And Hubby Makes Three

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This is my first story, and I know it’s rather short, but I would welcome any constructive criticisms people may have. This story is based on a real event related to me by Gail.


My husband Shaun and I were having one hell of an argument, when he grabbed his keys and left the house. What happened next changed everything.

First let me tell you about myself and Shaun, I’m 49, 5’10” and slim, Shaun is 6’4″ and well built. Shaun and I share our home with our son Jason, who is 28 and 6’7″ and again well built.

After Shaun left I locked the front door, but forgot to set the alarm. I then went up to our bedroom, sat on the bed and started to cry. After a couple of minutes I heard a tap at the door, and Jason asked if I was ok, when I didn’t answer him he pushed to door open and entered the room. As I continued to cry he came and sat on the bed and gave me a cuddle, saying it’s ok mum, I’m here.

I just laid me head on his shoulder and continued to cry. I didn’t notice at first when he put his hand on my knee. He then kissed me on the neck and said “there there mum”. I did notice when he moved his hand slowly up my thigh towards my hip, but didn’t think anything of it. He continued to kiss my neck, moving around the back, where I’m very sensitive. I really took notice when his hand moved up my side and into the open sleeve of my loose t-shirt and onto my bra clad breast. Why I didn’t stop him then I don’t know.

At the same time his face moved in front of mine and he kissed me on the lips, at first I kept them tightly closed, but he applied pressure with his tongue and I reluctantly parted my lips. Straight away his tongue darted into casino oyna my mouth, and I returned his kiss, inserting my tongue into his mouth.

I felt his hand working its way under the cup of my bra, and onto my breast. He started to roll my now enlarged nipple, making my gasp a little. Meanwhile his other hand had worked its way up to the crutch of my sweatpants, and he commenced to rub my pussy.

I thought I should stop this before it went any further, but something inside me wanted it to go on, to wherever it went.

His hand then made its way up to the waist band of my pants and then inside them, he discovered that I wasn’t wearing any knickers. I felt his fingers getting near to my clit, and as he touched it a moan escaped from my mouth. He seemed to know from then that he could do whatever he wanted with me.

He stood up and lifted the t-shirt over my head, reached round and unclipped my bra and removed it. He then slowly pushed me backwards onto the bed, reached down and started to remove my pants, at this point I made a half hearted attempt to stop him, but he just continued to pull my pants down and off my legs. He then stood up and removed his own clothing. It was them I saw something I hadn’t seen for over 15 years, and bloody hell it had grown since then, Jason was more than well endowed, a little bit bigger than his dad, but it was thicker by a fair bit.

Before I could say anything he kneeled down and buried his head between my thighs and started to lick my pussy, and he certainly knew what he was doing. He started by sliding his tongue along my pussy lips, stopping before he hit my clit, and then he inserted it into my, by then, slot oyna somewhat wet hole. Then upwards to my clit, which he also sucked on, sending shivers through-out my body.

I had to get hold of that cock, and now!

I pulled him up onto the bed, rolled over so that he was below me, I then moved so that he could continue to lick me whilst I slowly wanked his cock. After a couple of minutes I leant in and took it into my mouth, Jason groaned “fuck, that feels good” as I started to move my head up and down taking him further into my mouth. I felt him stiffen and then he shouted “I’m fucking cumming” as he flooded my mouth with his salty spunk. I had a hard time swallowing it all but managed with a couple of hard swallows. At first Jason just laid there, but then he really set to my pussy, his tongue darting in and out of my hole, then sucking on my clit until I started to buck up and down as my orgasm approached, just before i came he inserted a finger into my arse, and I came like never before.

I rolled of Jason and told him, if he was able to, to fuck me, and fuck me now. He moved over me, lifted my legs onto his shoulders and started to push his cock into me. Just then I noticed some movement at the door, it was Shaun!!

He was stood there watching as his son fucked me. I thought he was going to explode, but he put a finger to his lips, indicating that I should keep quiet. He then proceeded to remove his clothes, without alerting Jason to his presence. He moved into the room, suddenly Jason sensed that someone was there and looked round as he fucked me. Shaun just smiled and indicated that he should continue what he was doing. Jason then seemed canlı casino siteleri to become even more aroused and started to fuck me yet harder. Shaun told Jason to lay on the bed and let me get on top, which I did, Shaun that took hold of Jason’s cock and placed it at the entrance to my sopping cunt, Jason that started to fuck me again, I felt the bed dip as Shaun got onto it behind me, he pushed me forward so that I was laid on Jason.

I felt Shaun playing with my arse hole, and then he inserted a finger, followed by a second. This was driving me crazy and I felt disappointed when he removed them, but then I fell more pressure on my hole as he inserted his cock up my arse. He then commenced fucking me, alternating his thrusts with Jason. Soon I saw screaming that I was cumming on their cocks. Shaun told me to cum soon as he was almost there too, Jason piped up that he was close too. I didn’t care, I was past caring as my second orgasm of the night hit me hard. Then I felt as Shaun started to flood my arse with his spunk, followed by Jason filling my cunt with his.

After we had recovered somewhat, I asked Shaun why he wasn’t mad at me and Jason for what we were doing when he came home? He replied that it was something he had fantasized about for years, but had never had the nerve to ask me to do it.

At this point Shaun asked me to get on my hands and knees, so that Jason could have my arse too. I was more than happy with that, so moved to the edge of the bed, Jason got behind me and using his dads spunk as lube entered my arse in one swift thrust. Shaun moved in front of me and told me to suck his dirty cock, this I did willingly. This time the two of them timed their thrusts together, with Jason ramming his cock up my arse, and Shaun ramming his down my throat.

As you may have guessed, we spent the rest of the night getting to know each other even better.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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