Aunt Anjali Ch. 01

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For the reading pleasure of Adults. © Prahaar 2002. All rights reserved.

This is a true story with the names changed, I welcome your comments, feedback and suggestions.

I vividly remember my first brush with her. I was 18 years old and I had not worn briefs under my shorts. Anjali Aunty pointed to my penis and said,’ I can see all’! To my horror and embarrassment, I realized that my fly was open and my penis was hanging out. I must have forgotten to zip up after peeing. I was always very embarrassed about the size of my penis. At that young age, it was a good 8 inches long even when not erect and my shorts had to be longer to keep it enclosed. It was 2 inches thick and the head was large and red looking.

‘Come here’, she said. I walked towards her, my long cock swinging back and forth, not knowing what to expect. She held my penis in her hand for a few moments and gently tucked it back into my shorts. ‘You are a grownup boy now. You must put on underwear’, she said. Was an aunt supposed to do this? I did not think so but I did not mind. Her touch had caused my penis to start erecting. Her eyebrows went up but she did not say anything more at that time. She got called away. Her touch had felt good but I had no idea at that time that one could ‘take matters into one’s own hands’!


Aunt Anjali was my father’s brother’s wife. She was a teacher in a school. My uncle was an accountant. They had three children, my cousins. They were younger than me. Two girls and a boy. They lived in another town where I often went during my school vacations. Their home was small but they took us in gladly. We would all sleep together in the two rooms. When they came to our town, we would similarly put them up in the small space that we called our home. All us cousins happily played together, no matter which town. Aunt Anjali was a great cook and her meals were famous in the family.

After this incident, I started looking at her more carefully. She would often catch me looking and we would smile at each other like conspirators. She started treating me more kindly than before, giving me my favorite food to eat and kissing me on the cheek or hugging me longer at the slightest pretext. I hugged her right back and pressed my body into hers.

Aunt Anjali is plump and has a large hourglass casino siteleri figure. She has a pretty face and a long neck. She has short hair, finding them easier to maintain. Her breasts are large, conical and pointed and her tight blouses show them off well. Her ass is huge but shapely. Her ass cheeks sway, undulate and swing when she walks and there is nothing she can do to hide her assets. Her thighs and hips are in proportion to the rest of her body. A sight to behold, even with her clothes on. She dresses conservatively but can not help the fact that she is so sexy.

I had often seen her come out of the bathroom with only her blouse and petticoat on and now started observing her more carefully. I had become more conscious of the times that she would go for a shower so I could take a look at her when she emerged. I would listen to the swish of her clothes as she removed them and the small sounds she made as she moved. She is putting water on herself! She is soaping herself! She is removing the soap! She is drying herself! I would wonder what she looked like naked or how she soaped herself. I was tickled by the thought of her soaping her nipples or her cunt.

When she went for a pee, I would stand outside and listen intently for the sounds inside. First the sound of the clothes brushing against the body as they were raised. Then, the lower sound of panties being lowered. Then the commode seat creaking to accommodate the large buttocks and then the rill of the liquid splashing into the bowl. I would try to imagine that stream emerging from those cunt lips and arcing into the air before meeting the water of the pot. Then, the rubbing sound of a wet cunt being dried and the flush! With an erection in my trousers, I would run for fear of being caught.

I was once asked to take my shower immediately after she had finished taking hers. As I went in and closed the door, I saw her clothes in the bucket. I disentangled her bra and panties from the pile.

Her bra had the number 40DD on a label. I put my finger into the bra where her nipples would have been and patted the area.

Her panties bore the label ‘XL’ and although white in colour, were stained yellow at the part which would be against her cunt. I raised the crotch to my nose and inhaled deeply. Her musky smell along with a faint smell of urine slot oyna filled my nostrils and I kissed and licked her crotch till there was no smell left!

I became bolder and would hug my aunt from behind, lightly letting my penis rub the furrow of her bottom. My hands would meet at the exposed skin near her midriff and snake upwards to touch the bottom of a heavy boob. My aunt would accept these caresses and kiss me on the cheek and hold my head at her shoulder.

I did not know what to do with the resultant erection. I would press it down and feel good.

I became like a pet dog. Following my aunt wherever she went, helping her with whatever she did and spending less and less time with my cousins.

One night, one more couple came to stay in the already overcrowded home and I was moved to the master bedroom to sleep with my uncle, aunt and three cousins, all on one large bed. I was asked to sleep on the farthest end of the bed, with my uncle sleeping on the other side. My aunt was finishing off some chores in the kitchen. I fell asleep but woke up when I heard sounds. My aunt was asking my uncle to increase the speed of the fan since she was feeling extremely hot.

For some reason, I pretended to be asleep. My aunt came near me and I closed my syes tight. ‘The children are fast asleep’, she said. And then she lowered her sari and started opening the buttons of her blouse. ‘Are you going to change now?’, asked my uncle. ‘ I am feeling unbearably hot. I wish I could take off all my clothes and sleep naked’, she replied.

I watched with half open eyes and a fast erecting penis. She removed her blouse and I could see the outlines of those large boobs encased in her bra. Her cleavage and the slopes of those globes were visible. The street light was casting a dim glow into the room. She unhooked her bra and removed it. I held my breath as my cock leapt in my pants at this sight. Her nipples were dark and large. The aureoles were darker still and very very large. They covered a very large area of each boob. But even as I was taking in this sight, my aunt put the bra on the bed and put on the blouse again buttoning up only two of the siz buttons.

Next, she bent down and started raising her sari and petticoat. She hooked her fingers into the waistband of her panties and pulled them down. For canlı casino siteleri a brief moment, I spied a black patch and then the clothes covered those plump thighs and the treasure in between.

She went to the bathroom and came back after a few minutes. By this time, my uncle was snoring loudly. She slipped into bed beside me, between me and my cousins, and in a few moments started breathing slowly as if fast asleep.

I was about to nod off myself when I heard her clothes rustle. She removed the sari from above her blouse and her big mounds, covered by a thin garment were inches away from my eyes. I moved my head towards her carefully and feasted my eyes on this lovely sight. No sari, no bra, just a thin, half-unbuttoned blouse covering two mountains!

Even as I was looking on, she raised her sari and petticoat to her knees. Her eyes were closed. Probably, in her sleep, the summer heat was getting to her and she was unconsciously rearranging her clothes to let the air flow around her body. Her action brought her legs into view and I could see her knees and a little bit of her plump thighs. I could not believe my luck!

In a few moments, she turned towards me and in that small space, her right leg covered my left hand, both my legs and my erection! My hand was now touching her naked thigh. The skin was soft and smooth and the resultant current running through me, jolted my penis! Her naked leg and my cock were separated by the thin cloth of my pajamas.

Here was my chance to touch the treasures that I had only been looking at from a distance so far. My right hand was free to get a feel of her boobs. My left hand was inches from her cunt.

I put my right hand on my chest so that the palm rested flat on the slope of her left boob. The boob was soft and spongy. I pressed down a little and a soft moan escaped her lips. I stopped pressing. As she quieted down again, I cupped and pressed her boob gently and explored its surface to locate the nipple. I came to a nub covered by her blouse and touched it gently with my index finger. I softly held it between two fingers. I had never thought that this could ever happen!

Aunt Anjali groaned and I became completely still and removed my invading fingers. She exclaimed, ‘It is so hot today!’ and opened the other two buttons of her blouse as if to let in some more air. My uncle continued his snoring. Was she awake? Was this an invitation?

Send me your feedback if you want this true story to continue…

All constructive criticism and comments welcomed.

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