Aunt Polly Ch. 2

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Friday, Aunt Polly met me the side door. She wore a loosely tied, short robe. She wore nothing under it. I tickled her already moist pussy.

“Good afternoon, Doctor.”

“Good afternoon, nurse.”

“You have a patient waiting in your office.” Aunt Polly winked.”

“I’m nervous.”

“I took the liberty of having her to disrobe.”


She reached for my belt and unbuckled it. She whispered in my ear. “She’s a little nervous too.” She lowered my zipper and let my pants fall to the floor.

I started to protest.

“Shhhh. The doctor’s needle should be prepared to give shots.”

“I forgot.”

She stooped to untie my laces and slip off my shoes, followed by my pants and shorts. Her fingers encircled me and guided the head of my enlarging prong to her lips. Her stiff, pointed tongue rotated about the glans. She stood to remove my shirt.

“This way, Doctor, your patient’s waiting.”

I followed Polly into the living room. Before entering, she paused and opened her robe but did not remove it.

Recumbant, eyes closed, the naked woman lay on the couch. Her thighs parted to reveal the deep indentation and the partially open, brownish-pink labia. Small, pert breasts, peaked by taut, burnt rose nipples appeared moist as though someone had recently tongued them. Her eyes opened, saw me and a hand flew to partially cover a forest of black curls at her crotch.

Ruth Eleanor Taylor, mother of Paul Taylor, one of my best buddies, sat upright. Her free arm crossed her chest. Spread fingers attempted to hide one small, firm breast in a show of far too late modesty.


“Mrs. Taylor!” My hand automatically moved to shield my erection.

Ruth Eleanor, played Euchre with my mother, every Wednesday night at their card club. They went to the same church on Sunday. For years, in my day dreams, I pictured Paul’s mother naked, while I tugged at my rampant pecker. For years I had dreamed of seeing that dark place Paul had once described hidden between his mother’s long, lush thighs. Aunt Polly raced to the woman’s side. “There, there now, Hon, relax. Doctor will make you feel ever so much better.” She placed a restraining hand on Mrs. Taylor’s shoulder and urged her back. “Doctor, come examine your patient. Her nerves are in a terrible shape. Do you have anything to calm her?

“I don’t think Mrs. Taylor wants to play this game.”

“Of course she does. She told me just the other day she hadn’t got a good injection for ever so long.”

“He’s just a boy,” protested Mrs. Taylor.

“Of course he is. And so enthusiastic.” Polly added, “So resilent. You’ll love him.”

“I can never face his mother again. I’m mortified.”

“Now you lay back and relax,” soothed Aunt Polly. She turned to me. “I’ll assist, Doctor. The lady has an extreme case of under-attended pussy. Can you help her?”

I nodded gravely. I was scared to death. “If she wants treatment, I think we can work something out.”

Aunt Polly grasped my tool and, to overcome my nervousness, stroked it until it was as hard as ever. Ruth Eleanor will simply adore your injections.”

“I’m going home,” protested the squirming, long-legged woman on the couch. “This is a mistake. I don’t know how I got here.” The pretty, middle aged brunette covered her crotch with one, long-fingered hand and attempted to get up. But she checked out my boner from the corner of her eye.

Aunt Polly urged her back. Now we know what’s best for you, don’t we Jay?”

“Yes ma’am,” I said, though I was not at all sure.

“After she receives one of your injections, she’ll be ever so much better.”

“If she doesn’t want it?”

“Let me go. I don’t belong here.” Ruth Eleanor Taylor twisted and struggled until she was face down and her big rounded, bottom stared up at us. Aunt Polly glanced at me, a worried look on her face. “We can’t the poor woman leave in this condition. She’ll tell the whole town.”

“Let me go,” begged Ruth Eleanor. “I had no idea it was Jay. He’ll tell Paul he saw me like this.”

“I won’t tell anyone,” I promised.”

“After you’ve had one of Jays treatments, I’m sure you won’t mind,” purred Polly.

I was worried. If she told Mom, I would be grounded for months. I would never be able to screw Aunt Polly again.

“Now those pretty cheeks are positively asking for a tanning. Maybe she ought to be warmed first,” said Aunt Polly. “Sometimes that helps.”

On an end table, as if prearranged, were a bottle of baby oil and an old fashioned hair brush. Polly picked up the brush and slapped the back against her palm. She passed it to me and nodded to the lush, naked bottom cheeks rising before me. She motioned for me to lay it on.

My first stroke was rather pathetic and the firm flesh jiggled hardly at all but it got the lady’s attention.

“How dare you!” she raged.

The second stroke was much harder and the crack rang from the jiggling flesh as the shape of the brush emerged as a red brand on her right ass cheek.

The lady screamed.

“Give it to her!” Polly urged. After illegal bahis a dozen slaps with the back of the brush brush, she motioned for me to attack reddened flesh from another angle. I had no idea where this was leading but I enjoyed this smacking of reddening flesh. The lady’s protests turned to moans. Now, her bottom raised, it seemed, to meet each downward arc of the brush.

Soon, Ruth Eleanor Taylor ground her crotch into the couch.

“I think that is just what the lady needed,” said Polly. “Now move to phase two.”

“Noooo,” moaned Ruth Eleanor Taylor. “Not in front of the boy!”

Polly reached for the baby oil. “I’ll assist, Doctor.” She opened the cap and spread liberal ammounts, gently, over the lady’s backside not missing the deep furrow and the dark rear passage with its brown, crinkled rosette. Polly oiled a finger and forced it into the tight opening to the second knuckle.”

“Nooo!” cried Ruth Eleanor Taylor.

“It will make a new woman of you,” soothed Polly.

“Not with the boy in the room,” protested the gasping, naked woman.

Polly coated the brush handle with more oil then handed it to me. She gestured to the opening she had just annointed.

I hesitated, looked at her quizzically. “She’ll have us arested.”

Polly shook her head. “This is what she craves.”

I touched the rounded handle to the the puckered place and slowly applied pressure. When approximately half of it had disappeared, I paused.

Polly shook her head and mouthed, “All of it.” That meant at least seven or eight inches, total.

Ruth Eleanor Taylor, her superiority in shreds, moaned and twitched at my ministrations.

I had a horrible feeling that Aunt Polly and I could go to jail if this haughty, superior acting friend of my mother’s ever walked out this room. I slowly forced the rest of the smooth plastic handle into the lady’s tight, now docile anal opening. For a moment I had the illusion that Ruth Eleanor Taylor’s ass was rising to take more of that plastic as though I were not feeding it to her fast enough.

At last the bristles tickled her left ass cheek. The lady’s sigh was not a signal of pain.

Polly silently motioned me to saw it in and out of the lady she called her friend. Evidently she knew better than I. I manipulated the brush until I was signaled to stop.

“I believe she has been properly primed, Doctor,” murmured Aunt Polly. “Now administer one of your famous injections.”


“Of course. One injects where it does the most good.” She motioned me to mount the wide couch between the prone woman’s legs. The woman beneath me made no comment, as though resigned to her fate.

With Polly’s help, I raised Mrs. Taylors hips and the older woman stuffed several cushions under her belly. Polly applied oil to my instrument and directed it to the target. Though much thicker than the brush handle, I slipped in without a great deal of force, though Mrs. Taylor’s rear entrance was the tightest place I had ever entered.

The woman now seemed to be in a dream world. She moaned and pushed back as I pressed deeply into her. She met my strokes and countered them exactly as a willing companion fucks, meeting me measure for measure. Ruth Eleanor Taylor was one fine piece of ass, even if I was going to suffer for it.

“Oh God!” moaned Mrs. Taylor. She was on her knees and pushing back, rubbing her ass cheeks against me.

I looked to Aunt Polly. “You’re doing fine,” she said, “feed that cock to her. Fuck her ass.”

“Oh God!!” moaned the woman under me. “Oh God! So Good!”

“Did I hear her say it was good?”

“She’s loving every stroke,” said Aunt Polly. “Pump her good. Shoot it to her. Fill her with that magic elixir of yours.”

My belly and balls slapped the woman’s rounded ass on each downward stroke. I plugged her back hole to within the last possible fraction of an inch. I watched myself slide in and out, each time bringing a bit of the clinging brown flange with it as though I were turning her invaded rosette inside out. I remembered probing Aunt Polly’s back alley. “I think she’s beginning to like it,” I gasped.

“She’s loving every fucking inch,” said Polly.”

“Oh My God!” screamed the naked woman. Her fine, firm buttocks twisted and bucked beneath me. “Make me come. Oh God! Oh God! I’ve got to come! Make me come!” Her stretched, back hole tightened and froze.

I pulled back and slammed hard and deep into her one more time and shot my load in the warm depths of her bowels. I colapsed on top of her, totally wrung out.

I lay on top of those plump cheeks for a long time. Beneath me, she breathed as hard and lay as limp as me. She was still a long time before moving.

“Well,” said Aunt Polly, “I’d say it’s time I served refreshments. “You two best get acquainted, now that you’ve come together on another plane.”

I pulled out, a plunking sound like a tight cork leaving a bottle. Ruth Eleanor left the room and walked, naked down the hall. Moments later I heard the toilet flush. The pretty lady returned, smiled girlishly, and maneuvered illegal bahis siteleri to sit beside me. In one hand she held a wet wash cloth. She placed a well manicured, scarlet nailed hand on my naked thigh. “Let’s clean that nasty thing up a bit. . .”

The moist cloth, evidently rung out in hot water was soothing to my somewhat deflated pecker.

She massaged my organ gently, lay the cloth aside and bent to give the head a light kiss. “I think after that fine treatment, Doctor we should be on a first name basis, don’t you, Jay?” Her attitude had changed completely.

“That would be nice.”

Ruth Eleanor turned to me. “Promise you’ll never tell Paul.”

“I won’t.”

“You’re good friends, you two, aren’t you?”

“I think so.”

“And you tell each other things?”


“And you do all the things that boys do when they are by themselves?”

I shrugged.

She reached over and grabbed my root and moved the skin up and down. “I suppose he’s seen this thing get hard and I guess you’ve seen his.”

“I reckon.”

“Is his as big and long as yours when it’s hard?”

“He’s a lot longer than me, Maybe not so big around.”

Ruth Eleanor got a far away look in her eye. “Just the way I remember his father.”

“Paul never mentions him.”

“Paul wouldn’t remember him. He was not quite two when his daddy left town with another man and I never saw him again.”

“That’s a shame.”

Ruth Eleanor kept her hand moving on my boner. “Has Paul done this for you?”

I nodded.

“You certainly not gay.”


“Do you think Paul is?”

“Maybe he’s just shy,”

“Too bad I’m his mother. I might make an upstanding man of him like I do you.”

I shrugged. “Maybe. I guess that didn’t work so well with his father.”

Ruth Eleanor frowned and shook her head. “You’re right.”

“I don’t think we should talk about Paul when he isn’t here.” I looked at the woman and was again struck by how pretty she was. I could not believe that minutes before I had been lodged firmly in her ass. “I promised not to tell him about what you and me did. I guess I shouldn’t talk about Paul.”

She nodded. “That’s fair. I want you to know I wouldn’t hold it against either of you if I was to find out that Paul did things to you.

“I think Paul might be upset if he knew I was doing his mama.”

Ruth Eleanor bent and took me in her mouth and pressed down until her nose was in the curly hairs of my crotch.

“That’s nice.”

She raised her head. “Nice what?”

“That’s nice, Ruth Eleanor.”


I nodded.

“For a long time I’ve fantasized being taken back there by force. Of course I confessed it to Polly one night when we were at it.”

“And she promised I would fulfill your wishes?”

Ruth Eleanor chuckled evilly. “You filled more than that.”

“I plugged your butt.”


“Of course you and Aunt Polly have been doing each other with that brush handle,” I accused.

“Now how could you know that?”

“It was so handy, and the baby oil was there too. It fits.”

She reached between my legs and cupped my balls, “Polly was right. We won’t keep many secrets from each other.” Her hand caressed me. “Has she told you anything about us?”

“She admitted she and a friend do things for each other.”

I caressed the smooth thigh and trailed my fingers upward to the wiry ringlets clustered about the deep crease, where pink lips, glossy and moist, revealed themselves. I tested the slickness then brought the finger to my lips.

Ruth Eleanor smiled. “Do I taste good?”

“Like fresh pussy.”

“You like?”

“Very much.”

Ruth Eleanor giggled again. “Oh God. If your mother knew she’d kill me.”

“Paul might be unhappy too.”

Polly entered with a tray holding three ice filled glasses and a pitcher of a rum based concoction that tasted like lemonade. “Well I’d say no one in this room will breathe a word of what goes on to anyone.”

“Mom wouldn’t believe Ruth Eleanor would do what we did.”

“How could you know that, for sure?”

“I never would have believed it. You’ve come to our house for years. I always thought you were a prude.” I laughed. “Even if I did think you had the prettiest, longest legs and the nicest, rounded bottom of any lady in town.”

“Did you?”

“Always. When you came to our house I’d roll around on the floor so I could look up your dress to see if you were wearing panties.”

Ruth Eleanor smiled. “Was I?”

I shook my head. “I don’t know. I never saw much above your stocking tops but I loved seeing all that pretty white skin.”

“Then what happened?”

“I got a hard-on.”

Ruth Eleanor smiled. “For me? How sweet.”

My fingers explored her pussy. She parted her legs to allow better access. “I always thought you were really built.”

“What would you have done if you had seen that I didn’t wear panties.”

“Don’t you?”

“Sometimes I don’t,” she confessed.

“If I’d seen your pussy, canlı bahis siteleri I probably would never have stopped jerking off.”

“Do you do that a lot?”

“I used to.”

“He doesn’t need to anymore,” said Polly. He’s found places to bury that pretty boner that works nicer than his fist.”

I smiled in agreement. “A lot better.”

Polly filled the glasses and passed them around. “Playing doctor is a wonderful way of breaking the ice,” said the older woman, Don’t you think, Ruth Eleanor?

Ruth Eleanor sipped from her glass. “My tender tail is tingling. I must admit I can still feel that whopper up there.”

“I sat very carefully the day after our young man gave me the back door treatment,” sighed Polly. “He reamed me out good. And we have been riding that silly brush handle for months.” “A hard cock is much better,” admitted Ruth Eleanor. She shook her head. “It’s been a while since I’ve had a live one.”

Polly took her place on the other side of me. She still wore her short robe, though it was not closed in front and revealed her salt and pepper pussy patch. I put an arm around her and squeezed her breast through the silk material. “Why don’t you take it off?” I whispered.

“With Ruth Eleanor’s sexy boobs on display you won’t want to fool with mine.”

“You’ve got good tits. A nice mouthful. Who needs more?”

“And big nipples,” said Ruth Eleanor, “she knows how to use.”

“Is that so.”

“Now I didn’t think you’d mention that,” protested Polly, but she slipped out of her robe and revealed her pert breasts. The hardened nipples pointed outward.

“What does she do?” I asked.

“Show him,” said Ruth Eleanor.

“We’ll have to kiss some to get me going.”

“Of course.” Ruth Eleanor stood, took her friend’s hand and urged her to her feet. They both knelt, then sank to the floor. Ruth Eleanor parted her friend’s legs and planted a kiss on her pussy lips, then ran her tongue up the groove to the small protuberance at the cunt’s upper reaches.

Polly moaned. “So good.”

Ruth Eleanor lay back and pulled the older woman’s hips atop her to bury her face in the hairy space between plump legs.

Polly bent forward. Soon the women were licking and tonguing each other’s grooves. There was a lot of threshing around accompanied by much moaning. They rolled to their sides and Polly slipped down until her breast touched the slick gash of Ruth Eleanor’s pussy. With pudgy fingers, she manipulated her extended nipple within the lips and roiled it around the extended clit until the younger woman screamed and colapsed, breathing heavily.

Polly looked up and smiled. “I do believe that we’ve afflicted our young doctor with another hard-on.”

“You’ll have to take care of that swelling,” gasped Ruth Eleanor. “I’ve come to a frazzle.”

I slipped to the floor and took the older woman in my arms. “Wanta fuck?” I whispered.”

“Slam it to me, big boy. Give me all the hard meat you got.”

I entered with one, long, steady stroke.

“You hit botton, for sure” gasped Polly.

“Do her good,” said Ruth Eleanor. “Give her some long strokes so I can watch it slide in and out. I want to see Polly really get fucked.”

“I saw you get ass reamed,” panted Polly. “Now, let’s hear you talk dirty. I told Jay I learned all my nasty talk from you.”

“Cram her cunt with cock,” urged Ruth Eleanor. “Make her twat twitch.”

“He’s doing that,” gasped Polly. “This kid screws like a demon.”

“I like fucking pussy,” I gasped.

“Even old gray pussy,” gasped Polly, her hips gyrating wildly under me.

“And assholes,” prompted Ruth Eleanor, “The boy plugs an asshole with the best.”

“I loved yours,” I breathed heavily, “It was so tight.”

“I heard no bitching about mine being loose,” wheezed Polly, “You liked cornholing my dirt chute just fine.”

“I did. I did. No complaints.”

“How long do you figure you’re going to hold out doing two horny old gals like us?” asked Ruth Eleanor.

I was panting and on the verge of losing my load. “I know I’ll be finished for a while when Polly gets her tank filled.”

“Shoot that sticky goo to me,” moaned Polly, “this old gal wants all you can pump.”

“What oozes out, I’ll clean up,” said Ruth Eleanor. “I don’t aim on a drop of that man-dew going to waste.” She crawled over to us and began spanking my bare ass, not hard, but enough to make it sting.

That took me over the hump and I shot my load into the older woman. Polly wrapped her plump little legs around me and forced up her middle. She scrunched that hairy pussy as tight as she could against the root of my cock and ground out her come while my cock was throbbing and shooting the joy juice deep inside her.


After resting a few minutes and sipping our drinks, Ruth Eleanor turned to me. “Did you like me warming your bottom while you were porking Polly.”

“It stung some,” I confessed, “but I think it made me shoot harder.”

“I’m sure it did,” said Polly. “I felt every throb when that cannon went off.”

“You reddened my ass,” said Ruth Eleanor, “I’d like a shot at tanning yours. I’d love to warm a young man’s hard buns.”

“Go on,” urged Polly, “let her. She’s heated mine more than once.”

“You’ve laid it on me pretty good, too,” reminded Ruth Eleanor.

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