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Annette had lived a troubled life. Sitting in the first class plane seat enjoying the extra space and a glass of vodka swirling about among a couple of ice cubes she found herself in a reflective mood. As badly as she had screwed up just about everything she touched she still managed to come out okay. With minutes ticking away till her fortieth birthday all she could do was smile and shake her head. The old Grateful Dead song played in her head like a scratched CD. All she could remember was the one line so she let it scroll endlessly. “What a long strange trip it’s been.”

Theoretically she felt badly for Andrew. Escaping to Mexico had been his idea. He had planned it. He had made the reservations and booked the tickets. Checking in at the airport he used his status with the airline to get their bags checked for free and then was upgraded to First Class. As the four of them sat in the airline lounge drinking free well drinks and eating lumps of stale cheese he offered her his seat. It was okay he assured her. He wanted to sit with Melanie anyway. She protested but they all knew it was an act, she was going to take the seat. She never turned down a present but she always showed proper appreciation. The idea had bubbled in her brain since they had boarded and now she just bided her time.

About half an hour after takeoff the seatbelt sign went off and they announced the beverage service. She sat and waited and ordered another drink and when finally one of the other first class passengers got up to take a leak she slipped out from under her little blanket, tugged her shrug off of her shoulders and slipped down the aisle through the curtains.

She liked the looks. Husbands sitting next to their wives, boys travelling with their families, even an old man, his red spotted bald head glowing beneath the reading light. Ann had large breasts and broad hips. She had a bit of a belly but it all rode right in front and the small sundress she wore highlighted an hourglass casino siteleri figure. She wished she was tan but made the most of an excessively pale complexion by dying her sandy blonde hair an unnatural red. It went nicely with her freckles.

She irritated the flight attendants by begging past their cart. An open seat in aisle 12 and her insistence that it was an emergency, a woman’s issue emergency, convinced them to pause their service to let her by. She made her way row after row towards the back of the plane.

In aisle 24 she came across Marcus, Andrew and Melanie. Pointedly she poked Andrew on the shoulder. He was on the aisle. “I need to talk to you. Right now.” She told him. He rolled his eyes but followed.

Andrew watched her move. It was remarkable. She had an inner confidence he could never believe. She had, for a short time, been a flight attendant and now an inner knowledge guided her. Without thought she pulled a pen from a pocket above one of the jump seats, she just knew it was there. Smoothly, without a second thought or even a glance over her shoulder she slid the two lavatories locked from the outside. She smiled at him briefly and pushed him into a corner of the galley.

“You have to be quick about this.” She said to him.

“What?” he muttered.”

“Shh.” She chastised him quickly. In answer to his question she pinned him against the wall. A quick kiss and the plunge of her tongue would have been enough but as further encouragement she gripped the front of his pants. He was swelling in her hand.

“Get him out.” She whispered.

Pinned against the wall of locking cabinets she saw the bearded man who had the last row of the plane to himself. He was watching. Whether he was watching or not she probably still would have done it but she had a knack for showmanship and the audience only made it better. A quick tug to the top of her sleeveless sundress and her breasts were exposed. They stood out nicely on their own slot oyna but the bunched up material below them caused them to stand up as if at attention and stare at him. the look on the man’s face was one of shock. His head whipped forward and backward but when Andrew approached her, his pants lowered off his hips the bearded fellow adjusted how he was sitting to comfortably look on.

Annette propped one leg up across the galley and used the other to support herself. Andrew was taller than she was though and ended up lifting her off the ground. He slipped easily inside of her and commenced fucking.

She was really only doing this for Andy but now, her eyes locked on the stranger her tits bared to anyone who wanted to peek around the corner and lifted off the floor pinned against the wall she found herself excited. She gripped him around the shoulders and pushed her hips at him.

Long and thin, his cock slid deeply inside of her then seemed to take forever to make each stroke.

“Hurry.” She whispered at him.

He made a small grunt or two. She silenced him by shoving her thumb inside his mouth.

Fuck him if he didn’t bite down on it. That was all it took. It wasn’t an earth shattering orgasm by any means but it was still a good one – a quick little endorphin releasing pop that caused her to gasp slightly.

“Harder. Come for me, baby.” She whispered.

Passengers without headphones heard a rattle in the back of the plane. Only one of them, an old Mexican woman headed not for vacation but home to see her family was afraid something had broken in the airplane. She protested to the old man beside her and he simply shrugged it off, all to familiar with his wife’s endless chirping.

Andrew did not simply pop in any small way. He had not been inside Annette in some time and although to her this was nothing but a way to pass the three hours to Cancun for him this was several years of frustration released. He gripped her ass and exploded canlı casino siteleri inside of her, giving her every last ounce of his love and eternal devotion.

Dull thumping had become squishing and fearing a second airline hitting her with a lifetime ban she pushed him away from her. She tugged his pants up and pushed him off to his seat. She pulled her dress back over her tits, smiled at her new friend in the back row and as she headed back to the front of the plane unlatched the two lavatories.

She made the long walk back to her seat in time to be handed a small tray with a dry chicken breast and a lukewarm pile of veggies. She ordered another vodka and waited to land in Mexico.

In the back of the plane, Andrew found himself being questioned by his wife.

“What was that all about?” Melanie quizzed him.

“Oh, you know how she is.”

“what was so important that it couldn’t wait till we landed.”

“Honestly, I just think she was bored and lonely.”

“Is she going to do this all weekend? I mean, I know, I knew before we left, she was going to get on my nerves.”

“She was really being nice. She wanted to know what she could do for you as a thank you while we are down there.”

“Sure she did.”

“Mel, don’t get all worked up. Enjoy your vacation.”

“It’s not my vacation. It is her vacation. Everything always has to be about Ann. It drive me nuts.”

He gave a look toward Marcus. Ann’s new husband was sweet and somewhat oblivious to his new wife’s history of drama and disaster.

“Look, I love your sister. When she behaves anyway. I just want to make sure she doesn’t rope you into every crazy whim that strikes her. It’s our vacation too, you know.”

“Trust me, honey. I will see that you get plenty of attention too.”

“You better.” Mel said, finally relenting.

When the beverage service finally reached their row Andrew ordered a double bourbon. He drank it down quickly and closed his eyes. The next four days could be the highlight of his 38 years or a complete and utter disaster ending with divorce and imprisonment in a Mexican jail. With Annette you never knew which it would be but you knew it wouldn’t be boring.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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