Baby Sitting

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My first experience with another woman was when I was 18. I had been babysitting a neighbor two little kids for about a year. We have gotten very friendly, even though she is a married, very sexy mid-30 house wife and is very touchy feely, which I don’t mind at all.

She does some rather bizarre things I guess you could say, for a married woman, she grabs my ass very now and then with both hands and squeezes it while telling me she bets I have a very kissable ass, then laughs. She also feels me up once in a while, rubs my belly and once gave me a hickey on my belly but always laughing while she does these things to me.

One day when her husband took the two kids out, Toni called me to come over and help her with a project she was doing, I figured I was okay and went over to her house. Now I never wear a bra or panties when I go to Toni’s because I felt comfortable, just like being at home and never thought of putting them on before I go over there. I changed to a cut off top and put on a jean skirt and dashed over there.

Toni was hanging new drapes and needed my help, so she put me to work as soon as I walked in and we were on the last drape when it happened. I was standing, holding the drape in the air with my arms outstretched over my head and Toni said, “Oh look hon, I can see the bottom of your tits,” and came over to me from behind and slid her hands up my belly to my tits.

My nipples got hard as two little rocks, I think I moaned as Toni took hold of my nipples and rolled them around between her fingers, at the same time kissing my neck and my knees buckled a bit.

Toni said in a horse whisper, “Oh, so you like this? Now your tits tell me you want more,” and took one hand and grabbed my pussy.

I was frozen and all I could do was say, “Oh god, oh god,” as her hand was stoking the fire in my pussy.

She then put her tongue in my ear, bit my ear lobe and said, “You want me to casino siteleri fuck you don’t you my sweet little cunt? Now take your shorts off.”

I was totally hers now; I undid my shorts and pushed them down to my ankles, praying Toni was going to continue playing with my pussy and after she made me step out of my shorts she didn’t disappoint me, she put her hand between my legs and pushed her finger into the inferno that was my pussy.

I laid my head back on her shoulder as she finger fucked my cunt and she kissed me, sending an electric charge through my body and making me moan loud enough to be heard outside and I was so fucking hot I thought I was going to catch on fire.

Toni took her tongue out of my mouth and told me to take my top off as she wanted her hot little cunt to be naked for her, so I took my top off and my cunt exploded when Toni told me how beautiful me and my tits are. I came like a fire hydrant being turned on, my cum was pouring out of my pussy, running down my legs and making a puddle on the rug as I was holding onto Toni to keep from collapsing onto the floor.

She kissed me again, I moaned and she told me that she was taking me to her bed so she could fuck me until I couldn’t walk. She led me upstairs to her bed, touching my tits and pussy the whole time and stopping once for her to suck on my tit. She laid me on the bed, got a strap-on out of a drawer, got between my legs, put a finger in my cunt and held the strap-on to my face and asked if I wanted her to fuck me with it. Of course all this made me insane with desire and I was now begging her to fuck me with her cock.

She asked what I would do for her to get her to fuck me with the strap-on and I told her I would do anything she wanted, she told me I had to eat her pussy. She got on top so she was facing my pussy, bent over, put her hand on my cunt and told me to make her cum, so I grabbed her hot ass and started licking, sucking slot oyna and tongue fucking her hot cunt like a crazy woman, wanting her to cum so she would fuck me.

After a few minutes she was moaning, “Oh baby you going to make me cum baby,”

Then she said, “I’m cumming baby, I’m fucking cumming,” and I knew what she wanted so I fastened my mouth to her sweet cunt and let her fill my mouth with her hot, tasty nectar and swallowed every drop of her cunt juice.

She now had my head clamped between her legs and was hollering. I was enjoying making her cum, so I went back to eating her hot cunt with a vengeance and made her cum for me twice more. I was lying there waiting for her to recover going crazy, my pussy was so fucking hot I thought I was going to explode and then after a few minutes, she got off me and asked me if I was ready to get the fucking of my life.

I spread my legs as wide as I could and said, “Oh yes Toni, fuck me,”

Toni now was wearing the strap-on, got between my legs and in one motion, drove her cock home. I screamed it was so fucking well in my pussy, her cock totally filled my cunt and I was screaming,

“Oh god, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me.”

Toni just kept pounding my pussy so good I was almost delirious, while she was making me tell her that I was her whore and would eat her pussy whenever she wanted me to. After I came a few times, Toni made me suck her cock clean, then told me to show her how submissive a cunt I am by getting on my hands and knees at the edge of the bed and beg her to fuck my pussy. I did as she said, begging and meaning it, she was now standing on the floor, slipped her cock into my pussy and told me to fuck her cock, so I began rocking back and forth, fucking her cock.

Then she made me stay still so she could pound my ass and she pounded my ass while slapping it and when she finished using my pussy, my ass was a bright red with marks on it from canlı casino siteleri the strap on belt, but it was the happiest ass in the world. I have no idea how many times Toni made me cum, but I do know there wasn’t a drop of cum left in my pussy when she was finished with it.

She pushed me onto my back then, lay between my legs on top of me and kissed me while I wrapped my legs around her. We still had to finish hanging the last drape, so we went back downstairs, only naked this time, which I found erotic as all hell and looking at Toni moving around naked, my pussy went back to flood stage.

We finished hanging the drape and I put my arms around Toni and kissed her first this time, pressing my hot cunt into her leg, then I kissed my way down to her tits, took a nipple in my mouth and found out I loved sucking her tits. I then worked my way down to her hot cunt, was on my knees to her sweet pussy, took hold of her hot ass and buried my face into her pussy, eating her cunt on instinct as I tried to give her the best cunt lapping she ever had. She was moaning and mumbling what a hot little cunt I am, music to my ears and then she kind of stiffened up and she filled my waiting mouth with her hot cunt juice and I wanted more.

I was on fire for her cum, it was like a drug for me in the state I was in and when Toni collapsed onto the floor, my mouth never left her pussy as I made her cum so many times, I drained her sweet cunt dry.

She finally grabbed my head with both hands and said, “No more baby, no more, you’re going to kill me with that mouth, my cunt can’t take anymore,”

I stopped and got on top of her and asked her if she really liked what I did to her sweet pussy. She wrapped her arms and legs around me, squeezing me so it felt so good and told me that I was the best cunt lapper she ever had eat her pussy and that no one had ever done it like that before and maybe she should get a divorce and marry me. I was of course elated that Toni thought I was the best cunt lapper ever (even though this was my first time) and I knew I was going to be spending a considerable amount of time between her beautiful legs.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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