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After my wonderful weekend with David in New York and then my surprise adventure with Jill and Randy in Dallas, I settled into my usual routine. Get the boys off to school and then head for the health club and another vigorous workout.

Then I would return home, take a shower and settle down in front of the computer to enjoy reading sex stories on Literotica. After being thoroughly turned on by what I was reading I would then enjoy my daily masturbation session.

It is Wednesday and I have just finished a demanding aerobic workout. As I walk from the exercise room I hear a call from behind. “Miss Betty! May I talk to you for a minute?”

It is Anita the aerobic instructor. “Can we sit for a while? I need to ask a favor of you.”

“Why certainly.” I replied. “What’s on your mind?” I asked as we took a seat at a table in the lounge.

Anita is a beautiful, vibrant girl with a fantastic athletic body. She is only about five feet tall with dark skin and short, raven hair. Anita is about 22 years of age. Every time I look at her I remember what Emily told me about her and my mouth waters. I would love to lick her little pussy.

“Miss Betty. I am leaving town and going back to Pennsylvania. My boyfriend and I broke up and my father wants me to come home and go back to college.” She blurted.

“I’m sorry to hear that.” I replied. “I certainly have enjoyed your classes the last couple of years.”

She smiled broadly and replied, “Thank you for the kind words. I have certainly enjoyed my time here.”

“What is the favor you needed?” I asked.

“I have to be at the airport at five o’clock this afternoon and I need a ride. I was wondering that if you weren’t busy if you could pick me up at my apartment and bring me there.” She asked with a pleading look on her face.

I looked at her for a moment and I immediately thought that I might have an opportunity to see if Emily was correct. “I am free for the rest of the day and I would love to give you a ride to the airport.”

“Oh, thank you so much Miss Betty.” She gushed. “I am completely broke and could not have paid for a cab. You are a life saver.”

I could not believe my luck. Anita was leaving town for good and was also in need of money. This met all of my criteria for selecting sexual partners. I decided to take advantage of the situation. “Why don’t we make an afternoon of it? I’ll be at your place around two o’clock and we can go somewhere nice and eat before I drop you at the airport.”

“Oh Miss Betty! You are so nice. I would love to spend the afternoon with you. As you know I live just around the corner and I am almost finished packing. I’ll see you at two.” She said as she stood up, gave me a big hug and kissed me on the cheek.

“I’ll be there then.” I stated. She gave me a big smile and almost skipped out of the club.

I drove home in a state of euphoria knowing that this afternoon I was going to lick Anita’s sweet little pussy. Emily told me that she was a cinch and, according to her, she had never made a mistake when selecting a sexual partner for her and Richard.

Upon reaching home I went straight to my room and masturbated. All I could think of was sucking Anita’s soaking wet cunt. With my feet up on my computer desk I experienced a mind-boggling climax as I pistoned my fingers in and out of my pussy and ass. Bucking my hips, I came with a profuse gushing of my love juice. I scooped up as much as I could and hungrily sucked it from my fingers and the palms of my hands. I wish that I could lick my own pussy. I know it sounds depraved but I love to eat cum.

I showered, put on my makeup, and began to dress. I needed to wear something that I could easily remove. I decided to wear a short, pleated, light green skirt with a white, sleeveless blouse that buttoned up the front. I decided not to wear a bra and also considered not wearing panties. But I did not want to scare the girl so I decided to wear the panties that Jill gave to me. The full sized white cotton ones with the light green stripes. They matched the skirt.

I only had three hundred dollars in cash, which I placed, in a plain envelope, in my purse. It would have to do. I also added a bra and Ann’s blue panties. I would use the money, if needed, to proposition Anita and I would wear the fresh under garments to the airport.

It was a short drive to Anita’s apartment and I decided to get there early. If I arrived at one thirty she may not be quiet dressed and I may be able to speed up the process. She had to be at the airport at five. Damn, but I wanted her badly. I could hardly wait to get between those muscular legs.

I parked the car and walked to her apartment. It was in a nice, modern complex and was located on the third floor. Apartment 363. I knocked on the door and after a few minutes Anita opened the door. “Oh, Miss Betty! You are a little early. I just got out of the shower.”

She was dressed in a white, terry cloth robe and had a towel wrapped around her head. Her little face, with out make-up, was beautiful.

“I’m sorry. I am a little early, illegal bahis but I am anxious to get started.” I apologized.

“That’s OK. We can visit while I put my make up on.” She replied and then added. “You are so beautiful.”

“So are you.” I smiled.

I had known Anita for two years and had taken her aerobic class on numerous occasions. She was a demanding and skilled instructor and was my favorite. I liked her a lot. Over that time we had only spoken to each other briefly, but on several occasions.

Her little body was very muscular in a sexy sort of way. Her legs, although muscular, were slender and well defined and her ass was firm and pronounced. Her tits did not appear to be large but would bounce in an inviting way as she performed her aerobic routine.

Since Emily’s assessment of Anita I wanted her badly but I had to suppress my urges until now. But now an opportunity presented itself and I felt that I had take advantage of it.

Emily had said that Anita was a cinch. A cinch for a sexual conquest! I figured that we only had a couple of hours to play and I decided not to waste much time.

Anita walked to the couch and sat down. ” I taught eight aerobic classes yesterday and four this morning.” She said. “My feet and legs are so sore and tired. I was trying to make a few extra bucks to help me get started at home.”

“They must be tired. Let me massage your feet.” I offered.

“Oh No! Miss Betty” She replied as she briskly dried her hair with the towel. “I didn’t mean to suggest that. You are already being too generous to me.”

“Please, let me. It will be my pleasure. A good foot massage will feel good.” I repeated the offer.

She smiled and said. “Alright, but just for a few minutes. We have a lot to do.”

I kneeled on the floor in front of her and placed her feet on my lap. I took one in my hands and started to gently massage it. It was so small and dainty.

Anita sighed and leaned back into the couch. Her head was back and her eyes were closed.

“It feels good doesn’t it” I asked.

“Oh! Yes Maam. Does it ever.”

I massaged her feet vigorously and worked my fingers between each toe. I felt like taking them into my mouth and sucking. As I worked her feet she relaxed and spread her legs a bit. Her robe opened and I could see that she was wearing a pair of full white cotton panties.

I could see the outline of her pussy. I was mesmerized by it. It was puffy and the lips were pronounced. Maybe little Anita was becoming aroused. I decided to massage her calf muscles and took one in each hand making long, slow, kneading strokes as I worked from her feet to her knees.

“Ohhhh! That feels so good.” She gasped. “Your hands feel wonderful. No one has ever massaged my legs before.”

I kept stroking her legs and kneading her muscular calves. Her flesh felt so good in my hands. As I reached her knees I lightly traced my fingers behind them. She relaxed even more and spread her legs wider. I couldn’t take my eyes off of her panty-clad pussy.

“Feeling better baby?” I managed to ask.

“Am I? I have died and gone to heaven. Please don’t quit,” She pleaded.

I had no intention of doing that. I thought about moving my hands up to her thighs but hesitated. I kept my eyes on her pussy and I saw a damp spot appear. Little Anita’s pussy was getting wet.

That was all the encouragement that I needed and I moved my massaging hands to her thighs. I worked them for a minute and Anita sighed. The wet spot in her panties had grown larger. Emboldened, I moved my hands to the inside of her thighs and I gently worked my fingers close to her panty line and then down again.

Anita squirmed and gasped. ” That feels so damn good. You better stop.”

I paid no heed and kept working her thighs with my hands. Her panties were now wet and I began to salivate. Saliva leaked from my mouth and I licked my lips.

I was startled and surprised when Anita asked. “You want to lick my pussy don’t you?”

I looked up and her eyes were open. She was looking at me and had seen the lust in my eyes.

Why…Yes! Yes… I do,” I stammered.

“No woman has ever licked my pussy.” She stated and asked. ” Has a woman ever licked yours?”

“Yes. Yes they have.” I replied as I experienced a small orgasm. I felt my panties getting wet.

“Was it good?” Anita countered with a question.

“Every time….. It’s been good every time.” Was my answer.

“Have you licked pussy before?” She queried.

“Anita I love to eat pussy. Do you want me to eat yours?” I said as I looked directly into her eyes and continued to gently stroke the inside of her thighs with my fingertips.

“I’ve been curious about that for some time now. I thought of doing it but I never thought it would actually happen. I never thought that it could be with some one like you. You are so beautiful, older than I am, and have a handsome husband. You have a family and a nice home. You are an attractive and classy lady.” She explained.

“I know I look prim and proper but I can be nasty baby illegal bahis siteleri girl. Real nasty! I would like to do some very nasty things with you right now.”

“What would people think of me if we actually did that?” She asked with a perplexed look on her face.

“There is no one else here but you and I. If we do it who will know? I reasoned. “I’m certainly not going to tell.”

“Your touch has me so turned on. I don’t know if I want to stop. You are right. No one will know and we will probably never see each other again.” She acknowledged.

‘That’s right, baby girl, no one will ever know.” I reaffirmed.

“Do it then, Miss Betty. Touch my pussy! Lick it!” She blurted.

“Relax and open your legs a little more.” I directed. She spread her legs wider and with the back of my hand I gently rubbed my knuckles over her cloth-covered slit. She jerked in response and her pussy gushed more juice into her already soaked panties. With both hands I slid the tips of my fingers under the edge of her panties and lifted the sopping material from her steaming cunt. I then leaned forward and sucked the wet material into my mouth while making a soft purring sound. Damn but she tasted good. I could smell the arousal rising from her slit as I sucked her juices from the cloth.

“Oh sweet Jesus!” She exclaimed. “That’s the most sensual thing I have ever seen. You are sucking the cum from my panties.”

This was going to be a wonderful afternoon I thought as I experienced another small orgasm.

“Help me get your panties off.” I directed as I reached for the waistband with both hands. Anita placed her heels on the couch and raised her ass as I easily slid her soaking panties down her legs. She slipped her left foot out but did not raise her right and her panties hung there.

She was completely shaven. This would be my first shaved pussy. It was beautiful. The inner lips were prominent and hung down. Anita’s clit was swollen and protruding. Her juices were seeping out of her slit and slowly running down to her ass hole. I had to have a taste.

“Pull your legs back and spread wide pretty baby. I want to lick it all.” I commanded.

She grabbed both knees and spreading wide pulled them back to the couch where they rested on either side of her shoulders. Her cum soaked panties dangled from her right ankle.

“I feel so nasty. So exposed. So fucking naughty.” Anita confessed.

“Yes you are and you have a beautiful, wet pussy that I have to taste.” I said as I leaned in and with a flat tongue licked from her ass hole to the bottom of her soaking pussy. Her thick cum had a delightful sweet, yet sour taste. It was ambrosia and I licked it all up.

“Ooooh Shiit! This is so nasty.” Anita managed to utter.

I moved back down to her exposed ass hole and gently licked around the tight rim. She bucked her ass into my face and exclaimed. “Oh Jesus, honey…I love that…oh fuck, lick my ass…that feel’s so fucking good. I love to have my ass licked. Lick my ass.”

I continued to lick around her puckered hole and then I rolled my tongue up and tried to plunge it as deep into her ass hole as I could.

“Ahhhh! Oh god… I love that! Do my ass! Fuck my ass with your tongue.” She exhorted.

“That’s it pretty baby. Talk nasty to me. I like nasty talk when I eat pussy. Tell me what you like.” I directed.

I continued to probe her ass with my tongue in a fucking motion for several strokes. Then with a flat tongue I moved up to her pussy and licked the entire slit all the way to her hard little clit. Her love juice was bubbling from her hole and I sucked it up with a loud slurping sound.

“I can’t believe that this is happening.” She exclaimed. “Miss Betty is eating my pussy!”

I flicked her engorged clit lightly, once, and stood up.

“Ohh, Please don’t stop now it feels so good.” Anita pleaded.

“My hair is in the way. I need to put it up. Don’t move.” I commanded.

I reached back into my purse, pulled out a rubber band, and while standing over her pulled my hair back and gathered it into a ponytail. I unbuttoned my blouse and slipping it from my shoulders tossed it aside. I did the same with my skirt and then slipped off my, cum soaked panties.

“Your body is so long and lean and beautiful.” Anita exclaimed and then asked. “May I smell your wet panties?”

I presented them to her upturned face and said. “Lick the crotch. It’s thick with my cum.”

She released her legs, took the panties in her hands and sucked in my smell with a deep intake of air. Anita then licked the thick juice that had collected on the crotch of my underwear.

“Suck my love sauce pretty baby.” I directed.

As she sucked my juices I dropped back down to my knees and wasting little time, slid my hands under her bottom and cupping her ass in both hands pulled it to the edge of the couch. I flat tongued her from her pretty little ass hole to her dripping cunt. I then raised my head and looked at her slit. The inner lips were swollen and hanging from her open hole. I took each one, in canlı bahis siteleri turn, between my teeth and gently sucked their length, slowly from top to bottom. I then worked my extended tongue as deep as I could in her hole and tried to dig out as much of her goodness as I could. When I reached her protruding clit I sucked it gently into my mouth.

My panties fell from her mouth and she gasped. ” Oh God! When I’m this turned on I squirt. I squirt when I cum.”

“Squirt for me baby! Fill my mouth with your cum.” I encouraged as I resumed sucking her little nubbin.

Anita started to buck her ass into my face and began to chant.” Hunh, hunh hunh, I’m close. I’m sooo fuuccking close. I … am… going….. to… cum…. All….. over…. Your…..pretty…. fucking…. Face.

“Cum for me baby!… Squirt that pussy juice….. Fill my mouth.” I managed as I continued to suck hard on her clit.

“Unh, Unh, Unh, Unh, That’s it, That’s what I like. Suck…my…fucking….pussy…..Hard! Make……..CUUUMMM!” She screamed as a thick wave of pussy juice splashed onto my chin and flowed down my neck.

I opened my mouth and covered her hole just as her pussy squirted another copious amount of her love juice onto my tongue and down into the back of my throat. I swallowed as much as I could before she grunted and squirted again. I lifted my face a little and this burst hit me on the nose and covered a large area of my face. “I…have….never….cum…. this….hard…..before! She gasped as I rubbed my entire face in her sopping cunt.

“You’ve got your whole face in my pussy. Your whole, beautiful, fucking face!” She exclaimed.

“Spread wide baby. I want all of your cum. I love the taste of it. I love to eat it.” I said as Anita spread wide and I voraciously licked and sucked and swallowed. All the while making loud slurping, sucking sounds with my mouth. I was in a cum eating frenzy.

I raised my cum soaked face, caught my breath, and said. “I can’t get enough….of your sauce….It is so thick….so tasty….I love to eat pussy….I am so nasty….I am a pussy eating whore…..I am going to work…..that hard little nub….I want to make you squirt….I want to make you cum again.”

Using my tongue I flicked her clit rapidly and then licked it several different ways. Anita rapidly bucked her sloppy, steaming pussy into my face, bruising my lips. I gave her clit one last lick and moved down to her sopping hole and fucked her deeply with my tongue.

“Fuck me!” She exclaimed as she exploded again squirting a heavy volume of juice into my eager mouth. “This is so fucking good. Suck my pussy! Eat my sloppy cunt!”

I slowed down as her spent body sagged into the couch. I continued to use my tongue running it easily up and down inside her nether lips.

“Ummmmm,” She breathed. “That’s nice…sooo nice.”

I continued to work her pussy that way, maintaining a slow, gentle licking within the walls of her sweet little slot. Taking my time, I savored the delicious feeling of her warm slick cunt against the sides of my tongue, feeling the abundant moisture within her hole. Her pussy had a wonderful taste, musky and strong, but also sexy and feminine. I could eat Anita forever.

“Nobody has ever made me feel this way. I can’t believe that we are doing this.” Anita exclaimed.

Pausing for a moment, I looked up and asked. “Do you like it baby?”

“Oh Yes! I like it.” She gasped. “Please don’t stop. I can cum often”

I noticed that the nipples, on her lemon-sized tits, were hard and extended. I looked back down at her pussy and noticed that it was still soaked with her juices. I kissed it again and with my lips sucked the cum from her wet folds like a child eating an ice cream cone, making obscene smacking noises as I pulled away. Then, using my thumbs I spread her lips wide and begin a series of long, languorous strokes with the full width of my tongue, moving from her lovely, cum filled asshole all the way to her clit, then back down again, over and over. I licked up all of the cum that I could find.

She begin to make soft keening sounds and her hands caressed my head as I continued to eat her out. “That feels…so…fucking…good,” she breathed, and I felt absolutely fantastic. I moved my hands up to her breasts and cupped their fullness as I gently pinched her nipples with my fingers. Anita’s tits felt so good in my hands, and her wet pussy tasted and felt so good on my tongue. These things and the sound of her voice as she responded to my lovemaking forced me over the edge and I experienced a massive orgasm. I let out a loud, drawn out moan into her pussy.

I could feel cum flowing from my cunt and down the inside of my thighs as I continued to tongue fuck her. Anita started to shake all over and buck her pussy into my face. About to cum again she screamed. “Baby…Oh baby! You …are…going…to …make…me…cum…again. FUUCK YEES, I’MMM CUUMMING!”

I covered her hole with my mouth as she rapidly bucked her ass into my face and squirted more of her goodness onto my probing tongue. I tried to hang on and rapidly suck and swallow, suck and swallow. Little Anita could really cum. I slowed down and kept licking the mess that I made between her legs as she continued to easily roll her hips in time with my licking.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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