Atlanta Encounter circa 2000 A.D.

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Dude’s been by a couple of times. Gave me a look-over the first time. A smile and a nod the second. This time I’m all in for a shy grin and a muted ” ‘sup?” I’m trying to make an imprint of my back on the wall just outside the open door of my room in this not-very-happening-tonight Atlanta bathhouse. He stops and sizes up me, the open room, his chances? I’m hopin’ they all look pretty good.

“Hey.” Smiles.

Shit, this looks ok. “What’s up?” full voice.

“Oh… just enjoying watching you hang out here.”

“Yeah, well… yeah I’m just hangin’ out.” Smile and keep this open. I need all my defenses DOWN.

A few wordless seconds. Two minds on the same track?

“I like your titties.”

“Yeah?” Silly laugh. Embarrassed. Look down a little, avoid too much eye contact. “Glad you do.”

“Here.” He reaches out and handles a full ripe right nipple. Plays with it a little. Lays off. Smiles big. Oh fuck, his smile. He’s testing the landscape to see where he stands. “Those are some awesome nipples.” Just keep smilin’ and let him know he’s hitting.

“You don’t have to stop.” Grinning kinda playful and evil. My own guard is coming down fast now.

So he gives right nip a feisty harder tug. Yep, a little bit of a kick in that one. “Heheh, shiiiit. Oh fuck.” (That’s me.)

“Yeah? That’s ok? Do you pump them?”

Cuter than hell. Slender, shortish. A little sexy softness in the tits and yeah just a little in his belly. A little effeminate, yeah, but I dunno, a little bit of an air of authority. A school teacher? Drama class? Well, maybe more like a remedial math class. I’m thinking he could keep a class of asshole 14-year-old boys in line. Is he older or younger than me? Hard to tell. He’s wrapped in a towel around his waist with what’s becoming a substantial bulge poking the terry out. Small guy. Big dick?

“Yeah, I do pump ’em.”

He smiles smooth and getting bolder. “You have a really damn fine, big body.” God, he’s layin’ all this bullshit on me and I’m eatin’ it up. If he’s tryin’ to get me going it’s working. Looks like this one’s home. All I want to do is be all open and compliant. And unassertive and sweet and southern boy. Like I’m up for whatever daddy is. Which I am, because I’m liking this guy.

“Thank you!” I’m my usual clumsy tongue-tied self so I just keep it simple. But he’s looking in my eyes, so now I’m looking straight in his. He’s sexy as hell.

We’re almost belly to belly, his face five inches below mine, looking up. “I bet you’re pretty popular illegal bahis here tonight. Do you live here in Atlanta?”

Now I laugh a genuine hearty laugh. “Hell, I haven’t been able to hit for shit tonight.” Can’t get anything… so far.” The ice is broken for me now. I feel safe. I feel at home. “Yeah, lived here most of my life.”

We’re not saying anything, just looking into each other’s face. Seconds pass. His face comes up, so mine goes down to meet. Our lips brush lightly, so lightly, and it’s a little like a Tesla coil. Break. Again with a little more pressure. He pulls on both nips now and twists a little bit. I feel it in my cunt and moan. My hand goes down to rub that impressive bulge. He laughs and opens the towel in the front and I get a handful of hard thick dick meat. He leans the naked hard thick wad against my body. I’m wearing only faggy little tight purple briefs that I hope make my ass look good, I mean real good. My stance deliberately widens.

“Is this your room?” says he.

Hell yeah it’s my room. Wish you’d push me in. “Yeah, you uh… wanna come in?” And damn if he’s not already pushing me in and closing the door. No force, Sweet, gentle, but I know he’s ready to take charge.

We stand and kiss. Light. Then deeper. He sets the pace and I follow. Shit, this guy knows how to kiss. We’re on the same wavelength, he pushing his tongue into me, me letting it fill me. He’s discarded his towel. I’m still in my faggy purple briefs. Seems a little backward; I’d rather be nekkid with him still clothed, but it is what it is. Be nice if he would strip me, but as an act of submission I sit on the bed and take off my little panties myself, and that feels fine. While seated I get a good look at the dick I’m pretty sure I’m gonna get and feel my sleaze index rising. Damn rude-looking tool, thick and just the right length for comfort with a big ol’ fleshy well-padded head. Fuck, I’m almost cummin’ already. I look up at him, all submissive and vulnerable. He looks down at me. We’re nothin’ but smiles, his of the predator, mine of the prey. And we’re both completely invested in this thing.

“Lie back” as he tosses me backward on the bed. Now I’m glad I paid extra for the large room with double bed. My legs spraddle as I fall back.

He’s lying beside me propped up on his left elbow, me on my back, legs apart. His right hand plays my frontside – my pecs-nips-belly-groin. He doesn’t neglect my hard little dick and my balls, gives ’em a light rubdown. His face comes down to mine for soft illegal bahis siteleri teasing kissing in between brief idle conversational banter, mostly his; I’m a quiet guy if you haven’t already figured that out. What’s your name, what do you do, etc. Blah, blah, blah. Hey, he’s actually an elementary school principal; I was close. His hand wanders beyond my balls and rubs that area before you get to my hole that nobody has ever come up with a good name for, and for a few seconds I’m like a nuclear reactor near meltdown. My legs instinctively go wider. Me, I’m just rhythmically squeezing his hard dick meat, shaft and head. Feels like it’s about to explode.

More kisses. Getting lost in this man’s kisses. He pulls my legs even wider apart. I keep allowing them to close together a little bit ’cause I love it when he pulls ’em back apart again. He’s found my pre-lubed asshole. Soft, deep chasm with sexy labia-like lips. My prostate (why the hell isn’t there a good slang word for my prostate?) has about doubled in size and tripled in sensitivity with him teasing around and just inside my ass-rim with his fingers.

We’re both flushed and breathing heavy. I’m trembling with excitement but tryin’ not to show it. There’s a barely-restrained animal somewhere in the room. Not sure where, but we smell it, feel its hot breath, hear its low guttural growl.

We look at each other and laugh, trying to break the heat wave a little bit, but it’s impossible; we’re already way too far down in the tropics.

Him, serious as hell: Man-I-gotta-do-this. Me: Hell-yeah-you-gotta-do-it-now.

And presto. he’s up on his knees between my split. He pushes my muscle-y legs over my head like they’re paper. He takes a few seconds to admire what he’s about to fuck, then leans forward and his submarine dick sinks into my soft wet easy mancunt, just plunges forward and in, no manual guidance required. That squishy moist sound of a man’s hole being plundered by a welcome fuckpole.

When that thick head rakes across my prostate and lodges deep up at the north end of my cunt, I lose it and convulse in a monster 45-second asshole mega-orgasm. OH GOD OH FUCKING GOD FUCKING GOD FUCKING JESUS HOLY FUCKING VIRGIN MARY FUCKING SAINTS FUCKING VIVID VISIONS OF FUCKED HOLE STRETCHED WIDE HOLD THAT FUCKING WAVE AND RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT RIDE IT DOWN, ride it down, down, down, d o w n… down. Down. Down.

Him: Damn. You good?

Me: Goddamn right I’m good. Slap that dick to me, ’cause I got about fifty canlı bahis siteleri more of those. (My voice is sounding like Linda Blair in The fucking Exorcist.)

Him: Hell, I guess we’ll have to fuck every one of ’em out of you then, stud. (Losing his school principal manner and gettin’ rowdy.)

Me: How much cum you got?

Him: It’s enough to flood your gut.

And then starts an hour and a half of deep-dickin’ hard hole-slappin’ FWAP FWAP FWAP in all kinda positions. I cum over and over and over and over. And over. FWAP FWAP FWAP right on the tender flesh of my pink Georgia-bred asshole. He plays my hole and body like a pinball player racking up a top score. He’s riding high, making the lights flash and the bell dingdingdingdingding. Got just enough body English to game the machine but not cause it to tilt. He’s able to stay in control while I abandon all. I’m out somewhere on the untamed hurricane coast of male sexual upheaval Oh fuck fuck fuck fuck FUCK FUCK FUUUUUUUCKKK! FUUUUUUUUCCCKKKKK.

The animal has taken over the space in the room as well as the little fucker’s mind and body. He’s got a demon sneer and a sheen of sweat on his nude torso. I’ve been getting all the pleasure he’s been giving and by damn it’s his turn now and we both know that. I’m on my back again legs up and spread. He’s thinkin’ how he’s gonna finish raping this Southern man he’s bagged. “Goddam.” He pushes my legs way up and rolls me all the way on the back of my thick neck and my broad shoulders, asshole straight up. He’s able to stand and drive his thick jack-hammer down deep into my gut in a series of fast brutal down-thrusts – five, ten, twenty-five. He bellows like a Georgia coon hound and convulses every drop of jizz he’s got into my surrendered cunt. I can’t cum any more and don’t need to; I just need to submit and merge into his supreme moment and feel the bright white light of his big-headed man’s dick unloading his life and the history of his tribe into me. We become one being. I’m a fucked, taken man and I equally share every second of his victory, forever and ever AMEN.

He collapses on top of me still between my spread legs. I enfold him in my arms and chest and love him, his face nestled in my beard. He’s spent everything.

(Interlude w/ heartbeats)


Oh my brother, my twin. Oh this soft balmy prenatal space we share.


“Hey,” says he, still on me, in my arms, looking into my eyes. “You said you live here in Atlanta, right? I’ll go out on a limb here. Wonder if you’d maybe like to get together outside of this place sometime. Doing anything, I dunno, maybe Saturday night by any chance?”


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