Any Chance We Could Ch. 24

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This is a work in progress and chapters will be submitted at regular intervals. This is a continuing series, no chapter is written to stand alone. If you’re just starting I recommend you start at the first chapter.

Thursday, October 18

Kim was lying crosswise in their bed with her head on Gwen’s stomach tracing circles with her fingernail around Gwen’s nipples. “Do you want to talk about Tuesday night?”

“Other than great sex and wanting to do it again, is there something you want to talk about?” asked Gwen with an involuntary twitch in response to Kim’s nail.

“Veronica’s fiancée, Scott is my Dad’s partner. He propositioned me Monday, and I’ve almost decided to call him on it and see if he’ll follow through.” Seeing no reaction from her lover she continued, “I talked to Veronica about it. She’s all in favor of sharing pussy with Scott. She says she wants to join too. I want to know how you’ll feel if I do.”

Gwen ran her right hand through Kim’s long thick hair as she shaped her thoughts. “Sweety, I’ve always suspected that you’re bi. Though I’ve never been with a guy, I probably am as well. I love it when you fuck me with the strap-on and sometimes have imagined it was some guy, but I’ve been so comfortable with our relationship that I’ve been afraid to say anything about trying a real cock.

“I never knew,” Kim replied while looking up into her lover’s face. “We’ve both been secretly thinking the same thing but afraid to tell the other.” As she finished she playfully pinched her lover’s nipple.

“Ouch!” Gwen cried out as she slapped at Kim’s hand. “If you’d like to experience him, that’s fine with me. He’s a handsome man. If he’s good, perhaps I may give him a try if you and Veronica wouldn’t mind him sharing his cock with me and allowing me to experience my first man,” Gwen smiled.

“I hope he’s good. I want my first time with a real man to be memorable,” Kim smiled.

Half seriously and half fearfully, Gwen looked at Kim who was raising her head, “I hope you won’t love it so much that you’ll forget about me.”

Kim kissed her lover on the lips before assuring her, “Not a chance. I love you Gwen. I couldn’t imagine what my life would be without you.” Then she kissed her again.

“Hmmm…just what I needed to hear,” the dark haired woman giggled with a glow before she pulled her lover’s head down so she could kiss her passionately. With a more serious tone, Gwen asked, “What do we do from here?”

“I’m going to see him, Veronica and the girls tomorrow at the country club with my parents. I’m sure that you’d be welcome if you’d like to come. If you really don’t mind, I going to seduce him and hopefully spend the night in his and Veronica’s bed. I hope he’s as great a lover as the girls.”

“Have at it, Sweety. I’m working late on a 35th Anniversary party for a guy who owns a trucking company. I may not be home until four in the morning. Take a change of clothes and let me know sometime late Saturday morning if he’s good. I’m not going to be jealous. I’ve got you and you’ve got me. We’ve had some good extra-curricular sex with some girls so doing it with Scott won’t hurt either of us,” concluded Gwen before kissing her lightly on the lips. “Now before we take a shower, move your head down and eat me to an orgasm while I finger you.


Scott was up and showering at six AM to leave for another set of meetings with the CitiGroup staff and Emerson. He crawled across the Field and kissed all three of his lovers as only lovers kiss, bade them good morning and left.

Both girls were cuddled on either side of Veronica, when she asked “Would either one or both of you like to do a personal service project?”

“Now that sounds like doing a housecleaning project for some old widow, but I’ll bet it’s not,” grinned Ashley.

“No.” smiled Veronica. “It’s something that you may like. Remember I told you that Georgina dropped by the other day. The bottom line is that she wants to make love to Angela, but has never been with a woman before. She’s afraid that if she screws up the first time, she’ll never get another opportunity. I told her that I’d talk to a teenager I know who might just be able to help her. I was supposed to call her back yesterday but got a little distracted.”

“By Dave’s ass and his ‘package’ under those jeans, no doubt,” remarked Katrina. “He’s a hunk and I wouldn’t mind riding him someday.”

“Nor I,” chimed in Ashley, “and if Dad would be okay with it I’m sure you’d like to give him a try as well.”

“Yes I don’t think I’d mind him between my legs,” agreed Veronica. “He is married and we’re not going to do anything that could break up his marriage. But let’s stay on the subject please. Would the two of you like to teach Georgina how to make love to a woman? Don’t be shy and tell me what you really think. Do it only if you really, really want to do it.” Her tone turned to a laugh as she finished, “Katrina I know what you think you’ve been caressing my clit casino oyna ever since I brought the subject up. Ohhh gawd, don’t stop now.”

“Well, Ashley and you are the only two women I’ve ever been with. No that’s not right, I guess I can count Cindy, Gwen and Kim, can’t I? Well, maybe I am qualified.”

“Lover, you are very qualified and so is your life partner,” smiled Veronica as she kissed Katrina on the forehead.

“Well, what’d you think lover?” Katrina asked Ashley.

“We’re good, let’s do it. When?” replied Ashley.

“I’ll call her this morning, tell her who’s going to help her and leave it to her get in touch with either of you for a specific date. Ashley come, sit on my face and Kitten play lick-a-slit then after we both cum we’ll get in the shower, okay,” smiled Veronica. Both girls eagerly responded within seconds. The more aggressive Kitten became with Veronica, the more aggressively Veronica became in pleasuring her moaning daughter.

After showering and eating some breakfast, the girls took off for classes, Veronica began to think about Marty. She has a pretty face and nice hands, and not terribly assertive. I wonder what drove them apart. Perhaps it’s a sex thing. I’m sure that her gay fiancée wasn’t making many demands on her, nor she him or the charade would have blown up a lot sooner. I think I’ll take a chance and ask Scott for his side of the divorce story.

After finishing her second cup of coffee she called Georgina. “Hi, it’s Veronica. I’ve found you a seduction mentor. Well that’s not exactly true, I have two perfectly lovely teenagers whom I highly recommend. They are very experienced, wonderful mouths and fingers, and energetic sweet lovers who are excited.

“Who are they?’ asked Georgina.

“My daughters, but I’ll bet that’s not a surprise is it?”

“Actually, yes. Yes it is surprising. I wondered what your true relationship was. I sensed it might be a bit more than the typical mother-daughter rapport. How nice of them to offer, it sounds exciting. They’re sexy young ladies. When?” gushed Georgina.

“You have this number. I’ll give you their cell numbers. It’s up to you to make the next move and call either one and set up a ‘class’ so to speak. They’re both eager,” said Veronica.

“Oh, how exciting. Are they home now?”

“No, they left a short while ago, but you could probably reach them now or leave a voice message if they’re already in class. I know you’ll enjoy them, perhaps later on you and I could have coffee again and … .” smiled Veronica.

“I’ve given this a lot of thought and want to jump into the deep end and do as much as I can as soon as I can. So if the coffee and … is what I think it is, yes, I would. Thanks, Veronica, until then.”

Veronica’s thoughts shifted to Sharon as she went up to the bedroom. She put on a white garter belt and a white v-string. Then she pulled on a pair of light taupe Cuban heel seamed stockings. After spending a bit of time making sure the seams were straight, Veronica put on a sheer white half cup bra. Then pulled on a scoop necked red knit top that revealed a generous amount of cleavage. All Sharon would have to do is pull the neckline down less than two inches and her nipples would be accessible to her mouth and tongue. Veronica’s heart pounded as she thought about being with Sharon. She started to plan her seduction, a seduction that she hoped would give her the opportunity to watch Scott make love to her and shoot his cum into her womb.

Veronica finished with a knee length slightly flaired skirt and 3 ½ inch black patent pumps. After walking around the bedroom she decided that a suit jacket would probably be necessary to lend modesty for the walk into and out of the mall.

As she was choosing the jacket from the closet Carol called with some ideas about the wedding. Carol could only talk briefly because she was going into a meeting but she wanted to give some ideas for Veronica to consider until they could talk longer.

Veronica was at the mall by eleven so she went into the Sak’s lingerie department and bought sheer robes as well as some more stockings in various styles and colors for both herself and her daughters. After carrying her parcels out to her car she headed back to the shoe store. As she entered she was appraised from head to toe by Sharon at the counter as she walked toward her.

“Hi, Veronica, I’m so glad to see you again. Let me go into the stock room to get your shoes.” As Sharon backed away from the counter and turned Veronica could see that she was wearing slacks and red heels. After Sharon was gone for more than a few minutes, Veronica wondered if she had scared her off. Sharon reappeared carrying the four pairs of shoes in two handled bags, but now wearing a flower-print silk blouse and a purple above the knee flaired skirt. Her four-inch pumps matched the skirt color.

After telling the other two clerks that she was leaving for the afternoon and but would be back about slot oyna four for the evening shift and to close she and Veronica walked out the door.

Both women were approximately the same height. As they walked to her car Veronica carefully noticed Sharon with her long dark brown hair. Her large grey eyes were captivating. She figured Sharon’s full ass and large C cup breasts made an interesting contrast for both male and female shoppers who noticed them as they walked through the mall.

As Veronica opened the back door of her car to put the bags in, Sharon reached into her purse and retrieved a small ball of red cloth which she handed to Veronica. “These are mine. I’ve worn them all morning. Since I’m keeping yours under my pillow I thought you might like to have a pair of mine,” smiled Sharon.

Veronica raised the panties to her nose to deeply inhale the musky sweet scent, the perfect mix of perfume and pussy juice. Smiling she said, “I’ll treasure these, but I want to taste the real thing. Shall we go to my house now?”

“Of course, do you want my bare pussy in your car with you or do you want me to follow you?”

“With me, I’ll bring you back later.”

Sharon got into the passenger seat. As Veronica was fastening her seat belt, Sharon turned sideways and slowly spread her legs while pulling her skirt above the tops of her thigh highs to bring her shaved pussy into plain sight. Sharon ran a finger through her slit and held it under Veronica’s nose saying, “I know you want to play with me as much as I do you. Can you concentrate on driving?” She leaned forward, put her hand behind Veronica’s neck, pulled her toward her and passionately kissed her, asking “Well?”

“God, Sharon I thought I was aggressive towards young pussy, but you must feel the same way about mature pussy,” gasped Veronica.

“I’ve been looking up skirts since my aunt hired me five and half years ago. The views we usually get is one of the reasons we don’t hire male clerks, they’re way too obvious. I’ve never had a woman do to me what you did Monday,” grinned Sharon as Veronica began driving. “You taking off your panties, giving them to me, blatantly flashing me, has never happened before. I masturbated about it when I got home Monday night and two or three times a day since.”

“I’m glad I did it. Maybe we can do it again sometime.” I’ll bring the girls and with three pussies smiling at you I wonder how you’ll hold up.

“Do you like your pussy shaved?” asked Veronica. “My fiancée likes mine natural. He also likes his daughters’ natural.”

“A few years ago I was in a relationship, short term it turned out and since starting college I’d always kept it trimmed, but this guy wanted it bare, so I obliged him. Turns out that he was fucking a good friend of mine who was natural and the only reason he wanted me shaved was so he could tell us apart in the dark,” Sharon laughed. “That was about the limit of his imagination, he was an unfulfilling lover, so we both dumped him and became lovers. Still are, and she’s still hairy. She liked me bare, and it’s now something I do in the shower every morning. Besides, I like how it feels.”

After pulling in the driveway, both women got out and walked to the front door. After stepping inside, Veronica embraced Sharon and returned her kiss from the mall. They dueled with their tongues and Veronica caressed Sharon’s ass. After breaking the kiss Veronica led Sharon to the kitchen for wine and a plate of cheese and crackers. After setting the plate on the table and pouring two glasses of wine, Veronica took off her jacket and leaned toward Sharon with her hands on the table and asked, “Would you like a serving of succulent mature tits as well?”

“Can I take a closer look and suck on one before I answer that,” smiled Sharon.

“Let’s go into the den. There’s a comfortable couch in there that’s seen a lot of sex. Maybe it’ll see some more.”

Sharon walked in front of Veronica who was watching her ass and remarked, “You have a nice ass, but you probably already know that.”

“I’ve been told that before, yes, thank you. It’s always nice to hear it, though,” smiled Sharon. Veronica noticed the dimple formed by her new friend’s mouth when she smiled broadly.

They both sat and set their glasses on the coffee table next to the plate of cheese and crackers. “Do you do this often?” asked Sharon.

“First time. You’re very attractive. I thought I’d have some fun with you when I noticed you looking. Since I’ve met Scott and we’ve become engaged, I’ve become rather an exhibitionist for him and both our daughters. Turns out that he really enjoys it and doesn’t mind my looking for young pussy, particularly if there’s a chance he could share,” grinned Veronica. “Even if I don’t share, he’s okay with it.

“You have daughters?”

“Two. Ashley is mine, and Katrina is Scott’s. We all live here now. Scott and Katrina moved in after we became engaged.”

“Are they home now?” asked Sharon canlı casino siteleri as she turned on the cushion, raising her skirt and spreading her legs.

“No, they’re not, but if they show up don’t be alarmed. Though we’re openly sexual in this house they’ll do nothing unless you’re willing and they’re invited.” Saying that, Veronica stood and leaned forward towards Sharon, resting her hands on Sharon’s knees. “See any nipples, yet? No? Move the top down a bit and see if they’re what you expected.”

Sharon pulled Veronica’s top down a bit and her very erect nipples were exposed. She feasted her eyes for a moment then slid her hand into the bra, cupping a breast and bringing a nipple to her mouth. As she was sucking, Veronica moved her hand up the inside of Sharon’s thigh and pushed a finger into her slit.

“Mmmm, that feels good, and tastes good too. You have perfect breasts as well as an attractive pussy. Come sit by me,” smiled Sharon. She was being more aggressive than Veronica anticipated and she didn’t mind it a bit.

“Do you want to continue this here, or go to my bed?” asked Veronica with their lips almost touching and breathing in each other’s breath and perfume.

“Here, for now, bed shortly,” breathlessly replied Sharon. After breaking a very passionate kiss, Sharon asked, “What if someone comes home?”

“If it’s Ashley, she’ll invite herself to join in and will if we don’t say no. If it’s Katrina she’ll wait to be invited. And if it’s Scott, he’ll watch hoping for me to invite him to join us and to fuck you. You’d enjoy his magnificent cock, assuming you’re bi.”

“Yes, I’m definitely bi. It sounds like it could be a fun afternoon no matter who comes home. Could you take your top off?”

Instead of answering Veronica lifted her arms and Sharon pulled it up and off. Veronica’s nipples stood proud on top of her bra and Sharon immediately began sucking one and caressing the other.

“Turn, I want under your skirt,” gasped Veronica.

Sharon turned so her lower side rested against Veronica’s hip and Veronica pulled Sharon’s skirt up and began caressing her pussy. After a few minutes she pushed one finger into Sharon and thumbed her clit. Sharon began moaning around Veronica’s nipple, broke suction for a moment to say “Two.”

Veronica began stroking two fingers in and out of Sharon’s vagina and applying more pressure to her clit. She also pressed a fingertip against Sharon’s asshole. Her breathing increased and she began bucking her hips. She wrapped her arm tightly around Veronica’s neck and came in a series of short gasps. “Leave them in me and kiss me,” moaned Sharon as she brought her lips to Veronica’s.


The early meeting went fairly well, an offer framework was in place with a few details to be worked out. Emerson didn’t want more than fifteen percent in Citi stock and the right to sell it after sixty days. They wanted Scott and Emerson to visit several key clients a few times during the next twelve months but not to have any active involvement in the business after the closing. There was an issue about some deferred payments to key long-term employees as well as protection for their retirement funds. Neither Scott nor Emerson needed retirement fund protection since theirs had been established personally, not through the business. The due diligence group was returning on an early flight and had late afternoon meetings scheduled with their legal staff and Scott and Emerson attorneys. Emerson was hopeful that a final offer would be forthcoming Monday.

After the group left the office, Emerson turned to Scott and said, “I’m going home and if Hazel is there get my brains screwed out. If she isn’t I’ll hunt her down and drag her back to my cave and screw her brains out. In any event she and I are going to make love this afternoon. You?”

“I want to cover a few items with Grace and then I’m going home to do the same thing. Dinner still on for tonight?” I asked

“Yes, Kim called and invited herself, so other than that it’ll be the usual suspects. I’m looking forward to it and might even dance.”

“God, Emerson, Hazel really has done a number on you. Good for both of you, I’m pleased that Veronica had a small part in it. See you at the club then.”


I quietly entered the house and seeing the wine and cheese in the den, went upstairs and walked through the open bedroom door. Veronica and Sharon were both nude, except Sharon still had on hose and her heels and Veronica was still in her garter belt, hose and heels. I sat and watched them for a few minutes, noting that the camera’s green light was on and began gently fondling myself through my trousers. What the hell, I thought, I’m in my own bedroom, and stood and removed my shoes, socks, and pants along with my underwear. I took my now bare cock in my hand and began gently stroking myself as I watched them finger fucking each other.

Veronica was the first to notice him, and she whispered into Sharon’s ear, “My cock is watching, want to see if we can get him to play?”

Upon hearing that Sharon turned her head in Scott’s direction and seeing what he was doing, smiled at him, and in a breathless voice replied to Veronica “Yes, oh yes.”

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