Bathhouse Bench Display

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Finally, following a several month pause enjoying an unusually late summer swimming naked (with strangers, friends, and my wife, in different combinations), a visit to the local male only bathhouse became practical. A sauna that has been a consistent destination for almost 2 years, one where getting off with naked strangers is the reality that keeps me returning.

My routine is fairly consistent by now, resulting in a certain amount of well practiced haste before enjoying the varied opportunities to get off with other men. Putting a towel over my naked body, a glass of beer, a hit of rush upstairs, then letting myself enjoy the flow of sex among other men. After getting into the proper mood, a quick walk upstairs followed, through the porn theater, down the corridor lined with porn playing and merely private booths, into a good sized dark room (almost always empty, a major difference from my first visits almost 2 years ago), and a dark maze area.

The basement was my true destination, with its steam room and whirlpool. In a slutty and turned on mood, this Saturday seemed emptier and more subdued than my last one here, though it was roughly the same time, an hour or so after opening.

Reaching the bottom level, the steps leading down already quite wet with footprints, I noticed a number of towels in the alcoves against the steambath’s wall. Unusually, a pair of sandals also appeared there, meeting with my approval, as the sound they make moving in the steamy space’s slippery floor space can be quite distracting.

Turning left, I checked the whirlpool, simply confirming it fountaining in over-energetic fashion, not to mention being empty, a combination without any interest to me at all.

Walking back naked to the other side, I grabbed a couple of condoms from the black bag, which also holds the little brown bottle, and entered the steam, walking to the back wall, eyes slowly adjusting. Turning to go deeper into dim back space, the space felt fairly empty, not including a man standing near the entrance.

Not much was going on in the rear dimness, though the hidden alcove in the deeply dark shadows was the apparent source of contented sucking sounds, meaning that at least someone was enjoying themselves the way I hoped to, this being a Saturday afternoon, after all, a fact I was counting on, based on several earlier experiences.

For me, the bathhouse is a communal space offering pure sex with strangers, often preferably with groups of them, filled with others sharing exactly the same attraction to having hot sex with other men. Either from repeated encounters cumming with other men, or potentially, as being naked with other men in a dim space where the sights and sounds and touches are unavoidable as you get more turned on, in a place where turning other men on is part of the game, is a temptation that only the willing expose themselves to. A temptation that no one at a bathhouse often resists after first indulging it, as the reality is so much better than any fantasy.

Sitting down, beginning to stroke, getting hard, with no one around except a few uncertainly hesitant strangers in the dark. One man walked by, turning into the alcove, but returned into the dim light after just a couple of seconds. Starting to sweat, and realizing that at least for now, nothing was happening, I stepped back out of the sauna, showered, dried off, then went upstairs to do another hit of Rush. Several men were wandering the upstairs halls, a couple naked, but nothing was happening, though by now, my state was one of quite advanced sluttiness.

Returning to the Turkish bath, a man was leaving as I entered, closed the door firmly, then going to the back area directly. Sounds were still emanating from the black alcove, along with additional noises from a pair in the middle of the space. One of the two sat on the bench, his legs spread to let the another man closer, whose hands were wrapped around the moving head, making him moan and pull an obviously willing mouth deeper, swallowing more of his erect shaft. Sitting on the bench, though not close, my eyes well adapted, the hot scene resolved itself in eye and mind as my hand began touching my half hard cock.

Head turned, at the edge of my vision there was motion in the steamy dimness, but my attention remained fixed on what was going on so close at hand. Watching men have sex turns me on, especially when they are both turned on, a fairly common condition here. My cock grew harder as they kept enjoying their cocksucking, the man getting sucked pressing tighter as he moved closed, his legs spreading the cocksucker’s thighs. The change in sound and rhythm from the pair showed when the man being sucked began touching the other man’s cock with his sweaty skin, beginning to roll a bit from side to side.

Soon, the somewhat younger man on the bench stood, grabbing the other man wantingly before beginning to kiss him passionately, stiff cock rubbing against the other man’s well lubricated shaft. The two began sliding and grinding, their canlı bahis şirketleri lips pressed tightly as they began to hump, hands clasping each other’s asses to increase the sensation of truly intimate contact, even in a public place. Of course, my own jacking off was fueled by what they were doing, thoughts beginning to arise about joining them.

After a bit, the younger one shifted around and kneeled at the other man’s ass, first licking, then seemingly fingering the other man’s apparently willing ass. The man being rimmed spread his hands against the wall, making it obvious he was hard. I again considered approaching, especially after seeing a hand beginning to stroke the spread-eagled man’s jutting cock, but my own stroking became a bit too distracting. Someone else approached from the dimness, stopped on the other side, his hand touching along the neck of standing man. It moved slowly, touching along ear and cheek, slowly turning a stranger’s head. He began kissing the standing man, his hand slowly sliding down to meet the stroking hand of the stranger rimming another man’s ass.

The third man’s tongue seemed to trail down as the kissing ended, and he shifted position, letting his tongue easily reach the spread-eagled man’s nipple. As his lips closed, helpless moaning started to fill the space, moaning which became louder, though in a muffled way when the new man’s hand touched the rimming man’s cock. I could tell from the way the new man seemed to slump and start thrusting his hips that all three were now being stroked.

When the kneeling man stood, the three turned towards each other, and it became obvious when their cocks began touching, low moans filling the space as hands wandered over asses willingly moving tighter at a light touch. Soon, they were using their hands to rub each other’s cocks, kissing deeply in turns, then slowly separating, all three moving away, cocks hard, to either go into the jacuzzi or upstairs. No one who saw them could mistake their desires and intentions, making me still hornier after missing a fairly close opportunity.

The threesome gone, I stood, walking over to the dark area, letting my arm sweep slowly through the space, encountering no one. The heat remained bearable, along with the fact that even a slow Saturday afternoon would be filled with a steady supply of men coming to enjoy the public steamroom, naked with other naked men possessing the same interests and desires, basic and decidedly irresistible desires in almost every case.

Returning to the bench, waiting for the steambath to fill with men, positioned somewhat in the light, not caring what anyone saw, hand beginning to stroke myself hard again, any resistance to being so public faded each time the door let someone new in, the light of the opening indicating a steady flow of naked visitors entering the steamy space.

One man walked through, then leaned against the back wall, as several other figures disappeared into the shadows to my left. The sounds of sucking started quickly, and I noticed that the man at the wall was hard, his cock lit in profile from the other section. Other men began appearing, one stopping close to the leaning man. I saw a hand reach out, seeing how easily contact was made, then noticing a third man in line behind the now stroking pair, who were almost blocking the most narrow part of the tiled passage.

Taking in the easy hook ups, my cock swelled again as I kept pumping it with my fist, circled finger and thumb bumping underneath my cockhead. Another man leaned against the back wall, closer to me, obviously observing what was going on near by. He started to play with his cock, making me gaze attentively as it grew hard, his head turned to look at the action next to him.

My own stroking while looking at a sexy hard cock prevented me from even pretending to just be occasionally looking around disinterestedly. He shifted a bit, and only then did I grow aware that he was looking at me. He took a couple of cautious steps, sitting down at an indistinct distance, though one that made it easy for me to move a bit closer to him without being too forward.

Which may sound a bit strange, but sometimes, things simply don’t click, even at the stage of sitting next to a man with a hard cock. But when the opportunity presents itself, merely exploring the possibilities offered isn’t rude in the least, as every repeat bathhouse customer knows. A thought that just made me stroke myself harder before moving my foot out, finally lightly touching the side of his foot after an interval stretched by anticipation.

I trailed my left foot a bit higher, my right leg slowly spreading a bit closer to his. As my foot moved over his lower leg, his thigh began to touch mine, followed by his fingers sliding over the inside of my thigh, pulling me against him. Putting my foot back down, I shifted closer as his hand began to fondle my balls.

My eyes were starting to flutter shut, breathing becoming obviously louder in reaction to the sensations a canlı kaçak iddaa stranger was creating between my legs. Reaching for his thigh, my concentration disappeared as his hand began sliding along my cock. A slow and gentle sliding, reversing well before reaching my cockhead, his fingers spreading through my lush bush, clearly enjoying my dark curled pubic hair.

His hand began to move and curl around my shaft, still gentle, helping the first initial flood of ecstasy ebb, a skill clearly learned with other over men over the years. The first contact of another man’s body on your quivering cock is overwhelming, though a sensation easily shared, as my hand began to touch the inside of his thigh.

My first touch slowed his steady progress to the end of my shaft, and my gradual motion along his sexy thigh, hairy much like mine, made him stop, my fingers now playing with his unshaved sack. Not stopping, my right hand slid though his bush to reach the base of his cock, encircling it, its obvious thickness a surprising turn-on.

One that made me even hornier, unable to resist him as his hand again began to stroke my length, forcing me to simply hold his cock as he played with mine. A contact he knew was just turning me on more, beginning to concentrate on the head of my cock, focussing on the very end. Weakly, I was barely able to pump his hard cock a couple of times before succumbing to the fantastic sensations at the very tip of my erect length.

Some part of me recognized how he was making me feel so good, but the rest of my being wanted nothing else but for him to continue, surrendering again to the opportunity to have sex with a perfect stranger in the dark. He was playing with the extremely sensitive slit of my cock, creating an incredible mixture of intense sensation, overwhelming pleasure at the edge of almost painful, yet completely unstoppable as he kept working magic at the very end of my cock. My wife has occasionally done the same thing, but never with the sure skill now being enjoying in the steamy dimness, with other men seeing me in this helpless state.

The talented fingers on the head of my cock were manipulating me in a way no woman could ever understand so intimately. Gliding just along the edge of pain, a pain that I craved, leading to an ever greater desire, knowing he must be opening me at the very point of where I cum, a deeply slutty thought driven deeper as he kept slowly moving.

Becoming accustomed to the sensations creating a wonderful fog of sensual bliss that rendered the passage of time meaningless, I gradually regained the ability to act within an apparently endless haze of pure animal satisfaction. My hand finally reached his cock, the contact against his velvety skin making me moan in a deeper tone, leading me on to explore a new territory that was anything but virgin. And completely male, fully enjoying another man’s sexual center. Touch adds a dimension that sight lacks, especially in a foggy dimness.

Time stretched again as my hand began to stroke his full sexy roundness. His horny rod was impressively thick, curved and hard, with a silky strength that just became more demanding the harder he became. Making him harder was about the only thought my mind could still focus on, as he continued to do things to my cock tip that defied my ability to comprehend, even as I wanted more.

Reaching the end of his cock, sliding my palm over its slick surface caused him to slow. Focusing me efforts now on the ridge of his cockhead, he stopped moving, soon beginning to moan. His hand slackened against my cock, and it was clear that we both knew how to play with a naked man in the dark, even when using different styles.

We settled into a pattern of exchanging roles, alternating between motion on another’s sexy cock and the pure enjoyment of being the one on the other side of that motion. Though initially at a disadvantage due to my utterly slutty nature, the scales tipped over time, as my own desire to pleasure him led to his resistance crumbling. Not surprisingly of course, based on long running personal experience. At heart, all men with a hard cock are sluts, a shared truth among bathhouse visitors.

He had an uncut foreskin, and on this occasion, I began to pay attention to what this meant in detail in terms of another man’s pleasure, through with several delightful interruptions, requiring a bit of rediscovery from where I had left off that he enjoyed, providing a reliable guide to really getting him off.

I slid his tightening skin up and down, causing his complete cockhead to become exposed, a process whose progress surprised me, as it took a while to fully understand what was happening. I knew his foreskin was covering the end of his cock the first time I played with it, but by the third or fourth time I concentrated on stroking him, I was fairly certain his cock was so turned on that his foreskin was no longer a factor.

Which on the fifth or sixth time of playing with him, after having sucked his nipple while jacking canlı kaçak bahis his full erect length, I discovered was not true, now finally feeling his truly naked cockhead. This time, I was in control, my cock still rock hard, no longer on the edge of cumming, his hand growing more distracted as the undeniable pleasure began to overwhelm him, breathing becoming deeper, his truly animal moaning going straight from my ears to my rigid cock.

My circled thumb and finger began to slide and twist under the true ridge of his flared cockhead, much smaller than mine. Obviously, it was an equally sensitive spot for him as for me, as his response demonstrated. Though neither the most massive nor the first uncut cock I had ever played with, for the first time, now I truly took the time to pay attention to nothing but the details of a sexy uncut cock, my hand appearing to continue to work magic on him. By this point, he had turned completely passive, surrendering to my apparent skill, a true compliment.

Other men had moved near, and the sounds from the shadowed alcove were an erotic mixture of sucking and fucking. Without the distraction of his own skill directed to my cock, I looked around, seeing what was happening in the space. Like watching a pair form, two hard cocks standing out in the backlit spaces as they came together, disappearing in shadow as the men began rubbing and kissing, tongues likely going deep, lips sliding against each other as their heads moved, hands sliding over each other’s body.

The hand at my cock retreated, mostly due to my fingers, I believed, still looking at the couple as one slumped against the wall, his cock taken in the mouth of the other bending down, his fingers playing with the sucked man’s nipple. I was in a state of pure male sexual bliss, one shared not only by the man I was stroking, but all the others with hard cocks, at least a half dozen other strangers, both seen and merely heard.

When his hand forcefully pulled my leg over his, I couldn’t help moving, my cock throbbing at the sudden contact of our sweaty skin, knowing he was exposing my horniness to everyone else in the steamroom. It only took seconds after his hand touched my cock again to completely take me under his control, my eyes closing, though after a bit, my cock stroking made him join me as we moaned in the dark, turning each other on, showing off to anyone interested in watching, my left hand rubbing the hardened nub of his nipple.

Opening my eyes, my head lolling to the right, the pair I had watched before remained actively engaged in cocksucking, the happy wet sounds of a sucking mouth going down on a wanting cock plain as I focused on a slowly bobbing head close to the pubic region of the standing man. Slowly, moving my head, three men were in front of us, all of them playing with their hard cocks. Still moving, I saw another pair playing with each other’s cocks as the door opened, the light making them distinct in the darkness.

As the door closed, a third man joined them, his hands running along the ass of the man on the outside before sliding between their pressed bodies. The low sounds of pleasure revealed when his hand had reached its ultimate goal, as he began to rub his cock against the very accessible ass cheeks of the man in front of him.

The sexually charged scenes surrounding me were simply too much, making my eyes close again, trying to keep from being overwhelmed as I felt lips begin to suck at my right nipple. When he began to play with my cock slit, the feeling was fantastic. His hand pulled my leg again, adding to my desire to allow him to do anything he wanted with body, knowing that everyone could see just how hot this man was making me.

Sitting side by side, our legs forming a W whose point ended tantalizingly close to where we were jacking each other off, I could feel his body shift as he bent his head to kiss my nipple, his finger doing me in an unimaginably intense way. It was impossible to do anything but squeeze my fist against his shaft as his teeth began to slide and pull and bite my nipple. His shaft was able to withstand my grip effortlessly, just turning me on more, skin sliding just a bit over a rigid core, making it quiver.

Forcing my eyes open, creating an interval where cumming was not my sole focus, the previously potential threesome appeared in a classic variation, one I have long fantasized about and participated in, but never experienced as the man in the middle, the one being fucked and sucked at the same time. The cocksucking couple was still on the other side, though no longer against the wall, possibly having reversed positions, at most a minor distraction to the pure sexual element of observing two horny men having sex in front of all of us.

The three men were still there, separate but drawn to watch us while playing with their cocks, an audience adding to the sense of surrendering myself completely, the eye of my cock experiencing paradise as it was opened. Through the haze he created at the seeming center of my sexual soul, one knowingly dominated by the touch of a stranger, I slid over his thick cock, reaching the end, then twisted my hand over the slick knob, slowly rotating my index finger over his cock slit, spreading the fluid it was filled with.

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