Back From Iraq

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“Welcome Back Jack from Iraq” read the huge sign I had made for my brother’s homecoming. I was pleased with the rhyme. Jack was 21 and was returning after 13 months stationed in and around Baghdad. He was a genuine war hero. He had the Bronze Star to prove it.

I had convinced my baby brother to stay at our place with my husband and me for a few days. However, shortly after arriving in our home and having dinner, Jack’s friends came by to pick him up and take him off to the bar for a reunion party. Judging from the look in my brother’s eyes when he got off the plane, he needed to get laid and had every intention of doing so tonight.

As we had planned on spending the evening with our war hero, my husband, Tommy and I now realized we had the place to ourselves as it appeared that Jack would be gone the entire night. Tommy took advantage of the newly-found solitude and dragged me into the bedroom where he fucked my brains out for a delightful hour before falling into a deep sleep. He was out for the night.

I threw on a nightgown and went out to the kitchen to clean up from dinner. As I was finishing in the kitchen, I heard Jack coming in.

“Hey,” I said. “I thought you’d be out all night.”

Jack shrugged and replied “So did I.”

I was surprised. “What happened to the ladies?”

Jack looked forlorn as he said “They never showed up.

Jack threw himself down on the couch. He looked fragile. I sat down in a chair across from him.

“I’m sorry, Bro. I know you wanted to have a big night.”

Jack sort of smiled, but as he looked at me, he turned red and quickly looked away. “You have no idea.”

“I think I do,” I replied. “You needed to get laid after so much time away.”

Jack turned even redder. He then looked me up and down and said, “I wish you would put on something else, Amy. You’re making me uncomfortable.”

At that point, I realized that the nightie I had chosen was one of my “peek-a-boo’s”. It was so sheer that Jack could easily see my breasts through the filmy material.

Perhaps I should describe myself. I am a very cute, 5 feet 4 inches tall brunette. I have what guys often describe as a “killer rack.” My knobs are 34D and nicely stretch out any shirt that I put on. I have very dark areolas that are often visible through light-colored shirts. But, my girls are capped with really big nipples that jut out when I get excited. When I walk into a room full of guys, the conversation often comes to a halt. I call this my “boobie power.” One day, I will use it to take over the world.

Anyway, I suddenly became aware that I was wearing a nightgown that I would normally put on for only one purpose — to get Tommy’s dick as hard as iron. Luckily, I had also thrown on a little pair of blue panties. Otherwise, my brother might have been able to catch a glimpse of my sweet, little casino oyna quimby through the material.

I was about to get up and go into the bedroom to get changed, when it suddenly hit me: perhaps Jack might actually like the view of my breasts. I know this thought should have filled me with shame. Instead, it gave me a small tingle in my downtown.

“Jack,” I said, sitting up straighter. “Were you with any women over in Iraq?” I put a sweet smile on my face.

He paused. “There were some girls over there,” he said shyly. “You know, pros. But, I didn’t do anything with them.” Jack took a quick look at my guns and looked away. I decided to move in closer.

I got up and walked over to the coffee table directly in front of the couch where Jack was sitting. “Sweetheart, it’s okay to look at my tits. Go ahead. I know you want to.”

Jack kept looking down at the carpet. He replied, “This isn’t right. You’re my big sister.”

I leaned forward even more. Now I was only about a foot away from Jack’s head. “I know, honey. But, there’s no harm in looking. You used to sneak peeks all the time when you were a teenager.”

Jack looked up at my face and smiled in obvious embarrassment. “I hoped you hadn’t noticed.”

I smiled back at him and said, “You were pretty blatant, and my hooters were very prominent back then, right?”

Jack lowered his eyes to my mounds. “They still are ‘prominent’. In fact, they’re beautiful.” He kept staring at my girls, almost in fascination.

Jack was brave in Iraq. I decided to be brave in my living room. I grabbed the straps of my nightie and slipped them over my shoulders. In one move, I had the nightgown down around my pelvis. Jack sucked in his breath suddenly in surprise.

Before he could protest, I said, “I want you to have a better view, Jackie. You deserve it.”

My brother didn’t say a word. His face broke into a large grin like a child on Christmas morning. He continued gaping at my beauties. I don’t know what came over me next. I leaned forward and pulled Jack’s head into the wonderful chasm between my breasts. “There you go, baby.” Jack offered no resistance.

After a few seconds in this position, Jack surprised me. He brought his right hand up and tentatively placed it on the side of my boob. I decided to one-up him by grabbing both of his hands and placing them directly on my tits. All the while, Jack’s head continued to snuggle securely in my cleavage. But, I swear I could feel his smile grow wider.

We stayed that way for a minute: Jack’s head between my boobs, his strong hands gently cradling them. It was almost as if we were afraid to do anything further. Then Jack began to rub his fingers over my nipples. If done right, this maneuver makes me a little crazy. Trust me, Jack was doing it right. Little sparks of pleasure were shooting from my slot oyna breasts down to my pussy.

The only problem was that my back was starting to ache from leaning forward. Without saying a word to my brother, I suddenly stood up. Jack looked like a toddler who had his favorite toy snatched away without warning. His lips started to form into words, but he did not say a thing. I guess he assumed that we had gone too far, and that I was bringing our encounter to an end.

To his delight, I then looped my fingers into the sides of my negligee, and pushed it down over my hips to the floor. I was standing before Jack wearing the briefest of silky, blue panties. These babies barely come up to the top of my slit in the front. In the rear, although they are not a thong, there is very little material. I spun around slowly so that my bro could take in the view of my entire package. I swear, the man had tears in his eyes.

I walked seductively over to Jack and perched on his lap, straddling his legs. He wasted no time: his mouth went directly for my over-sized nipples which were sticking out almost a full inch. Jack began working those honeys like a pro. When he finished with one, he would immediately switch over to the other side. I was in heaven. But, I was not out of it to the point where I failed to notice the substantial tent pole jutting up in Jack’s lap. It was angled right between my soft thighs. It felt very nice.

I could have stayed like that for a long time. However, as all men are wont to do, Jack started to go too far. I felt his hand wandering down my abdomen toward the top of my little panties. When he began to touch my cunt through the fabric, I pulled his hand away. For one thing, he was still my brother. But, to be honest, my real fear was that if he got into my panties, he would get a handful of the goo that Tommie had so lovingly injected there an hour earlier. That would not have been nice for either of us.

Instead, I gently slid off his lap to the carpeted floor. I knelt in front of my brother and brought my hands up to the raging erection in his lap. Jack moaned loudly as I massaged his boner through his pants. I then reached over to his belt and began to unfasten it and to unbutton his pants. If he had any reservations about his 26 year-old sister sliding his pants down and revealing his engorged penis, Jack didn’t utter them. Like that, I had his pants and boxers down around his ankles. Quickly thereafter they were off all together.

I looked at his shiny erect cock. It was beautiful. Though not as large as Tommie’s monster, it was certainly big enough. I smiled up at Jack as I lowered my head to it. I kept eye contact as I licked his wand from the base all the way up to the tip. Jack threw his head back and sighed audibly. I ran my lips all along the sides of his ya-ya. He seemed to like it. He had a little canlı casino siteleri bit of clear liquid forming at the hole. I licked this up. I love the dewy taste of pre-come.

I then slipped my lips over his purplish head. I sucked on Jack’s swollen tip while he worked his hands through my hair and moaned. After a minute or so of this pleasant activity, I pulled my mouth off of his cock and gazed up at him.

I looked him squarely in the eye and said, “This is on behalf of a grateful nation, soldier.” I then swallowed every inch of his wiener.

To let you in on a secret that very few men have learned over my adult lifetime: I have no gag reflex. When I was a kid, a doctor accidently cut out my uvula (that little thing that hangs down in the back of the throat) during a tonsillectomy. As a result, I have the ability to swallow men’s penises whole. They go all the way down my throat.

Jack saw his dick disappear in less than a second. The next thing he knew, my lips were resting firmly upon the top of his ball sack. I stayed there for a second and then slowly pulled his dork out of my throat and mouth.

I smiled up at him, and he said, “Oh my god. That was amazing.” I asked, “Would you like me to do it again, baby brother?” All Jack could do was to dumbly nod his head.

This time I went down even further and sucked a portion of his testicles into my mouth. He grunted. I came up for air. On the next trip down, I kept my tongue out and licked his balls while his dick was part-way down to my stomach. My husband, Tommy likes this move a lot. So did Jack.

I pulled out and said, “Jack, I have one more surprise for you.” My brother looked down at me like it was Christmas and his birthday rolled into one. I sunk my head back down into his crotch.

Tommy likes his blow jobs. I tend to spend a lot of time with his penis in my throat. Over the years, I have developed the ability to wrap my throat muscles around the head of the dick. I am told that this is a very pleasant sensation. This time, I did it to Jack’s cockhead and he exploded. Although I could not see the look in his eyes, I’m sure they were bugging out of my brother’s head. Instead, I felt his hot semen rushing down my throat toward my belly.

I’m not the biggest fan of cum. It tastes like sour milk sometimes. However, I have learned that a man’s orgasm in the back of my throat avoids this unpleasant sensation. There is a little bit of residual cum when I pull the dick out of my mouth. But, all in all, this is a win-win situation. I certainly get no complaints from the boys.

Jack was spent. His little soldier was lying softly in his lap. I got up and kissed my younger brother gently on the forehead. “We’re all so proud of you, Jack. Put your pants back on and get ready for bed. I love you.”

Jack smiled up at me. Then a look of guilt clouded his sweet fact. He opened his mouth to say something. I placed my finger over his lips. “Don’t,” I said. “You know from what you saw in Iraq that there are much worse things in the world.”

He just nodded. I went in to join Tommy in bed.

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