An Eventful Afternoon Pt. 01

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I had met him online on a dating site. I had been a member of that dating website for a while, browsing the personals, getting worked up looking at the pictures of gay and bisexual men looking for friends, love, and, above all, sex.

As a married bisexual man I was pretty much restricted to fantasies, imagining what I would like to do to whom, I had never even contacted anyone for chatting. I was torn between desire and my vows to my wife, whom I loved, too afraid to put my family at risk to satisfy sexual cravings that I could, after all, satisfy with the help of my hands — or so I thought.

But masturbating to gay porn left me not completely satisfied, not even when I had the house to myself and could make use of my pretty extensive collection of love toys. The problem was that I had tasted real cock when I was younger, I had sucked and been sucked, had eaten cum and had had squirting cocks in my ass — how could a mere plastic dick hope to replace that?

This was all about to change when I stumbled over the profile of a user called “Bi-Guy40”. Although I was mostly interested in younger guys (I was 35 at the time) his profile intrigued me. Well, to be completely honest, what intrigued me most was the picture of his beautiful cock: 8 inches long, thick, veined, uncircumcised. It was a cock to put all other cocks to shame and as soon as I saw it I knew that I wanted it in the worst way, in my hands, in my mouth, in my ass.

I scanned his profile and found what I was hoping to find: to qualify for a date with him you had to be below 40 (yep!), thin (yep!) and uncircumcised as well (yep again – yippie!). Other than that the owner of the perfect cock had no requirements.

I scrolled down and browsed his likes (anal active, oral active and passive, toys, cumplay, safe sex, open to experimentation) and dislikes (shit). No surprises there. He was willing and able to host, and, on top of that, he was online. I clicked on “Message” and started to type:

“Hey there, how’s it hangin’?”

I waited, not quite biting my nails, but not completely nonchalant either. My message hadn’t really been too original, but I hoped that my stats would do the trick. The minutes passed.

“Not at all. It’s sticking straight out.”

Wow, that was pretty direct. Somebody didn’t want to lose any time. Another message popped up.

“What you’re lookin 4?”

Alright, quite the determined guy. I liked that. I felt my cock stir in my pants. Play your cards right, I thought, and you’re gonna get laid tonight.

“Dick. Your dick, really. In my mouth. Pumping, pulsing. Squirting?”

Click illegal bahis “Send”. Wait.


Wait some more.

“Well, well, well, seems like someone is seriously horny. You got time?”

My dick was now uncomfortably hard in my pants and I got up to shift it, then sat down again.

“Lots. We can make a day of it.”

This time his reply came fast. I smiled. So I had sparked his interest.

“Any pics?”

My profile had only a picture of my naked silhouette. Enough to show that I was no fatty, but not enough to show my face. No need to run that kind of risk.

“Sure. But I want some more of you, too.”

I sent him some pictures of my hard cock and my shaved asshole.

“Mmmh, nice. Have you ever had a dick in there?”

His message had two pictures attached. One of his muscular backside, complete with his round butt. The other one showed his cock sticking in a hairless asshole. It had been taken from the side, while he was fucking the other guy doggystyle. His thick member was almost completely buried, his heavy balls swinging below his dick.

My mouth started to water. I quickly snapped a photo of my open mouth with my mobile phone, checked to make sure that no distinguishing features could be seen and sent it to him with a message.

“I want you to fill this with your cock and your cum.”



He sent me his address and I put on my shoes and coat and practically ran to my car. His place was at the other end of my town, but since I don’t live in a big town I got there in 15 minutes. I stepped from the car and noticed that my dick hadn’t gone down during the drive. I was still uncomfortably hard and aching to be released from his prison.

I looked around and found the right number. He lived in a detached house which was surrounded by a well-kept garden. I walked to the front door, hesitated only the briefest of moments and then I rang the bell. Shortly afterwards the door was opened by a handsome man with a full head of hair. He had a morning shadow of a beard, which made him look a little dishevelled, but in a sexy way. He was wearing jeans and a simple white t-shirt. His feet were bare.

He greeted my with a smile and held out his hand.

“Hi. I’m Robert. Glad you could make it.”

I shook his hand and then stepped inside, hearing the door close behind me. Inside a staircase on the left side of the hallway was leading upstairs. On the right side there was a door, a guest bathroom I guessed. Straight ahead, through a white double-door lay the living room. From where I was standing I could see large illegal bahis siteleri floor-to-ceiling windows and through them I saw the garden.

I heard a rustling noise behind me and when I turned around he was standing there, still smiling. He had opened his pants and was holding his rock-hard, beautiful cock in his hand.

“I think we can skip the pleasantries, we both know why you’re here. One more thing: I don’t kiss. Is that a problem for you?”

It was as if his voice reached me through a mist. My blood was rushing in my ears and I couldn’t take my eyes off his wonderful dick. My own member, which had flagged only a little anyway, quickly became fully engorged again. While I sank to my knees in front of him I heard myself say

“As long as I can suck this I really don’t give a fuck.”

Then I wrapped my hands around his man-meat and stroked it, softly at first, but soon a little harder and faster. I had a lot of time, but I wanted a taste of Robert’s cum now. It had been years since my last taste of cock, and I was sure that Robert would recuperate soon enough.

I started with his balls, licking them tenderly, then I took them into my mouth, one by one, savoring the silky feeling of his smooth testicles, rolling them around in my mouth. His taste was wonderful, he tasted so manly, and that made me hornier by the minute.

Releasing his balls, I turned my attention to his cock, which I had been stroking while I had bathed his balls with my mouth. I took his glans in my mouth and sucked on it a little while and was rewarded with a nice helping of Robert’s precum. It tasted wonderful and I swirled it around in my mouth before I swallowed it. Then I started bobbing my head up and down on his cock. I tried to take him as deep as I could, even though that wasn’t very far.

My hands weren’t idle all the time either. I was fondling his balls with my left one and my right hand had wandered between his legs to his asshole, which I was lightly massaging with my index and my middle finger.

“Ohh, yeahh,” Robert moaned, “suck that cock, yeah. Stick your fingers in my ass!”

Never one that needed to be asked twice when it came to finger-fucking a guy’s asshole I quickly stuck my fingers into my mouth to lubricate them and then, resuming my vigorous cock-sucking, I placed my digits at Robert’s back entry, massaged it a little more and then slowly pushed my fingers in.

When they were in as far as they would go I searched around for his pleasure spot, found it and started massaging it. This caused another precum eruption. There was so much of it, for a moment canlı bahis siteleri I thought that Robert had already cum, but then my taste buds told me that I was just sucking more of his natural lubricant. Man, that guy produced so much of that stuff, he probably didn’t even need lube for fucking.

I released Robert’s dick and told him to turn around. He complied, sticking his ass in my face. I used my hands to spread his asscheeks apart and suddenly was eye to sphincter with one of the most gorgeous assholes I had ever seen in my life. It was perfectly shaped and pink and didn’t have one hair on or around it. Just as I was looking at Robert’s asshole in reverie, it opened slightly and closed again. Who could resist such an invitation?

I stuck out my tongue and licked his asscrack from down at his perineum up to his hole and back, then up again. When I reached his sphincter I stuck my tongue in until I could feel him go soft, then I stuck in my tongue even further. Then I reached around and started to wank him, all the while working my tongue in his asshole.

Pretty soon it became obvious that he was getting close to cumming. His breath started going faster and his sphincter contracted around my tongue more often, so I took my tongue out of his ass and turned him around. After briefly admiring his moistly glistening dickhead I took him in my mouth to finish him off. By now I felt pretty horny myself and I really wanted to taste his cum. Boy, was I in for a treat.

Robert announced his orgasm with a groan and then the cum started flying from his peehole. When the first squirts filled my mouth I swallowed most of his sperm, but soon it became clear that I wouldn’t be able to swallow all without spilling. I also wanted to give him a show so I opened my mouth and wanked the remainder of his orgasm on my face. I lost count after the 7th spurt, but there were many more and when he finally stopped I must have looked as if I had been the star of a bukkake scene.

Robert sighed deeply and then looked down at me. “Holy shit! You look hot!”

He knelt down beside me and used his finger to push some of his cum into my still open mouth. Yumm! I rolled the cum around with my tongue, savoring its taste.

“You are really quite the cum fiend, aren’t you?” Robert asked me with a smile. I nodded, also smiling at him.

Then I gave him a mischievous grin: “If you’re up to it, I would like to have some more today — that is if you still have any left in these amazing balls of yours.”

“Don’t you worry, man,” Robert replied, “there’s plenty more where all that came from. And if my cum isn’t enough for you, well, I am sure that I’ll be able to come up with a solution for that problem.”

I would soon find out that Robert would keep both his promises and that I would be in for quite an eventful afternoon.

To be continued …

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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