Basement Parties Ch. 03

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This was turning out to be the best year of my life. I mean, I loved giving birth and raising my son. But for sex, this was the best. My husband had been a decent lover, I will admit that. But he could have been better. And he certainly was ignoring me most of the time now. So making my own sex life happy had produced a lovely time for me. And my basement was my new love paradise.

I had so much fun with Vic, and his girlfriend, Kirsty. I was Kirsty’s first woman. I knew I would not be her last. And Vic certainly had fun with his MILF. I was a hot woman and I knew it. After our lunch party was over the two young people, both almost twenty now, were so sweet to me.

Each one gave me a kiss goodbye, and they both meant it. Kirsty especially was appreciative that I had brought out the girl lover in her. She kept saying no one had loved her pussy as I had. It was a tasty little thing. I whispered in her ear to call me if she got lonely for lady love. She giggled, and glanced at Vic.

Then things returned to normal for awhile. I was just keeping house as my husband worked. It was very quiet at home with my son away at college. When my husband was not attending conferences or seminars he was working here, and when he came home we had a quiet life. He even would make love to me, almost once a week, if he didn’t forget. I didn’t depend upon it. I hoped other things would come up.

One afternoon I was down in the basement watching some sexy movies. I did so enjoy watching naughty films now. I did it everyday, while I was home alone. I kept all of my sex toys in a cabinet there in the basement. It was now a recreation room for sex, as well as regular games. The doorbell rang as I was rubbing a vibrator on my wet pussy, watching two ladies tribbing on the screen.

I was now always naked around my house, as soon as my husband left for the day. And when he was out of town I was nude all of the time, except when I went out on errands. So I went upstairs with my pussy still wet, and no clothes on. Next to the front door I had a robe hanging. I couldn’t answer the door without clothes. It might get back to hubby. He didn’t need to know anything about my love life at all.

Opening the door I saw Kirsty. She had another girl with her. She was pretty, with long, red hair, and smiling at me.

“Hello, Mrs. Ferguson,” said Kirsty.

“Wanda, dear.”

“Yeah. I mean Wanda. Hi. So I just got off work with Trina. She’s my best friend. We graduated together. And we were talking, and anyway, could we come in Wanda?”

“You know you can come by any time sweetie. Hi Trina. I remember you. You come in too. What are you two ladies up to today?”

We had gone into the front room and sat down. I was waiting expectantly. This was looking very hopeful. Wouldn’t you think so too?

“So Wanda, it’s kind of embarrassing, but Vic and I had so much fun the other day. And Trina is my best friend. And I hope you aren’t mad at me, but I told her what happened. And she’s kind of interested, you know, Wanda?”

“Just a second Kirsty. Tell me Trina, just what makes you so interested dear?”

“Oh, gee, Mrs. Ferguson. It’s funny, but I’ve always wondered about this kind of thing. I mean, you know, where women do things together. Kirsty is my best friend. I love her. I just told her today I thought it would be cool to do things, you know, after she told me what happened with you. So anyway, we came over. Is that alright?”

Both girls had been blushing bright red since they appeared at my doorstep. And both were making me one horny MILF. I was still wet, and getting wetter, just thinking of my good luck today. I stood up and dropped the robe. I walked over to the two girls and took a hand of each of them.

They stood up, and we slowly walked towards the basement stairs. They were giggling, but that was charming. Soon they wouldn’t be giggling. They would be moaning with sexual pleasure. God, I was so moist.

When we got to the basement I sat on the sofa. The girls started to sit too, but I stopped them.

“Wait, illegal bahis both of you. We’re going to play now. This is going to be lots of fun. I promise you that. Kirsty, you know this’ll be fun. Trina, you’ll learn. I want you both to do something for me, okay? I want you to act like you’re strippers and you’re trying to please me in a club. Alright, go on, make me happy ladies.”

With that I began touching my breasts, and getting the nipples hard, and caressing my pussy, as I watched my little show. The girls were hesitant, but slowly they started to get into the right mood. They were looking at each other, but Kirsty took off bracelets and dropped them. Trina followed suit, with a little smile, and then began unbuttoning her white blouse. Kirsty playfully took her skirt down off her round ass, and grinned at Trina.

“Perfect ladies. Keep it up. Oh my, you’re making me very happy, you know that girls?”

They smiled at me and began dropping more clothes, tossing them about the room. They were into the stripper routine. Their bras came off at the same time. I saw Kirsty’s nice, soft breasts, with her brown nipples standing up. Then I looked at Trina’s perky little titties, with the pink nipples, and my mouth was watering. I was in heaven. Both pairs of panties dropped down around their ankles.

As they kicked the panties aside I could see that Kirsty had waxed her pussy since last time. She was following my example. That was so sweet. Trina had shaved her pussy so that a little tuft of curly hairs was at the top. It was as if she wanted attention drawn to her clit. I would certainly give it some attention.

“Come here, both of you. I want to kiss your pussy Kirsty. And yours, Trina. Come to momma.”

Each girl was now completely naked, and I could see, this close, that each little pussy was wet. And their pussy lips were swollen, waiting for someone to make love to them. I was happy to oblige. My own cunt was ready for some licking of its own.

I put my hands on Trina’s tight ass and drew her closer to my face. I kissed her clit, and she sighed. Then I licked it, and she moaned. I put my mouth on her pussy and licked and sucked it. She pressed it harder into my face. This little girl was into this, I could tell. I wondered if I was the first.

It was Kirsty’s turn. She had been caressing my blond hair as I kissed Trina’s pussy. Now I moved to hers and she quickly grabbed my hair with both hands, wanting me to really suck her cunt for her. I did. The little tart was getting my full attention right now. I sucked her as she squealed and begged for more. I tasted her sweet honey and made her climax intensely.

That was fun. We were going to get serious. I now had an air mattress over in the corner, leaning against a wall. It had seemed like a good idea to get it and put it down here. Now I was glad I had. I got up and went to get it, placing it in the center of the floor. I motioned the girls to come over and they did, eagerly. When I had placed myself on the mattress they followed suit.

“This is going to be lots of fun, ladies. Trina, you seem new at this so I want you to eat your friend’s pussy. Kirsty, you get to make love to me. I’ll make Trina happy. Good? I want some cunt girls. Come on, eat me, Kirsty!”

I didn’t know if this would work or not. But I wanted to try. I was spreading the lips of Trina’s cunt and ramming my tongue into her, acting like I was fucking it. As I did so I felt Kirsty’s lips kissing my pussy and then getting more aggressive, sticking fingers into my cunt, and making me come even more. I could hear her moaning as she did it, and I knew that Trina was pleasing her dear friend. We were all pleasing each other, eating pussy, and making love.

For women, this could last a long time. We could come for hours on end if the occasion arose. It was good being a woman. I could tell my new little friends agreed with me. They were such good lovers, and such quick learners. I was coming so much now that I was almost ready to faint. Kirsty was a perfect little illegal bahis siteleri cunt lapper. I hoped she was being pleased as much as I was. I’m sure she was.

It was a surprise to me, as I finger fucked little Trina, when she squirted from her pussy. Such fun and so fucking sexy. I bet it surprised even her.

“Did you know you were a squirter Trina? Little minx, you’re a pleasure for sure.”

“Ahh!” She was panting, and finally caught her breath. “No Wanda…I didn’t know. I hope that isn’t bad. God, I didn’t even tell Kirsty. I’m a virgin. I’ve never done anything with anyone before!”

I stopped making love. All three of us did. We had pleased each other and now something unusual had come up. It was important for each girl that the first time making love be special. I was going to make certain it was for Trina. I hugged her, and Kirsty hugged us both.

“So tell Wanda, baby. Have you even touched yourself? Or has anyone else touched you, Trina?”

“Oh, I’ve touched down there, and my breasts a little. But I was taught it was bad. And I never really liked boys. Does that mean I’m bad? It’s all so confusing. I was having so much fun here with you two. Is that bad? I don’t know anything really.”

“Trina. It’s really so simple doll. When you’re having sex anything is good as long as no one is being forced. And as long as everyone is an adult. Understand, baby? This is all fine. It’s all fine, as long as you’re having fun. And you only have to have fun the way you want to. Right? There you go, baby.”

“Then I guess I want to have fun this way all the time. I don’t like boys. I mean, I like Vic, Kirsty. But I don’t want a boy touching me. It makes me feel sick to think of it. I guess I’ll always be a virgin.”

“Trina, you don’t have to stay a virgin, girl. You’re so naive. Two women can do almost everything that men can do. Didn’t you know that? About the only thing women can’t do is suck each other’s cock. But I suppose you wouldn’t want to do that anyway, would you.”

“Ugh, no way, Wanda. But I do love touching my pussy. I don’t know. How would I ever lose my virginity if I don’t want a man to, you know, fuck me?”

“Young lady, you don’t have to worry about anything. Momma has all the answers. Kirsty. Is Trina really your best friend? Do you love her, as a friend? What do you think. Do you want to take her virginity? Would you let her, Trina?”

I had completely astonished both of them. They hadn’t expected this turn of events. But I was serious. I had a strap on in my cabinet now. Little Kirsty could fuck Trina, and I could watch. And we could all enjoy our basement party.

I went over and opened the door to the cabinet. There was the strap on, along with all of my other toys. I picked it up and walked back to Kirsty.

“Here, Kirsty. Put this on. You friend Trina is going to get fucked for the first time. And you’re going to do it.”

It was exciting to see Kirsty grab the strap on and quickly try to put it on. I finally helped her, spreading lots of lubricant on it, while Trina was sitting back on her knees on the air mattress, with a worried look on her face.

I leaned down and kissed her, caressing her red hair, and she responded. Then I knelt down and I put her on her hands and knees. I thought it would be easier for Kirsty to fuck her from behind this first time. Trina could spread her legs widely, and open up that fresh pussy for a grand, first time fuck.

I motioned for Kirsty to get down on her knees behind Trina, and begin slowly fucking her friend. I was still kissing Trina as the dildo entered her cunt, and she moaned. Gently Kirsty moved her hips,

forcing the fake cock into that virgin pussy, and Trina moaned louder.

“Fuck, Kirsty. Ah, so fucking good. Harder, please, deeper. I can feel it so good.”

Kirsty had come up against Trina’s hymen, so I motioned for her to force her way in. She did, and Trina squealed. But almost at once Kirsty was fucking her deeper and Trina was panting and begging for more fucking. canlı bahis siteleri She got it. All the while my own vibrator was working on my pussy as I watched and had orgasm after orgasm. I loved watching two women making love.

“Baby, you’re not a virgin any more! Fuck her Kirsty. Damn, that’s good fucking girls. So sweet. Fuck her babe, fuck that cunt.”

I kept coming too, until both girls collapsed down onto the air mattress, with the strap on still embedded in Trina’s pussy. After awhile they separated. Kirsty pulled the dildo out and Trina rolled over on her back. Both of us began to kiss her and caress her, letting her know this had been perfect. I hope it had been. Her first fuck should always be a treasured memory for a girl. Trina kissed me and she kissed Kirsty, so I knew it had been good.

After we had all rested awhile I got up and they joined me.

“Come on upstairs, ladies. We’re going to have some ice cream and relax. Oh, don’t bother with the clothes, girls. This is a naked household now.”

I laughed as we all went upstairs and had some nice ice cream to top off the day. I wasn’t completely finished yet, but I wanted them to rest up. I still had some fun I wanted to have.

“This was perfect…Wanda. I want to thank you for being so good to me. I know I’m just a silly girl, but you were great, really.”

“This is a house of love, Trina. You girls can come here anytime. Vic can come here too, if Kirsty doesn’t mind. And I will always try to make it a pleasant experience for everyone. Speaking of that, Kirsty,

I have some fun I’d like to have, if you don’t mind.”

“I think you’re the best, Wanda. I don’t think I’d like anything more than making you happy. What’re we going to do now?”

“Let’s go back to the party place, ladies. Wanda wants to play with Kirsty, and I want Trina to watch and learn.”

With that we left the bowls and spoons on the kitchen table and went downstairs, again. I couldn’t help caressing their sweet bottoms as we walked, and they wiggled them with pleasure.

“Kirsty, you get on the mattress, on your elbows and knees this time. Trina you get behind me in a minute. I’m going to put on the strap on now. Kirsty, I promise you’ll love this. But if you don’t, just say no. You can always do that around here. Okay, baby?”

“Yes Wanda. I’m ready.”

I was now on my knees behind Kirsty. The strap on was ready, as I leaned in and licked her pussy, which was beginning to drip fragrant fluids for me. Then I moved my mouth to her pucker and I kissed and licked it. She moaned. I rose up and slowly began feeding her dildo into her tight asshole. Her groans were slightly painful, but she didn’t say no. I kept forcing the lubricated dildo into her ass and she was now moaning with pleasure.

Trina was wide eyed as she watched what was happening. But she was into it. Her hands were busy, playing with Kirsty’s pussy, and then with my ass, forcing a finger in. She was learning from me as I began screwing little Kirsty in the ass, deeper and faster. I was coming myself, it was so fucking hot.

Trina fucked my ass hole with a finger, and she fucked Kirsty’s pussy with her hand, forcing more than one finger in there, as I kept fucking ass. Kirsty was wailing now, as she came and took the dildo deeper into her hole. I was in heaven, and I think they were too. This was such great fucking.

“Holy fucking hell, fuck me Wanda, fuck me, fuck my ass, fuck, fuck.”

“That’s it baby, that’s it, take it, oh, god, baby girl, Wanda loves you both.”

“Jesus, this is so fucking crazy. I love it Wanda. Fuck her, fuck her. My pussy is coming too, fuck.”

It couldn’t go on. I fucked my little Kirsty until I became too tired to fuck anymore. I pulled out, and she groaned as I did. Young Trina put her arms around me and hugged me. I sat back on the mattress and the two girls joined me. We just sat there for the longest time. Each of us was caressing someone else. Either their hair, or their face, but we had exhausted our sex play for the day.

At last Kirsty laughed and spoke.

“How many parties are you going to have in this basement, Wanda?”

I didn’t know how to answer. As far as I was concerned I might as well have a basement party every day from now on. We would see.

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