Aunt Heather Helps Out Ch. 02

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Heather lay, deep in thought. Her husband Roger snored beside her. It was a long time since she felt this alive, as if a sleeping dragon within her had awoken, breathing fire. Earlier in the evening she had caught her husband’s nephew Dan naked with a gigantic erection. He needed help removing a metal ring stuck around his penis and as a nurse she was glad to provide professional help.

Remembering his thick shaft in her hands, she knew she had to take full advantage of this opportunity. An 18 year old cute male with an untapped libido, just waiting for the picking! Just thinking about it made her feel hot and restless. She took a deep breath to calm herself. She had to play this right, making sure her husband suspected nothing and controlling the boy so that he would give chase without realizing how badly she wanted him.

Dan had come to stay with them 3 months ago. His father and Roger were brothers who shared a puritan lifestyle, shunning all vices. They wished Dan to follow their footsteps and that’s how he ended up coming here to stay with his Uncle Roger and Aunt Heather while going to college. Dan was a sweet, well-behaved kid. Heather was quite surprised when she had heard cries of pain from his room earlier and found him with the ring around his cock. Of course, a boy his age would play with himself and experiment a bit. However living with her husband Roger for 7 years had made her forget about fun and adventure in sex. In fact she had almost lost interest in sex since they indulged in it so infrequently.

Heather worked shifts at the local hospital as a nurse. The next day she had the day shift from 8am to 4pm. That left her just a couple of hours in the afternoon till Roger got home. If she played it right, Dan would seek her out tomorrow. The following day she had the evening shift, which meant she would have ample time during the day for him. She went over her plans once more and feeling content she willed herself to sleep.

Dan was tossing and turning in his bed in the next room. He had led a sheltered life under the strict supervision of his father and now his uncle. This meant he did not get to go out with girls or experience much with sex or booze or any of the other things his friends were enjoying away from home. One of his friends had boasted about how great the sex had been with a ring around his dick – it had been thicker and harder and lasted so long that the girl had squealed in orgasms twice! He had a pack of the rings and gave one to Dan, feeling sorry for him.

Thinking back, trying that ring hadn’t been a good idea. Dan had a fairly hard time just slipping it on, and had gotten hard quickly in the process only to realize that it was too small for his erection. It dug into his skin bruising and tearing it. Half an hour later Aunt Heather had come home, hearing his moans of pain come into his room to check and caught him naked with a full erection. She’d helped him with a prostate massage to release him and slipped off the ring as his cock went limp. Just in time too. Having her in such proximity, handling his dick in her beautiful fingers, her head bent to examine it, her fragrant hair in his face, her breasts within inches of his grasp as they pressed against her tee-shirt, he had quickly regained his hardness and girth, right in her hands.

Thoughts of his Aunt Heather still filled his mind. She had kept a professional aloofness and bandaged the torn skin, as if he was one of her routine patients lying limp in bed, ignoring the thick, throbbing meat at full mast begging for attention. Still Dan could not get her out of his mind. She had changed out of her uniform into a thin tee, her nipples poking out beyond big breasts that strained the cloth taut. Her legs were smooth and shapely, the thighs somewhat thick but still very, very sexy. God, he wished she wasn’t his Aunt. He dreamed of making love to her, wooing and dating her. She would be a teaching assistant as school in this dream, and he her ardent pupil.

His cock was throbbing now in a raging tower and the injured skin at the base of his shaft seared with pain. He couldn’t risk jerking off, the skin could tear again. He lay frustrated in bed, thinking of ways to bed his Aunt. She had mentioned checking on him the next day. He needed to make sure she got a chance to be alone with him when Uncle Roger was not around. Uncle Roger’s schedule was very predictable, but Aunt Heather worked 3 different shifts and he did not know her schedule for tomorrow. He hoped to find out at breakfast the next morning.

The next morning he found Aunt Heather in her uniform at the breakfast table, which meant she had the day shift and would be back by 4:30pm. He had to make sure he got home in time. He kept his head down and gulped down the cereal, afraid that looking at Aunt Heather would bring on another erection and make things pretty uncomfortable for him with his Uncle right in front.

Dan got home by 4pm. He quickly went to the bathroom and freshened up. He paced nervously in his room waiting for Aunt Heather to get home. How could he approach her? casino siteleri He realized that staying cooped up in his room wouldn’t help. He had to make sure his aunt knew he was home. He went downstairs just as Aunt Heather got in from work.

“Hi Dan! How are you doing today?”

“Much better, Aunt Heather” Dan replied.

Aunt Heather was making her way upstairs, which meant he had to do something real quick.

“Aunt Heather?” he called. “I have a question… “

“Sure” she said, stopping at the foot of the stairs.

“Do we need to change the bandage? I haven’t taken a shower yet and wasn’t sure if I should just shower with the bandage on or take it off….?”

Heather felt her heart make a small leap. Good, he was making the right moves, even trying “we” to change the bandage.

“Of course the bandage should be changed often. I expected you to change it this morning itself.”

“Oh… I’m sorry, I didn’t realize. I don’t have any of the supplies either and haven’t done this before… Could you please check and see if it has healed, Aunt Heather?”

“Hmmm… OK, I could do that” Heather said trying to make it sound like an annoyance. “Why don’t you take that shower and use plenty of soap to clean those areas and come to my room. I have the kit there.”

As she turned and headed up, Dan was thrilled at the success so far. Aunt Heather hadn’t encouraged him but she hadn’t rejected him either. He followed her upstairs, looking up at her swaying ass and shapely legs. She had slipped off her work shoes at the door and her feet looked pretty in stockings. Before he could ogle too much, she went into her room. Dan quickly went into his room, slipped out of his clothes and headed into the shower. “Plenty of soap” she had said. Did this mean she planned a close inspection? A bulge was the prompt answer.

Heather smiled to herself. So far things had worked out even better than she anticipated. She waited till she heard the shower running. She unlocked the bedroom door and left it just a tiny bit ajar. Then she proceeded to the attached bathroom, leaving the door wide open. She stripped completely and loosened her hair, letting it fall to her shoulders.

Normally she would hang the towel on the shower door. Today she hung it on the wall ensuring a clear view to the whole shower stall. She waited, turning her shower on just as she heard the shower turn off in Dan’s bathroom. She chuckled – the boy had finished his shower in less than 5 minutes. Keeping the water lukewarm to prevent steaming she slowly let the water run all over before starting on the shampoo.

Dan quickly wiped himself dry. He was ready to go to Aunt Heather’s bedroom. He debated on what to wear. If she was going to examine him and put on fresh bandage there was no point getting fully clothed. In any case she had seen him butt naked the day before. He thought of wearing shorts but his raging erection posed a problem. Finally he decided to wear a loose unbuttoned shirt that kind of covered his erection and carried his shorts in his hands, just in case Uncle Roger came home early.

Dan paused at Aunt Heather’s bedroom door. The door was ajar and he could hear the shower running in the bathroom.

“Aunt Heather?” He called out, tentatively, almost as an excuse for entering. Hearing no reply, he entered the bedroom. He could hear the shower running and looked expectantly. The sight that met his eyes was beyond any visions of Aunt Heather he had conjured up in his dreams. She stood facing him in the shower with her eyes screwed shut, her hands raised up to her hair as she massaged the shampoo into the scalp.

The water fell on her lower back and Dan was offered a clear view of Aunt Heather magnificent breasts jingle as she moved her hands back and forth, the nipples puffy and erect. Her pussy was clean shaven and looked tiny framed by her wide hips. Her hips swayed slightly as she worked the shampoo.

Dan was mesmerized, his hand instinctively reaching for his swollen dick as he struggled to keep from stroking it. He suddenly realized that his Aunt would catch him red-handed with his dick in his hand if she opened her eyes. He almost turned to head out when Aunt Heather turned to face the shower and wash her hair.

Any thoughts of leaving were banished as the sight of her beautiful ass captivated him. Aunt Heather’s ass was just big enough to not be considered big, luscious and juicy enough to make Dan almost come right then and there. He just held his throbbing length hoping that he would last this incredible show without spilling cum all over his Uncle and Aunt’s bedroom carpet.

Heather was sure the boy would be spying on her. If he wasn’t peeping through the ajar door, he must be in the bedroom. She didn’t want to look his way or show any indication of awareness of his presence. She was getting hot and wet down there just thinking of the effect she must be having on him, wanting to see and hold his throbbing meat. She took her time washing herself, making sure her posture and actions presented a sexy show.

Satisfied slot oyna that she must have him hooked by now, she stopped the shower and toweled herself dry quickly and stepped into the adjacent walk-in closet. She donned a knee length terry robe, tying it loosely around her waist ensuring a good view of her breasts when she leaned forward.

When she stepped out into the bedroom, Dan was still standing there awestruck and fumbling. Luckily he had dropped his hand away from the swollen mass that jutted out in front of him.

“Dan! How long have you been here?” asked Aunt Heather in a surprised tone.

“Er… I just came in, Aunt Heather” he mumbled, looking down sheepishly.

“Hmm… then why is your penis in an erection?” she demanded, her arms akimbo.

“Sorry, Aunt Heather… I’ve never been naked in the company of a woman, and I get excited very quick”

Heather felt like running up to him and hugging him. He looked so naïve and adorable, his lean body in contrast with his massive erection. Not yet Heather, she told herself, not yet.

“OK, lie down on the bed and let me see if the skin has healed” Heather said in her professional hospital bedside manner.

Dan quickly hopped on the bed and lay face up, relieved at not getting caught for his peeping tom act. His dick was rock hard now in anticipation of Aunt Heather’s inspection, the cock head blooming like a mushroom on a thick stalk. He could barely contain himself, his cock hot and pulsating as he held his breath in excitement.

Heather stood by the bed and gently held his shaft, her thumb and forefinger on the mushroom head while the other fingers barely encircled his thick shaft and pulled the foreskin upwards. She brushed her hair behind her ears to prevent them from falling in front of her face, and leaning over, gently examined the bruised skin at the base of his penis.

The sheer beauty of his phallus and scrotum hit her, marred by the wounded skin around the base. She cupped his balls in her other hand, moving the penis side to side as she examined all around it. The skin was healing quite well, though it was still too early for his cock to engage in vigorous action. She could sense that the boy was in a state of excitement and teased him by pulling his foreskin and fondling his bulblike cockhead at the pretense of examining the wound. Her face was inches from his massive meat pillar, her breath blowing softly on his balls. She wanted to taste him badly, his beautiful smooth skin encased in thick hard hot meat begging to be licked and swallowed.

Dan looked down at Aunt Heather as she examined him. She looked so hot, her beautiful hands around his dick and her face so close, he tried to imagine how she would look with her lips wrapped around it. As she leaned forward, her loose robe fell forward revealing a good portion of her big breasts. Dan could feel his cock throbbing and Aunt Heather was almost stroking him now moving his dick around in circles as she looked at the base closely.

All this proved too much for him. His pelvis jerked as he suddenly erupted, a big blob of cum arcing back and landing on his smooth stomach, followed by a series of jerks and blobs. He was too petrified to make a sound or enjoy his release fully, worried about Aunt Heather’s reaction. He looked at her and saw that she was smiling at his discomfort.

“Is this how you reward me, young man?” she asked with a look of mischief to show she wasn’t upset.

“I’m sorry, Aunt Heather. I get excited very fast. That’s why I tried the ring… my friend said I would last longer, but it was too painful…”

“Yes, your penis is a lot thicker than normal… I’m sure you’ll make a girl real happy with it if you could learn how to control it”

“I’ve never been with a girl… and I’m real scared about making a fool of myself. Please help me Aunt Heather, I have no one else to turn to”

Heather looked at the pleading boy and smiled inwardly in satisfaction. Things were going very well indeed. Now was her chance…

“I don’t think your Uncle Roger would approve… and I would be going against his wishes by teaching you these things…”

“Please Aunt Heather… please. I swear I won’t tell anyone. My friends already make fun of me, and I don’t stand a chance without some help. I’ll do anything you ask me to… anything…”

Heather knew she had him now. Donning her most serious expression she said “All right, but you have to promise to obey me completely, and never reveal these lessons to another soul”

“I promise Aunt Heather, I swear” Dan said, looking relieved and happy.

“Ok, stay as you are. Let me get a towel and wipe you up”

Heather quickly returned with a warm moist hand towel that she used to clean him up efficiently. After depositing the towel in the laundry basket she returned and stood by the bed again, a look of concentration on her face.

“We need to work on your excitability and get it in control. Here’s what I’d like you to do. Stay as you are and try to get as relaxed and calm as possible. Count mentally canlı casino siteleri as you breathe, counting one-two as you breathe in, and exhaling out to the count of four. This yoga breathing exercise will help you relax, exhaling twice as long as you inhale.”

Heather stood watching as Dan began a steady rhythm of breathing. His penis was still swollen, though no longer stiff and erect. It lay limp on his stomach and moved as he breathed rhythmically. Now’s my chance to finally feast on this beauty, she thought to herself.

“Good, now that you are relaxed, I’m going to try to get you excited. You need to keep focused on your breathing. It’ll help you stay calm and since you just had a release, you should be able to last longer than usual”

Dan could not believe his good luck. Not only had Aunt Heather agreed to help him, she had started off right away. As he watched, she turned around facing away from him, opened the robe, let it slowly fall off her shoulders. His aunt now stood fully naked, within reach, her shapely ass and legs drawing his full attention. Spying on her from afar as she took the shower earlier had been the best treat in his life, but now here she was, willingly baring herself to him at such close quarters. His limp cock jerked into life, his steady rhythm of breathing forgotten.

“Are you staying focused on your breathing?” asked Heather, still facing the other way.

“Sorry, Aunt Heather… I forgot” mumbled Dan.

“That won’t do” said Heather sternly “if you are not an obedient student, we can stop the lesson”

“I really sorry, Aunt Heather… I’ve never seen anyone so beautiful before…” he mumbled, blushing.

Heather smiled to herself, still facing the other way. “Ok, I’ll let it slide this time. Stay focused on your breathing and close your eyes. No matter what, do not open your eyes or lose that rhythm of breathing till I tell you to” she ordered.

Waiting till she heard his steady exhale, she turned and approached him. His manhood was semi-erect, still quite thick and swollen. She traced her fingertips slowly from his shoulders across his bare chest and stomach, snaking their way to his crotch. Ignoring the cock, she continued down his thighs till she reached his feet.

“Keep the rhythm” she reminded as he drew his breath tight at the stimulation.

She worked her way back up, this time working up the inner thighs, and found a thick, erect mass of meat rewarding her efforts. Grasping the shaft firmly with her left hand, she rested one knee between his legs and lowered her head to his manhood.

“No peeking and keep the rhythm” she reminded again sternly.

Her pussy was wet and hot, the clit begging for attention. She covered her pussy with her right hand, slowly inserting her middle finger into the wetness, drawing up the lubrication to stroke her swollen clit. Her senses were at overload, her hand gripping the boy’s thick hardness, it’s throbbing heat matching her hot button, while it’s sight and smell drew her in.

Inhale one-two, exhale one-two-three-four, Dan repeated this over and over in his head trying hard to ignore all the sensations that were screaming through him. First the light caressing of his aunt’s beautiful fingers, which even though he couldn’t see, he could visualize very well. He’d almost lost track of the count hadn’t Aunt Heather reminded him. It was like mom’s having eyes at the back of their head. She seemed to know just when he would lose track of the breathing. His dick was painfully hard, the dull ache of getting hard so soon after a release, the sharper pain where his aunt gripped the bruised skin tight, preventing it from getting pulled.

Now he could feel her breath on his penis, like her face was an inch away from it. It’s probably another test he thought, trying to blank everything out. Inhale one-two, exhale… shit! The most exquisite feeling overwhelmed him as he felt soft moist heat cover his penis head. His aunt was sucking on his dick! He badly wanted to see this incredible sight. He’d tried to imagine it earlier but just couldn’t conjure up the vision.

The feeling was unlike he had ever experienced before. One moment she would be sucking it hard, the next her tongue was playing gently around the ridges on his mushroom top, the next her teeth sinking gently into his flesh before turning back into a strong suction motion. He arched his back as the sensation began to turn into an uncontrollable urge, holding his breath in, the count long forgotten, his eyes still screwed shut lest Aunt Heather stop what she was doing.

“I’m going to come… Aaagh!” he moaned as he erupted, jerking in small thrusts, aware of Aunt Heather head still wrapped around his dick, horrified that he had just emptied into her mouth.

Heather knew her nephew was about to ejaculate. She could feel the excitement in her groin, grinding her swollen clit against her finger as the boy jerked up and down. His cock was so thick! It filled her mouth and the tip felt so wonderfully succulent, it’s relative softness contrasting his rock hard shaft. She felt the salty taste as she swallowed his cum. Luckily, this was round two and watered down. She was sure the first round would have gagged her. She didn’t want him to catch her fingering herself.

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