Anal Nurse Ch. 05

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NOTES: Irinia Kalenko’s machinations have caused a series of changes in what Harriett had once deemed a hopeless situation:

The call she made after her first session was to a cousin of hers, who happens to work as “muscle” for the Russian mafia . At her request, Harriett’s blackmailer is brutally beaten and forced to leave town, solving the busty nurse’s immediate problem. Now, Harriett’s pilfering is beneficial to her, as well, as she receives a cut of all drugs that are sold.

The same cousin paid a visit to the father of Harriett’s youngest child, and he had been so impressed by the burly Sergei that he presented Harriett with a support check of $2,000, which she can expect each month until the child reaches 18.

Irinia is now the source of all the positive changes in Harriett’s life, and she is suitably grateful. Her previous existence as a “happily heterosexual” wife and mother are over; she has come to CRAVE the savage buggerings her female lovers inflict on her each day, and willingly indulges in whatever kinky doings her boss requires of her….

A well-spring of repressed lesbian desires is no longer buried in Harriett’s psyche, nor are her sub-conscious yearnings to be dominated sexually. These had been evident during her marriage, but are now FULL-BLOWN ripe for harvesting…

Here’s where we left off: (from ANAL NURSE 4)…..

Harriett can’t control herself; she humps back at Jessie in a lurid response to the athletic pronging. With the force of a tidal wave, Harriett cums from deep in her female core, as well as the depths of her hollowed-out bowels. Gripping her ball-sac firmly and squeezing, the ceaselessly thrusting Latina pumps a spout of creamy “jizz” out, soothing the distressed brunette’s aching bowels.

Harriett slumps forward as Jessie pulls-out with a lewd “sluuurrping” sound; a succession of loud, fragrant, illegal bahis machine-gun-like farts erupt from her ruined back-door as she blearily opens her lipstick-smeared lips and accepts the soiled dong that Jessie presents to her into her throat.

She is too busy sucking the AHA off to notice that someone has entered the office and is approaching her from behind…

It is, of course, Irinia Kalenko. Back for “seconds” so to speak…she quickly and quietly shucks-out of her slacks, leaving her blouse and pumps on. She and her second in command share a quick, conspiratory glance, after which she advances toward the still-kneeling Harriett, who is still lovingly sucking Jessie’s dick.

The cheeks of her ass are like big, beautiful melons, and in her vulnerable position, they are widely-spread, exposing her raw, gaping pooper to the Russian woman’s lascivious gaze. Irinia goes to her knees and moves quickly into position, grasping and spreading the surprised brunette’s pillowy cheeks even wider. Glancing over her shoulder in alarm, Harriett relaxes as she recognizes the new arrival. She knows that she is in for another session of rough anal sex, and resigns herself to her fate; Jessie guides the busty nurse’s head back to her previous task while Irinia takes careful aim at her glistening target.

Her throat full of rubber cock, Harriett shivers a bit as the greasy, bloated crown of Irinia’s prick slides into the crevice between her cheeks to press against the undefended and thoroughly violated opening of her most private orifice. “OOOoooooahhhh!”, Harriett groans pitifully; as usual, Irinia’s penetration is none too gentle…

It is amazing. Utterly disgusting. Yet incredibly gratifying sensations possess her as the oily, massive dong slides deep and skewers her like a pig on a spit. She can’t help but snivel softly as her poor anus illegal bahis siteleri repeatedly tries to close and clench about its girth, and repeatedly fails. The thing is so THICK, so terribly UN-YIELDING; solid and un-compromising. All that Harriett can do is allow the two women to use her as they will…

The huge rubber dong stuffing her jaws takes her mind off what is happening behind her, somewhat, as Jessie’s shapely hips revolve in quick, even circles, pushing her saliva-slick cock in and out of the beautiful R.N.’s lipstick-smeared mouth.

Each of Irinia’s hard, rapid thrusts pushes her big dick deeper into Harriett’s stretched and under-siege rectum. The massively-titted brunette is sure the brutal buggery will never end. In her own defense, Harriett pushes back against the hard-pounding ass-stretcher, her asshole burns terribly as it pried even further open, stretched beyond its capacity. She cries out, but her plaintive wail is muffled by the mass of latex clogging her throat. Each gut-wrenching stroke brings more pain, yet at the same time, INCREASES the double-stuffed nurse’s pleasure.

She grunts and moans with each thrust; her quivering asshole struggles desperately, valiantly, to accommodate the 13″ rubber weapon. Thankfully, Irinia takes pity on her and sliding one hand onto Harriett’s curvy inner left thigh, she masturbates the whimpering brunette skillfully, manipulating the hard, sensitive bud of her over-heated pussy, never missing a stroke while Harriett shudders through another mind-bending orgasm.

Jessie, her lovely thighs slick with her own spend, gives a final, hip-swiveling thrust of her horse-cock, then yanks it out of the sobbing nurse’s aching throat, allowing her to gasp-in deep draughts of precious oxygen.

The pounding strokes, the rasping friction of the hard rubber nub against her un-sheathed canlı bahis siteleri clitoris, and the nasty, perverse joy of buggering another woman combine to send Irinia from teetering on the edge to toppling over. Harriett’s cry of animal joy mingles with that of her mistress as she too succumbs to the on-rushing tidal wave that buries her beneath it. Irinia rests atop her lover’s sweaty back for a few moments, then withdraws. Harriett whimpers softly at the slightly painful extraction, made more so as cool rushes in to fill the void left by the massive tool’s withdrawal, stinging the raw, battered walls of her inner rectum.

Yet again, the bleary-eyed nurse is presented with a “cock” fresh from her backdoor, and again she opens her mouth, submissively accepting the soiled prick like the true anal slut she has become. Once she is finished with her task of cleaning Irinia’s strap-on to the Head Nurse’s satisfaction, she slumps onto her bottom, still panting from her exertions. There will be no rest for the wicked, however; not yet, at least….

“My turn, baby,” Jessie quips, drawing the dazed beauty into her arms and pulling her close.

Her rubber rodger is in perfect position to enter Harriett from the front, and as she has never had THAT particular orifice, she decides to sample it for the first time…..

Bracing herself above the stacked brunette nurse on her muscular arms, she begins to fuck in and out of Harriett using long, slow strokes. Harriett’s skin is hot to the touch, and both women are perspiring freely within minutes. Harriett’s pussy is wet and slick, the consistency of soft butter, except when she clenches her inner muscles. Jessie drives into her, grunting with the exertion, until both women are engulfed in the fiery ball of their joint spending.


The NEXT CHAPTER is cumming soon!

I apologize for the brevity, butt I am working on several series at once and I wanted to give you darlings something to begin the week-end with. If you see this on Literotica, please vote for it, comment on it, and/or send me feedback. My co-authors do a fantastic job, what?

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