Angela’s Seduction

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Ana Armas

This is a continuation of Angela and Devin’s story. You can read more about Angela and Devin in my other submissions. They are written out of time sequence, but each story can stand alone. Chronologically this encounter occurs immediately after “Angela Meets Devin.” In this story Angela learns what she has been missing all her life.


Angela leaned against her door watching his broad shoulders as he walked away from her. She felt curiously angry with him for leaving her like that, with her lips still feeling the brand of his mouth, her heart thundering in her chest.

For the third time she wondered what is was about this man, she had only met him this afternoon and she was ready to surrender everything to him. His last words, “I must have you. You will be mine.” echoed in her ears. There was nothing she wanted more right at that moment.

Straightening and giving herself a shake she turned and let herself into her apartment. It was late but she was not the slightest bit sleepy. She carefully hung up all the clothes she had gotten out when she had dressed for her dinner out with Devin. Then she got out her journal and wrote of her experiences of the day, marveling how boring and routine her entries had been up to today.

She did not shower, just pulled on a soft nightgown and tried to sleep. She lay there for what seemed like an hour, though her alarm clock said only ten minutes had passed by. She sighed in frustration and reaching to her nightstand she got out the small vibrator that had helped her sleep so many times before. It was nothing gross just a small massager. Normally an orgasm for her was nothing more that a quick spasm of pleasure, more of a disappointment than the mythical crashing waves of ecstasy she had read about in romance novels. More often than not she felt empty and sad afterward but she craved the sense of lassitude that crept over her after it was over.

This time as the tiny vibrating head of the massager glided over her she was surprised at how wet she was, the vibrations seemed to penetrate her more deeply than she had ever experienced before. A soft moan escaped her lips. Her thoughts strayed to Devin, how he smelled, how his lips felt on hers. Her hand cupped and then crushed her breast to her chest. She could feel the heat and tension growing in her belly and thighs, her loins trembling and jerking, She cried out his name as her orgasm swept over her, longer and more intense than any she had ever had before. She lifted the little vibrator and gazed at it in wonder.

The next morning, she wore a pair of form hugging denim jeans, a crisp white blouse, and a pair of good walking shoes. She wore her sleeves turned up to show off the leather bracelets he had asked her to wear the night before. She had opted to wear her hair in a pony tail and her curls hung down her back.

Her breath caught in her throat when she opened her door to him. He was wearing some worn jeans, and a work shirt. He smiled and once again gestured for her to turn around for him. She gleefully spun. As she turned to face him once more he gripped her waist and pulled her to him. “You should be warned I made no promises to be a gentleman today.”

“Then I am in grave peril, for you are a very dangerous man.”

He laughed and kissed her on her forehead, ran his hands down and cupped her ass, and then just as quickly gave her a firm swat. She yipped and giggled. “You like that, don’t you.” It wasn’t a question.

On the ride to the first property he seemed fascinated with her hair, holding her close to his chest, running his fingers through the unruly curls of her pony tail. It did not take long before he had tangled his fingers in her curls, he tried to get free without pulling muttering in surprise. She laughed and grabbing his wrist firmly she tore her hair free using a fair amount of force, snapping off numerous strands. “Beware my hair, it is a Medusa laying in wait to capture those emboldened by its promise of beauty and comfort.”

“Didn’t that hurt when you pulled?”

“When you grow up with a mop like mine you learn early to ignore the pain. Its the only way to tease out any tangles. It takes a lot of discipline to make it behave.”

He wondered if she was deliberately teasing him, or if she was unconscious of her provocative words. Either way she was practically screaming submissive to him.

He took her hands in his and brought her wrists with their leather straps to his lips. “Thank you for wearing these.”

“I like the way they look. Why are they important to you?”

“Angela, my little innocent, do you actually not know what these are?” She blushed and shook her head. “They are bondage toys, lovers use them to tie each other up.” A long shudder shook her frame, her eyes wide. She swallowed. “You have never played that game with a lover?” She blushed deeper and shook her head wordlessly, her eyes staring fascinated at the leather bands on her wrists.

He left her mind explore the possibilities, changing the subject to the property they were approaching. casino oyna It was an old abandoned garment district factory. A Realtor was waiting to open up the property and began to extol the possibilities of this property. Devin impatiently told him that he did not want the distraction of his sales pitch and directed him to wait for them outside. He got a long brutal looking crowbar and a flashlight from the trunk of the car.

He took a small digital camera from his pocket and handed it to her. “You can be in charge of photography. Don’t be shy, take pictures of everything. Are you afraid of rats?”

“Yes, sort of, but I won’t scream and climb up on a chair, if thats what you mean.”

He took her arm and led her into the dark cavernous interior. “I looked over the floor plan this morning. The first floor is retail space, the second devoted to offices, the top four floors are open.”

He took her first to the access door to the basement. “I always check the basement first. If there is any problems with the foundation it would be a waste of time to look at the rest of the building.” The basement was dark and it took a few minutes before he found the switches for the lights, but even with the lights on, it was dim with many dark and ominous shadows. Something scrabbled and moved somewhere in the darkness. She instinctively moved closer to him. “Rats, there are always rats in these buildings. No matter where you go in the world, the rats take over the old buildings.” She nodded and focused her attention on taking pictures. One room made her yelp a little scream when he turned on the lights and dozens of dusty manikins appeared out of the darkness. “Are you frightened?”

She shook her head, but she had to concentrate to keep her hands from trembling as she took pictures of the things he pointed out: water stains, cracks, broken pipes, debris to be cleaned out. Once they were done with the basement, they explored all the other floors. The top four floors were totally open with lots of natural light coming through the dirty windows. Angela smiled in delight at the open space after the gloom and dirt of the smaller rooms below. She began to skip and dance across the space, finally stopping in the center and slowly spinning.

At first he just stood back smiling watching her play, but soon he approached and took her in his arms, pressing the length of her body against his. She melted against him, her eyes on his, expectant, flushing in anticipation. She rose on her toes so her eyes were even with his, the slightest tremble shook its way through her. “Angela, tell me what you want.”

At first his question confused her. She didn’t want anything from him. She turned her head quizzically, “Want? I don’t want anything.”

“Maybe I wasn’t clear, maybe I should have asked you what you ‘need’.” He brought up his hand and gently caressed her cheek, and then traced the curves of her lips.

Another stronger tremble shook her. What in the hell was he talking about. She found herself wishing he would just shut up and kiss her. The sudden realization of what he wanted flooded over her. “Kiss me. Devin please, I need you to kiss me.” Her voice soft and full of emotion.

Slipping his hand behind her neck he pulled her face to his. Initially his lips were soft but soon his kiss became demanding, his lips hardening, his tongue reaching deep into her mouth. A soft hum of pleasure vibrated in her throat. Her hands reached up to touch his face. He took her hands in his and brought them behind her holding them there in his larger stronger hand, pinned against the small of her back. She froze and looked up at him startled, but he did not give her time to question, taking her mouth with his once more. Pressing her hard against him with the the hand pinning her hands, kissing her endlessly.

Angela was dizzy with sensations. Never had a mans kiss or hands had brought such amazing waves of pleasure. She could feel her core throbbing, moistness in her loins. When he trapped her hands behind her she felt a pang of fear, but it seemed to just add a sweet edge to the rising heat in her body. When he pulled her tight to him she could feel the heated swelling in his groin. To her shock she found herself pressing harder against it, feeling none of the disgust she had felt at the lust of the men who pursued her when she was younger, craving the contact.

He left her mouth and traced his lips down her neck to the open neck of her blouse. Her buttons were buttoned high and he could not reach her breasts. She let out a soft moan.

He knew he could have taken her then, on the floor in the vacant building and she would have refused him nothing. Yet he did not want their first lovemaking to be tawdry and cheap. He wanted her to feel safe and cared for as she surrendered to him.

When he released her, she staggered and he had to hold her to keep her from falling. “Dizzy?”

“You have cast a dark spell over me.”

“I seem to be enchanted as well.”

They looked at the rest of the building, and using a special key slot oyna he opened the door to the roof and they stepped out under the blue sky. A flock of pigeons flew up. “Ah yes the upstairs tenants, rats with wings.” They stood at the edge of the building looking down at the busy street below. “The building will need extensive renovations but the location is excellent. It will be quite profitable for apartments on the top four floors.”

He moved up behind her, pulling her to him. “Angela, I will not be in New York long enough to court you properly. I can tell you want me as much as I want you. Please spend the night with me. Let me make love to you.”

Angela felt a wave of tenderness and need. “Devin I need you. Please make love to me.” She turned in his arms facing him, giving herself to him.

He felt a shudder of lust. He kissed her on her forehead, “We have two more properties to tour, and if you tempt me any more I will end up throwing you down in the dirt and having my way with you.” His words sent a fresh wave of excitement through her.

Through out the rest of the day, he kept her close to him, his hands possessive on her body, exploring her waist, the soft curves of her butt and the edge of her generous breasts. By the time they were finished with the third building her movements were languorous, her eyes large and unfocused with need, her breathing fluttering with the near constant trembling in her legs and core.

After the third building she asked if she could go home first. “Why, what do you need?”

“Just some personal items, a change of clothing.”

“You will not need anything like that, everything will be provided for you, and I strongly suspect that you will not need any changes of clothing. Once I have you in my lair, I doubt you will have much need for clothing at all.”

“I am not on birth control.”

“That does not worry me. When I married the second time I wanted to insure that there would be no offspring to threaten the children of my first marriage. I had a vasectomy.

She sighed and snuggled closer to him, the last shred of her anxiety dissipated with that last piece of information. Sex had always held the terror of pregnancy for her.

She was surprised when the car brought them to the same building where she had made her presentation just the day before. Had it really been only a day? She felt like a lifetime had passed. She no longer was the nervous girl that had walked into that boardroom. She did not know who she was becoming but she sensed that after tonight she would never be the same again.

“My apartment is on the penthouse of this building.” He could sense her nervous tension rising as the elevator rose to to top floor. He pulled her to him. “Are you afraid?”

“No, not of you, but you have made me feel things I have never felt before. That scares me.”

“You have not had many lovers have you.”

“No, not very many, and never very long.”

He was curious to ask her more but decided to wait till later to question her further.

He showed her his apartment. It was not overly large, having only two bedrooms each with a matching master bath, a modern kitchen and a large living room-office area with large picture windows overlooking central park. One of the bedrooms was unfurnished standing empty, the other had a masculine furnishings. Dark wood modern dressers and a four post matching king sized bed filled the other.

The living room was richly furnished with heavy comfortable leather sofas and a built in entertainment center. In one corner was an almost life sized marble sculpture of a nude woman kneeling, bound with her hands stretched above her head by an invisible bond. Her hair fell over her face concealing most of her features but Angela could see her eyes were peacefully closed and a soft smile curved her lips. The sculpture was amazingly realistic and completely anatomically accurate, her sex exposed between her spread knees.

Angela felt his eyes watching her as she stared, mesmerized, at the white marble form. “She is very beautiful isn’t she.” Angela swallowed and nodded mutely, her eyes flashing to his face. Her fear was starting to surpass her desire. “Angela, I will not force you to do anything. Everything we do here will be because you want it to happen. You can leave here at any time.”

“Could I have a drink?” Her voice jumped and cracked with nervousness.

He poured her a drink, splashing a generous amount of bourbon over ice cubes. She took a big gulp and choked and coughed at the burning liquor. He laughed, “Go easy there, I don’t want you accusing me of plying you with drink to seduce you.” She took another big swallow and shuddered as the burning liquid entered into her stomach.

“Please Devin, please make love to me. I am starting to think to much. I feel very much in danger of fleeing in panic.” Her voice shaking with tension.

He gently took the glass from her hand and pulled her to him. “Let your hair down.” She impatiently tore the hair band holding her pony down its length, canlı casino siteleri and shook her head. Her hair exploded into a wild halo around her shoulders. He tangled his hands in her hair and pulled her face to his. Initially passive under his lips she soon warmed and leaned into his kisses, her breathing short and fast. She reached up to touch him and he told her, “No keep your hands at your sides.” He pulled away and looked at her face. She was gazing at him rapt, her eyes cloudy with need, her lips swollen and red.

He began to unbutton her blouse slowly one button at a time. Pushing the white fabric over her shoulders and dropping it to the floor he stepped back and drank in the sight. Her breasts strained against an improbably flimsy white lace bra. He kissed her on her collar bone and traced his lips to her cleavage, cupping and lifting her breasts with both his hands. He could feel her nipples taut and hard against his palms. A soft moan escaped her lips.

He spoke softly in her ear, “Now is your last chance to flee, if we go much further I don’t think I could let you go.”

“I don’t want to go.” Her voice foggy with need.

“Will you give yourself to me?”

“I give myself to you.”

He picked her up and cradling her against his chest he carried her to his bed. He lay her down on the bed and stepped back. Slowly he took off his clothing, and stood before her, broad and strong, his chest covered with black hair, his erection proud and imposing.

Her breath caught in her throat, gazing fascinated at his erection, unable to tear her eyes away from him. He sat beside her and unbuttoned the top button of her jeans and unzipped them. He slowly ran his finger under the top of her white lace panties, caressing the skin just above her mound. The muscles of her stomach jumped and spasmed.

“When was the last time you have had a lover?”

Her voice was soft and reluctant, unwilling to be brought back to reality, not wanting to think or talk, “Um, three years?” He stroked lower on her stomach, running his fingers through her soft curls over her mound. He could feel the moist heat rising from her.

She whimpered with a pleading sound, “Devin please.”

He quickly pulled her jeans down and off taking her panties with them. He quickly pulled her up to sitting and unhooked her bra and stripped it off her. Pausing for one minute to record her image in his brain, he lay down and pressed his length against her, reveling in the sensation of her skin against his.

Angela lay passive beneath his hands, accepting each touch and kiss, arching and moaning as the feelings took control of her mind. He sucked her nipple into his mouth, the electric sensation scorched through her making her loins ache and throb. She arched her back lifting her breast to him, pressing against his mouth. He stroked her loins, parting her lips with his finger tips, touching her amazingly gently. She cried out at the sudden increase in sensation, her hips surging up to meet his hand. Nothing had felt as sweet and strong as his hand on her sex. She was slippery wet, and he slid two fingers into her curling them up rubbing against her inner most walls, his thumb massaging her clitoris. Another more desperate cry tore from her throat. “Oh god, Oh god, Devin.” Her hips began to pump in the primitive mating rhythm that called to him to mount her.

He slid between her legs and she spread her legs and presented her sex to him begging to be filled. “Ask for it.” His voice dark and demanding.

“Oh god, Please put it in me.”

“Ask me to fuck you. Say it. Say ‘Fuck me’.”

“God damn it, Devin. Fuck me. Please fuck me.” Her voice desperate and pleading. He placed the head of his cock against her and slowly began to press into her. A deep groan of fulfillment shook her. She tipped her hips to meet him and surged toward him begging, demanding more. Her hands no longer passive she grasped at his hips pulling him deeper. Her knees lifting and spreading to open herself totally to his plunge into her depths.

Pulling her hands away from his hips he meshed her fingers with his and pinned them to the bed above her head. Laying still between her legs he savored the heat and grip of her wet cunt. He began to kiss her deep and hard. She tried to say something but he stifled her words with his mouth, her moans becoming desperate and panicked. He began to withdraw and thrust in the same rhythm as her hips rocked and surged. Deep moans began to well up from her throat, her hands clenching his in a frenzied grip. Her eyes closed, all her attention turned inward, trying to understand and survive this storm of feelings cascading over her.

Devin continued to stroke into her, watching her, some part of his mind detached and gaging her response, increasing the speed and strength of his thrusts as her cries and movements became more urgent.

Suddenly she froze, her eyes opening wide in shocked surprise as the cresting wave of her orgasm lifted her. She arched and screamed as she peaked and wave after wave of ecstasy crashed over her, tossing her like a a leaf in the wind. As she convulsed beneath him, Devin softened his pace, still thrusting but slowing rather than speeding up until she was limp and unresponsive beneath him.

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