April Showers Ch. 02: Daddy’s Girl

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I hustle up the stairs and down the hall to Daddy’s room. There he is, standing next to the bed, shirt off, belt in hand. He looks so good in just his jeans. He doesn’t have the “perfect” six pack body that AJ has. He has more of a mountain man type body. Broad shoulders, big arms, big chest , and a well muscled, but no so defined torso. There’s a little bit of hair on his chest, and a trail from his belly button down to his cock, currently covered by his jeans. I love looking at this handsome man.

I walk to where he stands by the bed. I don’t strip myself. I know he enjoys it too much. Instead I raise my hands over my head, looking at Daddy, biting my lip. He reaches forward grabs my head , and pulls me in for a kiss. Just one quick hot kiss before releasing me and speaking. “You know why I have to spank you, Baby?” Even as he speaks, his hands are undoing my jeans, pushing them down.

“Because I got caught with AJ’s cock in my mouth at school.” The feel of Daddy’s hands on my skin is driving me crazy.

“Yes, Babygirl. So bad getting caught like that.” He’s pulling my shirt over my head. He stares at me as I stand there in just my light blue bra and matching cheekies. “You look so good baby. Put your hands down and turn for me.”

I do exactly as he instructs, bringing my hands to my sides and turning slowly until I’m facing the bed. I go to bend but his hands on my shoulders stop me. “Don’t move Baby.” His fingers are tracing up and down my back sending shivers through me. I’m trying not to move. It’s so damn hard. I feel his body against mine. He kisses that sensitive spot where neck meets shoulder. I can’t stop the whimper that comes out of my mouth. When he bites me the moan is involuntary.

Both his hands are gripping my ass cheeks, squeezing , groping. Claiming and owning me. “Do you know why else I have to spank you, April?” His mouth his right by my ear, his breath tickling me. “Do you know, Baby?”

“No, Daddy. Please tell me” The desperation is obvious in my voice. I’m desperate for the answer. I’m desperate for my spanking. I’m desperate to feel my daddy. I’m desperate for daddy to fill me.

“I have to spank you because you are mine. I share you with AJ and your little friends. But when it comes right down to it, Baby, you are mine. If I told you to stop, you would, wouldn’t you Sweetheart?” He doesn’t give me a chance to answer. He knows he’s right and he just continues. “That’s why you haven’t let anybody else have your beautiful ass.”

He is right. I AM his. Completely. If he told me to stop fucking AJ I would. I wouldn’t like it, but I would do it to make Daddy happy. If he told me not to have any more sexy fun with friends, I would stop. He’s also right about my ass. I haven’t let anybody have it. In any way. AJ has begged me to fuck it. He’s spanked me once and it pissed me off. Daddy loves my entire body, but my ass is his favorite part.

I can’t hold still anymore. I push my ass back, using it to beg him for attention. A moan and an ass wiggle later I feel his big, strong hand on my right cheek. A short second later I feel his belt on the left. I cry out in pleasure and pain.

“Yes, Baby, you are Daddy’s. Seeing you with AJ is so very bittersweet. I love watching your sweet mouth and pussy get stretched and used, but I hate knowing casino oyna someone else is feeling you, and pleasing you.” I feel three back and forth slaps from his belt across my ass.

“I’m so sorry Daddy.” I’m not even sure exactly what I’m sorry for. His belt across my ass is just telling me that he really isn’t happy.

Another few slaps. “Why, Baby. Why are you sorry.” The spanking stops. “Why?” My panties are jerked down and Daddy’s on his knees. He kisses and bites my cheeks. Again, he uses his hands to grip and grope my cheeks. They’re welted and they hurt. And I don’t want it to stop.

It can’t stop.

“Everything Daddy. I’m sorry that you get jealous. I’m sorry that you can’t be inside me every minute of every day Daddy.” I wiggle my ass again. I arch my back.

All of a sudden he’s spreading my cheeks and his tongue his flicking the virgin hole. “And this, April. Are you sorry for this?”

“YES, DADDY!!” My ass is the one hole I haven’t let Daddy fuck yet. I know he wants to. I’ve let him do a lot of things to it. He’s slipped an ice cube inside me a couple times before. He’s fingered my ass and he’s used toys. All in preparation for his dick. My favorite is when he licks my ass. But I still haven’t felt ready for his cock in my ass. He’s tried and I still tell him no.

“Why are you sorry for this, Baby?” His tongue flicks my asshole again. And again. And again. Then It’s spreading and stretching, probing, pushing all the way in.

“I’m sorry I’ve kept you waiting, Daddy. I’m sorry I haven’t trusted you.”

“Spread your legs. Bend over the bed. Reach back and spread your ass.”

I do exactly as I’m in instructed, even in the order I’m instructed. I spread my knees shoulder width apart and bend so my tits are pressed against the bed. From there I reach back and spread my cheeks for Daddy, exposing my holes to him. Offering him what he’s been craving, what he’s been so patient for.

I’m rewarded immediately with Daddy’s tongue back in my ass. He runs one finger up and my dripping pussy before slowly sliding in and out. He’s teasing me. He knows this works me up. Gets me on the brink. It’s enough to bring me to the brink. It’s just not enough to make me cum. This brutal pleasure will make me beg, make me say yes to anything.

He pulls his finger out of my pussy. He takes his time with my puffy lips. One then the other, squeezing them, pulling them. Then, sadly, his tongue is no longer in my ass. “I love your pretty pussy. I love how tight your ass is. I love how easily I can make you squirm.”

“YOUR ass, Daddy. YOUR pussy.” I need more. “Daddy, please show me how much you love them, Daddy, Please.” I arch my back and push my ass closer to Daddy.

“Move you hands” As soon as my hands are no longer on my ass, Daddy uses both of his hands crisscross spanking me. HARD. With no mercy. Just pounding me. It’s so hard not clench. It hurts so much the pleasure is almost taken away from it. “Do you want my cock, Little Girl?”

“Yes. I need it.”

Another two cheek spank. “Yes, what?” And another.

“Yes, DADDY!! I need your cock.” I do. I need his cock so badly. At this point I will do anything for it.

“Downstairs you had your way with AJ’s cock. Now, MY cock is going to have my way with you. Flip. You slot oyna know what I want.”

I don’t waste any time. Neither does Daddy. He strips completely as I position myself. I get up onto the bed. I lay on back. My knees are bent with my legs spread wide. I make sure my neck is on the edge of the bed with my head hanging off. I open my mouth as wide as I can.

Daddy stands there with his cock inches from my mouth. I don’t reach for it. I know better. I lay there waiting for my favorite treat. It’s not quite as long as his son’s cock, but it is thicker. Not to mention Daddy has twenty (plus or minus) years of experience.

He straddles my face and pushes his big, heavy balls into my mouth. I need no further encouragement. I begin to suck, swallow, and swirl my tongue. To really drive my daddy crazy I start to hum on his balls. In response he leans forward and kisses my clit twice. I squeeze my lips tight and he licks the length of my slit.

“Good fucking girl,” he groans stand straight again. “Don’t move.” It’s a sad moment when he pulls his balls from my mouth. Pouting and whimpering won’t work on Daddy so I don’t even try. “Close your eyes. Keep your mouth open.”

There’s no question, just obedience. A couple minutes later I feel Daddy’s cock pushing into my mouth. There’s nothing slow or gentle as he fucks my mouth. His thumbs are on my throat – I’m assuming to feel the movement of his cock. The merciless force of his thrusts in my mouth is causing my own saliva mixed with his precum to spill out the corners of my lips. It drips down – well up- my cheeks. His balls are slapping on my face and smearing the mixture across my face. I can feel his cock thickening, hardening even more. I know he’s about to cum.

He stops and pulls out of my mouth. “Don’t close your mouth. Go ahead and open your eyes. Once more, I do as I’m instructed. There he his with a camera in his hand. “God, I love those beautiful blue eyes. You look so good like this, Babygirl. But I want the bra off. Get up , on your knees.”

I keep my eyes on the camera as get up on my knees. I reach back and unhook my bra. From there, I teasingly cross my arms and push the straps from shoulders and down my arms. Daddy’s growl spurs me on and I just let the bra fall. I pinch my own nipples. Then with one hand I reach down to my pussy and slip a single finger in. it’s only in for a second before it’s out and then in my mouth.

I can only imagine what I look like. My hair’s a mess. My own spit all over my face. My nipples are so hard they’re throbbing. And I’m trying so hard to beg Daddy with my eyes for his cock.

“I have questions for you.” He looks at me. His eyes are full of hunger and he has the most mischievous smirk on his handsome face. “Look at the camera when you answer me.”

“OK, Daddy.”

“Are you horny?”

“Yes, Daddy.”

“Do you want my cock?”

“Yes, please”

“Do you want my cum?”


“Are you ready for my cock and cum in your ass? Are you ready for me to own that final hole?”

“I uhh, Daddy, Ummm”

“Yes or no?”

“I don’t know, Daddy.” I know he didn’t like that answer.

“Do you want to cum?”

“Yes!! Daddy PLEASE!”

“Do you know what Daddy needs?”

I know Daddy needs my ass. I don’t canlı casino siteleri think I can deny him anymore. He’s done waiting. “Yes, Sir.”

“You can ask me to take what I need and I’ll make sure you cum first, or I cover your tits in cum. And that’s how you’ll go to bed. Which is it?”

Here it is. I don’t think I’m ready yet. Will I ever really be ready? I need to cum. I’m so nervous. Why am I nervous? I know Daddy will do whatever he can to ease the pain. I close my eyes and swallow. I open again and look at him. Our eyes are locked. “Daddy, please fuck my ass. Please claim it. Own it. Daddy , Please make it yours. Daddy, will you please take my last virginity?”

The smile that lights up his face is one I haven’t seen since the first time I told him I wanted to him to by my first. “Turn around, Baby. Drop to all fours.”

“All fours” to Daddy means knees and elbows. So I turn and I drop. I feel a cold , thickish, dripping down my ass. Of course Daddy’s going to use a lot of lube. After the cap closes, there’s something pressing against my hole. It’s too hard and unpliable to be his cock, but it’s thicker than toys we’ve used previously. Daddy tries to soothe my whimper. “Shhhh, Baby, relax” his voice actually helps and he pushes the toy all the way in.

Before I have time to fully adjust to size and weight in my ass, Daddy shoves his cock into HIS pussy. He slams in and out of me. He’s got one hand on my hip. The other he has reached under me, stroking my clit with two fingers. I feel so full. So stretched. I’m screaming in pleasure as Daddy uses me. This is beyond amazing. Being here for Daddy is what I was made me for. His pleasure brings me pleasure. I love Daddy in a every way a woman can lobe a man. With that I realize I really am ready to have Daddy in my ass. And THAT is what makes me cum. It’s what makes me squirt and scream for Daddy.

“That’s it baby. Cum for me. Cum for Daddy.” He fucks me, through my orgasm, giving me another.

As the second orgasm subsides, Daddy pulls the toy out of me, fast , leaving me gaping. He pulls out of my pussy and pushes his cock into my ass. It hurts but not like I’ve heard from my friends’ stories. He’s balls deep in my ass, staying there, stroking my clit. I know he’s waiting for me. It hurts. But the pleasure is stronger than the pain. I start rocking my hips, “Daddy, please fuck my ass. Daddy cum inside of it. Please Daddy.”

He needs no more encouragement. “I’m so sorry, my love.” With that he begins to fuck my ass harder than he’d ever fucked me before. He’s still stroking my clit with one hand, his other gripping my shoulder. It feels like he’s getting deeper inside of me. I’m on the verge of yet another orgasm, my body clenching, legs trembling. Daddy cums before I do. I can feel the warm sprays of his cum. “FUUUUUUUCK PRINCESS I LOVE YOU!!”

It pushes me over the edge and I cum again, squirting the bed and Daddy’s hand. He doesn’t stop thrusting. His thrusts just slow down a little. A few minutes later he pulls out. I’m not empty for long. He pushes the plug back into my no longer virgin hole. Into his new hole.

He collapses to his side and pulls me down with him, his chest against my back. It feels so right being in his arms. He kisses my neck and my shoulder, nips my ear. I turn in his eyes and look at him. He smiles. No words are spoken. There doesn’t need to be any. Daddy leans forward and bites my shoulder hard enough that I know there’s going to be a bruise in the morning. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy. Daddy’s mark.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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