Aunty Tick Tock Ch. 04

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Tick, tock, tick, tock.

Aunty minced along the long corridor towards the laundry room, deliberately late for her much anticipated appointment with Tenzing. Dressed in her usual staid knee length dress, cashmere cardigan and trade mark high heeled shoes, she looked her usual strict, butter wouldn’t melt in her mouth self. Within the usual exterior however, her normal sexy underclothes had been dispensed with, for despite her middle age, she had the body of a much younger lady who did not need the support of under wear. She actually had nothing on, no lace, under-wired bra that normally snuggled her shapely tits, no sexy G-string that covered the hairy patch of pubic hair and split the voluptuous cheeks of her shapely derriere. Having realized one long term fantasy, of having a threesome, with Cliff and Miss Palmer, the previous evening, she was determined to realize her much more recent fantasy, sampling a mammoth cock, no matter the consequence or the circumstance.

She felt horny, all day long she had reminisced about the pleasure and fulfillment of the previous evenings shenanigans. About Tenzing’s unfathomably large cock and Miss Palmer’s firm yet giving body, about the intimacy of sharing a loving and taboo activity with Cliff, remembering the earthy delights of releasing her inhibitions and the trance like state she had experienced, giving and receiving totally with the single minded purpose of achieving the therapy of complete sexual release.

Droplets of moisture escaped from her vagina, dampening the soft curves of her upper, inner thighs. Filled with anticipation, she quickened her pace, now anxious to confront the possibilities that lay ahead. One hand on the handle, she stopped and putting her left hand into the pocket of her dress past the neat cut in the material, which she had cut earlier, onto the bear flesh of her hips onto her sensitive clit which she gently rubbed before dipping a finger into the glossy wetness of her vagina.

“Mmmm.” She moaned, turning the knob and entering, fingers still caressing her vagina, the brightly lit room. Casting her eyes around what seemed an empty room; her heart lurched, settling her mouth in a stern, angry line until she spied Tenzing standing in the same corner she had sent him to last night. A flicker of a smile played on her lips momentarily before returning to the angry, haughty look. Tenzing stood with his back to her, staring at the wall, dressed in his pj’s and looked the picture of innocence.

“Are you ready to bear tonight’s punishment?” Aunty asked sternly.

“Yes, Aunty. I am sorry for my mistake yesterday but I will take any punishment you give me.” He replied humbly.

“Humph! I really do not know if there is any punishment for what you did apart from expelling you and putting you in jail. Have you told anybody about what you did? If you did then I will have no choice but to hand you over to the police.” She threatened.

“No Ma’am. I have told no one. I promise.”

“Good, so you will have to take whatever punishment I decide and then hopefully you will have learned your lesson. Now turn around and come here.” Aunty ordered.

Tenzing slowly turned and walked towards her, eyes downcast with a dejected look on his face, wondering what punishment he was going to suffer. Aunty had eyes only for his crotch, looking carefully she spotted the lump of his penis protruding slightly as he stepped towards her. Her pulse raced and she felt light-headed as the build-up of saliva in her mouth made it difficult for her to form words. Feeling in a tizzy she sat down on the bench beside her and taking out a hanky wiped her face looking pale and unwell. Tenzing immediately sped to her asking?

“Are you alright Aunty? You look sick.”

“Oh! I have a terrible headache and am feeling very hot.” She uttered truthfully.

“Massage my head around the temples but be gentle.” She stated removing her hand from her face and quickly undoing the top two buttons of her dress so her cleavage would be on display. Tenzing stood in front of her with his crotch just below her eye level and very hesitantly ran his fingers on her temples. She looked up at him and shaking her head scolded.

“Put some more energy into it, you need to be more firm.” She ensured that when he looked down, her bosom was thrust out so they would be clearly visible. Sure enough when she looked back at his crotch, the lump began moving and then waggling about as he massaged her scalp briskly, growing all the time as she felt his eyes dwelling on the open top of her dress. Bunching her hands under her boobs she squashed and raised them higher so that they now virtually spilled out with the nipples, tight with excitement, only just hidden from view. The lump in his pants now pushed the material out obscenely as the excitement of seeing the creamy, bulging globes caused him to stiffen despite his best efforts to control the erection.

Squeezing her boobs even tighter, one of the nipples peeping out, its engorged bud as large as a little finger tip, she gazed raptly as the elastic of his pants stretched out, revealing his tight lower belly. The lump had grown illegal bahis into a truncheon in front of her lustful eyes and she felt a warm glow spread through her entire body now completely under the spell of his cock. Turning her head up with eyes closed she murmured.

“That’s better Tenzing, don’t stop. I’m beginning to feel better. Here, take this hanky to wipe off my sweat.” Peeking through slit eyes she reached up with her hand to pass the hanky intentionally bumping his erection on the up and after he had taken hold of it she bent her head and dragged her hand downwards pulling the elastic away and releasing his cock so it was visible to her wide open eyes. It was so close to her, if she extended her tongue she could lick it, she could smell the powerful aroma of his maleness, she could see the tight mushroom head stretching further as he grew even more, throbbing strongly with a teardrop of pre cum oozing out of the slatted eye.

“Mmmmhh! That’s so much better. Do the sides and back of my head as well.” Aunty encouraged, leaving her mouth open and adjusting slightly so that his cock head bumped into her lips as he leaned closer to obey her instructions.

“What’s this?” She shrieked, grabbing hold of his erection and rubbing it against her open mouth so she could run her tongue to lick the pre cum and with difficulty close her lips around the large mushroom head and suck him into her mouth. Stretching her tiny hand to keep a firm grip on it, she was amazed that it only covered half of his thick shaft, so bringing her other hand up she grasped with both hands and drew him further into her mouth. Stroking the strong shaft, feeling the veins and ridges on the underside she continued sucking him until she felt his hips bucking and humping against her hands. She withdrew her mouth, keeping hold of his shaft firmly she looked up at him and yelled.

“You naughty, naughty boy. Thrusting your erection into my mouth and humping away. This is terrible behavior and I really must punish you most severely. When will you learn your lesson that you cannot thrust this large penis of yours into people’s bodies?” Using both hands she moved the shaft around as if she was changing the gear of a car to emphasize each word. Tenzing was looking down at her with glazed eyes, never having had his cock sucked before, realizing that she wanted his cock but did not want to show it. His confidence building slightly he raised his hand, brushing against her boobs and dragging up so he could feel the nipples against his outstretched palms.

“Sorry Ma’am, I did not mean to do it. It is so big I cannot control it. See I am pushing you away and it is still reaching your face.” He moaned, pushing harder into her boobs and squeezing firmly, feeling the bare flesh of her upper slopes and leaning his cock to touch her lips, where he wished to enter back into, more than anything in his life.

Cock firmly in her hands, mouth skimming the head, she retorted as if speaking into a mic.

“You must not make up such feeble excuses. It is complete rubbish you are uttering. Yes, it is very, very big and so fat but you should not use that as an excuse to expose it and wave it into my face.” Once again punctuating her words with firm strokes up and down his shaft and allowing her lips to touch the delicate skin, as she admonished him. Feeling his hands squeezing her breasts she realized that he had cottoned on to her game and decided to raise the stakes. This was too much fun to stop and as much as she wanted to fuck that mighty cock she did not want to risk either the guilt of cheating on Cliff or the ramifications if they were spotted.

“I really did not want to do this Tenzing, but you leave me with no choice. Take this note to Mr. Cliff.” She declared resignedly releasing his erection and reaching for the note-pad and pen permanently placed in her dress pocket.

Tenzing’s mighty erection shriveled down to a modest hanging lump, quicker than it had shot up on seeing her bare cleavage, as he contemplated his fate when faced with the wrath of Mr. Cliff. Breaking into a sweat and hurriedly pulling his pants up he cried.

“Ma’am, Aunty. I’m so sorry. Please do not tell Mr. Cliff. Please.”

Scribbling down in her neat scrawl she folded the note with a flourish and handed it to him with a flourish.

“Do not worry Tenzing. It will all be alright. Mr. Cliff will not do you any harm, just hand the note to him and wait for his answer.” She said gently.

“Now, run along and make sure you don’t trip on that penis of yours.”

Waiting until the door shut, she leaned back, shut her eyes and teased her nipples, circling around them and pinching lightly while rubbing her clit furiously. The feel, taste and smell of that cock raising her lust and filling her with a sexual thrill like never before. Sighing with desire she withdrew her hands, buttoned up her dress and stepping in front of the mirror she tided herself before following Tenzing towards her apartment.

Tenzing stood dejectedly in front of Cliff, shifting nervously from one foot to another. He had just handed the note over and waited for the illegal bahis siteleri inevitable storm that would unleash from the notoriously dangerous Mr. Cliff.

Cliff having completed his rounds had poured himself a drink and was surprised when Tenzing had presented himself at the front door bearing a note from Aunty. Her notes were sent to all and sundry throughout the day but to receive one at this late hour was unusual. Unfolding the note, he stared in disbelief at the short but all too clear instruction.

“Last night was lovely, especially for you. Tonight it’s your turn to return the favor, together with the bearer of this note. I am around the corner so make sure it happens.”

“Come in Tenzing. Sit down there.” Cliff instructed gesturing at the chair the trio had put to such good use just last night.

At a loss as to how to engage the boy in a threesome, ladies were his specialty; he struggled to come up with any sort of plan. So decided to go for a direct approach and smiling approached the nervous boy. Placing a hand on his shoulder he squeezed tight and gently said.

“Aunty is upset with you, so do what I tell you and let’s see if we can calm her down…” Leaving the sentence unfinished he further instructed.

“I am going to fetch the cane, lower your pants and wait for me.”

Fighting back his tears and hating this turnaround of events, Tenzing stood up pulling his pants down, letting them fall to his feet. His magnificent erection shriveled to a still sizable jutting lump. At that moment Aunty strode into the room with a scowl on her face which broke into a smile when she saw Tenzing standing with his pants down. Grasping the opportunity she quickly sat down and commanded.

“While you are waiting for Mr. Cliff to bring the cane, let me warm you up with a slapping of your bottom. Assume the position.” Pointing to her lap she beckoned with her upraised hand.

“Yes, Ma’am, Aunty.” Tenzing was almost grateful, preferring the stinging slaps on Auntie’s sexy lap to the notorious caning at the hands of Mr. Cliff, besides the last time she had slapped his bum, had resulted in the best cum ever. Almost running, he placed himself bum up on her lap, positioning his penis so it lay in the gap between her thighs.

“Seems like you prefer a slapping to Mr. Cliff’s cane.” She chuckled running her hand along the cleft of his butt, enjoying the reflexive tightening of his muscles. Continuing to run her palm up and down the crevice she lifted a hand and almost lovingly brought it down to slap him with a thud aiming for his rosebud. Tenzing clenched his butt cheeks at the contact which while hurtful did feel sexual and he groaned loud as his penis reacted and twitched with involuntary stimulus. Aunty well aware of his dilemma slapped him repeatedly, caressing his perineum all the while awaiting the inevitable response which swelled to her delight within the first few slaps.

“Looks like you have started without me.” Cliff uttered, swishing the cane. Aunty looked up at him and quickly rained down a staccato of pushed slaps aimed deliberately at his prostate feeling the erection growing and squeezing along the front of her thigh.

“I really do not know what is wrong with this young man…every time he is in my presence he has this…” She replied, helping Tenzing to his feet, so he faced Cliff and pointing to his know full blown erection which stood to attention and pointed towards Cliff.

“We can’t have that. What do you have to say for yourself, Tenzing?” Cliff asked, arching his eye brow, mouth wide open with admiration.

“Sir! I cannot help it. It just happens. I have no control of it.” Blabbered Tenzing, his erection quickly softening with the fear he felt.

“It just happens!” Roared Cliff as he swished the cane violently.

“Lie back down on Aunty and we will see if your cock rises after I have given you six of the best.”

Tenzing hurriedly prostrated his butt lying back on Auntie’s lap and once again could not control the reaction his cock had as soon as it came in contact with the soft thighs it rested on.

Cliff swished the cane loud but brought it down softly so it skimmed the rounded cheeks gently, hardly marking the skin. Aunty dug in her hand to grasp the penis as it lay pressed against her lap, folding her hand around it feeling it grow and widen the circle of her fingers she once again felt the juices flow from her vagina. Cliff continued to sweep the cane down gently, playing the smoothed surface against the now reddened cheeks.

“This is not working!” Aunty said with finality. “Look at this.” She continued, lifting the young man up and showing the grasped penis which stuck out grotesquely from her enclosed palm.

“Phew!!Lucky sod.” Muttered Cliff, under his breath.

“What shall we do, to tame this beast, to make him learn to control his base desires?” He asked.

“Maybe, we should tire it out so he cannot get it up.” Aunty offered.

“Great idea. Tenzing, masturbate your penis.” Cliff ordered not really wanting the massive penis to penetrate Aunty.

“I already tried that…it takes canlı bahis siteleri tooo long…he can control That very well.” Aunty replied, cupping the young balls in her hand and tugging at the shaft to emphasize her words.

“Switch the lights off, Cliff.”

“Uhm! Okay.” Cliff mumbled, walking over to switch off all the lights leaving the room dimly lit with the glow of the outside light.

In the darkness, Aunty licked her lips as she gently pumped the shaft and widening her mouth she drew it around the excited head and sucked it in to her warm, moist mouth. Lowering her head she engulfed the shaft, feeling the cock widening her mouth further as it filled it, with more than half of it still to go. She moaned, completely throwing out any pretense of appropriateness and concentrated on making love to this gorgeous pillar of flesh. Bobbing her head she slavered along the shaft, running her tongue along the underside of the broad shaft, exploring the ridges and veins, sucking and kissing the mushroomed head, finally gathering up her courage she sucked the head into her throat, feeling it slide deeper and deeper in, bringing out a yearning like never felt before to suck and lick and sniff this cock. Tenzing moaned loud as he savored the loving attention and nearly passed out with pleasure when he felt his cock being drawn in to her throat, the muscles constricting the appendage as she swallowed to allow him to be drawn deeper into her throat.

Standing to the side Cliff watched in awe as Aunty sucked and sucked the massive cock deeper and deeper into her mouth. She was completely unaware of anything else, so focused on working the cock into her mouth. Tentatively, he approached her and sitting on the armrest squeezed her breasts through the dress.

“Mmmph! Mmmmmh! Take off your clothes.” Aunty stated, easing the cock out of her mouth and slipping off her own dress, leaving her completely naked. Both the men hurriedly slipped off their garments and in a flash, Aunty sucked the cock back into her mouth, gesturing to Cliff to kneel in front of her. Taking Tenzing’s hands she placed them on her breasts, squeezing his fingers hard so he would not hesitate to lavish firm attention on her neglected boobs. Widening her legs she welcomed Cliff to her honey pot and groaned when he ran his heavy tongue along the length of her pussy. Tenzing’s energetic handling of her boobs lacked the finesse she demanded so she placed her hand back over his and guided it to pinch and rub her aching nipples then turned her attention back to sucking the cock back into her mouth.

I could this forever and ever, Aunty reveled in the multiple sensations of throat filled, nipples and boobs massaged and teased and pussy licked and kissed, all causing her to build up a tension which seem to start from her toes and rose and rose, tingling through her body until she felt a delicious filling of her cunt. The filling rubbed and stroked her cunt lips, spreading them, spreading them apart, penetrating her, gathering pace Cliff worked his fingers sawing in and out of her splayed vagina, rotating his stubby fingers and licking and sucking her engorged clit with the insides of his lips, squeezing them around and around the nub.

Aunty screamed into the cock in her mouth allowing it to slip in another inch, smothering her and releasing a primal desire to swallow and ingest the cock in her mouth. Pulling her hand on to her nipples she pinched them casting her eyes endearingly at Tenzing who getting the message attacked the nipples with added fervor twisting and gripping the blood filled nubbins pulling them away from her body, stretching and elongating the flesh.

Cliff added another finger into the bubbling caldron, stretching the cunt and engorging the flesh so the vagina swelled up, tightening the sheath and clutching at his fingers. He felt the cunt suck the bunched fingers further in and concentrated on prodding them along the length of her internal muscle that he could feel give way to the folds and crevices of her cervix. He felt the tight grasp of her internal muscles squeezing his digits, felt her body tense, saw Tenzing grasp her head and bucking his hips into her mouth before convulsing helplessly.

Aunty, full of lust, felt her husband’s fingers stirring her internal organ to a heaving storm of sensations and felt her body rise, rise and rise, tingles and goose-bumps covering her entire body, rising and rising rush of blood. Sucking desperately, she felt the mighty cock stiffen as a pair of hands grasped her head and the cock pumped into her mouth and throat and explode with a powerful jet that cannoned down her throat followed rapidly by burst after burst of unending spunk pouring into her throat until it oozed out of the tiny spaces in the corners of her mouth even as she felt her body explode in her own orgasm, squeezing and grasping with her vagina she rode the crest of the orgasm, releasing the cock and sobbing for air as she shivered and convulsed folding over herself and collapsing in a heap hugging Cliff and swooning as the blood rushed back to her extremities. Reaching up she grasped Tenzing’s cock and pulled him down so he lay by her side, still grasped by her strong hand he nuzzled against her bosom licking and trailing his hot tongue over the curves of her fleshy boobs feeling the knobs of her nipples and engulfing them one at a time deep into his mouth.

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