Aunt Annie Pt. 05

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Malorie flung open the door seeing Martin’s car pull into the driveway. Did her only son look taller, more filled out? she wondered. He’d always been very lanky, somewhat awkward but there was more fluidity in his motions, “Hey sweetie! So good to have you home, even if it’s for the week. Katerina, you look so pretty,” she quickly hugged her son and the redhead. “Annie, come here and give me a hug, great to see you,” she said, her face beaming.

They came in, put away their bags, and joined Martin’s mom in the living room. Martin looked around for anything that had changed and he felt a small comfort seeing nothing new.

“Mom, it’s really good to see you. I’ve missed you, this place. How’s dad doing?” he looked around. “Not home?”

Malorie chuckled, “He’s out biking.”

“Dad has a bike? I cannot remember him ever riding a bike,” the boy said.

Malorie got up, “I should show you something,” she sighed. She looked at Kat and Annie, “Why don’t you help yourself to whatever you want in the kitchen, “We’ll be right back.”

Malorie entered her bedroom and hesitated. ‘Bad idea, really bad idea,’ she thought.

Martin put a hand on her shoulder, “Ok mom, what’s going on? First, you were really cryptic on the phone when you mentioned dad’s birthday present, he’s out biking and you’re acting…secretive now,” he looked at his mom.

She looked quickly at her son, then sighed, “Your dad is going through a middle-age crisis is all I can think of and I’m not blaming you, but I think you triggered it…which sounds like I’m blaming you,” she chuckled. “Right after prom when you and Kat…and Annie got together, well he started working out in the morning on the way to work. Then after you left for college he bought a bike and he’s been going farther and farther.”

Martin shook his head, “What does that have to do with me? I mean, maybe because I took my bike to school?” He stopped, “or he’s maybe jealous?”

Malorie blushed, “Ok, this is something that you cannot ever tell anyone,” she paused, “especially your girlfriend.” She went over to her dresser and bent down to open the bottom drawer.

Martin gasped as his mom pulled out a cheerleading uniform and red wig. “Is that my school’s…?”

“Hang on, sit,” she pointed to the bed.

The boy watched his mom disappear into the bathroom. He heard her rustling aware she was undressing fighting the feelings of intrigue as he imagined his mom getting undressed right there.

Malorie looked in the mirror and nodded, ‘Ok, here’s where Martin loses all respect for his mother, though he did watch me in that video.’ Shrugging, she opened the door, stepped out, and posed.

Martin stood up, gaping. His mother looked just like Kat. Perhaps a little taller, but the hair was a perfect match to what it was back in high school, her cheerleading outfit was the school one, perhaps a little shorter and, “Mom? Are those green contacts?” he asked. He came over, turned her around to look at her feeling unwanted arousal. “Oh, wow! And you got this after Kat and I got together?”

Malorie blushed, both for discussing his father’s fantasies but also seeing how her son was looking at her. She knew he’d seen the video of her totally exposed, but this was something different, something more. Maybe because she could see his reaction and the outline in his shorts. “No, I got this as a treat for your dad a couple of years ago when we first saw Kat. You remember the Garfield game in your sophomore year? I mean…at first…I just got the wig, then I saw this outfit last year at the consignment store…then I was at the eye doctors and they had these contacts,” she said softly, “It seemed every time I added to the ensemble, the fantasy…well, you can guess the rest,” she sighed.

Martin shook his head, “I’m impressed. You really look like her.” He pulled her into a hug, “A bit taller, but wow, you even have the same…yeah, well….” he blushed.

“Boobs, I know,” she said as she bounced them, “It would not have had the same impact without your girlfriend’s impressive assets.” She blushed as her son glanced towards her crotch, “No, I haven’t gone that far,” she giggled.

“I’m sorry, how far?” Martin asked, “Oh! Never mind,” he blushed. “Ok, you still haven’t told me much, except that I now have impure thoughts about my mom.”

“Yeah, sorry. Hang on, I’ll go change,” she said, “Then I’ll show you some other stuff. Relax. This was the really bad one,” she sighed as she headed into the bathroom

Martin quickly tried to get his cock to not so obviously show in his baggy shorts before his mom came back. When she came back out he was suddenly aware of how good she looked in her skinny jeans and tight tee-shirt. Why hadn’t he noticed how hot she was before? He mentally slapped himself and changed the subject, “Ok, what else?” He followed her to his dad’s office.

Malorie went over to the desk, opened the bottom drawer, and pulled out a pile of brochures, “Here. He’s been stopping at car dealers and these casino oyna are what he’s been looking at.

Martin took the colorful pamphlets, Mustang, Corvette, Porsche Boxter, Acura NSX… Martin looked up, “So you’re saying he’s having a midlife crisis.” He nodded, “He is going to be 45 and, well,” he said sadly. “So, what’s your idea for his birthday? Get him one of these?”

Malorie shook her head, “Look. This is a stupid idea. Please say no if you agree. I just thought it would make your dad really happy,” she paused, “I know this makes no sense to you, but when you get to be our age and things begin to sag, you’re not as firm as you once were, you begin to feel like life’s passing you by. The guys or girls no longer check you out. Anyhow, I thought if Kat were willing, um, you know…shit!” She put her face in her hands but then stepped back and plopped into the desk chair, “Stupid idea. It sounded dumb in my head, but this….” she pointed to the colorful pamphlets, “I thought perhaps she’d want to spend the night with Mark…Oh shit! That couldn’t have sounded worse.”

“I think it’s a great idea. Kat can renew dad’s confidence about himself, fulfill a fantasy, though I was really impressed with how much you looked like her, but this is totally up to her. She has commented on how she thinks dad’s hot,” he paused, “I see why you didn’t get right to the point. I can just see Kat’s expression if I ask her if she’d like to get laid by a great guy,” he chuckled. “I got it, you go back and change again. I’ll bring her up and summarize the whole midlife crisis thing.”

“Oh, God, do I have to? I was going to ask that you never breathe a word of that to her, to anyone,” she blushed.

“Relax, I think she’ll be really flattered,” he turned to go downstairs, “Five minutes?”

Kat stood up, “Ok, we’ve speculated on a whole bunch of things, but spill!”

Martin grinned, “Nothing bad. You’ll see. Follow me.”

“I’m coming too,” Annie jumped up, “You have all this cloak and dagger shit and I’m going to sit here?”

The three went upstairs and stopped at the master bedroom door, “Mom? You decent?” He nodded hearing her assent and opened the door, “Katerina, meet your doppelganger,” he said.

“Holy shit, wow!” Kat blurted out, “Why? How? What?” She looked between Martin and his mom, “Is this like a joke or something, wow! Did I already say, Wow?” She walked around the woman, admiring her, “I look really good,” she looked questioningly at Martin. “What’s going on?”

Malorie took the girl’s hand and led her over to the bed, “I’ll try to make this as short as possible, but….” she proceeded to go through all she’d told and shown Martin.

Annie nudged Martin, “So, isn’t this just what you wanted to hear in graphic detail about your parents?” she whispered. “I always knew Mark was a really horny guy, but having Mal dress up as your girlfriend?” She patted her hip pockets and whispered, “I have the name of a great therapist here somewhere.” she giggled softly.

“So, that’s when I came up with pretty much the stupidest idea I’d ever had,” she looked over at Martin, “Um, I thought that….”

“She had this idea that perhaps dad’s midlife crisis might be mitigated by being able to spend the night with a girl he’s fantasized about for a few years,” Martin said, “I think it sounds great, but I’m not the one who will be…spending the night,” he trailed off as images suddenly flooding his brain.

Kat at first looked shocked, then slowly smiled, “He is hot,” she looked tentatively at Martin, “I’ve thought about it. I’d love to, but you don’t mind someone sleeping with your husband?” she asked looking at the blonde.

Malorie scoffed, “He’s been fucking you for the last couple of years, pardon my language,” she indicated her outfit, “You might not have felt it, but I sure did.”

Kat laughed, “Or another way of thinking about it, Martin has been sleeping with his mother and didn’t even know it,” she looked over at the boy, “Think about it.”

Martin looked at Annie, “You have the number of that therapist?”

Annie went over and stood both up, “Holy crap, even the eyes, though yours are a bit greener,” she felt both pairs of breasts, “Very close. Turn around, let me see those asses,” She looked over at Martin, “I’m thinking about Oedipus right about now,” she giggled feeling both girl’s asses. She turned both around and nodded towards Martin’s shorts, “I’d suggest a mother, son talk later. Totally inappropriate!” she laughed. She sat down on the bed and patted it for Martin to join her. Looking at her sister she asked, “so, how is this going to work? Just have Kat sneak into bed with him while you drive this boy to therapy?”

Malorie laid out her tentative plans and looked expectantly at the three, “Well? Any holes? Any issues?”

Kat looked at Martin, “So, first you. How will you be if I’m sleeping with another man, your father?” she thought a second, “I mean, every time we get together with your family will your dad look at slot oyna me and remember? Or, will you be wondering?”

Martin looked thoughtful, “Strangely enough I like sharing you with someone I love. Dad’s a great guy and if you’re happy with it, I’m thrilled to make dad’s day…or night I guess,” he smiled.

She looked at Malorie, “And you laughed it off, but seriously. Your husband’s penis will be inside another woman. Um…as far as you know, has he ever been with any other woman in the time you’ve been married?”

Malorie vigorously shook her head, “Never. I know he’s never strayed. Daphne hit on him hard last year at the picnic and he politely told her thanks but no thanks.”

“Ok, and will you be ok? And will you always look at me with resentment?” she looked at the woman who could someday be her mother-in-law.

Malorie nodded, “It is my idea, after all.”

“I know, but have you really thought it through?” Kat looked at Martin, “I’m not naive and I might be seeing something in the future that will never happen, but if, um, I become your daughter-in-law I’d hate for you to resent me….”

Martin looked at his mother, “Mom? I know you’ve given it thought, but have you really? I’m not suggesting he doesn’t love you, but Kat has been the object of a pretty powerful fantasy and it’s one thing to play-act…”

Malorie looked at Martin, “I want Mark to be happy. I know he loves me and I know he’s not leaving me for Kat and he loves you and he’d never do anything to hurt his boy, so no. I’m not at all bothered by it,” she patted Kat’s leg, “In fact if anything, I’m a bit jealous of Mark.” She looked the girl up and down, “You are one seriously hot babe,” she laughed. “No, seriously, if you become my daughter-in-law I’ll probably love you even more because of this.”

Martin snorted, “Here I am with perhaps the three more beautiful, sexy women in the world, and not one of you has any reason to feel jealous of another,” he looked at each, “I’m ok with it, but only if I can split the dinner and room with you. I’d like this to be a present from both of us.” He looked at Kat, “Dad’s a great guy and I think you’ll have fun.” he said.

Annie coughed, “What about me? Can’t I get a present for my favorite brother-in-law?” She went over to Malorie, stood her up fingering the cheerleading outfit, and looked over at Martin, “Think this would fit me?”

Malorie grinned, “Are you suggesting…wow! As far as I know, Mark has just had two women he’s told me he’s been fantasizing about, you and you.” She looked at Kat, “can you dig up your cheerleading outfit?”


Mark looked around the table, “This has to be the best birthday ever,” he sighed, “Getting the family together and being seen in public with three incredibly gorgeous women, and um, my son,” he chuckled. “Really, thanks a lot for coming home for this, not sure it could get better.”

“We have more for you, dad,” Martin said as he took a box out from under his seat and handed it to him.

Mark opened the presents from everyone and happily held up the ornate antique shoehorn, the bottle of 25-year-old scotch, the soft thick bathrobe, and the gift from his wife, a collection of 12 miniature sports cars, each one a replica of one he’d looked into.

Malorie looked at her husband admiring the cars chuckling that she had more in store for him. She reached into her purse and pulled out a couple of room keys, handing him one with the room number on it, “We have all night. I packed some things for us and already took them up,” she said.

Mark grinned, “Evil thoughts,” he glanced at his son, “perhaps I should keep those to myself before I make Martin bang his head against the table but they involve lubricants, lots of lubes.”

Martin faked hitting himself in the head. “Well, on that note…perhaps we should let these kids have some alone time,” he stood up and pulled the chair back as Kat stood up. He then held Annie’s before going over to his mom, “Thanks for inviting us, this was a lot of fun. Dad, do you want me to take your gifts home, or are you going upstairs with mom to play cars?” he asked.

Malorie grinned, “He’s not going to have the time nor the energy to play with those cars tonight,” she chuckled. “Plus, I packed various other toys I’m sure your dad would love to play with.”

“God, mom! TMI, TMI,” the boy gasped. He picked up the boxes and looked back at his mom, “I’ll see you guys at home and I know you want to go upstairs and do things I’d rather not think about, but,” he waved over to their waiter, “I ordered you both a surprise.”

Mark looked over as a tray was brought over with a flaming dessert and back at Martin, “You’re not sharing this with us?”

The boy put up his hands, “This is made with 90 proof vodka, and Kat and I are underage,” he sighed, “Annie? You are welcome to partake.”

Annie took Martin’s arm, “I might be hungry for some other dessert. Let’s leave these two horny kids.”

Malorie canlı casino siteleri looked at the dessert, “Oh my God this looks rich, I’ll kill that boy,” she sighed, “Wait, what are you doing?” she asked as Mark slid the plate toward him. She pulled it back, “You didn’t believe that bull that I didn’t want any of this…”

Mark sat back and patted his stomach, “Forget best birthday, best day ever, and I have a feeling it’s only going to get better,” he said reaching across the table. “I love you more now than when we were married. I’m glad those annoying kids left us alone. Shall we?” he asked.

Malorie waved over the waiter and gave him the card. She looked shocked when the waiter put up his hands telling her the check has already been taken care of. “I’ll kill him, but thanks,” she smiled, “I assume he left you a good tip?”

As they approached the elevator, Malorie stopped and smacked her forehead, “Crap, go on. Go on up, I forgot…nevermind, it’s a surprise for the morning. I’ll meet you up there. Oh, by the way, careful when you go in, I asked them to send up some refreshments so I assume it might be right inside the door,” she said spinning around. She went over to the concierge’s desk, leaned forward, and asked, “Did my husband get on the elevator?”

The man looked over seeing the doors closing, “Yes he did,” he replied looking curiously at the beautiful blonde.

Malorie smiled at the man, “Thanks, that’s all I needed to know. I hope he has a really fun night,” she winked at the man before heading out the doors leaving the bewildered man watching her. She hugged Martin then put out her arm, “You pick out the movie, I’ll make popcorn,” she said as she was being led to the waiting car.


Mark’s stomach had butterflies much as he felt on prom night. He wasn’t young anymore and Mal was never reluctant to open her legs, but lately, she’d been more aggressive, more responsive, more eager to please him which in his experience was saying a lot. So many of his friends would whine how their wives were no longer interested in sex or were more passive than they’d been earlier in their marriages but Malorie never stopped mixing things up, keeping it fresh. He just knew she’d come up with a new twist and he couldn’t wait to find out what it was.

He opened the door, turned on the light and saw the cart with a bottle of champagne and glasses. ‘Nice bottle,’ he thought as he considered stripping down and lying on the bed waiting for her, or changing into his normal lounge clothes and turn on the TV. He stopped seeing two Katerinas sprawled out on the bed, “What? Wait. Katerina. Holy shit!” he laughed, “Annie?” He went over to the bed marveling at how similar they both were, yet how different. Kat’s breasts looked larger, more spread out as she lay on the bed, and Annie had longer legs, though Kat’s were more muscled. They both looked spectacularly sexy lying in their cheerleaders’ uniforms, their legs parted invitingly looking up at him.

“Aren’t you going to read the cards and unwrap your presents, Mr. Thomas?” Kat asked.

Mark laughed having not noticed red bows tied to the upper thighs of each girl. He crawled between them and pulled the ribbon around Kat’s leg noticing her flawless creamy skin. He opened the card,

Happy Birthday, Dad!

Perhaps fantasies do come true.

Love, Martin, and Katerina.

“You shouldn’t have,” he chuckled. He leaned the other way and undid the bow on Annie’s leg, then read the card,

Happy Birthday, to my most loyal fan.

Please enjoy unwrapping whatever you want, I’m the present that keeps on giving.

Love, Penny Nichols.

He sat back at the two grinning girls, “So I assume Mal outsourced her ultimate birthday present to me,” he sighed.

“She said something about wanting to catch something on HBO tonight,” Kat sighed, “and asked if we could help out. It truly is such a bother, especially since she warned us about how creative you can be and that you’d want to put your huge cock in places no man has gone before,” she chuckled, then sat up. “Your wife was so nervous asking if I’d do this, almost too embarrassed to ask, but when I said yes and Annie suggested she join me, she asked if you remember that old Doublemint gum ad?” she grinned, “I had to Google it.”

Annie straightened out her skirt, “We’re yours, yours without reservation,” she said, “So perhaps you’d like something?” She reached over to the side table, “She gave me this with instructions to say, ‘Here, take this. I’m sure you’ve never needed this in your life but I’m guessing around 3 AM you’ll thank me,'” she handed Mark a little blue pill.

The man rolled off the bed and grabbed some water. He turned to look at the two girls on the bed, “I’m having trouble deciding if I prefer you both in the outfits I’ve fantasized about…or out of them. I’m just a bit aroused looking at you two beauties in the cheerleading outfits.”

Kat glanced at Annie, “Sadly, there are not complete,” she sighed as she pulled up both their skirts revealing no panties. She looked at the man’s eyes glues to the pair of young pussies, “So, is this a disappointment to you?” Kat asked as she opened her legs wider.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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