Aspiring Actress Ch. 03

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Kelli knew she had come clean. Kelli was faced with the facts. She needed to buckle down and perfect her role. This was her big break after all. Kelli needed to level with her dutiful boyfriend nick.

Kelli sat nick down and explained. She explained how this role was very important to her. She explained how she worried daily about her security in her current role. She explained how her director had asked her to increase her commitment to her role.

Kelli confessed at length that her role had become increasingly sexual in nature. She professed how her love of her boyfriend had hindered how convincing she could portray this dramatization of a size queen slut.

Finally she confessed the big implications of her new commitment. She reassured Nick that she wanted a future with him if he could just be patient through this process. She needed his permission to invite 4 men to move in with them and “rehearse” their sex scene daily.

She further assured her dumbfounded boyfriend that it would not affect their love life. She promised her rehearsal would be behind closed doors. She promised that these 4 men would stay out of their way and allow for them to have a normal love life.

Nick had agreed reluctantly hoping that control his jealousy. He knew that this role was huge for their long term relationship. If this sacrifice meant their future was assured he could accept it.

A few days later nick held the door as these four strapping men walked past his into his pristine home. Each man was more handsome than the last. His eyes couldn’t help but dart down towards each prominent bulge in the men’s crotch. He really hoped that his innocent girlfriend Kelli was unaware of their bulges.

The first night was uneventful. The four men more or less left the young couple alone. Nick and Kelli had a casual dinner together. Kelli had gone above and beyond to make Nick feel comfortable with the new living arrangements.

Kelli cooked a nice dinner. She dressed in a sexy black dress. She complimented her boyfriend profusely. She leaned in for a kiss often and lingered lovingly.

It was late into the evening when Dom’s hulking presence walked into the dining room. Kelli was finishing her third glass of wine as she turned towards Dom.

“Kelli we were hoping when you are done here we could do some rehearsing.” Dom asked politely.

Kelli turned towards nick as if asking permission. Nick knew this was the first time he was faced with this imposition. He knew that this was what he had agreed to. He knew he had to summon his patience and allow his wife to focus on her job.

“Yes go ahead honey, I know that this role is important, I know you will do a great job, Break a leg.” Nick said.

“No, we will try not to break her.” Dom chuckled.

Nick shrugged off illegal bahis his confusion. What did he mean break her. Nick hoped this role wasn’t too dangerous or acrobatic.

Kelli stood from her chair without saying a work and followed the large man back towards their guest rooms. Kelli opened the door to the room and the three other men were laying before her on the bed. Each man was stroking their respective giant cocks.

Nick had been listening beyond the door to the descriptive lines. Nick was shocked at how explicit these lines were. He was further shocked that Kelli’s believability had ever been in question. The moans beyond the door sounded as close to actual sex as he could possibly imagine.

“Oh god yes, fuck me harder.” Kelli screamed.

Nick removed his ear which had previously been pressed to the door. The screams required no additional effort to here as they echoed through the house.

“Yes, Oh god just like that pound my pussy, Fuck me with your giant cock.” Kelli yelled in a voice nick barely recognized. Nick was so impressed with her acting.

“My god I’m cumming again Harry stick you big fat cock down my throat spit roast me like the whore I am.” She screamed.

“Stuff both your cocks up my cunt you big ducked bastards.” Kelli yelled.

Nick had wandered off and started watching tv. They had been in there for hours. He wondered at what point they would be wrapping up for the night. He was impressed with their dedication to their roles. Nick knew he would not be able to sleep with the loud moans and simulated pounding beyond the door.

Nick awoke to his beautiful wife tapping him on the shoulder.

“Honey you must have fallen asleep on the couch.” Kelli said with a smile.

“Oh thank you for waking me baby how was rehearsal? Are you ready to come to bed.” Nick asked.

“Oh baby I’m sorry we lost track of time it’s actually time for you to get up, We ended up pulling an all nighter in there.” Kelli said in a sympathetic tone.

“Oh okay then, Well I’m really impressed with your dedication, Small price to pay for your craft, I better get ready for work.” Nick said standing from the couch.

The next three nights went more or less the same. Kelli and the men would come home from work tired and sore from rehearsal. Kelli would then get dressed in a nice evening dress and prepare a beautiful meal for her patient boyfriend. After their meal her and the boys would retire to the guest room to rehearse for the rest of the night.

Nick had stopped waiting up for Kelli knowing that it would be well into the evening before she would retire. She always came into the bedroom and collapsed onto the bed exhausted from the several hours of rehearsing her scene. All week long Nick had drifted off to sleep to the sounds of Kelli illegal bahis siteleri moaning and screaming her lines. To Nick’s surprise the lines seamed adlibbed never replicated the same way.

In the following weeks things continued along the same routine. The premier of the play was rapidly approaching. Kelli had begun to stay out all night rehearsing with the guys. One day a few weeks before the premier Kelli and the men came home earlier than usual. Kelli sat down with her boyfriend to have a quick chat.

“So as you know Nick I told you just how intense this sex scene is, With the premier only a short time away, Me and my boys thought it might be best if we gave you a private showing, We thought it would be a little unfair if the first time you saw them gang bang me was live on stage in front of so many people, We have the whole scene nailed down by now, I just want to thank you again for being so patient, I know this has been a big sacrifice for you, I just again want to reassure you that our life will eventually go back to normal and we can get married and start a life together, And really baby I don’t ever want you to be insecure about size either, I have already thought about how we move forward sexually don’t worry at all, I know you have gone so long without sex and I am truly sorry about that, We are almost there, As soon as we finish all our shows I will be much more available to you sexually no matter what we have to do moving forward, So just keep all that in mind before we perform our scene for you.” Kelli said to Nick in a very calm tone.

Nick was so confused by Kelli’s words. He knew that this sex scene was graphic but why did he need to be cautioned to this extent. It wasn’t like he was going to dump her for simulated sex. What did she mean about size, He knew Dom and one of the other men were pretty tall but what did that matter, Perhaps she meant because her lines included quips about the size of the men’s packages, But that didn’t require such a delicate handling of his feelings, Could there be more to this?

Kelli read the quizzical expression on her husband’s face. Had she not been blunt enough about her scene. Did he still not grasp that she was having sex with these men. Had he really thought her loud orgasmic moans were fake. Could it be possible that her boyfriend was oblivious to her promiscuities. She had been gangbanged in the same house as her boyfriend for days on end could he really not know?

Nick looked on in horror as his beautiful innocent girlfriends tits bounced before him. She was fully naked up in the air held between two men. She was impaled by two gigantic cocks. Each of their mammoth dicks could envelope a dozen of his tiny packers. She bounced feverishly her eyes rolled back in her head. Each of the men subbed out and shoved cocks canlı bahis siteleri in each of her holes.

Dom tossed his girlfriend down onto the couch. Kelli spread eagle before the audience of one. Dom plowed his gigantic tenderloin into her gaping pussy with a “squelcchhh”. Harry stood behind him and pressed his huge cock inside her pussy along side. Two more giant cocks took turns pulverizing her throat. The sounds of each dick being stuffed down her throat “Gallgg, Gack, Gluck, Glush” rivalled the sounds her gaping cunt made. The two giant cocks pistoned in tandem into her over stretched fuck hole. Her juices sprayed out of her past the two giant cocks creating a puddle on the floor beneath her.

Nick watched for what felt like an eternity in four positions. Soon the group moved onto the next. Kelli straddled one behemoth cock as two more rammed her gaping asshole. Saliva poured from her chin as another gargantuan cock assaulted her throat.

The scene ended with Kelli on her back beneath the four men. Kelli shoved her whole fist into her pussy with ease half way up her arm. Kelli’s hair was matted with sweat and her face was beat red. She stuck her tongue out and opened her mouth wide looking up at the four men pumping their giant cocks standing above her. Kelli was choking out one long indistinct guttural moan as cum began to rain down on her.

Each of the enormous cocks unloaded buckets of cum down onto the sweaty mess of a slut beneath her. Gobs splashed down on her big tits, her red face and her swollen gaping pussy stuffed with her fist. With one hand Kelli smeared the seemingly endless stream of cum towards her open mouth. With her other hand she scooped up fist fills of the cum and stuffed it into her still wide open cunt.

Their Kelli laid for what felt like forever. Spread eagle on the floor coated in a ridiculous amount of cum scooping the thick sticky white fluid up in her hands and stuffing it into her mouth and pussy. Her pussy remained wide open the entire time. Her cervix could be clearly seen from where nick was seated as she slowly fisted the cum into her. The look on her face as her mouth hung open eagerly gulping down the big gobs of cum was a look he couldn’t recognize.

All four of the men were now flaccid. Their giant cocks hanging limply in front of them. Each of the men walked away from Kelli’s writhing body on the floor and began putting on each of their clothes. Kelli’s eyes rolled back in her head and she went limp appearing to have passed out. Nick stared at his lifeless girlfriend with her fist buried in her own pussy and mouth. Finally Dom spoke up.

“Well that’s the scene, I hope you enjoyed it, It took a lot of work to perfect it, Kelli has really been putting a lot of time in, It isn’t easy taking such big penises in all your holes but she’s a natural, She usually needs a minute to come down from her orgasms but pretty soon she will come to and get cleaned up, Every time we do it at the studio she needs to be carried off stage after.” Dom said to the catatonic boyfriend.

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