Anya Ch. 03

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It was the evening before I was to have 40 million dollars transferred in to my account. I was pretty excited; this meant I could now afford to have a kick-ass mansion built on my island. I would then retire to my island, until I grew bored of it. I reckon it was gonna take about six months from designing, to building my mansion. I would of course be designing each room myself, with the help of an architect.

There was a knock on the door.

“God damn it who the hell is that now?”

I was hoping to get an early night. Well, it was 20:00 now so whoever it was would be gone way before 00:00. I opened the door to find Anya standing there wearing some tight jeans, and an equally tight t-shirt. She was wearing that magnificent smile, and hugged me as soon as she saw me. I hugged her hard, as I didn’t want this to end but she finally pushed back. I had not seen Anya since two days ago when we had dinner after lunch. After she had hugged me, she stepped passed me in to my home. I stared at her ass, and stopped. I have to go to the bank to get 40 million dollars tomorrow morning at 08:00!

“Uhhh Anya? Are you planning to stay the night?”

Jesus I was about as subtle as a Doberman.

“Of course silly! But don’t worry; we’re not fucking. I know you have to get up early tomorrow. I was hoping we could just… You know… Hang out.”

“Oh right. Ok. Sure. But I do have to go to bed early. It is a school night,” I laughed.

Anya smiled, and sat down on the larger of my couches. I sat next to her, and was lost for words.

“So errrr… What did you want to do? Have you eaten? Would you like a drink?”

She smiled; I think she was probably holding back a laugh.

“I haven’t decided yet. Yes. And a glass of red wine; any will do. Do you have any single malt whiskey?”

Jesus. My girl was asking for single malt whiskey! I had no idea if I had any or not. I doubted it. I’m not a whiskey drinker. I’m not a drinker to be honest.

“Errrr I’ll check about the whiskey. Stay there and I’ll bring the drinks up. Actually do you wanna come with me down in to the cellar? If there are any single malt’s in the house they’ll be down there.”

“Sure; I can check out your wine too.”

We went down in to the wine cellar and Anya spent about five whole minutes checking each wine, and all the two bottles of single malt whiskey I had. After she had picked, we went back up stairs, and I poured myself in a cider.

We sat back down on the couch, and I was again lost for words. As I was putting on some music (I love Enya), Anya started the conversation about who had brought all the wines down in my cellar; as I obviously knew nothing of wines. I told her that Helen had helped me choose this house, and she was also very much in to wines. From there we talked about everything from fashion, to the mansion I was going to design. At this point it was near to 23:00 and Anya and I were lying in each others arms in my bed. Anya started to kiss me, as she could probably not think of what else to talk about. I reached up for her boob and groped her, and tweaked her nipple. I then started to rub her crotch through her jeans, and she started to moan in my mouth. I slipped a hand under her t-shirt, and started to grope her breasts under through her bra. I was in heaven, until Anya broke the kiss, and illegal bahis said that we should get to sleep now, as we had an early start in the morning. She undressed in front of me, but left her sexy dark green bra and matching panties on. I on the other hand sleep naked, and so we again drifted off to sleep in each others arms.

We were abruptly awoken by my alarm clock, which I threw at the wall. It exploded in a fury of metal cogs, glass and plastic. I started to go back to sleep, until Anya told me to get up. It was ironic that she was telling me to get up as she was the one on top of me. I had a dilemma on my hands; currently I was in heaven with Anya lying in my arms in a nice warm bed. But on the other hand: if I got up I would be rewarded with 40 million dollars. Before I could decide, Anya threw the covers off me; liberating all heat from the bed, and exposing me to the chilly air. Anya was in and out of the bathroom before I had even got up from bed. It was 06:00 so I had an hour to get ready; plenty of time. I used my access time to tease and annoy Anya; she is the most sexiest thing when she gets angry. I told her so and she grinned, but still looked angry.

As we were going to the bank to meet my clients, Anya just couldn’t help getting me back by rubbing my crotch, and kissing my neck. I was rock hard by the time we had parked in the underground car park of the bank. I was reluctant to go out; because it would look as though I had a SPAS12 shotgun in my pants. Anya laughed at me as I painfully got up, and then added to my torture by bending down to adjust her shoe: she wasn’t wearing any underwear. I caught up with her couldn’t stop feeling her bare ass under her tight, short business skirt. We went in to the lift, and Anya pressed the control as my hands (And tongue) were busy. I hear 9 beeps till the lift stopped; I was surprised to see that we had gotten to the right level on time; as usually all the major transactions were done on level 16. Anya broke our kiss, but the doors weren’t open. The lights flickered, and then the control display said:

“Lift stopped due to technical difficulties. Please use the telephone provided to call for assistance,”

“Awwwww shit.” I said.

“I’ll phone Helen and tell them that were gonna be late,” Anya sighed.

I picked up the phone, and waited for a reply.

“Yellow? Who’s there then?” Said a man who sounded as though he had just come out of the stone age greeted me.

“Errr hi, I’m stuck in one of your lifts,” I said rather dumbly.

“Oh right… Well err… Sorry but I’m just about to go to my lunch mate, but I’ll phone the other technicians… But I have to warn you; we’ve had complaints all day; photocopiers, scanners, PCs the lot. I reckon you’ll be in there for quite a while: about 1 ½ hours at least.”

“What do you mean ‘I’m just about to go to lunch’? Well can’t you just put off lunch?”

“Calm down now, calm down. It aint too bad in there is it? Do you have any one with you to keep you company?”

“Well yeah…”

“Well then! You just sit tight for about 2 hours, and we’ll get you out in no time. Oh, and I’d take off some of your clothes now, cos there aint gonna be any a/c if the lifts not moving.”


He had hung up. Anya looked at me for an answer.

“He said that they’re gonna be about illegal bahis siteleri 1 ½ to 2 hours.”

Anya looked shocked.

“And he said that we better take our clothes off.” I added with a surprisingly straight face.

Anya looked doubtful.

“No really; he said that if the lifts not moving, there won’t be any a/c,”

Anya squinted at me as if to see if I were telling the truth, and sat down in the opposite corner of me. I sat down beside her, and leant in to kiss her. She pulled off and said smugly:

“If there isn’t any a/c we better stay cool don’t you think?”

I was lost for words. But I did have an idea. I took off my jacket, shirt, and pants. I was there in my boxers looking at Anya when she looked down at my crotch. My cock was rock hard. I looked back up at Anya but she was still staring at the tent in my pants. I got up, and pretended that I was looking at the elevator controls, but I knew too well that because my boxers have no buttons at the front of them I had slipped out. I set my watch to go off in 1 ½ hours, and turned around to see Anya staring as if in a daze at my rigid cock. I smiled, and sat back down; my cock staring at the ceiling just like it had done the week before, when I had fucked Anya for the first time.

“You know you wanna.”

She looked up at me, and scowled. I could see that her forehead was beginning to get sweaty, and as she took off her business jacket; her under arms were equally wet. By the way she was pushing her legs together; her pussy must have been soaked. I started to stroke my cock, as I did so Anya licked her lips. I dunno why this girl loved sucking cock and swallowing come so much, but I was not complaining. I took my boxers off completely, and then sat next to Anya. I started to kiss her neck and she moaned.

“I hate you,”

I smiled, and started to descend to her shoulders, and by doing so I lowered her blouse. I started to unbutton her blouse, and lower her bra straps. As she wasn’t wearing any panties it wasn’t too much trouble getting at her sopping pussy after I had gotten pass (Practically ripped it off) her skirt. I took her bra off and started to plant light pecks on her boobs leading up to her nipples. I licked and sucked each nipple; which were both rock hard because of the heat and my teasing. Anya grabbed my cock and started to stroke me up and down. She got up, and dragged me with her by my cock. She then put her hands to the wall and shoved her ass out to me. I took hold of her hips and started to enter her. Damn I don’t know how I could have survived one night without fucking this girl. Her love box was incredible. It fit me like a glove; a very tight glove. I pushed all the way in to her and she let out a little moan. I then began to pull slowly out just stopping before my head popped out of her pussy. I pumped her slow for about 10 minutes. Until I shoved my cock hard in to her, and turned her around whilst she was still skewered on my rigid member.

I started to go at her hard and slow, each time lifting her right off the ground whilst my tongue explored her mouth. After about 45 minutes; I could feel that she was about to come; because her pussy was starting to clench over my cock, and I was finding it increasingly difficult to pull my cock out of her dripping pussy. I grabbed her ass, canlı bahis siteleri and by pulling her ass cheeks apart I could allow myself to pull out of her gripping pussy. Her moans had changed from long groans to little squeals. I let go of her ass, and as she started to come rammed my entire length in to her and lifted her off ground with only my cock holding her up. She let out a scream, and as the full blast of her orgasm hit her, my balls were saturated with her juices. She looked as though he was in heaven when I finally put her down. It didn’t matter that I hadn’t came, the fuck I had just had was one I would not forget in a while.

Anya started to come back to reality; and saw my erect cock covered with her pussy juices. She instantly dropped to her knees, and started lick her pussy juice off my cock. When my cock was clean, and shiny; she started on my balls, and sucked all the juices she could find off. She then went straight back to my cock, I fucked her face and within four pumps I was in her mouth and throat up to the hilt. Damn her throat felt so good on my head that I started to pump her face harder and faster. She started to moan and the vibrations went straight to my cock; I could feel the come starting to rise from my balls. I pulled out so my head was resting in Anya’s sweet mouth and I came with such force that her eyes went the size of base balls. I carried on coming, and she just kept swallowing. For the final blast I shoved my cock all the way back down her throat, and shot the remainder of my come. Anya was still swallowing, and the feeling of her trying to swallow my cock, as well as my come felt so great on my member that I started to come again. I came in her mouth this time, and she swallowed my second load just as fast as my first. Nothing was spared, as she ate her second breakfast of the day. I pulled out of her mouth, and she smiled up at me. Just then my watch started to beep; and we rushed to pull our clothes on. I had just put my jacket on, when the same gruff voice that had answered the telephone said:

“Hello? Are you still down there?”

“No, we fixed it our selves!” I shouted back,

“Oh well that’s alright then I can get back to my post then,” the voice answered back,

“Alright, alright, I’m sorry. Just get us outta here!”

“Alright we’ll have you out of there in a jiff,”

It took them about ten minutes to get the elevator working, and us out of there.

“Look, thanks for your help. Sorry I was a bit tense before.” I apologised to the technician.

He looked back in to the elevator quizzically and then looked back at me. I looked around and just remembered that I had forgotten to grab my boxers in my rush to get my clothes back on.

“Looks like you had a good time anyway. I can understand why you were so tense; disturb you did I?” He laughed, as I rushed back to grab my boxers.

The rest of the day; and the transaction that made me in to a multi-millionaire didn’t take too long surprisingly. My clients were understanding about the lift; seemed that the computers on this floor weren’t working anyway, so we had to wait a further 2 hours till a technician (Thankfully not our friend from before) fixed them.

I returned home with Anya, and we decided to celebrate at her place. Anya tempted to make dinner, but I ended up making a second dinner after Anya thoroughly burned the lasagna. Granted that was my fault, as I was the one who was kissing her. We ended up just lying in each others arms, and kissing for the rest of the evening.

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