Andrea , Jack Ch. 03

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If you haven’t read the other parts to this story, I suggest you do. Please leave feedback. I want to hear from you. Thanks for all the suggestions I’ve gotten so far. -Jack


“What’s wrong, Andrea,” her brother Jack asked.

“It’s Steve,” Andrea said between sobs, “We broke up.” Andrea grabbed another tissue and blew her nose. They were in the living room of the house they lived in with their parents, and sister Donna.

“What happened? You two seemed so happy,” Jack said, putting his arm around her sister as they sat on the sofa where they made love.

“I thought we were. I went over to Steve’s to surprise him, and I found him on the back deck of his house, giving the captain of the school baseball team a blow-job.”

“You know he likes guys,” Jack said remembering how he and Steve shared Andrea, and themselves with each other.

“Yeah, but I knew about you; I had no clue about Mike. I told Steve to enjoy him, because that’s all the sex he’ll get from now on,” Andrea said as she buried her face in her brother’s chest.

Jack put his arm around her, and lightly rubbed his hand up and down Andrea’s back. It was early in the morning, so Andrea was still in pajamas, while Jack was in a t-shirt and running shorts.

“I’m sorry I wasn’t there for you last night, sis. I was over at Mary’s house kinda late. We were in the hot tub, and well, you know.” Jack didn’t want to elaborate. He didn’t want to rub in Andrea’s face that he and Mary fucked in almost every room in the house.

“It’s okay, Jack,” Andrea told her brother. “You couldn’t have done anything for me anyway.”

Jack smiled at his sister. “Yes, I could have done something,” he told her as his hand slipped under Andrea’s shirt, seeking out her tits. “I could have done this.”

His hand found its target. Andrea’s nipple was already hard in anticipation. Jack slowly caressed one of his sister’s breasts, lightly brushing over the nipple.

“Jack, please,” Andrea gasped, “don’t,” gasp, “stop,” she told him as her mouth sought his. Their lips met and their tongues searched for and danced with each other. Andrea put a hand on her brother’s leg, and moved up to find his cock and balls.

Jack broke off their kiss long enough to remove his and Andrea’s shirts. Jack had almost no hair on his muscled chest; while Andrea had great B-cup breasts that Jack couldn’t keep his hands off.

They resumed their embrace, and Andrea found the object of her lust, Jack’s cock. It was already hard, with a slight trace of pre-cum on the head. Andrea passed her hand slowly down the rigid shaft, and started to lightly rub her brothers scrotum.

“I love it when you do that, Sis,” Jack told her. He sat up enough to take of the shorts; he wasn’t wearing underwear. Andrea stopped to let him take off his shorts, but then returned to play with her brother’s manhood.

Jack kissed, licked, and nibbled his way down his sister’s face and neck. As he sought out the breast that wasn’t getting attention, Andrea took off her pajama bottoms. She was still wearing the pink thong that Jack had given her on the sly. He thought it showed off her ass better, and who was she to argue?

Andrea would have let her brother orally pleasure her tits, but she wanted his cock more. She leaned over, and kissed the tip of Jack’s cock. She then ran her tongue in a downward spiral around his cock to the base, where she sought out each testicle, and gave it a cute little kiss. She then returned to her main objective, replacing her mouth with her hand on her brother’s ball sack.

“God, you know I love it when you do that,” Jack told his sister. That was about all he could muster as Andrea worked her mouth this way and that way around his cock.

Finally, she took all of him in her mouth. She hadn’t been able to do that when they first made love. But thanks to having both Jack and Steve’s cocks to practice with, she could take her brother’s entire rod in her mouth without much trouble.

All Jack could do was lay back and enjoy watching his baby sister give his cock a tongue bath. He could feel his orgasm building as Andrea’s head bobbed up and down his manhood. “Andrea, be ready… I’m going to…”

He couldn’t finish the sentence. Jack’s orgasm consumed his attention as his cock erupted in Andrea’s mouth. Pulse after blissful pulse of his cock sent what always felt like a gallon of casino oyna semen into his sister’s mouth. Andrea did her best to swallow all of it, but a little bit trickled down her chin.

Ignoring his seed, Jack brought Andrea’s face to meet his in another round of kissing. He tasted himself in and around her mouth, but it didn’t bother him. “I thought I was supposed to make you feel better, Sis, not the other way around,” Jack playfully scolded Andrea.

“That did help me feel better,” Andrea said, with a mischievous look on her face. “But you can still help me feel better,” she told Jack as she started to lie back on the sofa.

Jack didn’t need to be told twice. He got on top of her and picked up where he left off. He worked his mouth over each breast equally. While he did that, his right hand moved down her body to her sex. He slipped his hand under the waistband of Andrea’s thong, and his hand slipped through what little pubic hair his sister hadn’t removed, to her dampening pussy.

Andrea, already breathing hard from the excitement of this taboo act with her brother, gasped as one of Jack’s fingers found her clit. Jack slowly worked his finger over her nub, and he stuck another finger into her slick cunt. Andrea gasped again.

After a few moments of manually pleasuring Andrea’s pussy, he wanted a taste of his sister’s love nectar. He shifted so that his face was even with his sister’s cunt. He pulled off the thong that he gave her as a memento of their first foray into the forbidden zone. He then kissed around his sister’s creamy thighs, zeroing in on her cunt.

* * * *

Donna hated working double shifts at the hospital, because it meant more money. It would be better money when she became an RN, but it also meant that she was dog tired, and wanted nothing more than a hot bath and her pillow.

Pulling into the driveway of her parent’s house she saw that Jack and Andrea were still home. I guess they’re lucky, and sleeping in, she thought. Well she was going to be joining them in the land of nod soon.

Donna quietly entered the house. She was going to go straight upstairs, when she heard some moaning and grunting from the living room. Oh, great, Pinky’s watching porn again. Andrea told her sister how she liked to masturbate while watching porn on the living room’s big screen TV. Donna tried to walk even more quietly, so that she could give her sister some privacy without embarrassing her. She looked into the room, and noticed the TV wasn’t on. And then she saw it.

Andrea had sat up on the sofa, very topless, and very into her sexual pleasure. She couldn’t see if her sister was fully naked, as the sofa faced away from the doorway. Donna moved closer, and watched as her sister bobbed up and down. She’s having sex, Donna realized. She also felt a little strange, because the sight of her sister getting laid excited her. Then, she got a real shock.

Andrea turned around, and disappeared on the sofa. Then Jack (!) appeared from sofa, and moved a bit forward, and was obviously thrusting his hips. Oh… My… God! Her brother and baby sister were fucking each other. Donna couldn’t believe it. In fact, she didn’t believe it. She thought is was an elaborate joke they were playing on her. Donna didn’t want to walk over to the couch to see that Jack was humping a pillow, while Andrea sat on the floor, trying not to giggle.

Andrea had a plan. She quietly backed away from the doorway, and went down the hall to the kitchen. She was going to sneak up on them by going through the kitchen, and into the dining room. The dining room opened out on the far end of the living room from where Donna had first observed the prank. It has to be a prank, she thought. They were always pulling pranks on their big sister. She was going to spoil this one for sure.

Andrea stealthily made her way to the dining room, after taking her shoes off in the kitchen. The dining room had hardwood floors that always made Donna’s hospital shoes squeak as she walked on it. When she got to where she could see the sofa, she realized there wasn’t a prank.

Jack was still behind his sister, making those same thrusting motions. Donna however, realized her siblings were naked, and that her brother just wasn’t thrusting; he was indeed fucking Andrea. And they were both enjoying themselves. “I want back on top, Jack,” Andrea told her brother. Jack pulled out, slot oyna and Donna could see her brother’s eight-inch cock, glistening with their sister’s juices, gave Donna even more conflicted feelings.

Absently, and without even thinking about it, Donna slipped a hand into her scrubs, and started to rub her pussy. The sight of her sister impaling herself on Jack’s pole started her heart racing, and she worked her other hand under her shirt and bra, and fanned her fingers over the nipple of one of her ample breasts.

Soon, unbeknownst to each other, Donna’s masturbation rhythm matched her sister’s motion on her brother. Their intensity quickened, and soon Jack’s hips drove straight up into Andrea, and his orgasm was accompanied by a primal growl. Andrea matched her brother’s growl with a shriek of her own orgasm. Then Jack and Andrea heard another grunt, coming from the dining room.

Donna, leaning against the doorway, slowly sank to the floor. The hand that had been on her twat was easing her down, while her other hand was still under her scrub shirt. They both guessed the obvious: Donna had orgasmed while watching them fuck.

Andrea jumped off her brother, and crossed the room to her big sister. “You okay, Pinky?” She asked. They both called each other Pinky.

“I’m alright. What the hell is going on here?” Andrea asked.

“I think it’s pretty obvious, Donna,” Jack answered crossing the room and getting on the other side of his big sister. “Let Andrea and I help you over to the sofa.” Andrea winked Jack at; he smiled back.

Slowly, they helped their sister over to the sofa. Seated, Jack and Andrea stayed on either side of her. “How long has this been going on?” Donna asked.

“A couple of months, give or take,” Andrea replied. “You aren’t going to tell anyone, are you?” As she asked her sister the question, Andrea’s hand slipped under her Donna’s shirt.

“You both know it’s not right,” Donna said. Jack slipped his hand under the shirt as well. “Mom and Dad would… Oh!” She stopped when both Jack and Andrea had each one of her breasts in her hand. “You guys, shouldn’t…” her voice faltering as they tweaked and pinched a nipple.

“Pinky, you look warm in this,” Andrea said. “Let’s get those clothes off you. Andrea pulled up the shirt over Donna’s head. Donna offered no resistance, because her sensitive tits were being pleasured. Jack moved to take his big sister’s pants off. Andrea replaced her brother’s hand with her own. After Jack got the pants off, Andrea straddled her sister’s lap. She leaned forward, and kissed her sister.

Donna returned the kiss. Her tongue delightedly “fought” with the invading tongue of her sister. Jack slipped a hand behind Donna’s back, and unhooked her bra. Andrea noticed the freedom of movement her hands now enjoyed, and she lifted up the cups to reveal her sister’s tits. Unlike Jack, Andrea had seen her sister naked more times than she could count. She always wondered how big tits felt.

Donna, for her part, was lost in the pleasure her sister was giving her. She broke off the kiss, and tossed the bra aside. Andrea moved to put her mouth on those delicious orbs that had been totally freed from their fabric prison. When Andrea flicked her tongue on one of Donna’s nipples, Donna felt an almost electric charge from the tip of the nipple, straight to her cunt. Donna reached out, and sought her sister’s tits.

Andrea would have none of it. She took Donna’s hand, and put it between her legs. Donna quickly got the message, and searched for her sister’s clit. Finding it and fondling it, Donna sent a similar charge up her sister’s spine.

Jack was enjoying the show. He watched with undivided attention as his sisters’ explored each other’s body. He could feel his erection returning, but wanted to wait for the right moment.

Donna pushed Andrea down on the sofa, and began using her tongue to map out her sister’s body. Andrea stopped her. “Why don’t we go to your room and continue this, Pinky? Come on Jack, you too.”

“Like you really thought you could keep me away?” was his reply.

They all got up, and went to Donna’s room. Donna had the second largest bedroom in the house. Because she could, Donna had bought herself a King sized bed. Although she used her desk to do written assignments, she did all her reading on her bed. Donna ushered them in, and closed the door.

Jack canlı casino siteleri and Andrea both jumped on the bed. Jack move to prop himself at the head of the bed, Andrea met her sister at the foot. On her way there, Donna removed her boy short panties, and Jack and Andrea got their first view of their big sister’s shaved pussy.

“Now where was I? Oh, that’s right. On your back, Pinky,” Donna ordered her sister. Andrea complied. Donna got on the bed, and with cat-like motions, she got close to her sister, and picked up where she had left off. She worked her mouth between Andrea’s breasts, and traced a lined on her abdomen with her tongue. She paused only to tease Andrea’s navel, which Donna knew was ticklish. While Andrea giggled and flinched, Donna raised her head, and plunged her tongue along Andrea’s slit.

Andrea felt like the wind had been knocked out of her, turned on by her sister’s trick. She would forgive her, because Donna was orally working her cunt magnificently. Donna shifted herself around, and presented her sex to Andrea. Andrea had never seen a girl with a shave cunt before, and this was something new to Donna since they went swimming last month. Tentatively, she passed her hand over the shaven area, and it was smooth to the touch. She then found her sister’s clit, and began to pleasure it.

Donna was really enjoying her first taste of pussy. About a year ago, she and a friend had decided while drunk one night to try out each other. Donna’s friend had no problem eating pussy, but Donna was hesitant to return the favor. But now, the smell of Andrea and Jack’s juices drew her to her sister’s cunt. She sighed when Andrea placed a hand on her twat, and nearly lost her breath when Andrea finally began to use her mouth on her.

Jack was enjoying the show. He was hard as a rock, but he was under the spell of seeing his sisters in a 69. Jack leaned forward, and added his tongue to Andrea’s on Donna. That was too much stimulation for Donna. Her hips drew up, and she spasmed as her second orgasm of the morning overtook her. Andrea knew she was soon to follow, and she tensed as she orgasmed, grinding herself into Donna’s face.

Jack, however, didn’t stop. He kept working his tongue over Donna’s clit, and then stuck his tongue in Donna’s hole and flicked it in and out. Donna cried out, and nearly fainted when she was overcome by yet another orgasm.

Jack smiled at his handiwork, but also made sure Donna was all right. She didn’t say anything, but turned slowly, and eyeing Jack hard cock, zeroed in on her objective. If Jack didn’t know better, he would have thought that she meant to hurt him. But no, something primal had overcome Donna. Lustily, she began to work over her brother’s rod, Tracing and licking it with her tongue. She then took all of him in her mouth, and unlike her sister, Donna again used her mouth organ to stimulate the underside of his cock.

Jack wasn’t sure how much longer he could hold out. “Donna, get on my cock, NOW!” Jack demanded, with a hint of plea in his voice. Donna grinned, slid her mouth off her brother’s tool, and said, “I thought you’d never ask.”

Donna straddled her brother, and lowered herself to his throbbing manhood. I’ve gone this far, I might as well go all the way, She thought as her brother’s cock entered her; the last taboo was broken. Donna didn’t care. Jack’s cock felt wonderful inside her, like it belonged there. She had planned to start slowly, but she was so worked up, she very quickly switched to a quick up and down motion on Jack’s cock. Both moaned, letting the other know that it felt blissful.

Andrea watched as her brother’s cock penetrated his sister’s pussy. She saw both of their eyes glaze over in enjoyment of each other. Andrea moved over to Jack, and lowered her cunt onto his face, where he immediately began to work over her clit. Andrea looked into the mirror behind Pinky’s bed, and saw the joy on her sister’s face. Then, Donna’s motions up and down became more rapid, and Donna suddenly dropped down on Jack’s cock. Throwing her head back, Donna yelled, “Oh fuck yeah!” as her orgasm overcame her. As Jack tensed up, Andrea exploded her love juice on Jack’s face just before he emptied his load into his other sister. Jack could feel his cock pulsing, as he came, and felt Donna’s vaginal walls tense around his cock as he did.

The girls somehow managed to lift themselves off of Jack. They then lay down on either side of them on the bed. He kissed each sister, Donna first, then Andrea. For their part, they kissed their brother, and nuzzled his chest. They fell asleep, still glowing from their forbidden tryst.

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