Andrew’s Bum Boy Fantasy Cums True

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Andrew arrived outside Tim’s house, he parked and then got out of hi car, at the foot of the drive he hesitated, then steeling himself, walked towards the house. He nervously pressed the door bell, the seconds seamed like hours, he almost turned around and ran, the light came on the other side of the glass, and saw a tall dark form approach the door. The door opened, there stood a tall and well built black guy, a tingle flowed through Andrews body, Andrew said “Hi Tim, sorry I a little late”. Tim smiled “hey no problem, come in, I’m sure you’ll make it up to me”. As Andrew passed Tim, he felt a firm grip on his arm, turning him.

“Get on your knees” Tim commanded firmly. Both Tim’s strong black arms came up onto Andrews’s shoulders, pushing him down, and as he did he looked up, afraid and excited at the same time. Now on his knees, in front of this towering black hunk, standing over him hands on hips. Tim thrust his hips forward almost shoving his bulging crouch into Andrew’s face, no words of instructions word were needed, and Andrew knew what was meant to happen. Andrew reached up for Tim’s belt buckle, and began to unbuckle the belt, time seamed to slow down has he pulled the tongue through the buckle, he fumbled with it awkwardly, then managed to pull it through completely.

Then he moved to the buttons on the jeans, the bulge in the jeans made undoing it was tricky, then it came away. Slowly Andrew lowered the fly zip, and gasped involuntary as Tim massive erection sprang out pushing out his boxes like a huge tent pole. Pulling at both his jeans and boxers, Andrew began to lower them, at first hampered by the sheer size of Tim cock, but he managed to pull the boxes over, and Tim’s huge erect cock sprang into view.

It was at once both terrifying and beautiful, it was so long and thick, and black, Andrew just gaped at it, stunned in to inaction. Tim had told he was well endowed, and even though Andrew had wanted to believe it, he’d been disappointed so many times before by exaggerations. Tim chucked “they all do that when they see him for the first time”. Andrew just stared at it mesmerised, his hand came up to stroke along the long had ebony shaft, suddenly Andrew was gripped by an overwhelming desire to have him in his mouth, to slide his tongue up and down. He bent forward and ran his tongue over the knob, then around it and along the shaft and back up to the bell end.

Andrew began to slide his lips over the huge end stretching his lips wide, while at the same time sliding his tongue over the end of the Tim’s cock. Hesitating at first, Andrew began to slide his mouth down Tim’s shaft, again slide his tongue over and around the shaft, and then slowly pumping is head back and forwards. Andrew continued like this for a few minutes but then suddenly Tim gripped Andrews’s head between his hand, inter linking his fingers behind it his head. Then he bucked his hips forward thrusting his thick cock into Andrews’s mouth, pushing hard into to it, almost making Andrew choke. After the first shock, Andrew greedily began to suck and lick back, and using his teeth, gently biting.

Tim gasped out load as Andrew continued to suck and slide his tongue over Tim’s cock, “God” thought Tim, and “this guy is incredible”. Tim’s thick cock güvenilir bahis slide deeper into Andrews’s throat, with quick sharp thrusts, then would pull almost out so that Andrews’s lips were around the end of his cock. Andrew sucked and slid his tongue over Tim’s bell end, before pushing his cock all the back in and pumping and back and forth.

Then Tim pushed Andrew up against the wall, forcing him back against it, forcing Andrew’s head against it. Then he started to thrust his cock in and out of Andrew’s mouth, faster and deeper, bucking his hips backwards and forwards, until finally with a frantic cry, he began to pump his sperm into Andrew’s mouth, still pumping his cock in and out. Andrew felt the first warm spurt of sperm in mouth, then tasted the salty taste on his lips, then more and more began fill his mouth, as his mouth filled he began to swallow. Tim continued to slide in out of Andrew’s mouth, breathing deeply and groaning with pleasure. After a few moments he pulled away, Andrew fell back against the gasping, he wiped the salvia and cum from his lips, and looked at Tim, who stood leaning against the wall catching his breath.

“Man you are such a sweet cock sucker, I thought you were gonna swallow me whole, how you feeling?” Tim offered Andrew’s his hand, pulling him on to his feet. “Ok, it was good” replied Andrew slowly. “That’s good, because the fun as only just stated white boy” with that Tim pushed Andrew towards a door, “I got a surprise for you in the living room”, and with that Tim firmly pushed Andrew through the door. As he did so Tim said “here he is boys, cute little cock sucker as well”. Andrew stopped stunned, in the room were another three black men, naked smiling. Tim pushed up against Andrew, griping his side, holding firmly, “isn’t this what your wanted” he said into Andrew ear, “you wanted to be gang bang by some hung black guys, or was the just all talk? Well?” Andrew just stood, stunned and speechless, the adrenaline of fear and sexual excitement pulsing through his veins.

Again Tim spoke, “you can go if you don’t want this, do you want carry on”? Andrew nodded his head, tried to speak, but no sound came out, again “yes” he whispered. “All right, way to go” said Tim, “come and get him boys he all yours”. The other black guys stood up and came over to Andrew, at first all standing looking at him. Andrew looked back. Tall, Dark, well muscled, already with semi-erect cock, then they gathered around Andrew and began to pull at his clothes, first lifting his arms and pulling his T-shirt off, stroking there hands down his upper body. One hand squeezed his left nipple, hands moved down to belt buckle, pulling at it, and the button on his trousers and the zip. His trousers fell the floor along with his boxers, he stood there in front of the three black guys, and they looked him up and down, and nodded in approval.

They gathered around Andrew again, caressing his body, squeezing his buttocks, hands ran up down the front his body, caressing and wanking his cock. They began to caress his arse cheeks, a finger slide between them and forced its way into his anus. “Hmmm, you’re nice and tight, I gonna love fucking you bitch” said one the guys” pushing his finger hard up Andrews arse hole, lifting up on to his tips türkçe bahis toes.

“On your knees” he was commanded. Andrew knelt down on is knees, they closed in around him, wanking their big black cocks, rubbing them over is face, the one pushed against his lips, he open his mouth and the cock was pushed into his mouth and he began to suck and lick. After a few minutes it was pulled out and replaced by another, again after a few minutes the third cock was pushed into is mouth.

Then Andrew heard Tim say “bend him over the chair”, hands grabbed Andrew pulling up and towards an armchair in the centre of the room, the pushed him over and bent down so that his arse was presented to the air. Andrew felt someone stand behind him, hands rested on his arse cheeks, caressing and squeezing, then a huge cock sliding along between his cheeks back and forth, Tim stood next to him and asked “Are you sure you want this?” Andrew nodded his ascent “fuck me hard you black barstards” he challenged.

Hands grabbed his arse cheeks, forcing them apart and then he felt the immense knob probing his arse, the pressure built up into a searing pain as it was pushed into Andrew’s arsehole, forcing his anal ring apart. He cried out, as the big cock slide into his arse, a voice form behind him said, “man he’s so tight”. Hands gripped his hips, and he felt the cock being pulled back, then suddenly thrust forward, again he cried out as the cock went deeper. Again it was pulled back then thrust forward, and again, and again, each time the faster, deeper, until it settled into a rhythm of long hard strokes.

With each thrust the pain began to turn into a pleasant sensation, better than any fuck he had before, he began to push back to meet the thrust, clenching his cheeks, he could hear the heavy breathing of his assailant, gasping with each thrust. The pumping grew faster and faster and the hands griped his waist tighter. The pumping and thrusting became frantic, suddenly there was a long drawn out groan and Andrew felt the sensation of the man cuming deep in his arse. Slowing the pumping grew less and the with a slup the cock was pulled out.

Almost immediately it was replaced by another, hands griping his hips again, as another cock was thrust all the way in with one stroke, and started to fuck Andrew with long deep and fast strokes. Andrew felt hand rest on his head, he looked, up bumping his face on to a big black cock, thrusting from a firm, well-muscled black body. Andrew opened his mouth and closed his eyes. He felt the thick hard cock slide into his mouth, hand cupped behind his head. The cock was pushed all the way in, then back and then forward. He was now being fucked from both ends, his two assailants, got into step with each other and began to thrust into Andrew at the same time, although after every few pump, the guy fucking

Andrew’s mouth pulled back so that Andrew’s lip could slide over the bell end. The guy made short sharp pumping motions, and then pushes the cock back into Andrews’s mouth, sliding back and forth over Andrew’s lips. Then he pushed all the back in and fucked in out of Andrews mouth with long slow stroke, Andrew tongue slid around the thick shaft and pumped in and out. The pace began to pick up, each cock being pumped harder güvenilir bahis siteleri and faster, the hands griping tighter and their fucking grew more frantic and desperate with each pump. Andrew felt the grip of the guy fucking his mouth tighten, and then tense, and the his cock thrust as deep as it would go, and Andrew could felt spunk pumping up the thick shaft, and then into his throat.

Then cock was pulled almost all the way out, Andrew tightly gripped his lips around the knob, sliding his tongue around and over it tasting the spunk as continued spurt into his mouth. Behind the guy bum fucking him cried and as he came to, but continued to fuck him. Slowly the pace slowed, first the guy behind pulled and then the guy in his mouth, leaving Andrew bent over the arm of the chair, semi-dazed catching his breath.

After what seamed ages, but was only probably a few minutes, Tim said “get on the coffee table, turn him onto his back” again hands gripped and he lifted and moved over to the coffee table. Andrew lay on his back looking up at Tim, who griped Andrew by his ankles, lifted them and then pushed back over, towards his shoulders. Andrew could feel Tim’s immense black cock sliding into Andrew arse; he gasped in pleasure throwing his head back as he did so. As his head came back over the edge of the table, one of other guys stood over him, kneeing in down, he pulled Andrews fore down stretching Andrew mouth open. As he did so he pushed his thick cock into Andrew’s mouth and began to deep throat him. As Tim pushed his cock deep and hard into Andrew’s anal passage, the other guys fucked his long cock all the way into Andrews’s throat, sliding in and out in long strokes, deep throating him.

At the same time Tim was pushing Andrews knees right back to his shoulders, so that he could fuck his cock deeper and deeper into Andrew’s arse, pain and pleasure ripped through his body with each long hard thrust. Each thrust felt like it would come out the top of Andrews’s mouth, a mouth that incidentally was still filled with a thick black cock. This slide back forth into Andrew mouth, with long fast strokes, but very so often the pulled almost out so that Andrew could suck is lips around the knob end. Each time Andrew was aware of sharp in take of breath. Suddenly the pace picked the guy fucking his mouth started pumping harder and faster and even deeper, going right down into Andrews’s throat. The guy above started going “oh fuck he’s good, yes, ooh yes uuuhhh yes”. Andrew could feel him tensing, his already huge cock seamed to get even bigger, swelling.

Then with a long groan he forced his cock right into Andrew mouth and become to pump come into Andrews mouth. He pulled back still pumping out spunk, and thrust back in with a loud “uuuuuhhhh”. Tim as slowed down why this was happening but when the guys pulled out of Andrews mouth, Tim renewed his pounding into Andrew’s arse, faster and faster, until, with a loud cry he pulled out and began to spurt spunk all over Andrew. A thick creamy spunk hit in the face, over his chest. Andrew just lay there, dazed, catching his breath, satisfied. After as while, he heard Tim say, “you ok, man you were good, that was the best fuck session I have ever had”, Andrew looked and smiled, it was pretty good for him too. Tim held his hand down to and Andrew took allowing him to be pulled up to his feet.

“Hey go take a shower, and clean up, then you can watch the video”. It was then Andrew noticed the lights and the camera.

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