Auntie’s Passion Ch. 02

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I spent quite a while thinking, coping with what happened after the afternoon’s goings-on with my aunt. I mean, we both sat for a while after the event, and talked about it for quite a bit. She explained a few things for me, but I was in a bit of a daze, to say the least. It took me a good night’s sleep to even take in what happened: it was my first sexual encounter. It was with my aunt! It was right next to her baby, and it was so passionate that we both couldn’t believe it and couldn’t help ourselves. That takes some time to sink in…

Once it sank in, though, all I could think of is when I can see her again! The next day, in the morning, I had a raging hard-on and only one thing on my mind: my aunt’s round body, swollen, milky tits and her sex, her perfume lingered in my nostrils like she was there and I couldn’t help but rub one off. It took about 30 seconds, I was so turned on!

School was a series of irritating classes and breaks that seemed too long. All I wanted was for it to finish, and to go see Aunt Maria again. So I did, after the end of the last period, I practically ran to her place. Rang the doorbell, she didn’t ask who it was, just the buzz, and I ran up the stairs. She had left the door cracked open, and I walked in. she was wearing a soft, clingy nightie and, I do believe, she had nothing else on… Oh. My. God.

So I’m here, just looking at her. She says,

“I put Jodie to sleep, she’s been wonderful today. Must have been all my pent-up energy she was feeling that drove her mad too… I’m glad you’ve come today!”

“I couldn’t wait to see you,” say I, all shaken and tormented by the urges I’m feeling again.

“Well, I’m glad. But I don’t want to screw you up. Yesterday was wonderful, but you know this can’t go on for too long… we’re just having fun together.”

Wow… and what fun… I want this woman, forever! She reaches for me, and I go to her. We kiss, and it’s long, and sensual, and feels wet, torrid, good, so good! I’m not just hard and pulsating, I’m tingling all over my body and dribbling precome (I can feel it wet in my underpants!), and my hands can’t get enough of her body, I touch her back and shoulders, they feel so good, it’s crazy! I touch her ass, and that’s heavenly and I lose track of my thoughts, squeeze her tight…

“I’m going to show you EVERYTHING!… all the things you boys talk about, and much more. I want you to see it all with me, I want you to tell me all the things you want to do and see, and your Auntie Maria will do them for you! OK?”

I am barely able to speak. What is this? I feel like turning and running away, it’s like this shouldn’t be happening to me. It’s just Too Good To Be True, dammit!!!

“Yes… thank you…”

She laughs at me, softly. I guess thanking her was a bit inappropriate.

“I love you!”

She turns all serious, kind of stern. Oops, maybe that was even more inappropriate! She takes casino siteleri my hands in hers, as we’re standing in front of each other, and clears her throat softly:

“I love you too, Jason. I certainly love you as your auntie. This passion we’ve started to feel for each other—I don’t know where it’s coming from. There’s no way that I want to interfere with your future, I already told you that. I feel that I want to be this for you now, and that’s all. There will come a time when it will be hard for us both, but we will have to break this, and soon. But for now, just enjoy it with me!”

I understand this. It makes sense. I feel amazing desire for this woman, but I know there’s no way in hell our relationship could work as a relationship… or even if I’d want that. But this passion… so strong! I tell her,

“I understand you, Maria.” That’s the first time I ever called her that. “I believe that too, but I am crazy about you now… can’t help it!”

There’s no reply. Not in words, anyway. She lifts her nightie up and yes, there is nothing underneath but a few trimmed hairs and her swollen pussy. I want to touch, but looking is so good that I hold back for a moment. She lifts it further, but doesn’t let it go over her tits just yet—she squeezes them through the soft fabric. One squeeze, one moan; she does this several times, ending with her fingers pinching her nipples. I am hard as a rock. I can’t hold it anymore: there are two milk stains on the silky cloth, where it covers her nipples. They are growing. She’s milking herself for me, just letting the milk soak into the fabric.

As I move closer, remember we’re still standing, she lets the nightie drop over herself again. I put my hands on her hips, and squeezing lightly I lift it back, this time all the way over her breasts. I want to suck her. I am trembling with desire! My tongue is lapping at her nipples, my lips purse around them and I start drinking her sweet essence, and again it’s like hot lava flowing through my body, and most of stops in my groin. My balls tighten around the shaft, and I let out a few more drops of precum. I am squeezing her nipples hard now, between my lips and I use my teeth lightly, making her moan. She brings her own hands into the action, and starts squeezing at the base of her tits to offer me more, but then she pulls away and summons me to sit down.

The couch is good, makes things so much more comfortable. We start again with the sucking, but this time her nightie’s off and so is my shirt. She is squeezing, I am sucking and licking, so as I pull away because I can’t live with my trousers on anymore, she is still squeezing: thin jets of milk are spraying onto me, onto my face and chest, just for a second before she stops. She smiles, noticing this, and I do too.

“I’ll get you!” she says, playing at aiming her tits at my face. I am trying to catch the jets of milk in my mouth, while at slot oyna the same time taking off my trousers and underpants. When I’m done undressing, she stops too. Her hands now on my thighs, she pulls me in line with her bosom and starts squeezing herself again… oh my goooood, she’s spraying her milk onto my hard dick! Closer and closer, more and more milk is gathering on my shaft and she looks as though… Ahhhhh, mmmmmm, oh wow!… she’s sucking me, licking her white milk off me, off my thighs and balls and off my penis! She soaked me with milk, now with her saliva… oh god, this feels fantastic!

A little more of this and my legs go weak, I have to sit down. Next to her, I see her pussy again, she has one hand on it, tweaking it and fingering it and rubbing it—I want to do that too! So I reach out, and she removes her hand to let mine touch her. Then she guides me with her hand back at work, over mine, to give her pleasure. She is SO wet down there! Feels so squishy and nice, I put a finger in. She squeezes it inside, but I want another one next to it! She pushes the one deeper inside, so deep that her finger is in there along with mine… oh wow, it feels kinky, it feels good, her other hand is busy with my cock and soon I feel I can’t wait anymore: I want that hardness inside her!

I move to climb on top of her, she understands, but moves slowly.

“Jason, you mustn’t come inside me again. I hate condoms, so you don’t have to wear one, but you must be careful, OK?”

“Sure, sure. Don’t worry,” say I, the experienced teenager with impressive sexual performance statistics: Started sexual activity: yesterday.

So I’m fucking her. Oh god, when I say fucking, I should say Flying and Dancing and Eating Quasars all at the same time, her pussy feels like it has the vacuum power of a black hole tightening its grip on me, and all I want is to rub, rub, rub into her as fast and as hard as I can.

But she stops me.

“Now I want you to taste me.” I look a little bewildered. “Yes, I want you to go down on me, see what I taste like when you fuck me like this.” For one thing, I can’t believe I’m hearing those words from her mouth—I mean, she’s Auntie Maria, for Christ’s sake—, but more than that I can’t believe she stopped me while I was having such fun! Anyway, I oblige. I go down there.

Oh! The smell! Strong (remember I just pulled out, there is A LOT of juice all over the place), but Good!… I lick, hungrily, and when I taste, I SUCK her. I DRINK her! I am burying my face into her sex and even biting from time to time, ‘cause there’s no way I can stop this, I love it and she tastes so good and I want to smell this forever and I want to put my head inside her if only I could! Her fingers open her inner lips for my tongue, and I put my whole mouth on there, on the inner opening, I suck on it and push my tongue in as far as I can, I do this fast and lots of times in a row, and canlı casino siteleri then it isn’t enough and I move my attention to the bud at the top of her pussy… eh, I know about this. It’s her clit, and I’m gonna EAT it! It is hard like a little rock, and burning hot to the touch, and it’s in my mouth in no time! My tongue lashes at it and my teeth gnaw at it and my lips suck it as hard as I can, I’d pull it off her body if I could… I want to swallow this woman, I feel her juices on my chin and I go down to the watering hole again. It is soaked, but did you expect any different? I know in my enthusiasm I’m reaching into her ass too, but how is that bad? Wait… she’s moaning louder when I do! OK! Let’s go to work down there, I lick her and finger her ass, and she just yelps and pulls me up by the hair (oh my god, what did I do wrong?) and shouts at me

“FUCK ME!!!”

Oh, OK… I am so ready for this… so ready!… I land it Deep, first time, balls-deep, and I stay there. Pull out slowly… in… out…

“I said Fuck ME! FUCK me, harder, aaahhhhh!”

I can’t keep that up anyway, it’s too slow… she needs it hard too, so here I go… pounding at her again, slamming my cock into her, squeezing her tits together with my hands, yes, I can see milk oozing out but it doesn’t really concern me, the fire at the lower levels is much more interesting… and I feel her squeezing me really hard, and moaning, yelling, her nipples taut, her arms clenched around my back, legs squeezing me towards her—then letting go. She’s loose and wet like a soft wet rag underneath me, but I’m not done yet…

I slow down, though, because I want to take this in. She is smiling, in a bit of a daze, looking at me with cloudy eyes, jiggling from the movements I am still making.

“Aahhh…” she moans, breathing out, almost relaxing while I am still boiling. She has come to a hundred percent now, and can see me struggling with my own orgasm. She asks me to stop, but I don’t show much sign of compliance until she tells me what’s on her mind:

“I want you to come on my tits, fuck me in between them and come,” and I nearly spurt my seed when I heard her! I pull out. Her tits are mashed together between her hands and my pussy-soaked cock slides effortlessly between them. It feels heavenly, I stroke it in and out of the soft grasp of her boobs and I feel the inevitable building up, I moan loudly and she is ready, her nostrils flaring with desire for me to come, her tits crushed together looking devastatingly good, my purple cock popping out of their embrace at the top of every stroke. She’s looking at all this, lips parted, as I come, and come and come. Her tongue lashing at my cockhead, this is so hot I think I’m gonna come for ten minutes just from seeing her want me to come and come for her!

Finally I stop. I hope I taste OK. I heard some women don’t like sperm, others do. I fall into her arms, it’s a great hug. Wet, yeah, but feels warm… she noticed the question on my face, and says

“I love to know that I am tasting your pleasure. It’s a strong taste, but when I’m this horny it’s perfect!”

Thank you, Auntie Maria. I feel so good…

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