Anne’s Story Ch. 06

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Days Away 2

Dan and John golf, and afterwards the girls set out to bring six other golfers home for play.

Next morning dawned bright and clear. The sun reached into the top floor of the lodge basking the naked bodies of John, Grace, Dan and Anne as they sprawled limbs a tangle on their king size beds.

Dan awoke and nuzzled up to Anne’s neck, his lower body spooned around her luscious bottom. His morning erection was pushed up and into the crack between Anne’s legs. Slowly Dan began to slide his cock back and forth. Anne stirred and pushed him away.

“I’m sticky and uncomfortable. Let’s shower first before we do anything else.” She whispered, so as not to wake John or Grace who were sleeping top to tail on the other bed.

Dan whispered back, “Let’s go for a swim that way we won’t wake the sleeping beauties over there.”

Towels over their shoulders and the sun glistening off their naked bodies, Dan and Anne strolled along the path through the dunes down to the beach. The lodge disappeared from view hidden by a screen of sand dunes and coastal scrub. It was as if they were on some uninhabited landscape.

The sheltered corner of the beach below the lodge was untouched by human footprints. The only access to the beach was through the private land of the lodge and it was not overlooked by any other structure.

The ocean, in the lee of the Cape was smooth with only a slight swell, breaking quietly against the white sand. Anne and Dan laid out their towels and hand in hand walked into the water. It was cool, not too chilly.

Dan watched Anne’s nipples erect as the water hit them and they reacted to the coolness. Dan felt his balls contract into his body as they sought warmth of his groin. The lovers stood amidst the gentle waves and using hands on each other began to rinse the crusted semen and dried pussy juices from each other’s bodies.

Reaching down Dan rubbed free the encrusted cum that had emanated from both men as they spent themselves in Anne’s clasping cunt the night before. Anne rinsed free the dried cum from Dan and John, as well as the sticky pussy juices of herself and Grace that had matted Dan’s pubic hair and balls.

Anne shivered as she remembered the erotic and sensual activities they had performed on the balcony of the lodge the night before. ‘It was great she thought that the four of them were so free with and caring of each other that they could share their friendship and their lust without the pangs of jealousy that consumed so many other couples relationships.’

Cleaned up and in the mood for a languid float Anne lifted her legs, clasped them around Dan’s waist and lay back floating arms stretched. She felt Dan’s cock begin to stir as her arse cheeks gently bumped it.

His hands on Anne’s hips, Dan pushed her away and down then slid his now erect cock into her soft relaxed pussy. With gentle thrust he was able to enter and rest his hips hard against Anne’s groin. The bobbing of the waves added all the movement they needed as Dan stood fast against the ocean floor, Anne, legs relaxed and spread, she floated, supported by Dan’s cock and hands.

Anne felt the cock inside twitch occasionally as the waves lifted and dropped her. The top of Dan’s cock head would slide along the roughened patch of her G spot causing Anne to moan pleasure.

Dan pretending not to notice continued to talk about the day of golf that he and John had planned at the adjacent course. He told Anne they would be leaving about eleven and be back about 6.30 pm.

“Darling” said Dan, “John and I will probably be hot bothered and horny when we get home. So it would be nice to have the spa ready with some nibbles and drinks so we can ease our weary bodies.”

Anne looked up, was about to speak but, instead, moaned as a wavelet lifted her body and moved her pussy along Dan’s shaft. With a smile she recovered and said, “We ladies are off to the salon and coffee shop this morning.” Grace is having a wax and I may have my nails done. We will lunch at the golf club bistro, then back here and rest before we have a late afternoon sunbake After that we are at your disposal.”

The couple disengaged. Anne with a wave of her arms in the water back stroked off Dan’s cock and stood, her generous soft breasts floated, bobbing gently in the swell. Dan stood and watched his cock deflate in the cool water. Hand in hand as they had entered the water they came ashore, picking up their casino oyna towels dried each other and made their way back to the lodge.

Stopping in the Kitchen on the way through Dan and Anne filled and switched on the kettle. They also warmed up the coffee machine. As they climbed the stairs they could hear the showers running and the slap of two bodies meeting together.

The two soon to be voyeurs turned towards the sound, their heads just above the level of the floor. The sight of John and Grace in plain view through the clear glass walls of the double shower was captivating.

It sent Dan and Anne groping for the erogenous zones of each other’s bodies. Dan’s hands moved to heft and fondle Anne’s breasts. Anne’s hand went down to grasp and squeeze Dan’s swiftly erecting penis and swelling balls.

The athletic Grace was bending grasping her ankles legs apart, beautiful breasts swinging back and forth, shedding waterfalls of shower water as they moved to the rhythm of the pounding that Johns penis was giving her. He stood behind Grace and slid his shaft with a steady beat into Graces glistening, water beaded, pussy.

Dan and Anne stood closer together watching and fondling each other. Anne lifted her leg up a step and with the free hand began to slide her fingers up and down the inner walls of her labia’s. Her knees gave slightly and she leaned into Dan’s side for support. Dan, his cock firmly in Anne’s grasp had no further need for simulation. He just watched.

John his hands on Graces hips pulled them back to meet his thrusts making the squishing, slapping sound that had alerted Dan and Anne to the lovemaking pair.

Neither Grace nor John had heard them, nor would they have cared anyway, so familiar with each other had the four friends become.

John increased the speed of his thrusts and pulled Graces hips harder. His head turned up and his legs began to tremble. With one almighty grunt he drove hard and stopped.

The pair on the stairs watched as the base of his penis pulsed and his balls contracted. John moaned and swiftly pulled out of Grace. His spasaming organ free of Grace’s now gaping cunt ,moved in a half circle spraying semen in a wide arc across Grace’s back and on to the walls of the shower where it formed long white strings that slowly slid down the wall tiles, across the floor and down the waste.

John lifted Grace, turned her, and folded her in an embrace and nuzzled his head into her shoulder.. Looking up he spied Dan and Anne on standing there fondling each other. John winked and said, “Grace offered to help me prepare for golf by relaxing me, which she claims will help with my swing. Now I have no stress not a care in the world so, I will be sure to score low today.”

Grace turned and gave John a hug and said, “That was fast and furious fucking with nothing much for me on the orgasm side. I don’t mind being taken like that occasionally. It makes me feel an object of desire. Let’s get breakfast,” she said passing a towel to John who was standing dripping, cock now soft and, draped over his balls.

Dan let go of Anne’s boobs, she likewise, raised her hand from Dan’s cock and, took her fingers from her pussy, holding two glistening fingers up for Dan to suck clean.

Both moved to the shower area, just vacated by John and Grace.

Dan squeezed Anne’s soft bottom and said, “I’m still relaxed from last night and the floating session in the ocean. I don’t need to be relaxed any further.”

They both showered and after drying each other joined John and Grace for breakfast. Dan and John then left in the BMW, golf clubs stored in the trunk.

Grace and Anne left an hour later in the Mini Cooper that was garaged at the lodge for guests use.

Lunch time saw the ladies, finished with their shopping and day spa, seated on the patio of the golf club where they dined on lobster salad and a locally made bubbly. John and Dan passed in their golf cart and throwing kisses and waving to their two lovers, but, not stopping as they continued to their next tee.

The group following and John were six men in three golf carts. They waved and wolf whistled at the girls on the patio.

“It would be nice to be here at the bar when they came in,” said Grace. “They would be certain to ply us with alcohol in an attempt to win our favours.

“Would be nice,” said Anne as she placed her empty cup on the table. But we have to rest and prepare for the return slot oyna of our golfing heroes.”

Returning to the lodge Anne and Grace stripped off and threw their clothes in the closet.

“Show me” said Anne, as they both turned towards each other at the head of the stairs near the king size beds. “This is the first chance I have had to see and feel your newly waxed pussy.”

Anne approached Grace and, with her hand slowly stroked the newly cleared flesh of Grace’s groin and lower tummy. She then ran her fingers between Grace’s thighs and felt the soft now hairless Labia’s.

Grace in the meantime had lifted Anne’s free hand and was admiring the ruby red gloss of her newly painted nails. She slowly lifted the finger to her mouth and gently sucked it in, probing with her soft tongue, down to the web between her fingers.

Anne moaned and rotated her hand. “After our six months together you really know how to press my buttons.” She could feel the warmth flowing to her neatly trimmed pussy. “Grace, let’s do it,” she said pushing the other woman back towards the bed.

“Be gentle,” Grace said. “I am still tender from the way I allowed John fuck me this morning.”

“I will.” “You won’t even know I’m there,” Anne said with a throaty laugh.

Anne leant forward and guided Grace back on the bed. Anne kissed Grace lightly on the lips, trailed her tongue along her body over her breast and down to the join of her legs. She then grasped Graces hip and turned her on her side facing Anne. Lifting two square pillows, Anne placed one behind Graces head and another behind where her head would be when she lay down. Anne lay down with her head at Graces groin where she could see the top of the folds of Graces Labia. She then grasped Graces knee and thigh and placed them over her head to rest on the pillow.

Graces’ labia’s opened up an inch from Anne’s lips and the sweet smell of her friends sex made her lick her lips in anticipation.

“Do the same,” said Anne. She felt her leg lifted, bent and placed on the pillow. She could feel Grace’s breath stir the light pubic hair that surrounded her sex. “Let’s be soft and gentle, we do want to rest, so we should just enjoy the closeness” said Anne. She felt Graces head nod and felt a gentle lick from a tongue that parted her labia’s and then stopped, resting. To Anne it felt not sexy, but friendly, as if she trusted her friend not to push her towards full arousal.

Anne leant forward slightly and placed her lips on Graces bare labia’s she pushed her nose through the first layer and rested against the soft inner labia’s. She breathed in feeling the wrinkled pussy flesh adjust to her intrusion. A wonderful sexy, musty smell assailed her nostrils and she smiled to herself, relaxed and settled for a snooze. From the feel of gentle wafts of air on her pussy she could tell Grace had relaxed and was resting with her tongue still pressed into Anne’s slit. Neither moved and soon they were both snoozing.

Two hours later the Anne drifted towards consciousness. Her eyelids fluttered open and she felt a warm rush flooding her groin. Grace she realised, had woken ahead of her and seizing the moment had begun a gentle licking along the length of Anne’s pussy.

Anne realising her tongue was in a similar position resting on the newly waxed labia’s of her friend. O God it felt so smooth and full. She moistened her tongue, pointed it and began a gentle probing between those soft rolls of flesh. As she bottomed out and began a slow trail down from Grace’s clit towards what Anne knew would be the tight opening of her Vagina.

Grace exhaled sharply; Anne felt the warmth of the air gushing from Grace’s lips on to Anne’s soft clit. Anne shivered with the pleasure caused by that simple breath of air. Anne continued with her pointed tongue and slipped it into the opening of Grace’s cunt. The flesh parted and the stiffened tongue felt the soft ridges of muscle that rimmed Graces sweet hole. Anne kept pushing and drove her tongue in an inch to where, she could feel the flesh become smooth and the taste of the now moist walls of her vagina began to assail her senses. Anne rested savouring the growing flavours as the swiftly reacting walls of ‘Grace’s vagina released their juices.

Grace parted her lips and circled Anne’s clit. She probed it with her tongue and slowly rotated the clit around its base. Anne, head locked under Grace’s thigh, moaned softly. The vibrations caused her canlı casino siteleri embedded tongue to slip a little deeper into Grace’s now pulsing pussy where Anne felt a gush of cream force itself against her tongue. She pulled it back and rinsed the sweet liquid around her mouth.

Pulling her head back a little further she was able to speak. “Dearest Grace we are both rested and our sexes are warm not boiling, yet. Let us not go further but use our now horny minds to plan the evening.”

Grace pulled her head back enough to enable speech. The air from her breath curled amongst Anne’s soft pubes causing an electric current in her skin that seemed to circle her sex with an exquisite feeling of warmth and comfort. “Dan and John expect us to be passive tonight and serve them and the fantasy they are planning. Let us take the initiative and stage a fantasy of our own.”

“I know!” said Anne. “Since we began this sexual adventure, I have enjoyed the pleasure of being loved by Dan, John and you, my dear, at the same time. I have sometimes wondered if, more would be merrier, so to speak. There are six likely candidates that should finish their game of golf soon. Lets vamp up and see if we can lure them into our web.”

Grace and Anne slowly disengaged and easing to the sides of the bed stood up. “Let’s open our boxes of purchases from the sex shop we visited on our way here and see what we have that might attract those golfing gentlemen.” Said Grace.

Anne opened the box and taking out the new vibrators and Dildos, she put them aside and opened the bags containing the lingerie they had purchased. Her hand reached for the black crutchless panties trimmed with red lace and a sexy bustier trimmed the same way that would lift and encase her generous breasts, leaving an ample cleavage. Black stockings held up by a clip garter belt completed her underwear.

Grace chose a half cup bra with cut out nipple spaces that lifted and held her breasts with the nipples pointing straight out. She chose to wear no panties and slipped on a form fitting short jersey dress that, when standing, reached about four inches below her hairless pussy,. Grace leant over to fasten the straps of her stilettos Anne was presented with the sight of Grace’s left thigh, arse cheek and a few glistening drops of Anne’s saliva that hung down from Graces smooth hairless labia.

Anne could not resist and slid her fingers into Grace’s slit, diving deep into her wet cunt where she wriggled her fingers then, withdrew the coated digits’ and sucked them clean. “I couldn’t resist such a sexy invitation” she said. “If you do that in the golf club you will have them creaming their jeans before we get to taste them.”

Anne then turned and chose a black dress with a V neck that buttoned down the front. Her cleavage thrust enticingly above the join of the material and she left the lower two buttons of the dress undone, so that when sitting, she could open her legs and allow the dress to fall away, exposing her thighs, stocking tops, and pussy protruding through the gap in those lacy knickers.

Grace not to be out done lifted Anne’s hem aside and using her fingers inside Anne’s pussy dragged out enough cream to wet Anne’s pubes so they glistened in the overhead light. “There that should entice them to wish for more when the glance down to where you voluptuous arse is seated on the barstool.” Said Grace as she turned aside to add red glossy lipstick to her bow lips.

Anne followed suit with red lips and dark mascara. The two ladies then cleared up and laid out some nibbles on the upstairs table and placed wine and beer in ice buckets beside the spa and verandah lounges.

Laughing and holding hands they skipped down the stairs into the car and headed back to the Golf Club parking beside John’s rented BMW. Entering the lobby of the club Grace peered in to the bar and spied the group of men gathered around the bar enjoying their post game drinks. Grasping Anne’s arm she guided her through the doors of the bar towards the six men.

The men engrossed in their own conversation did not look up until the clack of Grace’s heels became audible over the sound of their voices. They turned as one and gazed at the two women heading towards them. Scrambling to their feet, their eyes popping, they asked the girls to join them.

“A glass of Moet each would be great.” Was the answer Anne gave to the offer of a drink.

She perched on a bar stool, keeping her knees demurely together. Grace did the same but crossed her legs, displaying a length of leg and thigh, as her dress slid up as she sat. The circle formed around them as the men introduced themselves.


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