An Unexpected Break Pt. 02

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An Unexpected Break Pt2

A previous unexpected break leads to surprising future benefits. (See An Unexpected Break [Pt 1])

The week prior

Anne’s email came out of the blue. She’d just returned from Zante she said and whilst there had thought of the time before when her and Steve had met me and how things had been between the three of us — and how she had remembered it.

The reason she was contacting was to say that she was shortly coming to the city for a four-day course at the City Royal Hospital (known locally as the City Royal); she had asked Steve if it would be alright if she met me — just for a drink she said. He didn’t have a problem with it and gave her the go-ahead.

So, here she was, contacting me to ask if it was likely that I could meet her for a drink at her hotel?

I read and reread her email but could find no hint of any other suggestion than to meet — just for a drink, which was a disappointment as I’d often thought, with great fondness, of the previous time we’d met and the good time we’d all had and how much I’d have loved to repeat it. However, as I’ve said, there was nothing hinted at in her email.

Meeting her for a drink wouldn’t be a problem as I did the occasional job in the city and sometimes stayed on to finish it.

I emailed back and asked her to give me the dates and where she would be staying.

She came back within the hour which surprised me somewhat giving The Ibis hotel in Oakwood on the edge of the city as the hotel and the dates, arriving on the Sunday evening and leaving around 1600 on the Thursday. She gave no hint of whether she’s be alone, or, again, any hint of anything more that ‘just a drink’. I couldn’t make the Sunday but replied that I’d see her early on the Monday evening for a drink. Again, to my surprise, she replied within minutes saying she’d be waiting for me at 1800 in the hotel foyer.


The weekend came and went. On Monday morning I made out that I’d be going into the office in the afternoon and would be a little later home. It wasn’t unusual and passed without comment.

When in the office, I noticed that I kept on checking my watch; I wondered if it was anticipation, nervousness, impatience or hope of things to come. At just before 1800, I left the office and drove the short journey to Anne’s hotel.

I parked the car; as I walked towards the hotel entrance, I recognised Anne from a distance as she was standing just outside. I wondered if she was impatient to see me, but a wisp of smoke gave it away; she was enjoying one of her menthol cigarettes.

She saw me approaching and turned and stubbed out the cigarette and watched me as I approached. I realised then that she hadn’t seen me before in a suit and tie. She smiled and walked towards me and in one smooth motion gave me a wonderful and warm hug.

She whispered, ‘I nearly didn’t recognise you with clothes on.’ and drew back and gave me a beautiful smile.

‘It’s good to see you again to Anne, with an ‘e’; and looking as lovely as ever. Do they serve Greek white wine here?’

‘Let’s find out’ she said, and turned, took my hand in hers and led me into the hotel. By the time we walked in the hotel, feeling the warmth of my hand in hers and with mounting expectation, I felt my cock stiffening; I hoped it didn’t show.

Over a drink I learned that she was here from the Derriford hospital to do a course on the recent changes in wound dressing techniques. Some of them, she said, she knew and indeed practiced them; so much so she said that for tomorrow afternoon’s sessions she would be excused from attending. She looked directly me after she said that, paused for a couple of seconds, no more, and then continued about how she had come to be here.

I asked after Steve; she said he was fine and that he and she had mentioned on holiday how they’d enjoyed my company and wished I could have been there again. She flushed slightly and lowered her eyes momentarily and then looked at me with her knowing smile. I said, retuning her smile, that it would have been good to meet again.

We had another drink and talked around generalities but there was a sense of expectation in the air. In the end, I asked how Steve felt about her being here and meeting me. She said he was fine about it and had encouraged her to have a drink with me.

She left the last bit hanging there, so I asked, ‘Just for a drink?’

‘Yes’, she said, ‘but that’s all he said, he didn’t say there wasn’t anything I couldn’t do.’ She paused again and just looked directly into my eyes. I couldn’t read her dead-pan expression; she was one cool customer.

‘So, I could meet you for lunch on tomorrow then,’ I asked, ‘seeing as you are free for the afternoon. Unless of course you have something else arranged?

‘I don’t have anything else arranged and yes I’d like that. How about here at one o’clock?’ ‘It’s a date.’ casino siteleri I said, and then added, ‘but I have to go shortly.

‘Before you go,’ she said, ‘can I have a quick word in private somewhere less public than here?’ she said, looking around the bar.

‘Sure,’ I said, standing up, glancing at my watch as I did so. Anne noticed. ‘Just for two minutes in my room.’ She turned for the lifts. I followed meekly.

It was a short ride a couple if floors up. She turned right out of the lift and I followed, wondering what ever it was she wanted to say. She stopped outside a room which I noticed had a ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice hanging on the door-handle. She touched the lock with the key card, there was an answering bleep and the lock clicked open. Anne opened the door and I followed her in, closing the door behind me.

The room was lit by the evening light filtering through the heavy grey net curtains. There was the quiet hum of traffic below as the exodus from the city heading for the nearby motorway continued. She stood in the centre of the room and turned to face me. Neither of us had spoken a single word since entering the lift.

‘I know that you have to go, and I don’t mind in the least, I appreciate that you have a home to go to.’ She said while unbuttoning the top button of her blouse; she continued as she slowly unbuttoned it, speaking very slowly so that each word was clear.

‘But there is no way you are leaving here until you have given me one good hard fucking; I don’t care how long it lasts but I want it, hard, rough, deep and – I want it now.’

As she spoke, she shrugged the blouse from her shoulders onto the floor; her bra quickly joined if and the skirt followed it. She stood before me in a fuchsia coloured thong which, even in my surprised state, I noticed was clearly wet.

She noticed my gaze. ‘You can remove this when you’ve freed your hard cock.’ She said and crossed to the bed and lay on her back with her legs blatantly spread wide.

‘What are you waiting for David?’ She asked with a half-smile.

I needed no second bidding. I dropped my clothes where I stood and moved to the bed. She glanced down at my rigid cock. ‘Go tiger!’ she said in a husky voice.

And I did.

I leaned over her and hooked my index finger in one side of the thin material covering her crotch and yanked it hard. Her wet thong tore at the side and came away in my hand. She gasped and then went silent as I lifted the wet crotch to my nose and inhaled deeply; the scent of her lust was intoxicating. I then slowly took the folds of the wet material in my mouth and gently sucked on her wetness. As I did so I looked at her; she moved her fingers to her pubis and deftly slid two fingers into herself, withdrew them and then slowly moved them to her mouth and gently sucked them.

She did it again and held her wet fingers toward me. ‘Come and drink at the well, David.’ She whispered.

I fell upon her, grabbing her wrists and forcing her arms aside so that she was spread-eagled on her back while at the same time pushing her legs wide with mine. For a split second I looked into her eyes, and seeing no fear or apprehension there, I just rammed my cock into the general area of her wet pussy. I flawlessly found the mark and within a second or so, from start to finish, I was rammed fully inside her.

I paused for a heartbeat, and with no hesitation showing in her eyes, I pounded her with what must have been twenty rough strokes before pausing again.

Looking down at Anne, her eyes were rolled back; she had the most beautiful smile on her face. As I watched, she slowly opened eyes, focused on me and raised her head towards mine. I kissed her firmly and she returned my kiss pushing her tongue roughly into my mouth. As she did so she moved her trapped wrists against my hands, and I let her arms free. She reached behind my head and pulled it fiercely, mashing our lips together. We kissed for a few more seconds before she let me go.

‘That was little short of rape David,’ she said, and continued after the slightest of pauses, ‘consensual I grant you — but it was just what I needed. Now, finish the job as I asked.’

And we did — together.

I plunged into her and she matched my every thrust. Her juices flowed and I had the sensation of pushing my cock into a warm, gelatinous mass accompanied by the sucking and splashing sounds as I pulled out and then plunged into her again.

I’d like to say that we were fucking (for that is what it was) for ages, but I doubt that from the time I entered her to the final thrust as I came, that it lasted for five minutes at most, possibly somewhat less.

As my spasms died away and our breathing retuned to something like normal, I softened and slid out of her.

‘Mmmm,’ she breathed softly, ‘that was just how I imagined it would be.’ She paused, and then said. ‘And now you have some unfinished business to attend to.’ And in saying, she pushed my head away and down, rising slot oyna as she did so that as I moved down her, her wet and now cum leaking pussy rose to meet my eager lips.

The scent and immediate taste was wonderful; I quickly found her engorged clitoris with my tongue flicking it first ever so gently and then a little firmer as she responded with a sense of urgency, gasping as she did so. She came in seconds, clamping her magnificent thighs either side of my head and squirting her juices and my cum as she bucked up and down, as each spasm passed through her.

She quietened, and then said, ‘Kiss me David, please kiss me.’

It was different to our initial lust driven kiss; it was a lover’s kiss, warm and gentle, suffused with the tastes and scent of our lustful coupling. We stayed that way for some time as we both cooled down, eventually parting.

‘Thank you,’ she whispered, ‘I really did need that.’

‘That makes the two of us then.’ I replied. ‘I’ve thought of the three of us in Zante many times over the past year and hoped that it would somehow, someday happen again.’

‘Let’s talk about that tomorrow when we meet.’ She said. ‘And now I know that you have a home to go to.’

I asked if I could use the shower which she was OK with, remarking that if we’d had the time, she would have joined me.

I dried quickly and dressed as she lay on the crumpled bed laying back in the pillow, watching me, with her legs still unembarrassedly parted, her pussy lips still swollen from our rough coupling.

I finished dressing and kissed her lightly. ‘Until tomorrow then’ I said, and kissed her again. As I did so she gently squeezed my crotch; my cock stirred, and she gave a low, sensuous chuckle.

‘Until tomorrow then David, and don’t be a minute late. One o’clock on the dot.’

I went to ask the question I wanted to, but she anticipated what was coming. ‘We’ll talk about Steve tomorrow. Now, go home to your wife.’

In one fell-swoop; she’d covered two unsaid subjects. Never underestimate feminine intuition. I left her laying there in all her magnificent glory. What a woman I mused to myself as I descended the stairs.

I glanced at my watch; I’d been in and out of her room in twenty minutes. What a woman indeed.

Later that day

‘Don’t forget I’m visiting Katy tomorrow and Wednesday.’ Said my wife over dinner. ‘Or had you forgotten.’ She asked with her knowing smile.

‘Certainly not.’ I lied glibly, to which my wife replied with a cynical raising of eyebrows. I climbed into bed and my wife climbed in naked beside me, and then straddled me. ‘I’ll need something to keep me going for a couple of husband free nights.’

I surprised myself with my own abilities that night. How do we do it I wondered to myself as I drifted off? I slept like a log and with a clear conscience too. How is it that men do that?


‘Don’t forget Alan’s collecting your car for its service at eleven o’clock.’ Said my wife as she prepared to set off for Katy’s.

I’d forgotten that too, which was inconvenient in that I had a ‘lunch appointment’ in the city at one o’clock.

‘OK.’ I replied. ‘Give Katy my regards.’

‘I will,’ she said, and she gave me swift kiss goodbye, ‘and thank you for last night; you were on good form.’ She smiled knowingly.

I watched her drive off and then applied myself to the problem of having no car to get me to the city.

I hit on the idea of getting Alan to drop me off at the nearby railway station and getting the train to and from the city station and then a taxi to and from the hotel. Alan arrived on time. We’d know each other for some time and shared a few stories over the years. I asked him if he would drop me off at the station to which he responded as to why. I told him that I had a ‘private’ lunch-date at the Ibis.

‘Oh yes,’ he said with raised eyebrows and a question in his voice, ‘tell me more.’

I’d confided in him some time ago over my break on Zante and he’d been intrigued then; he was doubly intrigued now. I quickly gave him the circumstances and also a scant outline of my twenty minutes of lust-fuelled sex with Anne.

‘You lucky sod.’ He said, and then asked with a broad grin, ‘Does she have a friend for me?’

‘Sadly not.’ I told him.

‘In which case, ‘I’ll take you to the hotel and you ring me when you’ve finished your lunch.’ He emphasised the ‘lunch’ by air-punctuating two quote marks. I said that there was no need, but he was on one of his rolls and therefore unstoppable, besides, he added, he wanted a sneaky glimpse of Anne.

I should have known; Alan has a way with women. He is slightly taller than me and broader too and has had a succession of lady friends who can’t seem to wait to take their knickers off for him. I’ve always envied his ability to swiftly charm them and have to grudgingly admit that, even in the eyes of a man, he is a good-looking guy.

I canlı casino siteleri said he could drive but he told me to drive to the hotel and that he’d take the car from there. As we arrived, almost on the hour, I realised that he’d outsmarted me. As I approached and drew up at the door, Anne came out to meet me. As I stopped Alan was out of the car within a second. By the time I’d got out, he was walking towards Anne with his hand outstretched in greeting. It took her by surprise as she unconsciously extended her hand to him.

I walked around the car to them and I heard Alan introducing himself. I joined them and introduced Anne to Alan. He is one smooth operator and I once again admired his chutzpah; it worked every time.

Out of politeness I asked Alan if he’d like to join us for a pre-lunch drink, knowing that he’d refuse as he had my car to service. He confounded me (and Anne I think) by accepting with unabashed alacrity.

We went into the bar and spent 10 minutes or so chatting (actually, more Alan to Anne than anything) before I thought of dropping a hint to Alan by asking a passing flunky for two lunch menus.

‘I’ve ordered room-service for one-thirty.’ Said Anne blithely, looking quite unabashed at Alan. He took the hint.

‘Right,’ he said, rising to his feet, ‘I’ll get off then.’ We all stood.

‘Give me a ring when you’re ready David, I’m only ten minutes or so away. Have a nice lunch you two.’ He said — and then had the bloody audacity to wink to Anne. She flushed slightly but held his gaze. We watched him go. I turned to say something, anything.

‘Lunch.’ Said Anne firmly and turned towards the lifts. She took a couple of steps and then stopped and turned to face me. ‘I’ve ordered a couple of bottles of a decent white.’ She said and turned and headed for the lifts.

As we approached her room, the waiter was poised at her door. She opened it and he wheeled in the trolley. I quickly fumbled in my back pocket as he did so and peeled off a fiver, handing it to him as he left. He uttered a surprised thank you and left. I hung the ‘Do Not Disturb’ notice on the outside door handle and locked the door behind me.

‘You open the wine David, while I go and change — and make mine a large one.’ She disappeared into the bathroom.

I did as she bid and looked at the light meal on the trolley. It was nothing too heavy; a light salad with some French bread. In truth, I wasn’t particularly hungry, so it suited me. I was more interested in the effect the wine might have on Anne. I was already half-hard.

Anne came out of the bathroom wearing a shorter skirt and a well-fitting tight t-shirt, emphasising her well-formed breasts — of note was that she wasn’t wearing a bra as her nipples poked clearly beneath the thin fabric.

She picked up the tray of food and placed it on the small low table; she sat on one of the armchairs and motioned me to pull up the other on the opposite side facing her with the table between us. She directed this at the same time as taking a healthy swig of her wine.

She raised her glass in my direction.

‘Cheers.’ She said and sat down. I responded in kind and sat opposite her, glancing discreetly at her legs as I did so, when I looked up, she was giving me a knowing smile.

She’d seen me!

‘Now, we’re going to talk over lunch — all you need to do is keep that wine flowing David.’ And talk we did.

I asked how things were between her and Steve when they returned from Zante, the time that they met me. She said that they’d talked of it often and how they would like to repeat it. Steve had always wanted to try it and they fantasised about it when having sex. She was totally unembarrassed as she continued, almost as if we were discussing a book that we’d both read. She said that before they’d met me, they had tried something on a nudist beach near them and it had been a bit of a disaster; a guy was spying on them having sex and Steve had asked him to join in; the guy was nervous (and, to cap it all, ‘forgotten to take his Viagra’). ‘It wasn’t a success David.’ She said as I’d laughed at the last bit.

She continued that she’d tried the anal penetration on a whim in Zante with Steve and me and, in retrospect, wouldn’t want to try it again. I nodded in understanding.

We nibbled at the food and I dutifully topped up Anne’s glass; she was gaining on me as she had before.

She continued. She would like to repeat the experience the three of us had and admitted that she had enjoyed it very much indeed and would love to have repeated it. Also, she admitted that the whole idea of a threesome continued to excite both her and Steve and that it was a common feature during sex. Again, all of this without a hint of embarrassment.

I interjected that it was a shame that Steve couldn’t be here with her and then we may have been able to repeat the experience.

‘Or a foursome David?’ She asked, proffering her glass for a refill.

I said that it would be a great idea but that my wife wouldn’t be interested. She’d had the odd affair, as had I during our marriage but only one-to-one although we both in our youth mentioned watching each other with another person — but it never happened.

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