and the slight trace of brown pubic hair framing her juicy snatch.

She was watching me at the same time, watching how my hand rose and fell on my erect cock, how the glistening head popped up and down repeatedly from my fist, how my balls flopped and swayed in time with my strokes.

I fantasized about how it would feel to touch her; the creamy softness of her breasts, the coolness of her thighs, the slick wetness of her pussy; I imagined feeling that hot moisture on my own finger, and better yet on my cock as I thrust it in and out of her soft wet cavern. At the same time, I felt my own stiffness, the throbbing and pulsing of my cock in time with the beating of my heart, and the tightness in my balls as I reached ever closer to my eventual climax.

I focused on the sounds; her breathing, sometimes in short rhythmic gasps, other times in deep moans; the sloshing of the moisture in her crotch, being stirred by her hot fingers; the squeaking of the two beds in time with our motions; the occasional gasps and moans in my own throat.

I sensed the smells of sensuality; the muskiness of her sex as her juices leaked out of her pussy and moistened her thighs and the mattress below her; the faint odor of sweat as we each got hotter and hornier and closer to climax; the palpable smell of naked flesh which filled the room.

I even brought the sense of taste into my consciousness: I imagined the taste of her mouth and tongue and breath if we should dare to kiss; I thought about the taste of her pussy: her lips, her stiff little nub of a clit. I fantasized about the tangy, salty flavor of her pussy juices, of the rubbery taste of her nipples between my teeth, of the taste of semen on her breath during a post-blowjob kiss. Of course these were all to remain fantasies.

As I watched her, she paused in the frantic flicking of her clit. Instead, she inserted her finger as deeply as it would go into her pussy, and began sawing it in and out, all the while increasing the volume of her moans. Then she inserted two fingers, and then three. Watching her fuck herself so deeply, I reversed my hand position on my cock, sliding my palm up over the head and back down again, thumb-first, making it feel ever casino siteleri more pussy-like to my throbbing, pulsating member. The feeling of my palm sliding over my throbbing cock-head brought moans and shudders from my body and inched me ever closer to the inevitable.

Jane threw her head back as her moans became a steady wail of pleasure. Her shoulders heaved, and her fingers sawed in and out of her pussy with a savage ferocity. I gritted my teeth and focused my inner mind on the rising, burning pleasure in my cock and balls. I felt a wave of heat begin to rise from my crotch, starting at my anus and billowing up through my abdomen like a mushroom cloud of pleasure. I leaped to my feet seconds before my cock began spurting its ropes of pearly cum, all over the linoleum floor of the room. At the very same moment, Jane was consumed by her own orgasm, and screamed in ecstasy. Her knees clamped together, and she rolled onto her side, quakes of pleasure wracking her body.


Jane and I were masturbation buddies. Beat-off Buddies, as she liked to say. We never screwed; we never even kissed or touched each other. But we got together several times a week to share the pleasures of our own flesh.

It was all my horn-dog roommate’s fault. One day early in the semester he cornered me after dinner.

“Hey, Donny. Can you clear out of the room tonight? I have that hot chick Britney coming over.”

“Another chick? Dylan, it’s Tuesday night,” I said. “I need to study.”

“C’mon, man. You know I’d do the same for you.”

“You know you’d never have to. My girlfriend is back home and I’d never cheat on her.”

“Yeah, but she might come to visit some day, couldn’t she? Then you’d be the one needing privacy. C’mon, man, can’t you study at the library?”

I rolled my eyes. “The library is a zoo,” I said. “I need peace and quiet.”

“Hang on,” he said. “I’ve got an idea.” He pulled out his cell phone and made a call. After a few minutes, he hung up and turned back to me. “Great news! Britney said you can study in her room.”

“Doesn’t she have a roommate?”

“Yeah, but she’ll be studying too. She’s a nerd. You know, like you. Plenty of peace and quiet. And hey, maybe you’ll get lucky!”

I wasn’t thrilled by the idea, but there was always the hope that I could talk my girlfriend Donna into coming to campus for a visit one of these days, and then I would want the room to myself. So I agreed. “Okay, okay. What’s her room number?”

“Thanks, dude! I owe you one. They’re in room 1721”

Dylan went off to shower and douse himself with body spray, in anticipation of his evening of meaningless sex with his bimbo du jour. Grumbling, I stuffed my books and my laptop into my backpack and took the elevator down to the first floor of the dorm building. I crossed the lobby to the girl’s wing and rode the elevator up to the seventeenth floor. I found the room and knocked, half hoping there would be no answer.

The door swung open, and I found myself staring at a beautiful brunette. She was tall and slender, and had her long brown hair pulled back in a thick ponytail. She was wearing a long floppy t-shirt and shorts. She slot oyna also wore glasses, red fingernail polish, and a large ring on one pinkie. She looked like a hot librarian.

“Donny? Come on in. I’m Jane,” she said. I looked around. The room was pretty much the same as Dylan’s and my room: two twin beds, two desks, two chairs, one mini-fridge. The only difference was the posters on the walls. Oh, and this one was a lot cleaner.

“You can use Britney’s desk,” she said, waving a hand at it. The desk was virtually bare. “She doesn’t study much, as you can see.” Jane’s voice took on a snide tone. “She’s more interested in slutting around campus with different boys every night.”

“You don’t approve?” I asked.

“I believe in being true to someone special,” Jane said. “My boyfriend goes to college several hundred miles from here. I miss him, but I would never cheat on him.”

“Really? Same with me. My girlfriend is back home, and I’ve been true to her all semester.”

Jane flopped down on her bed. “It’s hard, isn’t it?” she said. “I mean, with all the free love going on all over campus, it’s difficult to stay true to one person.”

“That’s for sure,” I said. “But there are ways of releasing the pressure, of course.” Then I started to blush, realizing what I had just admitted, to a total stranger, no less.

“You mean masturbation? Yeah, I need to do that a lot, too.” She gave me a sheepish smile. “It’s tough when you share a dorm room, though.”

“No kidding!” I said. “In fact….” Then I caught myself and stopped short. God, I’m an idiot.


“No, it’s too embarrassing,” I said.

“Oh, come on! We might as well be friends. What were you going to say?”

What the hell, I thought. “I was going to say, I was especially pissed at Dylan for kicking me out tonight, because I really wanted to, uh, relieve myself before starting to study for the evening. In my room, alone.”

Jane gave me a thoughtful look. “I probably would have tonight, too. I usually do when Britney is out whoring around. I hate to pass up a good opportunity.” She kept looking at me.

“What?” I said. “What’s with the look?”

“Well… since we both admitted to doing it, and both admitted to wanting to do it tonight…. why not do it here?”

“What, both of us? Together?”

“Sure, why not?” She tossed her hair and gave me a sly grin. “You’re kind of cute; and it would be much better if I was looking at a naked guy while I did it. Don’t you think?”

This was crazy, is what I was thinking. And I was thinking about Donna back home. Would she approve? No way!

“Come on, Donny. It wouldn’t be cheating. We wouldn’t even touch each other. We’ll just strip, sit on opposite sides of the room, and take care of business. Only we wouldn’t have to be lonely while we’re doing it.”

That was an excellent point, and I was struck by the sheer wisdom of it. The worst thing about masturbation is that it is so very, very lonely. Looking at a tall, pretty, sexy, naked woman would certainly enhance the experience of whacking off, but the best part would be avoiding the damned loneliness of it all. I made up my mind.

“Okay, I’m in, what canlı casino siteleri the fuck?” I said.

“Great!” She clapped her hands together. “Let’s start right now!”

Without any further discussion, she whipped off her t-shirt over her head and dropped her shorts. Not needing a bra for her small, pert tits, she stood naked before me. She was even more beautiful than I’d realized at first. She lay down on the bed on her back, and put her feet up on the wall, her legs sticking nearly straight up, her red-polished toenails pointing at the ceiling. I watched her, dumbfounded.

“Well?” she asked. “What are you waiting for?”

I quickly stripped to my skin, feeling slightly embarrassed, but forcing myself not to show it. My cock was already as stiff as a flagpole. Emulating her, I lay down on Britney’s bed (trying not to think of all the skanky sex it must have seen) and put my feet up on the wall, too. Not my usual position, but what the heck; I’ll try anything once. I turned my head to watch Jane.

She already had her two fingers knuckle deep in her pussy and was sawing them back and forth. With her other hand, she was twisting and pinching one nipple in an almost savage fashion. Her hips were bucking and she was starting to moan. It was so damn erotic that I nearly came right then and there.

I forced myself to focus on my raging cock. I spat in my palm and started stroking. Except for occasional glances at my cock to make sure it hadn’t burst, I never took my eyes off Jane. Her squirming body, heaving breasts, and wet, sloppy pussy were too much for me, and I came within a couple minutes, blasting huge spurts of pearly cum straight into the air. Of course they came right back down all over my chest. I lay there panting, letting the cum slowly run down my ribs to the bed. Meanwhile, I watched Jane as she sawed and pinched herself to a thunderous orgasm, screaming and and thrashing and oozing love juice until she ran out of steam, and lay still.

Finally, she got up. “I guess you were really ready for that one,” she said. “I’ve never seen anyone come that fast before.”

“It was just the excitement of the new situation,” I explained. “The next one will last a lot longer.”

“Ooh!” she squealed. “I love a double feature!” She got up and reached for the mini-fridge under her desk, favoring me with a wink. “How about a beer, and then we’ll go for round two?”

And that was the beginning of our little mutual masturbation club. Actually, we did it three times that night, and even got in a fair amount of studying in between. I finally made it back to my room in the wee hours of the morning; thankfully Britney was gone by then and I was able to go to sleep.

Jane and I have been getting together at least twice a week ever since, sometimes at her room, sometimes at mine. Sometimes we’ll jerk off at the same time; other times we’ll take turns, watching each other coyly. Sometimes we do it in silence; other times, we’ll do it while talking dirty to each other. Sometimes we’ll use toys, sometimes we’ll use porn. She is quite inventive at coming up with new twists and different ways of getting ourselves off, and I’ve learned quite a few tricks from her. I’ll have to tell you all about them sometime. But not right now; those stories will have to wait for another chapter….

Donny and Jane will return in: Beat-Off Buddies 2: Stroke of Genius.

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