April and Her Friends Ch. 11

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After a week spent at Rohit’s parents’ house, the bond between Melody and Rohit was only strengthened. They became closer and closer, almost able to read each other’s minds and reaching a stage where they seemed bereft and incomplete when the other wasn’t around. April didn’t fail to notice the growing union between her best friend and a man whom she had genuinely come to like and admire, but that didn’t make her situation any better.

As for April herself, she was feeling more and more isolated. It was all very well for Melody to say that their friendship was as strong as ever; but there was no way that could be the case, given all the time she was spending with Rohit. And April didn’t begrudge any of that: if she were Melody, she’d want to spend as much time with Rohit as was humanly possible. But it only emphasized the fact that April didn’t have a man she could call her own.

Even though she had, during her sophomore year, cut down significantly on the number of anonymous hook-ups she had with men she hardly knew, she wasn’t anywhere closer to finding a steady relationship. She loftily claimed that she wasn’t sure she even wanted such a relationship—that she liked “playing the field” and making her body available to any man (and a few women) who expressed an interest. But in her heart of hearts she had to admit that this wasn’t really very satisfying. And she also began to sense that her reputation was now preceding her—that some men she could easily have given her heart to had heard of her proclivity to spread her legs at the least opportunity, even if she wasn’t doing that anymore (or at least not as often).

That was probably why she ended up at the Delta Pi fraternity that Friday night in (fittingly enough) early April.

It had been a hard week, with midterms finally over; and she was so spaced out that she thought there was going to be a party that night at the frat house, where she could unwind a bit—even if that didn’t involve shedding her clothes. But when she got there, her friend Brad, who had told her about the party, gazed at her nonplussed.

“What are you doing here, April?” he said, standing at the door and not letting her enter.

“I’m here for the party,” she said, as if speaking to an idiot.

Brad in turn looked at her as if she was soft in the head. “April, that’s next Saturday.”

April slumped in dismay. “Oh,” she said. “God, I feel like such a dope.”

“Well, never mind. You’re always welcome here.”

And he magnanimously let her in.

She was familiar with the layout of the place, as she’d been there for several parties before: a big common room, with a kitchen and dining area in the back and a lot of bedrooms upstairs. The smell of food—maybe barbecued chicken—wafting from the kitchen made her salivate.

“Jesus,” she said, “I haven’t even had any dinner, I was studying so hard. I don’t suppose—?”

“Sure,” Brad said, directing her back to the dining room. “I’m sure we can whip up a plate for you.”

With elaborate gestures he placed her at the head of a long table in the dining room, and she sat down wearily. In minutes he came back with a plate brimming with chicken wings, potato salad, and cole slaw.

April dived in so fast that she didn’t notice that the other frat brothers were, amidst their raucous talk, peering at her out of the corners of their eyes. Some were openly staring at her.

Only when, minutes later, her face smeared with barbecue sauce, did she notice something curious:

She was the only woman sitting at the table.

There were at least ten other guys there. She knew there were fourteen men living in the fraternity, so the other four must be out on dates or at other parties. She wasn’t used to being embarrassed by male companionship, but for some reason she blushed.

“Sorry, guys,” she said, snatching up some paper napkins nearby and quickly wiping her face. “I’m making a mess here.”

“That’s okay,” one of them—a guy named Tony—said. “We like to watch you eat.”

“You want some more?” Brad said.

“Maybe a few more wings,” April said shyly, holding up her plate.

“No problem,” he said, taking her plate and almost running back to the kitchen to fill it up again.

After she had cleaned her plate—aside from all the bones that lay scattered untidily over it—she leaned back in contentment.

“Man, that was fabulous! I feel a lot better now.”

“Glad to hear it,” said a guy named Dante. He was one of three black men in the fraternity, and April had always liked his handsome, honest face.

“So no party, huh?” April said in mock disappointment.

“Not tonight,” said Frank, a junior from California.

April gazed around the table. It was really quite remarkable how good-looking all the men were—especially the black guys. Or maybe her standards were getting low? No, she didn’t think so.

“Well,” she said hesitantly, “I guess we could make our own party.”

“What does that mean?” Brad said with a big casino oyna grin on his face.

“I think you know,” she said. And with that she got up and headed toward the stairs. “I’ll be upstairs if you want me.”

“Who?” Brad said.

“Any of you, and all of you,” April said over her shoulder.

She continued up the stairs. Choosing a door at random, she opened it and found it empty. She didn’t know and didn’t care who lived here. She left the door partially open, and then proceeded to take her clothes off one by one—shoes, socks, sweater, skirt, bra, panties. There was something so refreshing and revivifying in being naked. She really hated wearing clothes. Noticing a bottle of hand lotion on the dresser, she poured some of the stuff on her hand and lubricated herself in the appropriate place.

Then she lay down on the bed, propping herself up on one elbow. Come and get me, guys! She didn’t think she had to wait long.

It was Brad who came in first, as she suspected. If memory served, he was the president of the fraternity, so she figured he would have to check out the situation and then report his findings to the others.

He let out a little gasp when he saw April lying provocatively on the bed. Then he broke out into a slow smile.

“You’re awfully tempting,” he said in a low voice.

It took him seconds to remove his clothes, after which he strode over to the bed. His member was hardening by the second, and by the time he lay down next to April he was fully erect.

She wasted no time in sliding down and stuffing his cock into her mouth. He groaned heavily at the first touch of her lips on his organ, and then just watched her head bob up and down, leaving little trails of saliva on his cock.

After only a few minutes, he pulled her head away and pressed her back down on the bed. He wasn’t terribly imaginative in these matters, and the standard missionary position was just fine for him. He entered her without bothering to check how wet she was—but that was no problem, and he slipped in without trouble.

He was one of those guys who like to watch themselves in the act, holding his arms at full extension so that he could take in his thrusts while also gazing down at April’s naked torso. He liked to see her breasts bounce with each pump—somehow that seemed a fitting tribute to his manliness. Only when he was about to come did he lower himself down to cover April’s supine form; and as he shot his wad into her, he grunted like an animal and held April so tight she had trouble breathing.

He pulled out almost immediately after he had finished, creating a sudden sense of emptiness in April that made her gasp. His cock, dripping with his own and her juices, was flopping back and forth as he snatched up his clothes and proceeded to leave the room.

At the door he turned around and said, “Who do you want next?”

“Anyone,” she said lightly. “Maybe Dante?”

He nodded with a smile and darted away.

Dante had the right idea—for when he came in a few minutes later, he was naked.

He was quite short, but very muscular all over; and his dark skin and football player’s physique made April think keenly of someone else she had once known. His cock wasn’t huge but was pretty thick, and it was already fully hard.

“Hey, babe,” he said jovially as he stalked over to the edge of the bed. It was just high enough for April to lie on her side and put his cock into her mouth. It tasted fine, and she was able to get it entirely into her mouth, her nose rubbing up against Dante’s short, wiry pubic hair. But he had other things in mind.

After a few minutes of watching himself being sucked, he gently pulled April’s head away and said, “You like the back way?”

“Sure!” she said enthusiastically. “I’m already lubed up.”

“That’s fine,” he said. Then, in a low mutter: “Haven’t done this before.”

“You haven’t?” she cried in surprise.

“Haven’t found a girl who’ll let me.”

“Well, that’s just silly!” she said, flinging herself on her stomach and getting herself ready. “You go right ahead.”

Dante licked his lips, gazing at the sight of this gorgeous young woman and her superbly sculpted buttocks. At first he did nothing more than just stroke her bottom with his hand, relishing every curve and the soft skin covering the firm muscles beneath. Then he took occasion to insert one, then two fingers into her anus, causing April to squeal happily at the pleasant sensation.

Then he lowered himself gently on top of her, nuzzling her neck and shoulders as he guided his cock into her nether orifice.

She knew that its length wouldn’t present a problem, but its thickness might. And she did find a little discomfort in the way it stretched her opening as he entered, inch by inch, until he was fully embedded in her.

As he started pumping, he pressed down on her, taking her breasts in his hands and kissing her cheek, neck, and ears as he ground his hips into her. She was thrilled to be filled slot oyna by him, and she snaked her hand down to her sex and started stroking herself, hoping to time her climax with his own.

She didn’t quite manage that, but when she felt him sending his emission into her she increased the rhythm of her own stroking so that she came only a few seconds after him. They both cried out inarticulately as they felt the waves of their orgasm flood over them.

He pulled out a little too fast, and that caused April a little twinge of pain.

Getting up from the bed, he gave her bottom another squeeze and said, “That was great, April!”

“Glad you liked it,” she said, and took some well-deserved rest.

But that rest didn’t last long, for a few minutes later Tony and Frank came in together. Without a word of greeting, they positioned themselves appropriately. Tony slid under April, lying on his back and inserting his cock into her pussy while Tony (getting the word from Dante about April’s penchant for rear entry) slipped his cock into her anus. They were both strong, healthy young men, and they pummeled her with gusto. Tony, not entirely used to the tight fit, came first, but Frank’s climax happened only a minute or two later.

They left April lying on her stomach, her face buried in a pillow.

The next guy to show up shuffled in a bit tentatively, as if he was not really certain whether there really was a naked girl in the room or whether his frat buddies were just playing an elaborate practical joke on him. When he saw April, he had a sharp intake of breath and put a hand over his mouth. His movements suddenly became stiff, and as he knelt down next to the bed, he gingerly extended a hand to April’s shoulder, as if she might electrocute him.

As she felt the touch, she turned her head languidly and said, “Hi.”

The guy said, “Hi,” in a shaky voice.

“I don’t think I’ve seen you before.”

“My name’s Ian. Ian MacGregor.”

“You’re from Scotland?”


“I love your voice.” Ian’s patented Scottish lilt was indeed affecting.

Even such a bland compliment flustered him, and he seemed unable to speak.

“What would you like?” April said.

That question flustered him even more. “Um . . . I don’t know.”

April smiled incredulously. “You don’t know?”

“Well, I mean . . . what do you do?”

“Anything you want.”

April propped herself up on her side with her elbow, revealing her naked front to Ian. His jaw dropped at the sight: it was almost as if he was afraid of something.

He licked his lips. “May I—may I touch your breasts?”

“Of course.”

She lay on her back. This had the effect of flattening her breasts somewhat, but they were still wondrously curved and firm. At first, Ian only reached out to brush them with his hands. Gaining courage when April’s smile broadened, he squeezed them as if he were checking the ripeness of a large grapefruit. Then, all of a sudden, he plunged his head forward until it lay between her breasts; at the same time, he pushed the breasts together so that they were framing his face, nestling up against his cheeks.

He let out a sigh of incredible satisfaction. April felt his hot breath on her chest. It tickled a little.

“I hope that’s not all you want,” she said mildly.

Ian looked up at her, again with that slightly frightened look. “Can I—touch you down there?”

“Sure. I’m a bit of a mess: other guys have been there before you.”

“I don’t care.”

And his hand snaked down her stomach and belly. When it reached her cleft, Ian expelled another heavy sigh. His fingers were moistened with the combined juices of April and the guys who had deposited their seed there; and as he parted her labia and stroked her clitoris, April emitted a moan of her own. Ian gazed at her in surprise: he seemed unaware that, in satisfying his own desire to probe April’s sex with his fingers, he was also stimulating her.

“Why don’t you get undressed?” she breathed.

A little shudder ran through Ian. He stood up awkwardly, looking down on the beautiful girl on the bed. But he remained motionless.

“Go on,” she said. “Take your clothes off.”

Now Ian became a flurry of motion, unbuttoning his shirt and unzipping his jeans so fast that he almost tore his clothing in the process. In seconds he was naked, and April admired his muscular chest and thighs and flat stomach—and, now, his cock, so forcefully erect that it was quivering.

As if in a dream, Ian lowered himself onto April’s body, and she parted her legs to accommodate his frame. When his cock almost inadvertently came into contact with her sex, he let out a curious little whimper.

April instinctively understood the situation.

“You haven’t done this before, have you?”

Ian shook his head in shame.

Omigod, my very own virgin! Melody can have Rohit; he’s awfully cute, but this guy is nothing to sneeze at either!

“You can go in canlı casino siteleri if you want,” she said gently.

As if receiving orders from a superior officer, Ian screwed up his face in concentration, took his cock in his hand, and carefully guided it toward the heavenly opening he had so long yearned for. He slipped into her so quickly that at first he didn’t realize he was actually in; but then the incredible sensation so overwhelmed him that he came close to bursting into tears.

Instead, he whimpered again and began pumping at once. As April raised her legs and bent her knees to allow him deeper penetration, he felt himself—all seven inches of him—entering her to the hilt, and he thrust even harder, while also kissing April’s face all over and squeezing her breasts and bottom with clutching hands.

But in only a few minutes April heard a choking cry from deep in Ian’s throat and felt his body shake spasmodically. She knew at once what had happened: that most mortifying of experiences for a man—premature ejaculation!

Now Ian did seem on the verge of tears, burying her face in April’s neck as he cried, “I’m sorry! I’m so sorry!”

She nestled him in her arms, cooing into his ear, “It’s okay, dear, it’s okay.” That unconscious endearment seemed to bolster his spirits, and she went on: “Just stay in me for a bit. No need to come out right now.”

He did as she asked, and she was heartened by the fact that he seemed to remain reasonably hard. There was an ineffable sense of unity—physical and emotional—that both of them felt, even though they knew nothing about each other. After several moments, Ian began tentatively thrusting again, and he seemed capable of another session. This time, he kissed April gently on her mouth and cheek, sometimes nibbling her earlobe and even inserting his tongue into her ear—a move that caused her to squeal delightedly at the unusual sensation. His cock was fully hard now, and he pumped her with the force and confidence of a veteran. Remaining in her for a full ten minutes, he send a second discharge into her that seemed to go on for minutes. Even then, he remained buried in her, not wanting to give up the heartrending feeling of fully possessing a girl for the first time.

But at last he did pull out, flopping over onto his back.

“Wow!” April said in genuine admiration. “Coming twice without pulling out! That’s pretty impressive—not a lot of guys could have done that.”

Ian beamed at her with a broken smile. In his delicate post-coital condition, a compliment like that was inexpressibly uplifting.

Suddenly he seemed embarrassed at his nakedness, and he leaped up from the bed and, snatching up his clothes from the floor, almost ran out of the room. At the doorway he looked back and said in his most heartfelt voice:

“Thank you so much.”

“Don’t mention it,” April said lightly, with a wide smile.

As she lounged on the bed, a further succession of men came by. There was Henry, a stocky, dark-haired guy who thought he was God’s gift to women. He sidled into the bed, sitting up with his back to the headboard, and brought April’s head to his groin, making her suck his cock until he came. There was another pair—the other two black guys in the fraternity, Charles and Jawan, who did double penetration on her in a different way from Tony and Frank: with April on all fours, Jawan went into her bottom while Charles stood up next to the bed, forcing his cock into her mouth. They came almost simultaneously.

By this time, other members of the fraternity who had been out had come back, and they quickly took advantage of the situation. Matt, Jim, Peter, Doug, Bill, and Stan all enjoyed her in various imaginative ways. That meant that all fourteen members had sampled her! But by this time, even though April was getting exhausted and was barely awake when the next guy penetrated her, some of the earlier guys seemed inclined for a second round. Brad was first. He too had encountered resistance from his on-again off-again girlfriend about rear entry, so he plugged April’s anus in a way that satisfied him thoroughly. Tony and Frank did her separately, and others followed.

By this time, April was lying limp as a ragdoll on the bed, forcing each new guy to roll her around this way or that, depending on what he wanted. It wasn’t clear that she was even conscious, but that didn’t seem to bother the guys.

One of them was Ian. When he sensed a break in the action, he tiptoed into the room. He was wearing nothing but a robe, which he shed as soon as he saw April’s prone body on the bed. Noticing how open her anus was, Ian decided he would give that a try. He suffered keen agony at seeing her so out of it, but the opportunity was too good to resist. As he entered her, she let out a muffled groan that at least showed she was awake, although he hoped he wasn’t causing her too much pain.

When he came, he sidled out of the room like a criminal.

After nearly all the guys had enjoyed her twice, it was decided that the festivities should come to an end.

Ian insisted on one point. “We—we should clean her up.”

And, in truth, the amount of come leaking out of her various orifices was really quite appalling.

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