Aunt Trixie’s Twin (Mom)

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This is the third installment of the Aunt Trixie series


Penny was now hooked. Trixie had succeeded in leading her twin sister into a life of sexual debauchery. It was as if a tigress had been unleashed and a sex life on hold was desperately making up for time lost.

Trixie had first been fucked by her nephew Tommy six months ago. She was tricked into it at the time but they soon began a torrid sexual relationship.

Her twin Penny, Tommy’s mom, had been seduced into a sexual reawakening by Trixie and Trixie’s lesbian friend Mandy a couple of months back.

Mandy, a thirty six year old confirmed carpet muncher, had been easy to convince to get involved with Penny as she now had two sexy dirty blond sisters to play with. It especially excited the fit brunette to see the forty two year old twins having dirty incestuous sex with each other.

Mandy had also been in on the ruse of getting young Tommy a crack at his mother Penny’s pussy. Now two months after being taken by her son, Penny was still not aware of that fact, and was taking pains to keep her newfound wanton sexual liberation a secret from him.

She was afraid her son would find out what a slut his mom had become. Penny was not only unaware that her son had been in her pussy but that he was also completely aware of all the sexual adventuring she had been up to.

Trixie had shared all of those escapades with Tommy. She added the sharing of Penny’s sexual exploits to the side sessions she continued to have with her always horny nephew.

Penny had spent over eighteen years suppressing her sexual urges. The past two months, with the help and encouragement of Trixie she had begun to hone her sexual skills and became ever more daring.

The night Tommy had fucked her doggy style she had been blindfolded but suspected that a live male cock had been in her rather than the “realistic” dildo that Trixie said she had placed in her strap on harness. Penny had even seen movement in the closet in Trixie’s bedroom but had not remarked on it.

Tommy had hidden himself in that very closet in aunt Trixie’s bedroom twice since, and had jerked multiple loads from his teenage cock watching his mom have sex.

The first time was when Mandy, Trixie, his mom, and another cute 20 year old newbie lesbian had a four way munch fest on Trixie’s king size bed. Tommy had a very hard time restraining himself.

He stroked himself to three orgasms watching the women bring each other off repeatedly. How he longed to emerge from the shadows and dip his cock into each and every one of the ladies busily lapping one another’s cunts.

He made eye contact with Aunt Trixie at one point when she was on top of his mother in a sixty nine. She raised her head and winked at him, her face glistening with mom’s juices.

The other time was two weeks ago when the twins turned forty two.

Trixie said that she had something special lined up for their birthday and that Penny should make an excuse to spend the night over.


“You sure you don’t mind honey?” Penny had asked her son on that morning. “I’m sure mom, you and Aunt Trixie go have a good time at the show. You both deserve it.” Tommy had replied, adding “I might take in a show myself tonight. We can celebrate your birthday tomorrow.”

The show Penny was lying about was supposedly a concert out of town Trixie had gotten tickets for.

The show Tommy intended to see was going to be going on in aunt Trixie’s bedroom and he planned to have his usual front row seat. He remembered being in place seated on a barstool which his Aunt had put in the closet for him.

He was in the bedroom an hour before they had arrived home and had positioned himself in the closet when he heard the cars drive up.

When Aunt Trixie and his mother came in they were accompanied by Mandy and three very horny men.

The men, two white and one black, were all well built and appeared to be in their late twenties to early thirties.

Aunt Trixie’s plan, as related to Tommy beforehand, was to take her twin and Mandy out for a girls night of drinking and carousing to celebrate their birthdays.

Trixie also hinted to Penny that the place she had in mind was usually brimming with hunky guys on the make. She had set Penny up a time or two in the previous month. The guys she had set up to fuck her sister reported to Trixie afterward casino siteleri that Penny was really loosening up.

Now for their birthdays Trixie was going to up the ante. Mandy came along and the three women drank and flirted with almost every man in the bar.

The three men they selected to come back with them didn’t know one another but were eager to get a crack at the hot looking and sexually available twins as well as their hot brunette friend.

When in the bedroom clothing was quickly removed and the twins lay side by side on the bed. Mandy explained that they would not be fucking her as she only did women but that she would watch, help get them and keep them hard, and masturbate herself for their viewing pleasure.

Mandy, true to her word, sucked each cock to hardness and watched as the studs took turns sampling the twins identical cunts.

Penny and Trixie lay on the bed getting pumped as Tommy watched from his secret observation position in the closet. He stroked his teenage dick and enjoyed the sight and sounds of his Aunt and Mom getting well and truly fucked.

Trixie started egging the guys on with a stream of filthy talk and before long had Penny joining in.

“How does that pussy Feel? Am I tighter than my sister? Pump me full of that spunk and make me come big boy.” Trixie and Penny both took turns engaging in all kinds of dirty banter interspersed through their moans of pleasure.

Trixie made Penny shudder with a special horror and delight when she said aloud, “If only Tommy could see us now. I bet he’d want his turn in his mom and Aunt.”

The guys all took a turn sampling each pussy and then Trixie flipped to a doggy position and asked over her shoulder, “Who’s ready to sample some ass?” The black man whose name was Derek, not that either twin was likely to remember that fact, positioned himself behind Trixie and Mandy lathered his cock with lube before he popped the head in and began his assault.

Penny looked a little frightened but was not ready to have her sister upstage her so she asked Mandy for some help. Mandy took a lubed butt plug and worked it into Penny while lubing and stroking the cock of the smaller of the two other men.

After a while the butt plug was removed and he worked his dick into Penny’s anus and moaned, “I think I just popped a cherry. This is super tight.”

Trixie said. “Yes you did indeed, the first cock ever in my sisters ass but not the last. Loosen her up some so the others can try.”

The horny studs did just that.

They all took a turn in each of the twins asses.

Tommy almost lost consciousness while masturbating furiousely to that vision. Mandy, who knew of his hiding spot, made eye contact with him and licked her sensuous lips even as she was frigging herself to the same sight.


That was two weeks ago now and had been a nice warmup to tonight’s action.

Tonight was the trip to the swingers club where Trixie told Penny they would be catching the train.

Penny was puzzled at first by the train remark until her sister explained that they were to be the centerpiece of an orgy where a train of hard cocks would be banging each of them.

Loretta and David, a couple of veteran swingers in their mid forties, were hosting the event at their home. They lived in a large country home many miles from the town where the twins lived. The home was equipped with a very large party room especially designed for big gatherings. The room had a circular bed on a rotating platform which enabled watchers to see all the action as it unfolded. There was even a wall sized one way mirror enabling voyeurs to enjoy the sex show unobserved. The room also had a high tech recording system installed to help save the memories for the participants.

The couple had previously swung with Trixie and when she called them two weeks before, just after the twins birthday bang, and asked about arranging a large party, they were intrigued.

David had said it didn’t seem like a problem and he for one would be eager to join the incestuous duo in their sex play.

Loretta was also especially excited when Trixie related that she wanted to bring Tommy along. Trixie had shared with Loretta and David that she had been fucking her nephew Tommy for some time.

The plan was to be that Tommy would remain out of sight until the fuck fest was well underway and then get slot oyna into the mix.

Tommy arrived at the couples home with Mandy an hour before the twins were due. He was shown the room adjacent to the party room behind the one way mirror.

Loretta said to him. “I’ve heard a lot about you young man. Your aunt tells me you are quite the stud. I hope you save some of that meat for your hostess to try.”

Tommy said. “Sure, but I really am super excited to get into mom’s ass tonight. My aunt Trixie has promised that will likely happen.”

Squeezing his hardening erection through his pants Loretta cooed, “Don’t worry baby, you will have all you can handle tonight.”

Tommy and Mandy were then introduced to several young women. One of the young ladies was the daughter of Dave and Loretta. She was a small-breasted almost waif like nineteen year old who had recently been brought into her parents lifestyle.

Brittany sidled up to Tommy and asked him if he was excited about the upcoming party and whether he had ever fucked his mom before.

“I did.” He replied, “But, she didn’t know it was me. I want her to know it’s me in her this time.”

“I know what you mean.” Brittany said. “When my Daddy was putting it to me with my mom watching us it was the best. He likes to watch me going down on mommy as well. It gets him so hard.”

That last line got Mandys attention and she said to Brittany, “I hope you let me get a taste of that nice teenage pussy before the night is through.”

“Sounds yummy.” Brittany cooed in reply.

The young ladies were there to be fluffers for the gang of men who would be putting it to the twins.

There were about twenty assembled who were hand selected by Loretta and David for this special treat. To get a crack at twins was something few men in the lifestyle were likely to pass on. They were all fit and varied in age from mid twenties to mid forties. Many wore masks to conceal their identity as they were aware there was to be a recording of the festivities. All races were represented and all were eager to get the party started.


The twins finally arrived.

Penny was introduced to Loretta and David by Trixie. The couple welcomed her warmly. The twins were then introduced to the four men and two women already in the party room in stages of undress and early foreplay.

Penny was aware that there was to be a gangbang but it was thought by Trixie that she might be intimidated by too many men all at once so most were to remain off stage until things were well underway.

Two of the men then got up and embraced a twin each, kissing them and removing their sundresses.

One said to Penny. “Let me watch you go down on your sister. It will get me so hard. It’s all I’ve been thinking about this week.”

Trixie lay back naked on the bed and patted the surface, beckoning her sister to get between her thighs and give these studs a show. Penny moved forward and kissing her sisters thighs worked her mouth towards Trixie’s glistening pussy while wiggling her own butt inviting.

One stud wasted no time in taking the invitation and positioned himself behind Penny to work his cock into her velvety smooth box. Another stud got on his knees near Trixie’s head and offered her his rock hard prick to suck on while she was being brought to her first cum of the night by her sisters lathering tongue.

The party was on.

Penny took a turn on her back being eaten by Trixie and then having a stud in her pussy missionary style while sucking the cock of another.

The twins then shifted into a sixty nine position with Penny on top at first. A twenty something young man got behind her doggy style where Trixie would be easily able to tongue his cock and balls while he pumped her sister. Another stud positioned himself kneeling between Trixie’s legs so that Penny could slicken his cock with her mouth before placing it in her sisters cunt.

Behind the mirror the action was heating up as well. David was standing watching the scorching action going on in the party room while his erect cock was being serviced by his baby girl Brittany.

“Am I doing it good Daddy?” She asked, looking up at him with her doe eyes and pumping his saliva sickened boner before plunging down on it once again with her mouth.

“Mmmm, yes pumpkin, you always suck my big daddy dick so good.”

Tommy was having canlı casino siteleri a hard time not coming in Loretta mouth as she was busy savoring his teenage rod.

A lineup of studs were being fluffed to raging erections by the three other women and Mandy too was doing her part in stroking and sucking cocks that were being readied for use in the party room.


In the party room on the bed more men had joined the action. Penny and Trixie stayed in sixty nine for some time trading off as to which twin was on top. The men would fuck for a while and refrain from coming, allowing the next man to get in position and get his dick wet.

The party room started to fill as those who had been behind the glass filtered in.

Soon the entire room was filled with horny men waiting for their turn with the twins. Penny and Trixie got into a doggy position at the edge of the bed and wiggled their asses to invite the train to leave the station.

One after another of the men took a turn plunging his cock into a twin and fucked for about a minute before trading out for the next in line. Mandy knelt on the bed facing the twins, kissing them and fondling their breasts.

Loretta took some lube and worked it into the ass hole of each twin while they were being fucked from behind and the anticipatory moans from each were quite audible.

“Daddy is going to get his turn now baby, you stay ready to clean me off when I’m done.” David said to Brittany as his cock left his teenage daughters mouth with a plop.

Taking his privilege as host David cut the line and plunged into first Trixie for a few strokes and then Penny. While fucking Penny he worked two fingers into Trixie’s ass and then shifted over to push his cock into the blonds slick butthole. He rubbed and stroked Penny’s undulating ass and then nodded to Loretta.

“Are you ready for your turn young man?”, Loretta said to the eager Tommy, while slickening his dick with lube.

Penny and Trixie had both cum multiple times already during this fuck fest and Trixie had heightened her sisters excitement by bringing up her nephews name.

“Don’t you wish Tommy was here fucking us?”

“You know I have been fucking him, don’t you Sis? He has the hots for you too, you know.”

Penny responded, “I suspected he was seeing someone but his aunt!! That’s so hot.”

Tommy was now in position behind his mom and placed his cock at the entrance to her asshole. He was working it into his mom even while Penny was asking her sister, “Do you really think he wants to fuck his own mother?”

“Why don’t you ask him?” Trixie said motioning that Penny should look over her shoulder behind them.

“Hi mom.” Said Tommy, while fucking his mother’s ass. Penny was speechless but reached down to play with her pussy while Tommy quickened his strokes. He swelled and blew a huge load into his Mom’s colon even as she was gushing and squirting in a massive cum of her own.

David chose that moment to shoot his load into Trixie’s ass and then pulled out to have his dick cleaned by the waiting Brittany.

She licked and sucked all the ass juice off of her Daddys dick and then continued to suck him to hardness again.

Loretta was just finishing cleaning his Mom’s ass juice from Tommy’s dick when Brittany lay on the bed and begged “Fuck me Daddy, your baby girl is sooo ready.”

David did just that and Loretta continued to suck young Tommy, reminding him that he promised her some of his teenage meat.

The twins were now in full orgy mode in the center of the bed taking on two and three men at a time.

The next hour was filled with the sounds of sex. Orgasmic moaning, gushing cunts, slurping mouths, and flesh slapping against flesh.

Penny and Trixie each got to experience their train of hard dick, each one having a turn or two at some double penetration. As the men were reaching climax cum was shot everwhere. Some inside a twins pussy or asshole, some on their tits or writhing abdomens, and some on a face or in a mouth.

Tommy fucked Loretta to several orgasms before busting another nut into her pussy. Mandy had paired off with one of the fluffer ladies and was busily getting her own groove on.

Brittany took her Daddy in her teenage pussy and ass before letting him finish by jerking off on her face.

When the last revelers could come no more and some had started to dress and go, David thought that this would make the hottest film yet when properly edited.

Then he smiled before drifting off to sleep while Tommy did the same between his come covered mom and Aunt.


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