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Hi, my name is Dan Mitchell I am a 37-year-old single man who raised his niece since she was nine due to the death of her parents. My story starts back in March of the year 2000. My niece Lysa was eighteen and a cockteaser ever since she was thirteen; she never wore a bra or panties when she was alone with me and always made sure her blouse was see through, and she would always wear a tight mini skirt, slouching on the couch that was directly across from my recliner. I would tell her to close her legs and go to her room and put on some appropriate clothing, along with at least some panties but she never would. For five years she did this giving me a birds eye view of what she had and the package was so tempting but I reframed from jumping her bones, though I did masturbate a lot because of this.

When Lysa became eighteen, she was even more of a knock out and her 34c breast were as pert as I had seen in along time. That night she did her usual thing; see through blouse, no bra, tight mini skirt, no panties. But his time she came over to me and asked me if I would like to take her virginity, to say the least I was shocked, but the idea had been there for a while. Trying to be a moral guardian to her, I told her that would be incest and not right for me to take advantage of her in that way. Lysa just laughed and said: “Why do you think I have been showing myself off to you, I have been wanting you to fuck me since I was thirteen. Now do you want to be moral or do you want to fuck me?”

I thanked her for the offer, but before I could refuse she started to undo my pants and she pulled my cock out and started to suck it. I reflexively jumped in shock of what she was doing but I also did not stop her from doing it or object to it, it felt so good I did not want her to stop. “Oh god yes! Baby that feels so good.”

“So you like that huh? Imagine me doing this to you for the rest of your life.” It was strange but I could actually image my niece sucking me for the rest of my life as I quickly succumbed to the built up desires I hide from her all these years. My niece then took my cock out of her mouth and started to kiss it and lick it up and down, then she licked my balls and sucked them into her mouth, then she asked me if I wanted to fuck her face.

“Sure.” I replied. She moved back on her casino oyna knees as I stood up. I gripped the sides of her face and put my cock back into her mouth and started rocking my cock in and out of her mouth, then she did something that no women I had been with was able to do. She sucked the full length of my cock down her throat. It was almost to much for me as I told her I was about to cum, she moved her head faster and faster on my cock, sliding her lips up and down my shaft, within minutes I was shooting my load in her mouth and she swallowed ever drop without any spilling out.

Lysa stood up and smiled, then she removed all her clothes, her 34-24-32 frame was like a chiseled work of art, she took me by the hand and said: “Come on.” She lead me to my bed where she laid down, I laid next to her and started to caress and suck on her breast, I licked the nipple of one and pulled on the other nipple, slowly twisting it at the same time. “That’s it pull my nipples, I like it, pull them harder.”

A few minutes of working on her tits she was pushing my head down to her pussy. “Eat me dear lover.” She said. I didn’t need to be told twice, I buried my face in to her dripping wet snatch and lapped greedily at her slick pussy folds and flicked expertly against her clit and then I put my tongue as deep as I could into her cunt hole. She began to gasp and wither, grinding her cunt into my face. “Yes, yesss, eat me, eat me.” Her inner thighs contracted and she screamed out. “Fuck you eat pussy good.” Then I inserted a couple of my fingers into her honey pot and slowly finger fucked her as I continued to lap at her clit. The way she squirmed let me now that I was doing a good job at pleasing her.

“Oh my God! What the fuck are you doing to me? Fuck that feels so fantastic.” After about a half hour of pleasing her orally I was ready to fuck her sweet pussy, but I let her initiate the next part since she did the rest. Within a minute she was yelling out. “I’m cummming, yes, yes, I’m cumming.” She tensed up so hard that her thighs were choking me as the orgasmic wave swept through her body. “That was Fucking fantastic Uncle Dan.” Then she kissed me passionately.

“Take off your clothes Uncle Dan and fuck me, I want you deep inside me.” I removed my clothes and climbed between her thighs and slowly slot oyna insert my cock into her soaked cunt. A moan came from her mouth as I buried my cock deep into her pussy. Her pussy began to twitch around my hard shaft. My nuts slapped against her ass cheeks as I tunneled into her tight wet pussy. She squealed with pleasure as my cock head banged against her cervix. “Oh my God Uncle Dan, yes fuck me, fuck me hard.” I jack hammered her cunt as hard and as fast as I could. Her pussy walls started to flutter around my thrusting cock. “Oh fuck!” she exclaimed. “I’m gonna cum!”

“Me too!” I gasped as we both came at the same time.

After I withdrew from inside of my niece, she started to suck my still hard cock. She licked the mixture of both our juices off my cock. “Uncle Dan I want you to fuck me in my ass.”

“Are you sure about that sweetheart? “”Yes, fuck me in my ass.” I raised her legs up and put a pillow under her so that her ass was in the air. I then did something she wasn’t expecting, I parted her ass cheeks and I made a beeline for her innocent pink rosebud with my tongue.

“Fuck yeah…lick my ass, honey!” she moaned. Her ass cheeks twitched with each hot and wet lick I flicked over her puckered virgin anus. I groaned wildly at the sweet and innocent texture of her tasty ass flesh and thrust my tongue furiously at her ass. I could feel her ass stretching around my wet probing tongue as I speared at her taunt and slippery anal opening. “I love your asshole baby.” Groaning between licks. I licked and sucked her asshole until I had her anus shiny and slick. Then I started to poke my finger at her virgin ass, penetrating her hole. She gasped as ripples of pleasure shot up from her asshole and through all her nerve endings. I slipped my finger deeper into her extremely tight ass.

“Oh fuck, that feels so good! Your finger in my ass feels so fucking fantastic!” she gasped, withering on my finger as I sodomized her with my finger. I then withdrew my finger and preceded to poke two fingers in at once, I pushed them completely in her rectum up to the last knuckle, then I put a third in. I worked it around for a while then poked a fourth in and worked it around, stretching her asshole so it would be able to accommodate my seven-inch cock that was two inches in diameter.

“Give canlı casino siteleri it to me now!” Lysa urged. “I want your cock up my ass!” I lifted her limbered legs on either side of me, I pointed my fat prick head at the crack of her ass and pushed it against her tight passageway. Lysa trembled and unconsciously took a deep breath as the knowledge flooded her head that the man she loved more than life, and the man she allowed to take her cherry was now going to have the privilege of deflowering her anally. I pressed forward, the mushroom cap of my cock started to spread her anus apart. I took my time going into my niece’s ass, stopping to let it adjust to the on slaughter of my massive cock. Lysa yelled out. “Oh… Fuck!” When my cock was in her ass up to the hilt.

“Yeah…” I grunted, as my eyes savored the sight of my cock stuffing my niece’s tight pink asshole. “Your ass looks so good babe,” I said as I started to pull out and go back in her asshole in slow rhythmic motions so as not to hurt her. “Yeah… Yeah!” shouted Lysa. “Fuck me harder!” she bucked up her hips to meet my thrusting causing my cock to go even deeper inside her derriere.

“Fuck… Yeah keep fucking my ass that hard, I love you in my ass!” I plowed into her anus with pure pleasure, knowing that she was loving ever minute of it and every hard pounding inch of it. I stirred my cock in her asshole making her moan with ecstasy, I slid my cock in and out of her rectum trying to give her the most sensationally and thrilling ass fucking I could give her. I was getting extreme pleasure from the tight grip her ass had on my cock.

“Give me more! Lysa shouted. She seemed not able to get enough of my prick in her ass. “Fuck me harder! Yes, fuck harder I am about to cum!” in a last effort I plowed as fast and hard as I could and then my orgasm started to come, “I’m cumming Lysa, I’m cumming in your sweet ass baby.”

“Do it honey, shoot that wonderful load deep inside my ass.” We both came at the same time, then we collapsed on the bed. “I love you Uncle Dan. “said Lysa. I love you to Lysa. We kissed then got up and took a shower. For the next week Lysa and I made love to each other, then Lysa went off to college, she comes home on holidays and spring break and we made love. She is majoring in Sex therapy, she tells me that she is going to use this knowledge to help people who have desires for an incestuous relationship and teach them how to seduce a family member so others can be as happy as we are.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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