Balloons and Clarinet

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There is one thing I’ve had for a long time and that is a balloon fetish. It started out that when I would get balloons, I would always lay on there and make myself cum. It felt really good because of how squishy they are and how hard I can lay on them before they pop. The latex felt good against my hard penis and a lot of times I would end up cumming all over the balloon.

Of course, I have a fetish for my Clarinet as well. Before I started playing my Clarinet, I primarily would use balloons as my sex toy, but this all changed when I started playing Clarinet. The 2 fetishes now complement each other.

So one day, I was a little turned on so I decided to get a bag of balloons out and put my Clarinet together. My Clarinet was lying on one side of my bed so I could use the space in the middle for the balloons. I picked out a blue balloon and blew it up. These balloons are 11 inches and normally I make them big enough that they have a little neck on them, but I like my balloons to be round. Next I picked up a red balloon and blew it up the same size. I then tied it to the blue balloon. I got out a couple more which güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri were pink, green, purple, and white, and I tied those all together so I had a total of 6 balloons tied together. I got up and took all my clothes off. I was completely naked with the balloons and my Clarinet. I lay down onto the balloon cluster pretty hard and the pink balloon popped. I got back up, and put the purple balloon under my penis and laid down again squeezing the purple balloon. It felt good to have all the balloons rubbing up against me. I started bouncing on the purple balloon until it popped. I then got up and this time sat on the white balloon. Because it was tied to the other 4 balloons remaining, the neck of it was pushing out from under me. I started to bounce on it and suddenly it popped. At this point, I was really hard and semen was all over the last 3 balloons. I started to squeeze the green balloon a little and then I laid on it really hard until it popped.

I was so turned on from all the balloon popping that I picked up my Clarinet and started to blow warm air through it. I had all the keys güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri held down so that the warm air would go through the whole Clarinet. Semen start to drip on my bed and I had to put my penis inside the bell of my Clarinet. I started to move the bell of my Clarinet up and down a little to make it wet inside there. I was so turned on that it became really wet inside my Clarinet and when I took my penis out, my semen started dripping out a little bit. I then put my penis back in the bell of my Clarinet and sat on the blue balloon. I was sitting in a way that my weight wasn’t all on the balloon at once. I then started to move the bell of my Clarinet up and down. It was so wet inside there that the movement was making noise. I then got a little faster, soon I couldn’t help myself and started cumming really hard in my Clarinet. The orgasm felt so good that it felt like I was cumming for a long time. I then started slowing down until I stopped. I just sat there with my penis still in the Clarinet; I didn’t want to move. I started to slide my penis out and cum was just oozing out all over güvenilir bahis şirketleri the blue and red balloons. Cum was stringed along from my penis to the balloons and from the balloons to my Clarinet. When I cleaned up my Clarinet and wiped off the balloons, I put them in a container for later so I could see all the dried cum on them.

Later that day, I went to look at the balloons and I could tell all the semen and cum that had gotten on them. It started to turn me on, so I stripped to my underwear and put both of the balloons on my bed. I went to get out my Clarinet and I could tell that I had a really good orgasm because some of my cum had dried in the lower section of my Clarinet. When I held the bell of my Clarinet up to the light I could see my dried cum all around the inside. I put my Clarinet together and placed in on my bed. Then while still in my underwear, I laid on the blue balloon and it popped pretty easily. Then I put the red balloon under me and laid on it as well. I had to bounce on it to pop it. I picked up my Clarinet, slid my hard penis which had semen on it inside the bell of my Clarinet and started moving the bell of my Clarinet up and down until I started cumming inside my Clarinet again. It felt really good, but I didn’t cum as much as I did the first time. Usually when I try to orgasm more than once day, I don’t cum as much the second time. My cum oozed out of my Clarinet when I took my penis out.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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