Asian Innocence Manipulated Ch. 05

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Without realising it, sensuous young Singapore virgin Selena, 19, now the au pair maid for a French erotic photographer Jacques Pardie and his Paris-born bisexual lover Josette, is being cleverly seduced towards an inevitable steamy sexual coming of age.

She’s smitten by his charm and an aura of wonderment fogs her mind. He’s confident, masculine, sensitive and he’s a leader, not a follower. He’s sexy. That he’s 30 years her senior means little when you’re almost 20, lonely for love and can’t help but feel the close presence of a father figure who’s masterful as he’s manly, who can romanticise with words that tease and ways that tingle her. He’s also got a brutish nine-inch cock wanting to claim her in surrender.

Selena’s only seen the outline of it inside his tight satin trunks when he came out of his gym downstairs but it was enough to realise it’s hugely thick too. But even the sight of that and the image it holds in her mind is not enough by any means for her to desire sex with him. The thought of intimate sex doesn’t come easy to this young lady of impeccable purity as she values her virginity highly. It’s the only possession in life that she owns and she wants to keep it until one day the right man could come into her life. Jacques Pardie, 50, will come into her before then and ultimately Selena will meet her man in another time, another place.

Jacques, erotic photographer extraordinaire, and a man whose working life has seen him surrounded by beautiful and sexually receptive models, has chosen a strict virgin to work in his household as ‘part of the family’ French tradition in a ménage a trios by making her his au pair maid. It’s his way to challenge his pride and his ability as a masterful seducer. At three times her age can he cajole a frightened little lamb to allow him to fleece her of her innocence without forcing her to bend to his will?

She must come to him and only then he will smile, thinking the gods of erotica have smiled on him. His ardent ex-model lover Josette wants it to happen too. She’s turned on by Selena’s pure ways and for an Asian, a buxom 36-inch firm breasted beauty of unblemished complexion, tiny waist, 34-inch teenage type hips and a haunting innocence about her. The wealthy French couple hatched their plot to bring into their mansion size Singapore bungalow a girl of such purity and innocence to add spice to their life, and being bi-sexual, Josette wants to wedge the younger woman whenever the chance presents.

In a five-bedroom sized house Selena finds herself living in the lap of luxury, her own small Jacuzzi bath in her own big bedroom with a double sized bed bedecked in satin covered pillows and satin sheets, her own entertainment system for videos, games and television, a dimmer switch for mood lighting even for the two bed lamps and even an intercom connected to the master bedroom directly opposite her door across the wide hallway. The command control has been deliberately set for the intercom to remain open so that when Selena goes bed at night she can’t help but overhear him making love to Josette. It’s part of his seduction process to inch by inch make her want to think about him and wonder what it’s like to be taken in passion. If she thinks long enough she will want to know more about him. If she wants to know more about why his ways mysteriously captivate her, she will eventually come to him to find out. It is written.

Until then however, the meek innocent au pair will remain edgy about anything sexual. The scaredy cat is hardly a sex kitten even thought she looks the part. He must get her close enough to feel the heat and power and sensitive honesty of his masculinity. Every single touch, regardless how innocent it is, will send signals to her brain but Selena will not know why.

The French couple deliberately provide a sensational see-through silk body suit ‘uniform’ for her to wear around their home while on duty from 7.30am until 8.30pm; long hours but they pay her extremely well and it suits Selina as she has nothing much else to do with her time so she likes the extra money going into her bank account. The part she likes about getting paid for these longer working hours is that about a quarter of the time at least she only has to be on hand. Vacuuming carpets, keeping tiled areas tidy, dusting, ironing, preparing meals, cleaning up and serving them supper makes up most of her chores but not all in the one day. The purpose of the curves-clinging skin tone body suit, which hides nothing, is to condition the gullible and naive young Singapore lass to be proud of her impeccable body and not be afraid to show it – privately.

She was almost beside herself in panic once she saw herself in the full length bedroom mirror and had to be consoled by Josette that Mr Pardie would not be offended by her looking too promiscuous but rather to see her natural beauty and admire her honesty about herself. Josette’s words ring clear in her mind that in truth, she’s covered casino oyna from the top of her neck to the tips of her toes in the finest fabric ever made – pure silk.

The couple call out to her that they’ll be out for about 90 minutes meeting two business appointments and for the first time she’s alone in the huge house, just her in her skin tight skin coloured sheer silk bodysuit. She stands in front of her full length mirror looking at herself and realising how sexy she must have looked for him when he first saw her outside his in-house gym. She’s proud of her figure but still self conscious about anyone seeing her like this.

But so sheer is the bodysuit it leaves nothing to the imagination regardless except to show that the young au pair has a magnificent pair and that her pussy looks outrageously inviting with its expressive camel toe where the silk sinks into the crack of her vagina and backside cleavage. She turns three quarters around to see how clear cut the cleavage is between the cheeks of her tight buttocks. She can’t forget what he whispered in her ear earlier today: ‘Selena, there is so much you must learn and I will teach you like a father can teach his daughter as she matures and one day looks for love.’ She thinks them over and over since regaining her composure from him embracing her when he picked her up from the kitchen floor after slipping over with tap water drenching the upper part of her silk bodysuit.

But she also thinks about his words and how lovely it must be to have the joy and such love from a father, having been abandoned as a baby 19 years ago. In a way she wishes Jacques Pardie was her father, the way she respects his authority, the way he’s so kind and thoughtful of her, the way he seems always in control with such confidence, the way other women seems to admire him, the way he looks so masculine and physically attractive in just his trunks, he way he….pressed up against her in the kitchen, feeling the fullness of his erection leaning upright flat against her vagina as he embraced her three hours earlier. A tingle of excitement escapes from her brain and makes her wonder even more about him. He’s old enough to be her father. Was he serious saying he would look after her as though she were his own daughter and that he’d teach her things a father likes to teach his daughter as she matures?

She goes down stairs again and decides to step into the garden to enjoy the afternoon sun for a short while. She knows she’s not to go out of the property in her revealing bodysuit but inside the high fence yard where it’s private it’s safe. She can watch the birds feeding around the water fountain and admire the beautiful garden. She has looked at the garden from her window and wonders how he keeps it so immaculate when he’s so busy. She likes to smell the scent of the flowers as they make her feel happy.

She closes the door behind her and ventures into the rear yard for the first time, resplendent in its tropical gardens and landscaping. An outdoor tiled Jacuzzi pool capable of accommodating up to four persons is adjacent to fountain and bird bath in the far corner and four or five birds flutter up into an overhanging tree as she moves towards them.

“Hello pretty birds she sings to them, looking up as they look down at her 10 feet below. Selena’s not looking where she’s going again and trips on the upper lip of the Jacuzzi pool and overbalances, crashing on her side and falling completely into the water. She stands up petrified but glad she’s not hurt. Panic! How can she explain getting soaked in water twice within four hours? He will think she’s clumsy beyond belief and lose confidence in her to be trusted in the house alone. The splash from the kitchen sink was nothing like this as she climbs out of the pool totally drenched and her skin coloured silk sticks like glue making her bodysuit appear totally transparent.

The frightened little lamb scurries back to get through the door as quick as she can and get changed and to dry her hair before Jacques and Josette return. She’s got just less than an hour but it’s enough time to get changed and fix her hair by then except….except…except that she’s locked herself out of the house! Selena is in a total dither, pushing back and forward on the doorknob hoping against hope the security door will suddenly open.

Next to naked in a new neighbourhood she doesn’t know what to do so she just lies down on her back on the tiled area and cries hoping for a miracle. Ten minutes pass and the silk is still stuck to her damp skin. Between her legs it is completely stuck to her vulva and her nipples stand up from the cold water. Her hands over her eyes, she sobs more quietly now assuming her fate of being found out that she’s not only clumsy but went against express directions not to go outside the house in her bodysuit because of its provocative style.

If she wanted a miracle, she got the French couple’s driver instead. Still sobbing softly she suddenly slot oyna hears a voice she recognises. It’s Jusuf the Tamil driver who brought her to the house. He’s come to pick up his wages early not realising the French couple were out. At first he thinks Selina is lying on the ground completely nude so explicit is the revealing nature of the wet silk. “What happened? What happened! He shouts as he runs up to her lying prostrate on the tiled outdoor area. Selina nearly freaks out, sitting up suddenly to be confronted with the beaming face of the Singaporean driver.

She draws her knees up to hide her innocence and puts her hands over her breasts in a useless attempt to appear modest. “I’ve locked myself out,” she wails. “I came out just to look at the birds playing around the fountain and I fell into the Jacuzzi. I am soaked through and don’t know what to do.”

“Where are they?” he asks naturally. Still sitting with her bum on the quarry tile, she tells him tearfully where they went. “I can’t sit here soaking wet I’ve got to get inside. I’ll be in disgrace if they see me like this.”

“Why aren’t you dressed, I can see you have nothing on. Why is this?”

“Oh I have, I have,” she wails. It’s my uniform but it’s made of silk and the water’s made it see-through. Oh this is so embarrassing; it’s the worst time of my life.”

“Did you hurt yourself when you fell over into the pool?” he asks innocently but then suggests he should look for any bruises. Selena, gullible as she was with the Indian landlord over the non-existent dangerous spider that could have bitten her (Ch 2) stands up for him to check her back. “No it’s all right,” he says but then holds her by her shoulders and spins her around to check the front. She feels sick inside fearing he’s only doing this to look at her now thoroughly exposed body. She can’t accuse him of gawking at her, but he sure does, taking in every contour of her shapely breasts and between the thighs as quickly as he can get away with it and locking the image of her naked form into his mind for future reference when wanking.

“No bruises, no bruises!” he declares. “What can I do?” she whimpers. “I can’t just stand here letting you look at me like that.”

“Wait , there is a window I might be able to get you into,” he suddenly remembers after staring at her body a shade too long and making her put her hands over her pubis and one breasts – way too late. She stands rigid while he runs off to check, praying for a second miracle.

“Yes there is,” he announces excitedly, “around the side and it leads into the garage under the house. Jacques would not leave it open if there were no one home at all and I am the only person with the security key to the outside gate so let’s see if you can get into the window.”

Selina takes a deep breath, less phased than before and with some hope in her heart that he’s right. She follows him around to the other side of the yard to a window that connects inside the garage to the rest of the house and the driver suggests that Mr Pardie usually leaves the inter-connecting door open unless he’s away travelling.

“How do I get into that,” she complains. “It’s too high. It’s about twice my height easily.”

“Here stand on this garden table with me and I’ll lift you up so you can grab hold of the window sill and pull yourself through that way,” he suggests. The ever compliant Selena does as she’s told and stands with him on the timber garden table that brings her closer in height to the open window. She’s still wet, her silk bodysuit twice as clear as it was when dry.

The driver grabs her around the tops of her thighs and uses all his energy to lift her upwards just long enough for her to cling to the window sill. “Pull yourself through,” he calls, and I’ll push up from this end.” Selena gets a better hold on the window ledge and hands on for a minute getting her breath. She looks down at him, his face looking directly up at her but directly underneath her slightly parted thighs, his face a mere forearm length under her soaking wet and fully revealed genitals.

“Hang on to me, don’t let go in case I fall,” she sings out. She tries to drag her body up and over the window ledge but can only to manage a few inches at a time without stopping for breath. Below, he is breathless too, but for a different reason. From her new position trying to get up over the window ledge he’s had to push her up by getting hold of the cheeks of her backside and the pressure he exerts is squeezing the bottom part of her cheeks outwards. To get a better grip he gets his hands to the tops of her thighs where her legs join her buttocks and where he gets a better view of innocence uncovered.

“Hold me, I’m getting there,” she calls. “Don’t let go. I’ve got to stop for a breather. Are you holding on to me? Can you see what you’re doing?” she naively calls down to him as she struggles inches at a time to pull the top part of her body on to the ledge.

“Yes, canlı casino siteleri I’m holding on and I can see everything; I mean I can see what I’m doing,” he calls back. Holding Selena where his hands are now and trying to push upwards to help her momentum he unintentionally, or perhaps intentionally, is forcing the outer and inner lips of her vulva to spread open widely. His face is so close he can tell there is not even a hint of pubic hair stubble let alone any fuzz at all on her pussy or around it. It’s so pristine clean and the way her lips are spread wide gives him an urgent erection that almost tips him to one side and overbalance.

He can’t move from this position or this view up between her legs from directly under her until her torso is more so across the window ledge. After nearly a 10-minute struggle she finally gets enough of herself in the window to call out he can let go. Never again in his life will he get 10 minutes looking directly between the thighs of a naked young woman with such magnificent pre-pubescent looking genitals so generously displayed for his personal attention.

The young Singapore girl is so glad to get herself inside the house and recover from the mess she’s in that it hasn’t even crossed her mind that the employed Tamil driver has in the past 15 to 20 minutes seen everything there is to see about Selena’s sexy body. She pokes her head out the window and thanks him for coming to her rescue.

“And thank you too,” he calls back. It was very pleasurable to help.” No wonder.

“Please don’t tell Mr Pardie what happened,” she remembers to say. “Oh don’t worry, I won’t say a thing, I’ll have other things on my mind,” he returns. She’s made his day, his week, his month, his year.

Back in the house however, Selena moves fast to clean herself up, drying her hair and getting changed into one of the spare silk body suits. She covers her tracks with just 10minutes to spare and is in the kitchen getting dinner when they return, hearing them talk to the driver outside in the courtyard. Nothing is mentioned about her splash in the outdoor pool. Jusuf has covered for her and why not after she pretty much uncovered for him in a way he won’t forget for a long time.

Josette whispers in Selena’s ear not to forget that just after 9 o’clock she will come to her room to give her some hints on how to approach tomorrow morning’s body massage for Jacques. It’s the usual Saturday morning indulgence for him and normally Josette does it herself but now they have Selena as their au pair it comes into her duties – according to the French, of course. She is to surprise him by coming to their room just after 7.30am and offer to massage him. It’s Josette’s sexy idea on the premise that it’s time Selena joined the real world and was not afraid to see a man naked or do a body massage. Her argument stymied Selena for a while and had her thinking: if she’s spooked to see a man naked before the young virgin one day finds her own real love, how can she ever hope to please him if she’s so childishly timid? All that aside, the young Singapore virgin remains rattled inside about being given such an onerous task so new to the job yet she must try for his sake and hope she doesn’t show how nervous she is about it.

The French woman tells Jacques she’s going to see Selena and have a chat with her for a while to see how she’s settling into her new role, taking with her a container of the aphrodisiac massage oil she’ll give her to use on Jacques in the morning. It’s specially formulated to penetrate the skin and be absorbed into the bloodstream quickly to induce a feeling of desire if used on erogenous zones.

She sits beside Selena on her bed. “You know why I’ve come to see you don’t you?”

“You want to tell me about him, about Mr Pardie, that I must massage him in the morning. Do I have to do it really? You know how shy I am and I’ve never touched a man’s body before; it’s my orphanage upbringing, I’m sorry.”

“Selena this is your chance to break free from your past, it’s as though you’ve been a prisoner in bondage all these years, tied up and not allowed to exercise your mind in the wider world. Jacques is a very kind man, very handsome and I’m sure he thinks a lot of you or he would not have chosen you against all the other pretty girls who applied for the au pair position.

“Do you think he’s handsome for a man his age, 50?”

“Yes he’s very handsome, quite ruggedly so, he doesn’t seem an old man to me.”

The French model laughs. “Why is it that young women under 21 think a man of about 50 is old? People are as old as they feel and when I feel Jacques inside me he feels like a young man, so virile and passionate, so filling. He’s smarter and more articulate in love than any young man; he’s learned from hard experience how a woman’s thinks, what turns her on and how to go about it. I am 30 and I don’t think he’s too old for me.”

Selena nods. “He’s very fit, I saw how fit he looks when he came out of his gym downstairs today. He is very muscular and must look after his body very well, I felt so fragile standing next to him.”

“Selena, did you notice his trunks, his tight satin trunks.”

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