Ashley’s Diapered Day Out Ch. 02

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Inside the salon was a long row of pedicure seats, as well as a row of nail stations. Along the other wall was the row of salon chairs. It was oddly quiet as most people were absorbed in whatever task they were doing. A gaggle of middle-aged women sat in the pedicure seats all looking over and each other and making light conversation as the estheticians were busy working away on their feet.

Upon entering the clack of Ashley’s Mary Janes shoes were loud enough on the floor along with a bell sound from the door opening that a number of people looked at Ashley as she walked in. Ashley froze as she met the gaze of some of the middle-aged women. Her hand wandered down to the front of her dress.

“Surely they couldn’t tell what I was wearing?” Ashley thought silently. She tucked her head down and walked straight ahead.

Ashley walked up to the receptionist nervously. The older lady didn’t even look up from her magazine. Ashley made a small cough.

“Oh Hello! Can I help you?” The lady said upon realizing there was someone in front of her.

“Yes, I have a nail appointment” Ashley responded

“Oh yes! We have one seat left so perfect timing!” The lady pointed to the only pedicure chair open.

Ashley gasped as it was right in the middle of the row. She was hoping to be off to the side illegal bahis so no one would notice her.

“Is there another chair available? I could always wait…” Ashley started stammering nervously.

“Oh sorry, there’s nothing free until later after your appointment time.” The lady replied

By this time some of the women had noticed her and the receptionist talking and motioned for Ashley to join them. “Don’t worry! We don’t bite!” Said the women loudly, which attracted the looks from the other women.

The receptionist pulled out a slip of paper. “We do ask that clients pay before their service starts.”

“Oh of course,” Ashley said as her head whirled with the new development. She reached into her purse and went to pull out her wallet. The pacifier had caught itself on the zipper of her wallet and as Ashley pulled the wallet out, the pacifier came out as well! It clattered along with the desk and Ashley’s heart froze. The receptionist looked down at the hot pink pacifier that was clearly too big to be a kid’s size. Before Ashley could reach it, the receptionist grabbed it and raised it to look at it.

“Aw, this is adorable! Is this for a costume?” She said quite loudly. Ashley reached out to ask for it back, her hand shaking with nerves.

“Julie! You should see how adorable this illegal bahis siteleri is!” The receptionist shouted at one of the workers. Ashley felt all the eyes in the Salon turn and look at her and the pink pacifier in the receptionist’s hand.

“Here you go dear, now go hop up on the seat”. Said the lady.

Ashley quickly grabbed it and stuffed the pacifier back into her purse. She walked over to the seat, surrounded on both sides by these women who have now been looking at Ashley with much interest in their eyes.

As Ashley raised her foot to climb up into the reclining pedicure chair, she felt her cold diaper sag lower. With the whole fuss about her pacifier, she had forgotten about the damp sagging diaper between her legs. She didn’t realize how tall up the seats were and with her leg already extended, her skirt started riding up her leg. Not wanting anyone to notice the diaper dipping below the length of her skirt, Ashley quickly stepped up and hovered her butt over the seat.

Realizing that if she sat down too quickly her diaper might leak out of the sides. Also feeling the gaze of the other ladies, she knew that if she sat down too slowly, that she would get some questioning looks. Slowly she started lowering her diapered bum into the seat. Feeling the cold damp diaper press against canlı bahis siteleri her skin, rubbing into her privates. A sharp shiver of pleasure went up her spine and her leg twitched. Without the steadiness of her one leg, she ended up falling straight down into the chair. Her soggy diaper couldn’t handle the impact and liquid leaked and started running down her leg holes. Luckily her dress covered most of it so no one noticed. But Ashley felt the cold piss run down her legs into her white lace socks.

“Oops! You alright there darling?” Said the woman in the seat next to her.

“Oh, yes, sorry, I got light-headed for some reason” replied Ashley. Looking around to see if anyone was noticing the faint yellow liquid running down her leg.

The esthetician came over to her and handed her a book of nail colors to choose from. As Ashley took the book, the estheticians look her purse and said “We will put this on the purse rack for now” Ashley watched with dread as the lady took her purse and placed it roughly on its side on a rack near the receptionist.

Ashley’s mind raced, wondering if she had put the lid on her baby bottle before leaving the house. It would not leak being kept upright but sideways she had no way of knowing if it would leak or not. Before Ashley could stand up and address that issue, the estheticians came back and started prepping Ashley’s toenails.

Not wanting to draw any more attention, Ashley stayed seated. Wiggling a bit as she felt her stomach gurgle. She hoped it was not a sign of what was to come.

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